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"I can't believe this happened?!" Tatsuki yelled out in the middle of the school yard as Karakura High School was letting out. The high school students didn't pay attention to her, it seemed like she was getting more annoyed than usual lately. It certainly could not be due to the little known fact that she was now in charge of the drama club and, by default, forced to direct the school's fall play. This year's play will be the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet. If it wasn't enough that she was the director, most of the drama club refused to participate in the play all because she was the director of the play. I mean is it really her fault that she wants the play to go off perfectly and if she just happened to encourage (*cough*threaten*cough*) the cast to do well, they all suddenly abandon her.

"I can't believe that group. I wasn't going to hurt them." Tatsuki was still ranting in the middle of the school yard when she saw Ichigo walk past heading toward the street.

"ICHIGO!" Tatsuki ran over to him and stood in his way. Ichigo looked down at her and shyly waved a hand (A/N: guess who?)

"Hi, Tatsuki." Ichigo stated to the girl.

"Listen, I need some help with something." Ichigo leaned toward her to listen better, "I am directing the drama play this year and the drama cast ran out on me!"

"Why did they do that?" Ichigo asked, Tatsuki ignored his slight behavior glitch.

"Well, apparently I am a little too forceful to be a director. So I need to find 21 people to play the characters. Will you be one of them?" Tatsuki asked sweetly. Ichigo thought about this for a moment and realized that he would be around so many cute girls, he started to blush and his eyes began glazing over.

"Um, Ichigo?" Tatsuki waved her hand in front of his face getting his attention as he looked back down to her.

"Of course, I'd love to." Ichigo gladly agreed.

"That's great, now if you can help me round up twenty more people we'll be all set." Tatsuki exclaimed.

"So, I can nominate anyone to perform in the play?"

"That's right." Tatsuki answered and Ichigo's face twisted into an evil grin with an evil glint sparkling in his eye.

"Then, I know someone who can be in this play. . ." Tatsuki leaned up to him as he whispered a name into her ear and her face lit up in satisfaction.

"THAT'S PERFECT!" Tatsuki proudly stated.


Toshiro Hitsugaya was walking home from "high school", better known as the living nightmare when he met up with Karin Kurosaki at the soccer field.

"Hey, Toshiro." Karin greeted him as he nodded his head in response.

"Are you ready to study?" Toshiro asked as they both walked over to a picnic table.

"Yeah, but why are we studying out here?" Karin asked as she sat down across from him and taking out her math notebook.

"It's because of your brother. He's been acting strange lately. I don't want to risk another attack."

"What do you mean he's been acting strange?" Karin asked as she passed her notebook over to Toshiro showing him her homework so far. He continued talking as his eyes scanned the paper.

"For one, he's been following me everywhere. Then there was the time he tried to kill me. Thanks again, for that." Toshiro glared at Karin who gulped and grinned sheepishly.

"Look, no one else knows and it'll be kept a secret. You don't have to worry about that." Karin reassured him as he looked back down to her paper. Toshiro then started showing her where she got her math problems wrong and how to get the correct answer.

"What are they talking about?" Ichigo peeked from behind a tree as he watched Karin and Toshiro on a park bench.

"Karin says they were only studying the other night but I can't be too sure. Since Ichigo isn't back yet, it is up to me, Kon, to keep Karin safe and out of trouble." Kon proudly stated in Ichigo's body before he jumped behind the tree when Toshiro glanced up in his direction.

"I've got to be quiet. Ichigo will want to know I've done a good job and maybe even Rukia will be so grateful for my helping she'll give me a big hug." Hearts started appearing in Kon's eyes as he dreamed of Rukia's grateful attitude.

"Now, I just have to keep an eye on . . ." Kon peeked around the tree at the picnic table that was now empty, "them."

"Where did they go?" Kon asked as he looked around the park for the two.

At that moment, Toshiro and Karin were walking back to her house to finish studying. There was always someone at the Kurosaki clinic. Karin and Toshiro walked into the Kurosaki house to find it empty. There was a note on the fridge to let the occupants know her dad was at an emergency at a nearby hospital and Yuzu went out for groceries.

"Not again, I thought for sure someone would be here." Karin complained as she threw her book bag and soccer bag on the couch in the living room.

