Yay, first ever Mass Effect story!

Garrus strolled through the bridge of the Normandy on his way to pay a visit to Mordin. The metal jaw and scarring had been cool at first, but the turian was hoping that it could be upgraded to something a little less horrific looking. Upon entering Dr. Solus' laboratory he found the salarian in question hunched over his computer typing at an extremely fast pace.

"Greetings. Can't talk much right now. Working on genophage cure." Mordin said in his quick and fragmented way.

"You're trying to cure the genophage? I thought you were the one who improved it." Garrus asked incredulously. Mordin looked up from his work and briefly nodded before he resumed typing.

"Shepard said that if extreme mental turmoil resulted from genophage creation, might be best to cure it. Also would not want Maelon's research to be for nothing. Too many lives lost." With this development Garrus forgot his original reason for visiting the doctor, now he wished to learn more about the cure.

"So… does it work?" He asked nervously, unsure as to whether he wanted to krogan genophage cured or not.

"Made significant progress, but no cure. So far have created a similar virus which causes DNA inside reproductive cells to become more receptive. Would in theory allow a krogan to produce hybrid offspring with another species but not cure effects of genophage. Could work for other races too." Mordin got up from his terminal and went over to a rack full of test tubes. He searched through the tubes before returning with a dismayed look on his face and small vial in one hand.

"Strange. Seem to have misplaced it, Tali'Zorah's antibiotics in place where I had left it…" The scientist scratched his chin and paused before realization dawned on him. "Oh dear…"

"What's wrong?" Garrus had a feeling he knew what had happened but still wanted to be sure.

"N-nothing wrong." Mordin stammered. "Just might want to expect a new crewmember in nine months or so. Oh, it's my for my hour of sleep. Must leave now. Good day Garrus." Mordin scurried out of the room before Garrus could react. The turian in question thought about what he had just heard.

"Ah, I'm sure nothing will happen." He said to no one in particular. Garrus left the lab and began his trek back the crew's quarters.

Meanwhile in Commander Shepard's room, the hero of the galaxy was sitting at his desk reflecting on what had transpired in the weeks before. He had saved the Collector Base, believing that to defeat the Reapers humanity would need to understand their technology however no one else, not even Miranda the number 1 Cerberus fan girl, thought it was a wise move. He then turned to more pleasant thoughts. Namely that despite it being labeled a suicide mission, only Legion has perished in the assault and even then they had told Shepard beforehand that Geth never truly die and that their memories and feelings would simply be added to other Geth's collective awareness. His thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sounds of the door of his quarters opening.

"Shepard," rang out the voice of one Tali'Zorah vas Normandy "We need to talk." The commander got up from his desk and walked over to the quarian.

"What's on your mind Tali?" She suddenly took a great interest in her hands and refused to meet Shepard's eyes. "Tali, is something wrong? Are you sick? Don't worry I'll get doctor C-" He was interrupted by Tali putting her hand on his shoulder.

"No, no. I'm fine. It's just that… well you see… my pouch has distended." Shepard looked at her in utter confusion.

"You have a pouch?"

"Yes. Most of the time it's shrunken and sealed, which is why you didn't notice it when we, you know. It only distends for one reason unless I've gotten some sort of unknown disease which could be caused by my being exposed to atmosphere of the Normandy-" Tali began to lapse into her defense mechanism of rambling on.

"Tali, just tell me what's wrong. What does your pouch being distended mean." She looked him straight in the eyes and pulled her mask off in order to let Shepard see the emotion in her face.

"It means that… I'm pregnant." And with those words, Commander Shepard, hero of the galaxy, who had stared death in the eyes more times than he could count without flinching, fainted.

If the response to this is good I might make another chapter, though for now it's a one shot. As for the pouch, for some reason I think it would fit if quarians had them. They do like hiding things on their person…