Sorry this has taken so long, but I've been dealing with writer's block for it, as well as the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm BETA test. But without further ado: the epilogue!

Now this epilogue takes place 21 years after the previous chapter, I'll try to keep it as vague as possible. All I can confirm are:

Rael, Tali, Shepard and Garrus (at least) survived the reapers.

Thane died from the skick (That's a reference to Peter Chimaera)

They beat the reapers.

The Shepard family are living on Rannoch, how the quarians got it back is up to your imagination.

An Unfortunate Mix Up: Epilogue

Rael'Shepard nar Normandy finished preparing his bags and suit. It was a heavily modified quarian exosuit, changed to be nothing more than normal clothing as, fortunately, he possessed his father's immune system. Rael was about to embark on his pilgrimage, thought now that the quarians had Rannoch back they had significantly lowered how far one needed to travel. He could only have to go as far as the next quarian equivalent of a state over, or choose to visit the stars. Having spent most of his childhood aboard the Normandy, Rael of course picked to explore the galaxy.

The young quarian-human hybrid finished his packing and went to go say goodbye to his parents before embarking on his epic journey.

There was a rather small going away party for Rael, his parents were of course there, but due to various issues throughout the galaxy the only other person to show up was Garrus.

"So how's the Mrs. doing Garrus? Shepard asked, while the three were still unaware of Rael's entrance.

"Still as flexible as ever." Garrus responded while attempting a human smile. His face then visibly darkened. "Sorry she couldn't make it Shepard, but Lilihi gets sick during interstellar travel, and someone had to watch over her." Rael made a coughing noise to draw the other's attention.

Tali immediately ran forward and caught her son in a massive hug. "Oh Rael, you look so handsome!" Rael separated himself from Tali and walked over to Shepard.

"Son…" The commander began before grabbing him into an even bigger hug.

"Thanks dad… can't… breath…" Rael chocked out and Shepard sheepishly released his son. He then went over to shake hands with his "uncle" Garrus, but instead the turian embraced him as well.

"Good luck out there kid." Rael smiled at Garrus and picked up his discarded bags.

"Now you be careful out there Rael. If you seen someone who's armed, shoot first, ask later. Don't eat anything that's still moving no matter how safe the salesperson says it is and whatever you do stay away from Omega. I do not want to see you on the cover of Fornax magazine!" Tail lectured while unlocking the front door. Rael looked to his father in confusion about the last statement and Shepard mouthed "you don't want to know".

After several more tearful goodbyes, Rael had exited and traveled off to being his pilgrimage. Tali looked towards Shepard and sighed.

"They grow up so fast." She remarked. "It seems like just last chapter he was coming out of my pouch for the first time…" Shepard walked up to his quarian wife and put his arm around her shoulder.

"You know Tali, that retrovirus wasn't an unfortunate mix-up after all. It was the most fortunate thing to ever happen to us." Shepard said the cheesiest, most sappy way possible. For this is the end, and it too, is very fortunate.

THEEND (That's another reference to Peter Chimaera). Now get yourselves in gear for the super collaboration project between AnimusFerrus and I. Also I might do a few oneshots featuring Rael (still as an infant) in the future.

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