"Oh well, let's finish studying. I can wait here until your sister gets back." Toshiro explained as he sat at the kitchen table. Karin joined him after she picked up her math notebook from her bag.

"And then maybe you could share some of your cooking tips with Yuzu. I know she'd appreciate that." Toshiro glared at her, still not enjoying the reminder of his embarrassing class. They continued to study until they heard someone knock on the door.

"Come in." Karin called from the kitchen table. Tatsuki walked into the house and greeted Karin.

"Hello, Karin. Hi Toshiro," Tatsuki greeted and was a little surprised to see Toshiro here with Karin.

"I'm helping her study." Toshiro stated in the hopes of avoiding any more confusion.

"It's okay. I came to see if Ichigo is here." Tatsuki asked Karin and ignored Toshiro's grunt of annoyance.

"No, he's not here yet. Can I take a message?" Karin asked as Tatsuki came further into the house.

"That's alright I'll talk to him at school tomorrow." Tatsuki explained as she looked from Karin to Toshiro and back again.

"What are you looking at, Tatsuki?" Toshiro asked the high school student.

"I'm directing a play for my high school, you remember Toshiro." Toshiro nodded at the memory, "Well I am looking for volunteers and your name came up on the list."

"What do you mean?" Toshiro hesitated in asking.

"I mean that someone volunteered you to be in the play." Toshiro closed his eyes and knew the one person to do this: Ichigo. Oh, there would be sweet revenge and he won't even see it coming.

"I'm not interested." Toshiro kindly responded looking down at the homework on the desk.

"Really, bummer, I was hoping you'd accept. Well, in case you change your mind, the drama club meets during third period." Toshiro perked up and glanced at Tatsuki's back as she turned to go out the front door. Third period just happened to be the same period as Home Economics.

"Wait a moment." Tatsuki turned back and looked at Toshiro who appeared to be interested.

"Does being in the drama club mean you only skip class?" Toshiro asked in genuine curiosity.

"Not really, you will get extra credit for your literature classes and the third period teacher would give credit in their class for participating." Tatsuki explained and Toshiro pondered this for a moment.

"Very well, I'll be in the play. Which one are we doing?" Toshiro asked as Tatsuki beamed.

"We're doing Romeo and Juliet, but we need more people to be in the play. You see, the drama club sort of ran out on me and now the only people that are in the play are you and Ichigo." Tatsuki scratched the back of her head with her right hand.

"So then Ichigo nominated me, I take it." Toshiro stated. This was confirmed when Tatsuki gave a quick nod in the affirmative.

"Then, we can nominate anyone we think could do well?"

"That's right."

"Since that's the case I know some more cast members that would enjoy being in the play." Toshiro took a piece of notebook paper and wrote down a list of names and handed it to Tatsuki who smiled again. Only a few more people and they would be all set.


The next day after school there were about twenty people assembled in the auditorium for the drama club. Between Ichigo, Tatsuki and Toshiro they had gathered enough "volunteers" to perform the play.

"Why do we have to be here?" Ikkaku grumbled as he stood beside Yumichika, Renji, Rukia and "Ichigo".

"We're here to help Captain Hitsugaya." Yumichika quietly whispered into his friend's ear.

"Why would he need help?" Ikkaku challenged.

"So you didn't hear?" Ikkaku stared at his teammate and Yumichika grimmed.

"Hear what?" Ikkaku asked.

While everyone else was meandering around the auditorium Yumichika quickly and quietly filled Ikkaku in on the details of the incidents from the past couple of weeks. Upon finishing his tale Ikkaku burst out laughing, gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

"Did you have to tell him?" Renji yelled at Yumichika who shrugged his shoulders, both ignoring Ikkaku. Renji quickly shut Ikkaku up with a swift punch in the gut, causing the man to double over in pain glaring daggers at the red head.

"Alright, everyone," the fight that was about to start was halted as everyone turned their attention to Tatsuki who stood on top of a soap box with a clipboard in her hand.

"It looks like we have barely enough people to perform the play." Tatsuki began but was interrupted by Kon in Ichigo's body. Ichigo still wasn't back yet.

