I've been struggling with writer's block, but am hopeful that my beloved Matt&Jack will help push me through it finally. I'm so sad to see I haven't updated this in so long, I really hope that more updates will come much more frequently now. As always, Riley, Katie, and Mia belong to the wonderful littletonpace

"This pasta is amazing," Mia moaned, scraping her fork along the bowl to catch the last noodle drenched in butter. "You must make the best house husband ever."

"Keep telling him that," Jack grinned, kissing Matt before starting to rinse off the bowls. "I don't want him rushing back into the danger zone when we get home."

"Danger zone?" Matt laughed, swatting Jack's ass with a dishtowel as he passed by. "Someone's been watching too much Law and Order."

"I bet you have some great stories though," Riley said, eyeing the coffee maker Matt was currently loading the ground beans into.

"Sexy scars too," Mia said mischievously, but before she could say another word, Jack had popped a brownie into her mouth. "You don't play fair," she mumbled around bites of chocolate.

"Definitely some scars," Matt agreed, but his eyes stayed light, and he smiled back at Mia. "But no stories Jack needs to hear, or he'll never let me get back to my desk."

"Ok, so these brownies are incredible, and this coffee is better than sex," Mia said, as she closed her eyes, sighing contentedly with each sip of coffee she took. "Jack, if you don't propose to Matt, I will. Sawyer can't make coffee like this."

"First of all, don't scare my man away, Mia," Matt laughed, turning back to the coffee machine to pour her another cup. "Second, I can't take credit for the coffee. I learned from the best. My co-worker, Katie, taught me how, and she makes it better than me. She's my coffee goddess."

"Right, the best friends forever, handbraided friendship bracelets, perfect Katie," Mia mock-pouted, and Matt leaned over, passing her a second cup of coffee before kissing her on the forehead.

"I'll braid your hair and a bracelet," Matt said with a grin, before his eyes grew serious, a change Mia immediately picked up on. "I'll start after we check on Sawyer. Jack was telling me we should check on him every hour, to keep an eye on the infection."

"Yeah, I'll come too," Jack quickly added, putting down the plate of brownies he was holding. Mia caught his eye, and he gave a subtle nod, causing her to stand up as well.

"He is my husband still, I suppose I should come keep him in line," she sighed, stealing another piece of brownie and stuffing it into her mouth. "Be right back," she mumbled around the chocolate. "I can still only take him in small increments."

Riley laughed, moving towards the coffee machine as the three headed off. Matt, Jack, and Mia unlocked the door and carefully entered the room they had locked the stranger into. "Sorry about grabbing your boyfriend, mate," the man said, extending a hand to Matt. "It's just the last person I ran into on this island…well, I've been the last person on this island for quite some time now."

"Gotta be honest, still not really sure how I feel about you," Matt said, arms crossed over his chest.

"Fair enough," the man said with a nod, leaning back against the wall. "But my name's Desmond, and once you hear what I have to tell you…you might just change your mind."