Chapter 6

"Oh?" Albert asked, trying to act surprised. "About what?"

"DON'T ACT INNOCCENT YOU FILTHY RAG!" Harry yelled at the hat.

The Sorting Hat visibly winced, and Susan put her hand on Harry's arm, calming the furious fourth founder down.

The redhead looked back at the hat. "Let's start with the lazy arrogant bigots in Salazar's house," she prompted.

"Well you see, they had to go somewhere...and if I put them in with any of the houses, there would be blood. Since people believed that you," he looked at Salazar, "were bigoted against muggleborns anyway, I figured it was a good idea."

"I WAS muggleborn," Harry growled out. "My father was a common blacksmith. And besides, that was not your concern. And perhaps a good pounding may have beaten the prejudice out of them. Your job was simply to sort them, based on their merits and choices, NOT because it would avoid bloodshed. Especially since, had the wards not been removed, there wouldn't be ANY blood spilled."

"Yes, well...Uh...I thought it was the right decision...I mean...uh..."

"Albert," Harry interrupted the nervous hat, "I'm going to be perfectly frank here." He took a deep breath, before saying, "You're lucky I don't burn you to ash right now, that is how stupid your decision was. In fact, were it not for the fact that I intend to add some spells to your design to ensure this doesn't happen again, I would burn you to ash regardless of how hard it was to create you in the first place."

The hat whimpered.

Susan and Harry turned away from the patched cloth to look at Luna and Hermione.

"Now, before we do anything else, there are some things we need to share with you two," Susan explained. "The first is that, until you are properly trained up, you will not hold power in the school like Harry and I do. That said, as the heirs of Godric and Rowena, we need your help."

Harry nodded and continued the explanation. "Each house is unique, just as each of us founders was unique, and though me and Helga currently hold power over the school, we hold no power in the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw dorms. Not to mention that there are certain things that require all four founders, or their heirs, to do properly, such as fully powering and erecting new wards."

"Why would you need our help to erect wards?" Hermione asked. "I mean, from what Hogwarts: A History says, the heads of house and headmaster can do that."

"When we took control of the school, power reverted back to the founders and heirs. As of right now, the heads of house, and I might add that we just kicked one out of the castle, are no more than people to supervise the students in their house. As such, with the exception of Snape, they still have control over the wards in their respective house dormitories, but no more."

"Whose in control of the Slytherin wards then?" Hermione asked.

"No one," Harry growled. "I had numerous wards set up in Slytherin, but currently there are none. They've been effectively dismantled, and I sadly cannot re-erect them over night. It's going to take me a good while to bring my house back to snuff. Not to mention the fact that I've got to figure out what to do with the students that have no place there."

"Oh," the Gryffindor heir mumbled.

"Yes, oh," Susan began. "And should McGonagall or Flitwick be neglecting their duties, you two could end up controlling the Gryffindor or Ravenclaw wards." She turned to Harry. "I can already tell you Sprout is good. She's always put those of us in her care first and takes the job very seriously."

Harry winced. "Sadly, I can't give an opinion on McGonagall. She wasn't a very good Head of House, but I don't know how much of that was because she didn't care or if she was simply to busy with the jobs Dumbledore gave her as his Deputy."

"So what are we going to be doing?" Luna asked, speaking up for the first time.

Susan smiled. "Basically, you're going to continue attending classes, once we get everything going. But you'll also be getting lessons from me and Sal on running Hogwarts, and from Godric and Row, respectively, on your family magics and the specific responsibilities of being their heirs."

Harry grinned. "Hermione, you'll be joining me while I teach you to use that sword," he gestured to the glass case holding Godric's sword.

The girls eyes widened, "What? Why?"

"As Godric's heir, you are the new Champion of Hogwarts. That means that, should the wards be breached, you will be in charge of defending Hogwarts." He gave his old friend a reassuring smile. "Not that you'll be alone, but the internal defenses, such as the warrior statues, will only answer to you at the moment. Helga, Luna, and I will be right beside you, but you'll effectively be our general."

Hermione collapsed into a chair.

"Okay," she said shakily.

"What will I do," Luna asked.

"You're the one actually in charge of internal defenses. Should both Salazar's wards and Godric's warriors fail, Rowena commanded the various passageways and staircases of Hogwarts. By doing so she could guide attackers to various traps she had designed and away from students. She was also the one in command of the various suits of armor around the castle, using them as a guardian force inside the castle."