"That's because you dragged in people from outside the school." Kon stated and Tatsuki kicked him in the stomach.

"Hey, Ichigo are you alright?" Ganju Shiba asked as he knelt down to Ichigo rolling on the floor.

"Are you sure it's alright for us to be here?" Hanataro Yamada timidly asked as he shuffled his feet back and forth.

"Yes, the principal said it was okay since we couldn't get anyone else from the school to participate. Now, back to business," Tatsuki ignored Ichigo on the floor, "now we have gone through the cast list and we have picked out who is to play what part."

"Isn't it typical for people to try out for these parts?" Keigo Asano asked the scary Tatsuki who glared at him.

"Yes, that's true but we can't for two reasons: 1) there isn't anyone who can judge talent that will help and 2) I am NOT going to sit through two dozen attempts to act." Tatsuki demanded as she posted the cast list on a wall.

The group of collected cast members gathered around the paper and started reading off the list:

Montague house:

Romeo Montague – Toshiro Hitsugaya

Lord Montague –Reichi Oshima

Lady Montague – Chizuru Honsho

Mercutio - Ganju Shiba

Benvolio - Ikkaku Madarame

Balthasar - Hanataro Yamada

Abram -Shinji

Capulet house:

Juliet Capulet –

Lord Capulet – Shinji Hirako

Lady Capulet – Orihime Inoue

The Nurse – Rangiku Matsumoto

Tybalt – Ichigo Kurasaki

Paris – Renji Abarai

Sampson – Keigo Asano

Gregory – Mizuiro Kojima

Peter - Kagine

Neutral characters:

Friar Lawrence – Yasutora Sado

Prince Escalus – Yumichika Ayasegawa

Friar John – Uryu Ishida

The apothecary –Mizuho Asano

The chorus – Rukia Kuchiki

The group looked at the list and picked up a character summary from the table beside the cast list. Orihime and Uryu were looking over the cast list and noticed someone was missing.

"Tatsuki, you're missing someone." Orihime pointed to the blank spot beside Juliet's name.

"We certainly can't do the play Romeo and Juliet without a Juliet." Uryu stated as he pushed his glasses up on his nose.

"Yeah, well . . ." Tatsuki quickly glanced to Toshiro who was on the ground floor leaning against the elevated stage reading his character summary.

"You see, we haven't been able to find someone to be a Juliet for our Romeo." Tatsuki quietly whispered to the pair, they didn't notice Ganju until he opened his big mouth.

"You mean because he's so short." Ganju stated very loudly. Toshiro gritted his teeth as several tick marks appeared over his head.

"Hey, who turned the air conditioner on?" Chizuru asked as she wrapped her arms around her torso trying to warm herself.

"I don't know but they better fix it, or else I will!" Mizuho threatened, all the soul reapers looked down to Toshiro Hitsugaya, a.k.a. the air conditioner, shaking with silent rage at Ganju.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.' Toshiro thought to himself as he folded the character summary under his arm and walked out of the auditorium to head back home to Orihime's house.

"Hey, has anyone seen Rangiku around lately?" Yumichika was the first to notice the buxom lieutenant was missing and had been missing for several days.

"Yeah, where is she?" Ikkaku chimed in but the group of soul reapers just shrugged their shoulders. If only they knew . . .


"Rangiku are you sure you know where Toshiro is?" Ichigo yelled to the lieutenant as she jumped in the air "leading" him somewhere.

"What's the matter, Ichigo? Don't you trust me?" Rangiku paused and looked to the substitute soul reaper with puppy dog eyes and just enough bottom lip to pout.

"Well, yeah I do but we've been running for how many days?"

"It's been three!" Ririn ground through her teeth as she still clung to Ichigo's shoulders for dear life. I mean running on the ground was no problem but, thousands of feet in the air! Now that would scare any flightless person, did I mention she CAN'T FLY!!

"Yeah, I'm sure we would have run into him by now?" Ichigo scratched the back of his head and Rangiku stared at him in shock.

'Does he really not know where he is? We must be over China by now! Ichigo can't be this dumb . . .' Rangiku thought to herself as she saw Ichigo make a few figures on his hand as he tried to re-trace their steps.

