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Chapter 1- The beginning

"Sal, don't go," The man known as Godric Gryffindor pleaded. "We need you here at the school."

Salazar Slytherin looked at his old friend sadly. His green eyes showed how much he was hurting. "I have to Godric. I created him. I am the one who raised him, the one who's name he took. It is my responsibility to stop him and this madness he has embraced."

Godric sympathized with his old friend. Eleven years ago, Salazar had taken in a young boy and raised him as his own. The young boy, Erak, had even taken Slytherin's name as his own and undergone a blood adoption ritual.

Now Erak Slytherin had gone on a killing spree against all non-magicals, believing them to be unworthy of life. Salazar was leaving to hunt down his son, a task Godric wished on no one.

"He's my son," Salazar explained. "I pray that I can reason with him, make him see he is wrong." He took in a deep breath. "If I cannot stop him, he is truly lost."

Salazar turned to walk out of the castle he had helped build.

"What about Helga?" Godric asked. "Your wedding was supposed to be next month."

"I pray that I will be back by then. If not, I deserve whatever fate Helga delivers me to." Salazar took a deep breath. "Do me a favor Gryff. If I don't come back, take care of Helga for me."

Godric embraced his old friend in a manly hug. Stepping back he said, "Don't speak like that Sal, you'll come back to us. Helga needs you. Rowena relies on you. And you are my brother in all but blood. You will return to us, to your family. You and Helga will marry, have a horde of children. I promise you Sal, when you return, you will be welcomed back with open arms."

Salazar smiled at Godric. Then he looked around. "Tell me Gryff, how do you suppose the world will remember me? Will I be known as a fighter? A lover? A good friend? Or will I be seen as the father of a tyrant? The Man who raised evil?


Slytherin held up his hand. "I'm not like you. I'm not like Row or Helga either." He smiled sadly. "I have fought all my life to survive. I have trained and taught myself almost everything I know. Often times, I learned or I died. When I met you three, I found the first family I've had since I was five years old. Then you told me of your dream, of this school. You trusted me with the protection of these halls." A tear slid down his face. "I finally belonged. You three hail from nobility, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying your lives where easy. But you three had resources I never had. Me, I'm the orphan son of a blacksmith, raised by myself. You don't know what it's like, to steal because your hungry, to struggle to light a fire with damp wood because if you don't you'll freeze to death. Did you know, that cloak you gave me when we first met, the red one with gold trimming, it was the first kind act I ever remember someone doing for me?"

Godric chuckled. "You constantly complained about the colors."

Salazar smiled. "Yeah. Still hate the colors. But it's one of my most treasured possessions. It's my favorite cloak."

Salazar took a deep breath. "I owe the three of you so much. All I want to do, is keep the students safe, to teach them what I never had a teacher for. And I want to marry Helga, to grow old with her. I want to sit down and debate with Row over dinner. To have prank wars with you. But I need to have a clear conscience to do that. Do you understand?"

Godric took a deep breath. "I think I do. Sal, I know you think Erak is somehow your fault, but you raised him. No man should ever have to kill his own son?"

"That's why I need you to promise to take care of Helga for me." Salazar looked Godric in the eye. "Because I'm not sure I can."

Three years had passed since the night Salazar left. He had not been seen or heard from since. Rumors spread that he had joined his adopted son and together they had wiped out entire villages.

The three remaining founders of Hogwarts refused to believe the rumors. Godric and Rowena had tried to tell the people of Salazar's innocence, but the people would not listen. Helga had not spoken outside of class or school related topics since that night. She spent hours researching by herself alone. Her smiles where strained and laughter forced.

One night while the three founders sat together to dinner she Helga spoke. "He's dead," she said quietly.

Rowena and Godric looked up from their food at her.

"Who's dead?" Godric asked.

"Sal," Helga said quietly. "It's the only explanation as to why he hasn't written. The only explanation as to why owls won't fly away with letter's addressed to him."

Rowena and Godric looked at their old friend sadly. The last three years had been hard on the red head. They knew Salazar must of died month's after he left. It had taken Helga three years to reach the same conclusion.

"I can't stand the whispers," Helga continued. "Even among the students, they believe Sal was an evil man. His house is slowly becoming full of those who believe in what he fought against. No one remembers his compassion, his intellect, his courage, or his loyalty. All they remember is his temper. They don't remember the man who risked his life to save you Godric."

Godric closed his eyes when he remembered Salazar taking a cutting curse meant for him.

"They don't remember him sitting up with you Rowena, him crying with you, when Marcus died."

Rowena felt a tear slide down her cheek as she thought about her late husband.

"They don't remember him playing jokes on his student's. They don't remember him. All anyone wants to remember is a lie."

Godric leaned over and grasped Helga's hand. "It doesn't matter what anyone else believes, as long as someone, as us three, his friends and family, know the truth."

Tears fell down Helga's face. "But he deserves so much more. He deserves to be remembered as the man he was, not the evil he has been made out to be. And I think I found a way."

Rowena's curiosity peaked. "How? No one wants to believe us. It would take Salazar himself to redeem his name."

"Exactly. I found a ritual. It would allow him to be reborn in the future, when he is needed most."

"What's the catch?" the blond witch asked.

Helga looked down. "He would remember nothing of his past life, he would not remember he is Salazar."

Rowena looked at the younger woman. "Is there any way to make him remember his past?"

"One, a kiss from one who loved him in his past life."

"So you would have to go through the ritual too?"

Helga nodded. "But there is no guarantee that I would be alive at the same time as Sal or that our future selves would fall in love. Also, I would disappear."

Godric's eye's flashed. "What do you mean you would disappear?"

"I would vanish, until reborn again."

Godric ran his hands through his hair. "No, we can't do it."

Rowena and Helga looked at Godric. Row was curious, Helga furious.

"And why not?" Helga demanded loudly.

"Because I promised him," Godric said. Silent tears were now falling down his cheeks. "The night he left, I promised Sal I would watch over you Helga. I promised him I would protect you." He looked up at the red head. "It was the last thing we said to one another."

Helga felt guilty about losing her temper moments before. She forgot that she wasn't the only one affected by Sal's disappearance. She had lost her love, but Godric had lost his brother and his best friend. "I'm sorry Gryff, I shouldn't have yelled at you."

Godric smiled at Helga. "It's fine." He closed his eyes. "It's just that if you do this, I'm basically letting you kill yourself."

Rowena put her hand on Godric's. "She's not killing herself Gryff, she's just not going to be here anymore."

Godric looked at the two women. "What do we need?" he sighed. "And when are we going to do this?"

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