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*Scene changes to outside on street. Toshiro walks on stage. Looks over to the right side of stage and sees Karin staring at the floor holding back tears.*

Toshiro: If I can trust what happens in my dreams, then they predict joyful news is coming. My heart is very light in my chest, and I have an unusually happy spirit that lifts me above the ground with cheerful thoughts.

*'If only that were true.'*

I dreamed that my lady came and found me dead. This strange dream would make a man wanting death to think twice. Then, she breathed such life with her kisses on my lips that I was brought back to life, and I was an emperor. Oh my, how sweet love is when it's yours.

*Hanataro walks on stage to stand beside Toshiro.*

Here comes some news from Verona.

How are you Balthasar? Did you bring any letters from the friar? How is my lady doing? Is my father well? How is Juliet? Nothing can be wrong if she is well.

Hanataro: Then everything is well and there's nothing wrong. Because, her body sleeps in the Capulet tomb and her soul lives with the angels. I saw her buried in her relative's vault then I rushed to tell you. Please, forgive me for bringing you this sad news, since you did leave it all up to me, sir.

Toshiro: Is that so? You know where I live, go get some ink and paper then hire some horses. I'm leaving here tonight.

Hanataro: I beg you, sir, please have patience. You look pale and wild, and these are signs of bad luck.

Toshiro: Don't worry about it. You're mistaken. Now leave me and do as I ask you. Do you have any letters to me from the friar?

Hanataro: No, my good lord.

Toshiro: No matter. Get going and hire those horses. I'll be with you shortly.

*Hanataro leaves off stage.*

Well, Juliet, I'll sleep with you tonight. Mischief, you are quick to enter the thoughts of desperate men! I remember there is an apothecary who lives near here. She was dressed in tattered weeds and looking miserable in her poverty. When I walked into her shop I said to myself: "If a man needed a poison this is the place to get it. Everyone knows the punishment for the sale of poisons in Mantua is death." That thought predicted my need for this item.

*Little shop is pushed out on stage and Mizuho Asano sits at the entrance in an old tattered cloak.*

Here's the shop.

Hello, Apothecary!

Mizuho: Who is calling so loudly?

Toshiro: I see that you are poor. Please, let me have a small vial of poison for a few dollars. I need a vial of poison that acts so quickly that the life-weary taker may fall dead as soon as it is taken.

Mizuho: I have such deadly drugs, but Mantua's law declares the death penalty to anybody who sells them.

Toshiro: You are full of misery, and you're afraid to die? Starvation is in your cheeks, need and oppression shines in your eyes, contempt and beggary hang on your back. The world is not your friend, neither is the world's law. The world does not support a law to make you rich. Then don't be poor, but break the law and take this money.

Mizuho: My poverty agrees to take it, but my will does not.

Toshiro: That's fine. I'm paying your poverty, and not your will.

Mizuho: Put this poison into any liquid you want and drink it all. It would kill you right away.

Toshiro: There is your gold. There are worse poisons to men's souls that make them commit more murders in this hateful world than these poor compounds that you can't sell. Farewell. Buy food and put on some weight.

*Walks away from Mizuho and clutches vial.*

Come invigorating beverage and not poison. Go with me to Juliet's grave, for that is where I must use you.


"You don't think there's anything in that vial do you?" Isane quietly whispered into her Captain's ear.

"I'm sure there's not. Why do you ask?" Unohana asked her lieutenant who looked up at her with sad eyes.

"It's just that Ichigo has been taking this so poorly, I don't know if he would do something to hurt Captain Hitsugaya."

"You have no need to worry over Captain Hitsugaya. Knowing Rukia, she will make sure Ichigo doesn't go anywhere near it." Captain Kuchiki calmly replied.

Isane nodded her head and turned her attention back to the stage.



"Okay Karin, you need to go get on the funeral table so that we can finish this play. You don't have much to do. If you do well on this last part, then you will get that soccer field. You've earned it." Tatsuki exclaimed to Karin as she busied herself with preparing the cast for the last scene.