'Then again, the idiot is too focused on attacking my captain to tell the difference. Honestly if we were at the North Pole he wouldn't even know it!' Rangiku glared at him and her hand twitched in annoyance at his absolute stupidity.

"Man, I'm getting tired of this." Ichigo complained as he turned around to face the direction they had just come from.

'NOW HE'S GETTING TIRED!?!' Rangiku and Ririn yelled the same thoughts with jaws touching the ground and scowls on their faces.

"This is too much trouble. Toshiro isn't worth it." Ichigo didn't see Rangiku growl at him and her hand touch her sword. Honestly, she could attack him for being so rude to her captain! Then again, she does want him to back off. Maybe this isn't a bad thing.

"Well, since you feel that way let's head back home. Come on, Ichigo." Rangiku gladly led him back - in the right direction - to Karakura.


Back in the auditorium, Tatsuki was still talking to Uryu and Orihime after making sure Ganju was thrown in a corner left alone to read his summary.

"So why did you cast Toshiro to be Romeo if you didn't have a Juliet in mind?" Uryu asked as Orihime looked at her friend.

"Well, we weren't planning on making him Romeo at first. You see we were talking about it in front of the girl's locker room after gym yesterday afternoon. Somehow word got around that Toshiro was going to be in the play. A few girls ran up to me and asked me what part he would be playing. I said I didn't know but they said he would be a perfect Romeo. I kind of suggested that he could be cast as that part and before I knew it over fifty tickets were sold for the play." Tatsuki stared down at her feet as she shuffled them back and forth.

"Wait, we're selling tickets for the students to see this play?" Orihime asked in confusion as Renji walked up behind Tatsuki to listen in on the conversation.

"Yeah, by that time we couldn't cast anyone else as Romeo. His . . . um . . . physical attributes was not taken into account. And it was already too late." Orihime and Uryu along with Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika and Kon were staring at Tatsuki as they all overheard this explanation.

"Yeah, I know. So we have to find someone who can match Toshiro unfortunately there's no one in our school who does. So, we'll have to find someone outside the school." Tatsuki bashfully explained.

"So, why are we selling tickets to the play?" Orihime's question caused everyone but Tatsuki to anime drop.

"That's your question?" Tatsuki asked in confusion.

"Yeah, I didn't know we were selling tickets." Orihime honestly stated and Tatsuki shook her head but explained anyway.

"The drama club is broke, there is no money. The play is the only way for the drama club to make any money and it's open to the entire town. Anyone can come as long as they buy a ticket." Tatsuki said.

"So anyone can come?" Rukia walked up and asked her.

"Yeah, that's right. Do you have someone in mind?" Tatsuki asked and Rukia simply beamed.


Toshiro was leaving the auditorium when he saw Karin heading his direction. As usual, she was carrying her bag of soccer balls. She didn't bring her school books because she was doing better in math, she still needed tutoring but at least she wouldn't fail now.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Karin called out to Toshiro as he stopped at a picnic table on the school grounds.

"I was just in the drama club meeting for the school play." Toshiro explained as he sat down, Karin joined him.

"We got our parts and the character summaries. Apparently we'll be getting the script tomorrow as soon as all the copies are made." Toshiro explained as he looked over to the sunset. For the first time in weeks, he wasn't at his spot on the hill.

"So what part did you get?" Karin asked him. The pair didn't notice that Chizuro and Mizuho had walked outside to warm up when they spotted Karin and Toshiro at the picnic table.

"I got the part of Romeo." Toshiro simply stated.

"So, who's Juliet?" Karin asked as she rested her arms on the picnic table.

"We don't know yet. Apparently, they're having trouble finding a proper Juliet."

"Huh?" Karin asked in real confusion. Toshiro heaved a hefty sigh before he explained in more detail.

"There isn't anyone at this school who is the same height as I am." Karin coughed a chuckle that soon became roaring laughter as she almost fell off the bench. Toshiro braced her back with his left arm so she wouldn't fall and hit her head. He glared at her but she ignored and leaned over the table laughing her head off.

Chizuru and Mizuho watched the pair as they talked. Chizuru kept looking between Toshiro and Karin as Karin continued to laugh at something. She didn't notice her friend run up behind the two and stand immediately behind them.

