I was just thinking to myself after watching the movie, did Howl actually ever say the words, "Sophie, I love you?" Apparently not, because I went and wrote this. I rather think I have their voices down on this one, which makes me rather proud of it, but I'll let you decide. In any case, please, enjoy.

"Howl?" Sophie asked.

"Yes?" The two stood on a small balcony looking out at the night landscape.

"You know I love you, don't you?" Howl chuckled.

"I know it," he replied, "Though it is somewhat unbelievable." He gazed at the woman beside him. Her hair really did sparkle like star light, and more than that, her spirit, so apparent in her eyes, made her the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen, and he had seen a few. What did he do, he mused, to gain the love of such a woman?

"Howl," Sophie said looking out into the distance, "I know what my heart says, and I know what you seem to say every time I'm near you, but... I need to hear you say it." Howl looked at her in puzzlement. What-?

"Howl," she asked, "Do you love me?" Howl was once again reminded of his restored heart as he felt it crack. That she could ever doubt... Sophie turned around to find Howl down on his knees.


"Sophie, I'm so sorry," he apologized, "I should have made it clear to you from the beginning. You never hesitated to make your feelings known to me, but I never did that for you. I suppose at heart I'm still a coward." Sophie moved to contradict him, but he cut her off before she could say a word, standing swiftly and placing a finger to her lips.

"Sophie, I love you. I more than love you, I adore everything about you, your looks, your spirit, your compassion... Sophie, you may have given me back my heart, but it never really belonged to me. No matter where it resides, it will always belong to you." Sophie found herself unable to breathe after such a confession. He really-?

"Anything you ask for, anything you need or want, I would gladly give it to you. Please, just..." This time, it was Sophie who placed a finger on Howl's lips.

"You've already given it to me," she told him quietly, then removed her finger so she could kiss him softly. "I certainly don't need any more."

"Did I mention you're humble too?" Howl asked. Sophie chuckled.

"I'm sure you did at some point."

Tis good, yes? What ever it is, you have to admit it's sweet. I was especially pleased with the whole "you may have given me my heart, but it belongs to you" line. Sorry, tooting my own horn here. Please, feel free to review and tell me otherwise. Anyways, short, but I hoped you liked it, yes?