"Right, the soccer field," Karin stared at the floor then glanced over at Toshiro who gathered his plastic sword. She quickly averted her gaze when she saw him notice her.

'STUPID TOSHIRO!!' Karin thought to herself as she thought back earlier to their conversation during Act 3.


"Karin, I need to talk to you." Toshiro stood in front of Karin as she sat back down on the box with Kon in Ichigo's body still clutching his leg on the floor.

"Okay, what's up?" Toshiro winced at her happy tone.

"How are you doing in your math class?" Toshiro began and Karin tilted her head in confusion.

"I'm doing much better thanks to you."

"Do you think you'll be able to pass the class without any more tutoring?" Toshiro asked and Karin blinked up at him.

"Yeah, why? What's going on?" Karin stood from the box and stared into his eyes.

"Because, I won't be around to help you with any of your homework or your soccer," Toshiro's blunt statement only confused Karin more.

"What? Why?"

"Karin, I'm going back to Soul Society after this play. After this play is over, you will never see me again." Toshiro stated and Karin gasped at his words.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? WHY?" Karin's eyes started to tear up and threatened to spill over. The same question was written over Kon's face.

"It's becoming too dangerous for you to be around me."

"So, it's not dangerous just being Ichigo's sister! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!" Karin yelled at him.

"No one knows you are his sister." Karin stared at him. "But, everyone we fight knows that I'm a Captain of Soul Society. If they see us together any more, then they may go after you. I don't want to see that happen so I'll be going back to Soul Society tonight."

Karin stared over at him and she started to get angry.

"Is this because of Ichigo? His threats? How he nearly killed you just now?" Karin drilled him and he swallowed hard running a hand through his hair.

"No. I want to see you safe and the only way to do that is if I'm not there to put you in danger." Toshiro's simple statement brought the tears to her eyes that could not be stopped.

"Karin, I'll be leaving with the other Captains tonight and I won't see you ever again."

"Please, don't do this." Karin started to beg. Toshiro only became colder and more distant as he froze his heart to her pleas.

"After the end of this play, you will never see me again." Toshiro ended the conversation when he heard Tatsuki calling for the two.

"We have to go." Toshiro reached for her and she drew back and slowly walked back to the group. Toshiro followed her back and the play continued as it had before.

---End Flashback---

'Stupid Toshiro, stupid kid. If he didn't want me to get hurt, then he would teach me how to defend myself.'

"Karin, are you ready for the next scene?" Tatsuki walked up behind her and jotted a few notes down on her clipboard.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Let's just get his over with." Karin mumbled to herself.

"Okay, so get on the funeral table and you just recite your lines and it'll be over before you know it." Tatsuki walked away so she didn't see Karin wipe away fresh tears from her eyes, she climbs on a table with wheels that is decorated to look like a funeral table. Kon still in Ichigo's body looks on and shakes his head in pity.


*Scene changes to Friar Laurence cell. Chad walks on stage.*

Chad: Holy Franciscan Friar! Brother, Hello!

*Uryu walks up to stand in front of Chad.*

Uryu: Welcome from Mantua. Tell me, what does Romeo say? Or give me his letter if he wrote to me.

Chad: While I was going to find a fellow brother to help me visit the sick here in this city, some searchers of the town believe we carried the infectious plague so we were thrown into a house and were not allowed to leave. So, my speed to Mantua was delayed. *Uryu stares up in shock.*

Uryu: So, who took my letter to Romeo?

Chad: I wasn't able to deliver it and I couldn't get a messenger to bring it back so here it is again.

Uryu: This is bad luck, indeed. This letter was not a social one but one of great importance! Failing to deliver this letter may do a lot of damage. Friar John, leave from here, go get me an iron crowbar and bring it straight to my cell.

Chad: Brother, I'll go and bring it to you.