"Okay," Luna replied happily.

"What did you do?" Hermione asked Susan.

Susan smiled. "I was the last defense between any attackers and the students. Should the school come under attack, it was my job to hide the students and, should the worst happen, get them out of the castle. It was why I designed the Room of Requirement. For while it could become whatever the designer needed, one had to be specific when using it. Even if attacker knew where it was, they would need to know what room was being used. And from the room, one could actually ask for passage to someplace outside the school." She frowned a bit. "I was never much of a fighter, or at least not a skilled one. Not that I was a pushover, but my skills tended towards healing, and killing, the few times I had to, was always hard for me."

"It's hard for anyone," Harry said, hugging Susan from behind. "Taking a life should never be an easy thing, else you could end up like...," Harry gulped. "Like Erak," he closed his eyes and took a breath, the betrayal of his son still fresh for the re-incarnated founder, "or Voldemort."

Susan smiled sadly and turned in Harry's arms. "You're right of course. But then again, it's not killing that's actually hard, we humans, magical or not, are quite fragile. It's living with it that's hard."

After a few moments of silence, Hermione asked, "So what now?"

"Now we have to go down the castle's ward-stones," Harry answered. "Once there, we will re-activate the wards that were disabled. And I'll see what needs to done to re-build the ones that have been dismantled or simply faded over the years. But first, since I need three witness," Harry took a deep breath and pulled out his wand.

Holding his wand in front of him, as if saluting, Harry said, "I Salazar Ezekiel Slytherin, Head and Patriarch of the Slytherin Family, do hereby disown, disinherit, and disavow my son, Erak Gregory Slytherin, adopted by blood and magic, and his entire line. I take from them all titles, property, wealth, knowledge, and family magics of the Slytherin Family. As I say it, so shall it be."

Harry's wand glowed faintly, as his words took effect.


Disowning a relative, in the magical world, has many far reaching affects. The first being that all knowledge of family magics is stripped from their minds. These magics, protected by ancient spells, can only be learned if you are family, or trusted enough for them to be shared. And if your entire line is disowned from the family, all knowledge and work done for the family is also forgotten.

Magic is, to an extent, inherited. The pure-blood maniacs are actually, to an extent, correct in that a child of magical linage will be stronger magically than not born to a magical line, with exceptions of course (Such as Salazar Slytherin and Lily Evans). Unfortunately, when taken to the extreme inbreeding practiced by fanatics, the magic is damaged, unless new blood is introduced. This was partially the reason Voldemort, Tom Riddle, was so strong. As a half-blood from a powerful, though corrupted, magical linage, he had inherited a great deal of power from his Slytherin blood.

But when disowned, this magical blood losses it's potency.

So miles away from Hogwarts, sitting in front of a fireplace as he mused over how successful his attempts to get at the prophecy had been thus far, Tom Riddle suddenly felt as though he had been magically exhausted. So concerned as he was about the drain on his magic, he failed to immediately realize that he had also forgotten much of the knowledge he had gained when he raided the Chamber of Secrets.

"Nagini," he rasped, "come."

The elder wizard frowned when the serpent remained curled by the fireplace.


The snake still didn't move.

"Mi-lord," the nervous voice of Wormtail spoke from the corner, where he was waiting should Voldemort order him to do anything (he had basically been reduced to the Dark Lord's butler with the re-assembling of the rest of the free Deatheaters), "you're speaking normally sir."

Voldemort's eyes widened. "What?!"

He tried to speak to Nagini again, focusing on what he was saying, and now that he was paying attention realized that he had indeed been speaking normally.

He whirled on Wormtail, drawing his wand. "Crucio!"


Harry put his wand away.

"Did you just do what I think you did?" Hermione asked.

Harry nodded, a grim smile on his face, "Yes. I stripped Riddle of anything to do with me. He's now no more powerful than he would be had he been born a normal muggleborn that has gone through the rituals that he has. He will also have forgotten all of the magic associated with my line."

"Now we'll go down to the stones and get to work," Susan said after a moment of silence where everyone digested what had just been said. "But first," she turned to Hermione and Luna, "you will need to do what Harry says. I don't know how much damage will have been done, but he's the expert and the one that originally built the wards. We probably won't be able to do everything tonight, as I remember it taking several days to fully power everything with how exhausting it was."


That night, the anti-bullying wards had been re-activated, along with the dark item detection and anti-dark creature wards.

The four teens feel into their beds exhausted.


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