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The demon appeared out of thin air. Literally. One moment no one was there, and the next, she was.

Kohaku instinctively grasped his sickle, ready to fight, even though he knew it would be futile. The demon's mirror would send the weapon flying back at him.

Sesshoumaru grasped his sword, ready to send Kanna to the Underworld. The Mediou, while not yet at its fullest shape, would be more than enough to send the void to hell.

Rin and Jaken looked at the white demon in their path with curiosity. A-un, not sensing any demonic aura, jerked away from the demon in surprise. Kohaku had a split second to wonder if Kanna was after him, his shard, Sesshoumaru, or was simply being a messenger, before she spoke.

"Sesshoumaru," she said in her usual whisper.

Sesshoumaru tensed. From Kohaku's position behind the dog demon, he could make out Kanna's expression. Aside from the usual apathetic expression she wore, now it was one that could be described as 'slightly worried'.

When Sesshoumaru didn't respond, Kanna must have realized she was going to have to talk if she wanted any kind of answer or acknowledgement. Even then, it wasn't a guarantee.

"Kagura," she began again. "Was she free?"

Sesshoumaru tensed. Kanna moved forward and the Tenseiga was drawn. The void paid no attention and silently handed Sesshoumaru a fan that must have been hidden behind her mirror the whole time.

The dog demon sheathed the Tenseiga and took the fan, noticing the light pink bloodstains forever imprinted on the materiel.

"She was." Kohaku was surprised Sesshoumaru had even answered. Even he hadn't been sure exactly how the wind witch had died; Inuyasha and the rest of the group had refused to speak about it.

Kohaku moved to stand beside Sesshoumaru, despite Jaken's protests that his lord would be able to handle it all by himself.

Kanna glanced at her mirror for a second, and Kohaku saw Kagura collapsed in the middle of a field of flowers, blood and miasma staining the ground around her.

In the mirror. Kanna must have been watching while Kagura died.

In the mirror, Sesshoumaru went up to her. He spoke, but no sound was heard.

Kagura replied. And smiled.

Then there was nothing left but a feather, a fan, and a field of bloody flowers.

Inuyasha and his group came up behind the demon lord. Inuyasha spoke. Sesshoumaru replied. And the mirror faded back to its usual reflective self.

"She was suffering," Kanna murmured, almost to herself. Her body nearly became transparent.

"She was smiling," Sesshoumaru corrected, his voice nearly as quiet as Kanna's.

Kanna stared at Kohaku and Sesshoumaru until she disappeared.

"Let's go," Sesshoumaru said.


Inuyasha and his group had been here just a little while ago, Jaken informed them. He had to because Sesshoumaru sure wasn't going to.

The entourage stopped at the crater that must have been the climax of the battle. Kohaku saw a mirror in the middle of the crater.

Kanna's mirror. So the void, like the wind, had finally died. Tiny slivers of light in the crater glimmered in the moonlight. Sesshoumaru paused, and Kohaku wondered if he was remembering their meeting with Kanna. It felt like a year ago, when in truth it had only been yesterday.

"She came to us," Rin said sadly. "'Cause she knew she was gonna die." Kohaku had filled her in on Kanna's 'situation'.

"That Naraku!" Jaken exclaimed. "He's not even above using a child to do the dirty work for him!"

Sesshoumaru knelt and placed Kagura's fan beside Kanna's mirror. The breeze brushed Sesshoumaru's bangs out of his eyes for a second, and Kohaku would have sworn he had heard a small laugh in the wind.

Rin must have heard it too, because she asked, "Who did that?"

Sesshoumaru turned his head to face her.

"The wind," he said.