*Chad leaves off stage and Uryu starts to pace back and forth across the stage.*

Uryu: Now I have to go to the tomb alone. Juliet will wake up in three hours. She'll be angry that Romeo doesn't know of these events but I will write to him again and keep her hidden in my cell until Romeo can come for her. Poor living corpse closed in a dead man's tomb!

*Uryu leaves off stage.*


"Do you know if this story has a happy ending?" Izuru quietly asked anyone who would answer.

"I'm sorry, Izuru but no it does not. This play just happens to be a tragedy." Nanao quietly explained.

"What do you mean by tragedy?" Hisagi calmly asks.

"Well, you're about to find out in a few minutes so I guess it won't hurt to tell you. But, in short Romeo and Juliet do not survive. That's all I'll say. You'll understand when you finish watching the play." Nanao explained as she dabbed a few tears from her eyes.

"Well, that's just pathetic." Zaraki's statement caused several pairs of glares to turn his way.

"Why do you say that, Zaraki?" Shunsui bravely asked.

"The kid plans on dying with a measley bottle of poison that's no way to die. The right way is to die in battle! Now, that's a noble death." Zaraki chuckled and a dark gleam came into his eye.

"Of course, you would think this, Captain Kenpachi." Captain Kuchiki calmly stated.


"Oh, are they going to make it?" Misharo asked again as she continued to wring her hands.

"If you would sit still and pay attention you'll find out." Kensei calmly responded.


"Oh, Dad, everyone is doing so well. I hope they make it." Yuzu vainly hoped and Isshin couldn't say anything to hurt his little girl so he remained silent.


"Well, it's almost over. There is only one more scene of this play left." Kisuke commented.

"Finally, I'm getting tired of just sitting here." Jinta complained as he sat with his arms crossed and his legs twitching nervously.

"Jinta, why are you nervous?" Ururu quietly observed.

"I'M NOT NERVOUS!" Jinta jumped over Tessai and pulled her pig tails very hard. Tessai would have none of it so he hit Jinta on his head hard enough to knock the boy to the ground.


"There's only ten more minutes at the most of this play," Toshiro commented as he thought over the time it would take for everyone to say their lines and have this play behind all of them.

'Then, after that I'm going back to Soul Society.' Toshiro thought with a heavy sigh as he leaned against a wall with his eyes closed.

'Yes, you just love to work. Isn't that right, Boy?' Hyourinmaru's deep throaty voice echoed in Toshiro's mind.

'Hyourinmaru, I'm not in a talking mood right now.' Toshiro warned his dragon.

'Yes, I know. The girl is right.' Hyourinmaru complained in Toshiro's mind.

'Who and about what?' Toshiro asked.

'Karin, of course. She was right that you have a one track mind. Only paperwork for you boy, no friends and no rest, it's just work, work, work.' Hyourinmaru's words caused a very large tick mark to pound on Toshiro's forehead as he growled under his breath. He continued to argue with his inner dragon until Tatsuki called him to get into position.

"Karin, you need to get in position too." Tatsuki walked over to Karin and the girl climbed onto the table and pretended to be asleep.

"And don't fall asleep, again." Tatsuki warned the girl who nodded in response.

'There's only ten more minutes at the most and then Toshiro will be gone forever.' This thought threatened to bring forth more tears but Karin willed them away with thoughts of soccer and the butt kicking she was going to give the middle school students.

Rukia walks up to Renji before he walks on stage and whispers in his ear.

"Hey, Renji, Ichigo hasn't been sane during this entire play so maybe you should jump out of your gigai after Captain Hitsugaya kills you."

"Why?" Renji asked as he looked down at Rukia.

"So, you can help me restrain Ichigo when Captain Hitsugaya is acting dead." Rukia answered and Renji nodded his head and retrieved a mod pill from the dispenser and quietly slipped it in his pocket for easier retrieval.


*Scene changes to resemble a church yard with the monument of the Capulets.*

*Renji and Kagine enter the stage carrying a bouquet of flowers.*

Renji: Go and stand over there, Peter. You can go lie down under that yew tree over there and wait holding your ear close to the sacred ground. If anyone enters the graveyard then whistle to me as a signal. Give me those flowers. Now, go and do as I told you.

