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Blah! Blah! Blah! Jacob do you understand Blah!Blah!. UGH! Will she just shut up already. All Renesmee does is yell at me anymore. What happened to that cute little girl who adored me. Now she's like this permanently PMSing woman and I really am starting to think I can't stand her anymore. All we do is fight. It's her way or no way, I would give her the moon if she wanted it but it's never good enough. We have nothing in common anymore. We should have everything in common and never fight even over something like the tooth paste lid. But all we do is fight. The worst part is she's pulling one of her fits in front of everyone, her family, the pack, my dad the tribal elders.

"Jacob Black are you listening to anything I was saying?" Renesmee smacked my shoulder

" Renesmee Shut The Hell UP!" I looked at her and that did it. Any minute the world was going to end.

" DADDY!!!!" She started crying. Great now I have to listen to Edward. Great.

" Renesmee go to the car." Edward said. " I'm sorry about this Jacob really I am. I'm starting to think Mr. Altera right. I don't think it's real."

"What?" I was shocked no lecture. Why was Renesmee mad at me oh yeah leaving for college and not the one she wanted me to go to. She wanted a boyfriend in a ivy league school I got in to Washington State. Once things calmed down and I was able to walk with out the world asking are you okay Jake. I found a moment to talk to Mr. Altera lovingly known as Old Quil. " Sir, Edward told me your thoughts on my relationship with Renesmee."

" Jacob there has never been an imprint in time where the couple fought like you too. She's not a sole mate she will do anything to make you happy. Renesmee isn't that one, she wants to be happy but not the way she should. The council has agreed along with Sam, you need to go to college stay away for the whole year. Act like a normal young male. Date, go out to parties, live life and if your feelings for Renesmee stay the same then we will deal with things at that time." He said I couldn't argue it would be wrong. So I listened.

Rachael knew what I would need for the dorms so between her and the rest of the girls I had everything I would need. Rach gave me pointers when she dropped me off at my dorm. She said make friends with the neighbor, the walls are thin and at least you can have someone to talk to. It was the first time I was ever really scared in my whole life. She left after everything was in my room and I started to unpack. I heard my Neighbor's music the walls really were thin, good thing we have the same taste in music. I saw that Rachael had gotten me some posters. Go reason to talk to the neighbor I needed some tape.

Knock knock. I stood at the door looking at my feet when the door opened and the cutest pair of bare feet stood there.

" Hi, is my music to loud?" The musical voice said as I lifted my head to meet her eyes and I felt an electrical current send my emotions into convulsion. I composed myself and smiled. "Freshman?"

" Hell no I love guns and roses, I was just wondering if you had some tape?" I smiled and she ran over to her desk. "Yeah I'm a freshman."

" Yeah is it for posters?" She asked.

" Yeah." I replied. You know me Jacob Black the king of small talk.

" I got stuff that's better than tape." She said walking with me to my room. " I'm Jess by the way."

" Jake." I shook her hand and she jumped back.

" Wow you're a little shocking there sparky." Jess laughed shaking off the tingling in her hand. "so where do you want them?"

" I don't know where ever." I said. " I don't decorate."

" Good I have a project, that is if you don't mind." Jess smiled, she had a great smile it was tiny but her whole face lit up when it was worth it. What could I say after seeing that. "It's this terrible thing I got from my older sister. She's a designer challenge type. Clothes, Room design. I can be a little OCD."

" It's your canvas do your best." I laughed and started shoving my clothes into the drawers.

" You don't have any winter clothes where are you from?" She asked as she walked on the top of the desk hanging posters.

" La Push Washington." I snickered us pack boys don't get cold but I forgot all about winter I couldn't run around here in cut offs and shirtless. " I guess I forgot that box. I'll have my dad send it."

" You're about the same size as one of my brothers I just got a crap load of clothes from my sister, she sends me boxes and I just give it away, I told her to send me the guys clothes to for occasions like this, let me find you some stuff I'll bring them over later." Jess moved my bed so it was going over by the window. " You're pretty tall so this will give you more feet room."

