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Jessi girl. Jessi Girl talk to me sweetie.

A voice woke Jess up from her sleep. Jacob was sleeping soundly his arms locked around her. Who is this?

It's Daddy sweetie, Jeremiah.

Daddy did Grandpa find you?

No honey I haven't talked to Aro. I'm with my brother what is going on we have been having bad dreams.

Daddy, he found me. My Jacob took me away to protect me.

Jacob? Not Jacob Black.

Yes, Daddy. My imprint is Jacob Black.

I never would have thought after everything Jacob Black would be the one to imprint on my daughter. Especially everything his father did.

Daddy what do you mean?

William Black his father. He banished me and my brother from the pack, he sent us away. He said we betrayed our people. We saved our people.

Because you helped the Volturi. (Jess Sighed.)

Yes Jessi Girl. The only reason why my nephews are allowed to stay on the reservation is because of their mothers.

Daddy what are you dreaming about?

Well, I've been seeing you attacked and then a battle with the Volturi.

Against the wolves or other vampires?


On the wolves ground?

Yes, I see no wolves, they are either not helping them or they are defeated.

The Cullen's?

The Cullen's Those bloodsuckers are there again!

STOP don't talk about them like that, they are the most wonderful family ever. Daddy they took me in and raised me. I've had a wonderful life. They never knew I was a vampire.

You haven't phased have you?

No why would I?

Because my daughter, you are not just human, not just a vampire, you are Quileute.

Daddy, Jacob is waking I have to go.

I'm glad you are safe.

"Hey you're awake." I pulled Jess closer.

"Yeah, I thought it was all a dream." Jess smiled. "You want to go for a morning swim before breakfast?"

"Hmm Maybe if I could wake up?" I gave her the smile she liked.

"Oh it will wake you up." She giggled and jumped out of bed. When she returned she was in a metallic silver bikini. "Are you awake now?"

"Getting there." I groaned looking at her up and down.

"See you in the water." Jess turned and the back of her bikini was a thong.

"I'm awake now." I called out and met her out in the water. Amazing was the only words I could say as the sun glistened off her wet body. I felt my body react I wanted her so badly. But I didn't, I couldn't I love and want to be with her. But I couldn't do anything that would take everything that would take my attention from protecting her.

"Sparky, We're safe here." Jess ran her fingers up my chest. "Relax."

"It's hard knowing that you're in danger. I'm in danger." I held her hands.

"Danger?" She looked panicked.

"Yep, Danger of over heating watching you in that bikini." I smiled and we started making out in the water. "You really had to wear a thong?"

"You like my butt." She giggled. "You're actually lucky I'm dressed at all. Rose, Alice and I usually sun bath naked over here."

"I don't know if I can handle you naked." I hugged her and she let out a hiss. "Did I hurt you?"

"No I'm alright still a bit sore." She pulled on her fake smiled.

"I packed some oil, you want me to work some magic?" I held her as we bobbed up and down in the water.

"sounds good but you know what that will lead too." Jess sucked on my ear. "Sparky I really need you. Please."

"not now soon as soon as this is over." I laid her down on the beach and we spent the morning holding each other on the beach or in the over sided chair in the living room. This became routine for the first month. Then we started going into town for food and if Jess found something she thought someone would like she got it. She even bought me a old broken down jet ski and tools so that I could have something to work on.

"Sparky, I just thought of something. What about school? We only have a few weeks." Jess asked me. I shook my head and looked at her.

"I don't know sweetie. Bella and Sam are suppose to call me when it's clear." I pulled her into my lap. "Oh sorry babe, grease."

"I don't mind, it smells like you. Cedar and motor oil." She smiled and something just pulled it out of me. I let out a growl and Jess smiled and purred with relief. I kept calling and calling and Jess was going insane wanting me so badly.

"Jacob." She screamed out my name and I had her on her back. "Bedroom, protection."

"Shower." I had her covered in motor oil. "No, here now."

"Jacob protection." She moaned and I pulled off her bikini top and sucked on her nipples then down to her belly button. "Jacob. Oh god."

"I love you." I moaned and untied the strings on the bottom of her bikini. I inhaled her scent and ran my tongue down her. Taking in her wetness I felt the uncontrollable throbbing in my trunks. I stayed there until she came.

"Jacob." She moaned as I pulled off my trunks and ran her to the bedroom.

"I want you so bad I can't stop holding it in anymore." I pulled on a condom and we started making love. Jess rocked her hips on me driving me so deep into her. I gasped as her eyes flickered between crimson and green. I watched as she kissed and sucked at my jugular. "It's alright drink."

"I want to so badly oh Jacob." She cried out as we both felt our release. The in a quick motion she jumped off me.

"Baby!" I jumped over to her.

"Daddy it's started." She said. "How do I stop."

Calm yourself are you in a safe place to phase.

"Yes but I don't want to. I can't." What is she talking about who is she talking to.

"I'm calling your father." I went to get my cell.

"NOOO." Jess screamed and she started crying in pain. I saw her teeth changing and her nails grew.

"YOUR PHASING!" I fell to my knees. "What have I done?"

Relax let it happen.

"No, I won't. I'm human I'm not a vampire I'm not a wolf. I'm a girl." She fought and fought what was happening I felt so helpless but one last scream she hit the ground human.

Jessi girl.

"I'm human." She rolled to her side and crawled over to me. "Human."

"It's okay baby I know it hurts." I held her tight. "I never meant to do this to you."

"You didn't. It's not you." Jess whimpered and I walked her into the shower. "Why, Why can't we just have sex with out an interruption. Why can't I lay in your arms and relish the moments."

"Because it wouldn't be us." I made her smiled and we stood in the hot water.