Kagine: I'm almost afraid to stand alone in this churchyard, but I will stay.

*Kagine walks and sits behind a tree as he hides on the stage.*

Renji: Sweet flower, I scatter flowers around your bridal bed. Your bridal canopy is dust and stones! I will cover them with sweet tears every night, or with my cries of sorrow for you. I will keep saying the funeral prayers for you, and I will come every night to put flowers on your grave and weep.

*Hears whistle from back of stage.*

Peter gives the signal. Who is wandering this way tonight?

*Toshiro and Hanataro enter the stage carrying an axe and a crowbar.*

Toshiro: Give me the axe and the crowbar. Here take this letter, the first thing in the morning I want you to deliver this to my lord and father. I order you to stand far away and don't interrupt me no matter what you see or hear. The reason I'm going into this tomb is partly to see my lady's face, but mostly to take a precious ring from her dead finger. I must use that ring in a very special errand. Go on, get going. Remember if you return and try to find out what I plan to do, I swear that I will tear you limb from limb.

Hanataro: I'll leave and not bother you, sir.

Toshiro: This way you show me friendship, please take that. Live, be prosperous, and farewell, good fellow.

*Toshiro turns away and Hanataro stares after him.*

Hanataro: I'll hide close by. His looks scare me and I doubt his reasons. *Hanataro hides behind another "tree" on stage.*

Toshiro: You womb of death, stuffed with the dearest morsel of the earth. I will force open your rotten jaws and cram you fuller with more food.

*Toshiro opens tomb and enters.*

Renji: It's that arrogant Montague. He's the one that murdered my love's cousin. It is with his grief that the beautiful creature died, and he's coming here to desecrate the bodies. I will seize him before that.

*Renji stands and approaches Toshiro.*

Stop there, vile Montague! I arrest you. Now obey and come with me, because you must die.

Toshiro: I agree, that's why I came. Gentle youth, don't anger a desperate man. Leave me, I beg you. Go away! Live and later you will say a madman's mercy made you run away.

Renji: I defy your appeal and now I will arrest you right here, felon.

Toshiro: You wish to provoke me. Fine then, I'll get you, boy!

*Toshiro draws his sword and charges Renji. Renji counters and they spar with one another.*

*Renji catches Toshiro's sword and he leans in to speak with Toshiro.

"Captain Hitsugaya, I'm going to leave my gigai so I can restrain Ichigo for the rest of this play." Renji quietly whispered and Toshiro responded with a nod of his head.

They separated again and Toshiro lunges with his sword to poke Renji in the stomach.*

Renji: Oh, I'm killed! If you are merciful, please open the tomb and lay me with Juliet.


"That was the worst death I have ever seen." Iba commented and the other lieutenants nodded their heads.

"That was a pathetic attempt. I am almost ashamed to call him my lieutenant." Captain Kuchiki commented.


"That was the worst death scene I have ever seen." Korodo exclaimed.

"So, you've seen other death scenes?" Ririn asked with a smile on her face.

"What did you expect from the Moocher." Jinta stated as he was watching the fight.

"Did Renji just leap from his gigai?" Ururu noted and the group of Urahara's store watched as Renji ran off stage while his gigai fell to the stage.


"Why did Renji leave his gigai?" Isane asked as she looked on very confused.

"Probably to help restrain Ichigo," Shunsui commented as he stroked his chin.

"That makes sense." Izuru stated.

"Why do you say that?" Hisagi asked the blonde.

"Well, Captain Hitsugaya is supposed to die so how could he possibly fight anyone if he's trapped in his gigai pretending to be dead." Izuru pointed out and the other lieutenants grasped his point.