" you made it look more roomier too." I smiled. " Need help?"

" Yeah this desk is heavy. If you move the closet like this and your desk like this , you have your study area, hang out area and sleeping area." Jess held her chin like something was missing. " I'll be right back." She ran over to her room. She came back with bean bag chair and a couple of lamps and a tiny table as well as a cool rug. " I used this last year I'm over it time for a change."

" Your loss my gain awesome." I smiled. " You should go into business, Jess the dorm decorator. Do you have a last name?"

" McCarthy. Jessilyn McCarthy." She smiled.

" You even sound like a decorator." I laughed. " Jacob Black your first client. Can I pay you in pizza?"

" Sure, if we get over to the cafeteria now we will get the fresh stuff." Jess smiled.

" Grab your shoes and I 'll meet you in the hall." I said, huh thanks for the pointers Rach.

We went to the cafeteria, Aka Mess hall because that's what it was. I bought 2 pizzas and drinks and we went out on the yard. Guys walked by talking to her the whole time and she just smiled and waved to them. She even had a lot of girls that she knew. I started to think of Ness and wondered if she missed me yet if this would really change anything. I couldn't have any contact with her and she couldn't have any contact with me. It was hard. That first night I tossed at turned at night.

" Sparky you sleeping?" Jess asked.

" No, it's too quiet and I can't leave." I replied.

" Says who?" Jess was sitting in my window. " Get dressed, go run with me."

" How will you get down?" I asked as I pulled on my shorts. I knew I could make it but she was a human.

" It's only the second floor." She smiled and caught the tree about 5 feet away and shimmied down. "My brother taught me, he's like part monkey I think."

"Is it genetic Monkey girl?" I laughed and we took off into the woods and ran the trail for a few miles.

"Damn your fast." She smiled and fell onto the dirt. "It's like being at home with my brothers."

"You come from a family of runners?" I joined her.

"Yeah, you?" She replied.

"Yeah, you can say my people were made to run." I snickered and she got up.

"We better go, you never know what's lurking in the dark." She giggled and I rolled my eyes.

"Don't worry I'll protect you." I flexed my muscles and she laughed harder.

"Silly boys." Jess took off and I actually had to push to keep up with her.

This became our everyday thing Jess and I became best friends. We hung out every night. We studied together we got to the point we put a door in the wall to save us the trouble of walking in the hall. She said if the school got pissed her dad would cover it. You would never know it but Jess was loaded her whole family was but she acted just like me a poor rez kid. She gave me a crap load of clothes her family were getting rid of. In return I built her a motorcycle. I felt sometime that Jess was my imprint but I knew that wasn't right. Jess was like everything you could hope for in a girl, smart, beautiful, funny, tough, strong, athletic, I could go on and on about all the qualities she had. I had that same feeling for Nessi and nothing had changed except it's easier not to be with Ness. Finals sucked big time once they were over it was a major party on campus.

" Come on Jess." I yelled from my side of our room. I pulled on my dark jeans and a t-shirt.

" Well if you would help. My zipper is stuck." She walked in holding up her top. " sparky you try."

" There." I laughed. " Now put on some pants or is lace the new thing."

" It could be, ha ha you looked." She shook her butt at me. I had the almost uncontrollable urge to grab it but I didn't. I wouldn't want to cross any lines and have Renesmee find out. I couldn't be disrespectful either to Jess. It would be bad enough when she found out my best friend was a chick, a chick in the tightest jeans made to fit her perfect ass. Wow that rack is amazing, Nessie could only wish she could be build like that. Wait what am I doing I'm comparing Jess to Nessie. I'm really demented.

" I'm ready." Jess came in she was in low rise dark blue jeans with super high heels and a leather bustier and a heavy coat.

" Great I'm going to get into a fight again right?" I looked at her and we both started laughing.