Karin stopped laughing at seeing Mizuho Asano standing in front of the picnic table they were seated at. She looked from Toshiro to Karin and back to Toshiro. Mizuho then walked around the table and measured her hands against their head and shoulders. She beamed in joy as she noticed something about the two.

"You two are the same height!" Mizuho cheered in delight. Tatsuki was walking out of the auditorium to witness the interesting spectacle of Toshiro and Karin being measured by Mizuho. Tatsuki had a thoughtful look and started to jog over to the picnic table.

"What's going on?" Tatsuki asked as she stopped at the trio.

"These two are the same height!" Mizuho stated triumphantly as Karin and Toshiro continued to stare in confusion.

"Actually, I'm a little taller than Karin." Toshiro replied and Karin glared at him.

"That's only with the hair! You don't include hair when measuring height, Toshiro!" Karin shouted at him, they seemed to forget that Mizuho and Tatsuki were standing behind them and the latter was currently grinning like mad.

"Hey, Karin, do you want to be in a play?"

"Huh?" Karin grunted.

"Huh?" Toshiro echoed, he did not like where this was going.

"Do you want to be in a play?" Tatsuki asked again and Karin shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know I'm not really into those kinds of things." Karin answered as she pulled one of her soccer balls out of its mesh bag. Tatsuki got an idea as an imaginary light bulb clicked on above her head.

"Hey, Karin we need one more cast member for our play." Tatsuki started to explain, making sure to leave out what character was needed. "I've gotten permission from the principal to ask for people outside of the school. If you can be in the play, then I can arrange for you to get extra credit in your literature class." Tatsuki offered the carrot to Karin who didn't seem to take the bait to the director's disappointment.

"Nah, I'm doing pretty well in literature I can get by on my own." Karin kindly declined her first offer. Tatsuki looked at the soccer ball and smiled.

"You like soccer don't you?" Karin looked up and Toshiro looked a little nervous, he knew Karin would do anything if it had the word soccer in it.

"Yeah, why?" Karin hesitated in her answer.

"Well, I have a lot of influence over the sports department. If you join in the play and you do well, I can arrange for you and your friends to play on the field whenever you want within reason." Karin's mouth dropped open. The high school soccer field was the best field in the city limits, even better than the ones the middle school students use. She would walk past with Ichigo some days and would dream of the day she could play on that field. Now, here the dream could be a reality.

"Are you serious?" Toshiro rested his palm on his head and sighed, of course she would accept.

"Yes, I'm serious. So do you want to be in the play?" Tatsuki asked once more.

"YES!! OF COURSE I'll BE in the play. I mean I couldn't pass up a chance like this. Tell me the part and I will be the best character." Karin's enthusiastic answer echoed through the empty school yard to reach the ears of the other cast members leaving the auditorium.

"GREAT! Welcome to the team, Juliet." Tatsuki handed Karin a character summary and Karin stared hard. She stared at the paper then over at Toshiro, then back at the paper. This would be an interesting play there was no question about that.

For the first time in forever, Toushiro Hitsugaya and Renji Abarai had the exact same thought: 'Oh. Crap.'


Rangiku ran into Orihime's house to find her gigai lying on the floor eating some chips and reading a magazine. Rangiku looked at her gigai and growled.

"Have you done anything since I've been gone?" Rangiku asked the mod soul in her gigai.

"No, was I supposed to." The mod soul answered with a chip dangling out of her mouth. Rangiku showed emotions of rage, frustration, annoyance then reluctant acceptance.

"I guess not." Rangiku sighed far too tired to pick a fight with the mod soul.

"Hi, Captain." Rangiku tiredly waved to Toshiro as he entered the house leaving his shoes at the door.

"You're finally back. Where were you?" Toshiro asked and Rangiku glared at him, this surprised him because Rangiku never glares at her Captain.

"Where have I been?" Rangiku slowly asked and he calmly nodded his head.


"He was really over China and didn't know it?" Toshiro asked, not quite believing any person could be that stupid. But then again, this was Ichigo they were talking about.

"Yes sir," Rangiku answered much calmer than a few seconds ago.