*Renji ran off the stage as a soul reaper and started looking for Ichigo, who suddenly disappeared from sight.*

Kagine: I'll go call the guards. *Kagine sweated as he ran off the stage, his line came a little late since he almost forgot it.*

*Toshiro stands over Renji's gigai and speaks his lines.*

Toshiro: I will. Now who are you? You are Mercutio's relative, noble Count Paris! I was told that you were supposed to be married to Juliet, if I remember what my man had said.

*Toshiro picks up Renji's body across his shoulders, surprising everyone in the cast and almost everyone in the audience. He walks over to the edge of the stage where the funeral table is rolled onto stage with Karin lying down on it. Toshiro puts Renji down and stares at Karin.*

Toshiro: O my love! My wife! Death has not taken away your beauty. I can still see some red color in your lips and cheeks, death's pale flag is not yet planted there.


"Karin is lying very still." Ukitake observed.

"Yes she is. She's supposed to, isn't she?" Soi Fon noted with some annoyance in her voice.

"I'm glad this is almost over. I'm bored." Yachiru declared as she crawled onto Kenpachi's lap.

"Only Lieutenant Kusajishi could get away with that." Nanao quietly exclaimed then watched the scene.


"It's almost over. She's lying so still, I don't think I could do that." Yuzu calmly states as she held a tissue in her hand.

"Yes, I'm so proud of my baby girl." Isshin cried and stroked Masaki's picture in his hand. He was mumbling something about being so proud of Karin.

"Thankfully, I'll be glad when this is all over." Ryuken exclaimed as he continued to watch.


"They have done so well, and they've come a long way." Ririn states and Kisuke agrees.

"That's right, Ririn. But, they still have a long way to go." Kisuke exclaims as he watches.


"Tell me this is the last act, I'm getting bored." Hiyori complained and she was instantly hit upside the head by Lisa.

"WHA-" Kensei and Love silenced her with their hands clamped over her mouth as she struggled under their grasp.


*Toshiro is standing over Karin and gently strokes her cheek.*

Toshiro: Why are you still so beautiful? Do I really believe that death simply keeps you here to be his mistress in the dark? I still will stay with you, and never leave this palace of dim night again. I will remain right here and set up an everlasting rest.

Eyes, look your last! *Gazes down at her with remorse filling his eyes.*

Arms, take your last embrace!

And lips, seal a timeless bargain with death with a righteous kiss! *Removes the vial and a mod soul from his pocket.*

Come on, bitter escort. Here's to my love!

*Swallows mod soul while acting to drink vial. Captain Hitsugaya emerges from his gigai which looks around. He whispers the lines in the gigai's ear and with a final gaze at Karin runs off stage.*

Toshiro Gigai: *No feeling whatsoever.* O apothecary, you told the truth. Your drugs are quick, so I die with a kiss. *Falls straight back on the floor.*

*Uryu walks on stage and meets Hanataro.*

Uryu: How often tonight have my old feet stumbled over graves! Who's there that hangs out among the dead?

Hanataro: It's me, a friend that knows you well.

Uryu: Tell me Balthasar, what light is over there in the Capulet's tomb?

Hanataro: My master, Romeo is there.

Uryu: How long has he been in there?

Hanataro: A full half hour.

Uryu: Fear comes over me. I'm afraid that some evil, unlucky thing has happened.

Hanataro: While I was sleeping, I dreamed that my master fought and killed another person.

Uryu: Romeo! Whose blood is this that stains the stony entrance of this tomb? *Enters tomb.*

Romeo, you're pale! Who else? What, Paris too, and you're covered in blood? The lady is waking up.

*Karin opens her eyes and sits up on the table.*

Karin: Oh good friar! Where is my lord? I remember where I should be and here I am. Where is my Romeo?

Uryu: I hear something. Lady, come from that nest of death, disease, and unnatural sleep.

*Toshiro was offstage and bumped into Ichigo who glared down at the young boy. The two was in clear view of the scene with Karin and Uryu. They ignored the scene.*

*Uryu stretches his hand to reach for Karin, but she rejects him and he leaves when another footstep is heard.*

Karin: GO, get away from here.