" Stop being so protective of me and maybe you won't have to fight, but I think you like it." Jess gave me that smile the one when her face just lights up. Her lips were really glossy too. I could smell the coconut scent and couldn't help but wonder if her lips tasted as good as they smelled.

" Stop making every guy into an animal and I won't have to watch out for you so much." I laughed and didn't realize it but I slapped her butt. Jess turned and looked at me with big eyes.

" Jake you just slapped my but." Jess looked at me I thought she was going to hit me or something but she blushed and smiled. " You better be watching your own back."

" OOo a challenge." I laughed and we got on her bike, I drove of course. We got to the frat with in minutes. It was kind of strange at first our friends came up and we all talked about finals I went to grab a drink and talk to some cute random girls like I was told to and they all just walked away. The same thing happened to Jess.

" Sparky is it just me or does this party blow?" Jess had a pout look.

" I think I just figured out why." I saw a banner with several names on it. And in big green glitter letters it said WINTER COUPLE OF THE YEAR.

" What? Sparky we're not a couple." Jess covered her mouth.

" Ah they think we are." I couldn't help but laugh. " awe sweetie poo."

" Jacob Black." Jess slapped my chest playfully.

" Go with it Jess look at the prize for the winner, five hundred dollars." I looked at her. " come on I can smell the ocean."

" So if I go along with this you'll go to the island with me?" Jess lit up again.

" Yes so? It's like I'm earning the money." I returned the smile she looked over my shoulder and saw something because the next thing I knew she was kissing me.

" I love you Sparky." Jess giggled as one of I guess you could call them judges walked by.

" I think I'm going to puke." I whispered in her ear.

" Thats not what I felt can I have my butt back please." Jess giggled and I let go of my grip on her butt.

" Sorry." I blushed and helped her out of her coat.

" Hey McCarthy do you think if I ask Santa do you think you can fit under my tree." Bryan Matthews said looking directly at her chest.

" Matthews I think my fist would." I growled and Jess giggled.

" Awe Sparky he's just poking fun." She did that shy smile. "You're being over protected."

I can't believe we won! That was so funny. Jess and I laughed about it for 2 weeks. We purposely made it a point to use pet names which Jess has endearingly called me Sparky from the first day we met. To me Jess was just Bootie. She thought that was funny since I have a fondness for her butt. 2 days before Jess and I were leaving for Hawaii I got a call from the council. I was ordered home for the holiday.

" Sparky, it's not fair first the send you away and now making you come back. And you have plans. I don't like it." Jess was crying she never cries. Why would this up set her so much, why would it upset me this much? I could see Renesmee. I don't really care to see her. Maybe old Quil was right. Maybe I didn't imprint. I looked at Jess a little differently the sadness in her eyes burned into my heart. I was hurting her.

" boo I have to, it's my obligation." I sighed realizing I really hated it. " I promise I'll be back I'll be right here waiting for you and you can send me postcards and take pictures."

" Okay, But I get you for spring break." She put to much effort to look happy. Thats when the knock came to my door.

KNOCK KNOCK "Hey Jakie boy." Paul and Embry were there to pick me up.

" I better go." I sighed as my arms locked around Jess. " Have fun okay?"

" I will, be safe Sparky." Jess touched my cheek. " Be safe, don't let her hurt your heart again."

" Boodie, Jess." I didn't hear the door as I leaned down and kissed Jess. It was so much more emotional. A growl was pulled from my chest as she pressed closer to me and she was against the wall. The door opened and I heard Paul's deep husky voice.

" Hell yeah Jake, you got 15 min buddy." Paul said and poor Jess hid her face.

" Be safe Sparky." Jess ran out of the room into her room.

" Thanks guys." I growled and grabbed my bag.

I gave an Alpha order to both of them that the could never tell a sole about what happened. Embry said something about cake and eating it too.

" I don't know why you even want Nessie when you have that little hottie and she's right next door." Paul said.

" Jess is not a hottie, well she is but she's, Ugh shut up." I ordered and we all were quiet on the way back to La Push.