"He got it in his head to come and attack you when he thought you were on a date with his sister, Karin." Rangiku looked out the window so she missed Toshiro's momentary blush of embarrassment before replaced by the mask of indifference. She looked back to him and noticed some papers under his arm.

"So, that's what it was about." Toshiro mumbled to himself.

"Huh, Captain?"

"It's nothing." Toshiro waved her confusion off.

"Rangiku, thank you." Toshiro simply stated as he handed her a packet of papers. Rangiku accepted the papers and stared at his back as he walked into his room.

Ichigo finally made it back to Karakura Town and landed at Urahara's store, Ririn jumped from his shoulder and kissed the ground in joy at landing safely. Ichigo ignored her theatrics as he approached the door to pause at hearing voices. Renji's and Urahara's voices to be exact.

"I'm telling you Kisuke, I was shocked when I found out Captain Hitsugaya is going to play Romeo in the play. But I was completely floored when Tatsuki convinced Karin to be in the play too." Ichigo put his ear on the door to listen hard.

"What part did she get?"

"I think you mean 'given'. They gave her the part of Juliet." Renji stated and Ichigo stared into space as he heard of his sister's part in the play.

"Ichigo's not going to like that when Ririn finally decides to bring him back." Urahara lazily stated.

"Yeah, they've been gone three days now." Urahara agreed with Renji.

"When he hears about this, he's going to have to be gone for at least a week to get over this." Renji turned his head toward the door and saw a silhouette.

'Oh crap. Tell me that isn't who I think it is.' Renji silently begged just as Ichigo opened the door calmly to their surprise.

"Hello Ichigo. Did you enjoy your run?" Kisuke asked with that sly grin on his face. Renji started sweating all over.

"No, what did I hear about Toshiro and Karin and a play." Ichigo slowly asked the pair. Renji hesitated in answering so Kisuke explained for him.

"You see your school is producing the play Romeo and Juliet. It so happens that Karin and Captain Hitsugaya are going to be the leads in the play. You will also play a major part in this play, since you were the first to volunteer." Kisuke happily explained officially shutting up the substitute soul reaper.

"What do you mean I'm in the play too?" Ichigo asked.

"It would seem that Kon went to school in your body and while he was there he joined the drama club and dragged the other soul reapers and several of his friends with him." Kisuke hid a smile behind his fan.

"So I'm in the play Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is being played by Toshiro and Juliet is being played by Karin." Ichigo slowly summarized the situation.

"That's right." Kisuke answered.

"I'M GOING TO GO TYBALT ON HIS BUTT!!" Ichigo yelled in the store.

"How did you guess your part?" Kisuke joyfully asked as Ichigo stared at him. Renji sadly remained frozen staring at Ichigo.

This would be a very interesting play.


Toshiro: I can't believe you agreed to do the play for a soccer field.

Karin: HEY, it's not just some soccer field. It is the HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER FIELD. It's the best field in this town and I've been dreaming about playing on it for years.

Toshiro: *stares at Karin for a long moment* You need therapy.

Karin: *Tick mark appears on her forehead* What was that?

Toshiro: Serisouly, you'd sell your soul for a soccer ball.

Karin: I WOULD NOT. A soccer stadium maybe, and my own personal soccer team. *Toshiro slaps his forehead with his open palm.*

Toshiro: That's not the point. You need help.

Karin: I do not.

Toshiro: You do too.

Karin: Not

Toshiro: Too

Rangiku: Now children we mustn't fight. *Rangiku is frozen by Toshiro's glare*

Toshiro: Rangiku . . .



A/N: Okay, I wanted to write a Romeo/Juliet story for HitsuKarin ever since I thought of Ichigo's line. Going Tybalt on Toshiro is what inspired this story. Crazy inspiration, isn't it?

Well, this will definitely be a two shot.

I'm not doing the entire play just a few tid bits of what I think will be important. But, if you want me to do a parody of Romeo and Juliet for HitsuKarin then let me know and I may consider it.

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A/N2: I should warn you the tidbits of the play will be humorous and not tragic like the play was originally intended. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the play Romeo and Juliet. I jsut can't resist the humor and possible torture that can be protrayed especially when you think about how each person was cast.