*Hops down from table and kneels at Toshiro's side.*

What's this? A cup closed in my true love's hand? Poison, I see, has been his timeless end. O husband! You drank it all and you didn't leave just a friendly drop to help me join you?

*Toshiro stops arguing with Ichigo and focuses all of his attention on Karin as she recites her lines. She seemed to be taking this too seriously and this worried Toshiro and everyone else in the cast.*

*Karin hears some extras off stage as they appear to come closer.*

Karin: There is some noise. Then I'll be brief. Oh happy dagger! This is your sheath. Rest there, and let me die.

*Karin raises the dagger and moves to stab herself when her arm is caught in a cold and strong grip.

"Toshiro." Karin whispers to him and he looks down at her in shock and is panting for air to calm his nerves.

"What are you doing?" Toshiro hissed in a whisper as he held her arm in the air. The humans in the audience only see Karin with her arm holding the dagger stopped in mid air, but everyone else could see Toshiro holding her arm.

"It's part of the play, you remember." Karin whispered back and he closed his mouth and gulps. He did remember and he was never comfortable with it.

"Toshiro, let go of my arm." Karin whispered as she tried to move her arm. Toshiro still held on tight.


"What's going on? Why doesn't he let her go?" Hisagi questions for the group.

"I think I know, and it's about time he figured it out." Shunsui smiled down and kept this little piece of information to himself.


"What's he doing?" Love asked as they all stared at Toshiro halting Karin's arm.

"I have no idea." Lisa answered and the vizards continued to ignore Hiyori's struggles under Kensei and Love.


"Why did he stop her?" Jinta asked and Kisuke smiled behind his fan.

"Well, it looks like our little captain has just realized something. Now, I wonder if he understands what it means, he's still very young." Kisuke happily commented and the others stared at him in confusion. Honestly, the way Kisuke never explained his meaning could drive some of them crazy.


"Dad, what's going on? Why is Karin's arm not coming down? It's in the play, isn't it?" Yuzu pleaded with her father who continually stared up at the stage as he watched Captain Hitsugaya try to save his daughter.

"She could be having second thoughts." Ryuken explained to the girl as she continued to look on.


"Toshiro, let go." Karin quietly demanded and he continued to grip her arm.

*"What's going on with Karin? Her hands frozen in the air." Chizuru commented as she stared at the scene.

Ichigo glared at the two and he lost his patience.

"YOU LET GO OF MY SISTER!" Ichigo ran out onto the stage before Rukia could stop him.

"RENJI!" Rukia called him who was on the other side of the stage.*

*Karin heard Ichigo's angry yell and saw him run right towards Toshiro who still held onto her arm.

"Toshiro, let go of my arm!" Karin demanded in a whisper.

"I can't," Toshiro answered, "I can't let go . . . I won't." Toshiro's eyes grew cold and he glared over at Ichigo. He was ready to take Karin out of danger if Ichigo came too close.

Before Ichigo reached Toshiro, Karin grabbed his haori throwing him over her shoulder and into his gigai. Ichigo flew harmlessly over Karin and right into a waiting Renji. When Toshiro was slammed into his gigai, Karin leaned over him and kissed him long and deep. She broke the kiss and fell across his chest so she could whisper in his ear.

"That's my goodbye." Karin whispered and she closed her eyes. Toshiro swallowed hard and closed his eyes as the play came to a close.*

*Several extras came on the stage and saw the many "bodies" strewn across the stage. The Chief watch directed several of the extras to go find who was responsible. Some extras were sent to fetch the Capulets and the Montagues and some were sent to fetch the prince.*

*Shinji H., Orihime, Uryu, Hanataro, Yumichika, and some of the extras walk on stage.*

Yumichika: What unlucky event is up so early that calls me from my morning's beauty rest?

Shinji H.: What happened? Why do so many scream so loudly in the streets?

Orihime: The people in the street cry "Romeo," some "Juliet," and some "Paris," and they all run toward our tomb.

Yumichika: What noise startles our ears.

Chief Watch (extra): Here lies Count Paris slain, And Romeo dead, and Juliet now warm and newly killed.

Yumichika: Search, seek, and know how this foul murder happened.

Chief Watch: Here is a friar, and dead Romeo's man. They both had instruments that are fit to open a tomb.

Shinji H.: Oh wife, look how our daughter bleeds! This dagger was taken from the sheath of Montague, see how it's empty on his back but now lays in my daughter's bosom!

Orihime: Oh my, this sight of death warns my old age of a tomb.

*Reichi and some more extras enter onstage.*

Yumichika: Come, Montague, because you are up early to see your son and heir be taken down even earlier.

Reichi: For pity's sake, my lord, my wife died tonight from the grief of my son's exile. What more sorrows conspire against my old age?

Yumichika: Look and see.

Reichi: You stupid boy! What kind of manners is it to die before your father?

Yumichika: Seal up this murder scene until we can answer all these questions and know all the details. In the meantime, do nothing and let the investigation continue patiently. Bring forth the suspects.

*Uryu steps forward and addresses Yumichika.*

Uryu: I am the most suspected since the time and place cast suspicion on me as guilty of this sad murder; so here I stand both to accuse and free myself, condemned and myself excused.

Yumichika: Then tell what you know about all of this.

*Uryu began explaining the story.

'Uryu, please don't talk so fast.' Toshiro thought to himself as he lay on the stage floor with Karin.

'I don't want this to end so soon.' Toshiro admitted to himself, finally.

'So, you finally admit it?' Hyourinmaru questioned.

'Yes, Hyourinmaru, I admit it. I enjoy her company and she's become a good friend.' Toshiro told himself what he was trying to run from.

'If she's such a good friend, then why did you hurt her so deeply? And in turn hurt yourself?' Hyourinmaru asked again refusing to let the matter drop.

'I won't put her in danger anymore than she already is. Aizen and the arrancar could be watching and I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to Karin.' Toshior explained and resisted the urge to hold her hand.

'So, you will make yourself suffer to keep her safe?' The dragon reasoned.

'Yes, if that's what it takes.' Toshiro agreed and inwardly gulped. He knew this whole ordeal would be like going through hell.

'Does she want to be safe if her safety requires you to leave?' Hyourinmaru reasoned, in hopes of changing his Master's mind.

'She should want to be safe above everything else.' Toshiro explained and he could see his dragon cock his head in thought.

'But, does she?' Hyourinmaru's final question echoed in Toshiro's mind as Uryu finished his lines of explanation.*

Yumichika: We still know you are a holy man. Where's Romeo's man? What can he say about this?

Hanataro: I brought news of Juliet's death to my master and then we came from Mantua by horse to this tomb. He asked me to give this letter to his father and threatened me with death if I didn't leave while he went into the tomb.

Yumichika: Give me the letter. I will read it. Where is the Count's page who called the guards? Servant, what was your master doing in this place?

Kagine: He came to scatter flowers on his lady's grave, and asked me to stand off on the side so I did. Then, someone came by and eventually my master drew his sword on him, and then I ran away to call the guards.

*Yumichika reading the letter given to him.*

Yumichika: This letter confirms the Friar's words. Their course of love, the tidings of her death, and here he writes that he bought a poison vial from a poor apothecary and then he came to this tomb to die and lie with Juliet.

*Looking from letter to stare at the cast.*

Where are these enemies? Capulet, Montague. Do you see what a cruel disaster is caused by your hate, that heaven finds a way to kill your joys with love! And I have lost a number of relatives for disregarding your feud. We all are punished.

Shinji H.: Oh brother Montague give me your hand. This is my daughter's dowry I can't give you anything more.

Reichi: But I can give you more. I will erect a statue of Juliet in pure gold; so while Verona is known by that name, there will be no other figure so valuable as that of true and faithful Juliet.

Shinji H.: Romeo's shall be as rich, lying by his lady's side. They became poor sacrifices of our hatred!

Yumichika: This morning brings a gloomy peace with it.

The sun will not show his head for sorrow.

Go away from here to have more talk of these sad things.

Some shall be pardoned, and some punished.

For never was a story of more woe

Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

*The curtains close and all the cast breathe a sigh of relief that the play is finally over. Kon in Ichigo's body walks over to where Karin and Toshiro are still laying on the stage and picks Karin up by the waist and sadly glances down to Toshiro as he sits up.

"It's finally over." Toshiro mumbled to himself.

"Yeah, it wasn't too bad, if we didn't have all those interruptions." Tatsuki exclaimed and went to rail on "Ichigo" as he sat Karin down in a seat.

"ICHIGO! WHY DID YOU MAKE SO MANY DISTURBANCES?!" Tatsuki yelled but her cries were soon silenced.

"What's that noise?" Orihime asked as she heard a loud and deep sound resonating from the audience.

"It sounds like clapping." Chizuru commented as she cupped her hand to her ear.

"When it's that many people it's not called clapping, it's applause!!" Tatsuki cheered as the Principal ran behind stage.

"That had to be one of the best performances I have ever seen in my experience as a teacher!" The principal cheered as the cast started blushing and talking amongst themselves.

"You can't forget the curtain call!" The principal yelled as the curtains were pulled up and the entire cast walked on stage and took a bow. Some of the cast took several bows.


*Principal walks up to Tasuki who is still beaming from the success of the play.*

Principal: Tatsuki, I'm so proud of you. I don't think anyone could have possibly directed a better rendition of Romeo and Juliet.

Tatsuki: Thank you, Principal. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Principal: Enjoyed it? Why I loved it: the passion, the anger, it almost felt like the cast were actually going through these many emotions.

Tatsuki: Thank you, I know.

Principal: But, there are a few things I need to talk to you about in a serious manner.

Tatsuki: Yes, Principal, what is it?

*Principal pulls out a clipboard with some notes with the word "Damages" written across the top.*

Principal: It has been brought to my attention that there were several damages incurred on the stage and the theater during this production. Why? I have no idea. But, these damages will have to be paid to be repaired.

Tatsuki: Yes, I understand. What damages are there?

Principal: Let's see here. There's a crack on the center of the stage that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The curtains on both sides of the stage are falling apart, one side looks like it's been slashed with a machete and the other side looks like the curtains were shattered with some ice residue. Then there's the large crack in the back wall, I have no idea where that came from.

*As Principal lists the many damages, Tatsuki sweats and he finally finishes the list.*

Tatsuki: Is that all?

Principal: *Final look over paper gives a quick nod.* Yes, that's all.

Tatsuki: How is this going to be paid for?

Principal: Regretfully, we will have to take the cost of the repairs from the proceeds for this play. That will reduce the amount that gets to stay in the drama club funds to just under a hundred dollars.

*Tatsuki jaw drops and she stares at Principal in disbelief.*

Tatsuki: WHAT? But, we sold every seat in the audience we should have earned thousands of dollars.

Principal: That's true this is why the cost for repairs is coming from the ticket sales, which, sadly, pretty much takes away all the money that was earned by this play. If you want to earn all that money back, all you have to do is put on another production with the same cast in a few months. *Principal looks hopeful and Tatsuki perks up. She turns to the soul reapers and the entire cast for Romeo and Juliet.*

Tatsuki: Well guys, I got good news and bad news.

Ichigo: What's the good news?

Tatsuki: We earned thousands of dollars from this production. The bad news is most of that money is going to repairing the theater that somehow became severely damaged during this play.

*Cast stares and collapses in anime drop.*

Tatsuki: So, what do you say about redoing a different play in a few months? *All of cast recover and nod their heads in agreement with one another.

Everyone: NO!!!!!!

*Tatsuki blinks and sighs in defeat.*

Tatsuki: At least, I tried.

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