This is just something I'm toying with, it was an idea that I
discussed with some folks in a chat last night, thought I'd put it
down. This won't be anywhere near the length of Insertion. Like I
said, this is really just some fun on my part.

Insertion: Reflux

Part 1

A whole new mess!


L-sama, the Lord of Chaos...was bored.

Over the course of time they had grown used to their station in the
universe. It had been eons since their own ascension, the flow of time
had gone on as always, and their time upon the worlds they had created
had ended long ago. Now, to most they were mere legends, if they were
remembered at all.

Still, things continued on as always, ruling the universes was time
consuming, and now, a special time for them was coming in their fourth

Carrot sighed as he looked down from the heavens at the fledgling
universe and frowned. "This one is so...normal."

"That was the point," commented Xianfu irritably.

"Yeah, but we already know what'll happen here," responded Carrot.

"So?" said Ranma.

"What should we do then?" asked Pissant cheerfully. "I'm kinda bored

Dan snorted as something seemed to hit him suddenly. "Carrot, you

"Already done!" said Carrot cheerfully.

Hotaru walked up to him, she was as young as ever, her mortal life
long since ended. "What are you doing?"

L-sama turned to look at her, suddenly growing rigid. "N-nothing

"What have you done now?" she said with a small sigh as she walked up
to what they were doing and peered down.

"Again? Can't you just leave him alone?"

The god smiled at her weakly. "No, not really."

Hotaru sighed and hung her head. "I suppose there's nothing I can do
about it. Thinking about retiring already?"

"No, we were just bored," said the Supreme Being cheerfully.

"Well, I suppose there's nothing I can do," she said with a small

"Come on, it'll be fun!" responded L-sama cheerfully.

Hotaru smirked at this and shook her head. "All right, just don't be
to hard on him." She turned and walked away.

"Man that was close," muttered Carrot as he turned back to the
universe again.


Sesshomaru frowned as he looked at the small books in his hands.
"Pathetic," he muttered as he flipped through the pages. There were
several small volumes that the girl, Kagome, had dropped in her
travels with his pathetic half brother. Rin had grown quite attached
to them.

He sighed and continued to read, not certain why. He wasn't aware of
it, but over the course of time, the girl had lost almost the entire
collections. Now, most of that was now in his possession.

"These humans are pathetic," he muttered as he frowned at the book.
"Surely, I, Sesshomaru, would do a much better job of telling such
tales than this." He pondered this for a moment and stood up.
Taking a pen in his hand, he began to scrawl on a scroll he had hidden
in his robes.


Amelia Wil De Seyruun sat in the library of her father's palace. It
was a stuffy place, with books lining the walls from one end to the
other. She blushed guiltily as she flipped through one of the small
books she had discovered in the corner. She had read them all, and now
she was doing it again.

They were tails of wonderful fantasy, from lands distant and
impossible. It was a wonderful feeling to immerse herself in them.
Unfortunately, she was supposed to be studying. She knew she would
pass any test she was given though, so she allowed herself the
pleasure. She did feel bad about doing it though anyway.

With a small wistful sigh she clutched one of the books against her
chest and smiled. "I wish I could write such wonderful stories!"

After a moment of enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling, compounded with
guilty pleasure, she blinked. "Hey. Why can't I?"

She looked around and found several unused scrolls sitting on one of
the desks nearby. With a shrug of her shoulders, she walked over and
picked one of them up.


Gai Daigoji was bored.

It wasn't so much boredom, as much as his collection was still in
storage. He had just moved into his small apartment. Having heard of a
project that could fulfill his dreams. His dream to become a Sentai
hero, and pilot a Giant Robot. It would be just like his beloved

Unfortunately, in his rush, he'd grabbed the wrong box. Now, he had to
wait for his beloved Gekkiganger recordings to arrive with the movers.
There were several other manga spread out on the floor around him.
He'd been nostalgic for a time, having read them all in his youth
before. Now, he really wanted his Gekkiganger back.

"Man, this sucks! No great transformations, no saving the galaxy from
evil from beyond space, no..." He sighed and hung his head as he
looked at the manga for a moment. "No really big fists crashing
through buildings on its way to crush the enemy! No Gekkigen Flare..."
He was almost to the point of tears.

Suddenly, and idea hit him. "Hey. Why can't these stories have all
that?" He glanced around at the manga, with a maddening idea forming
in his head. It was good, too good.

"That's it! I'll make one!"

He chuckled at his own genius and pulled a small laptop computer over
from the corner. "Man, this will be so cool!"


Faye sat staring at...well nothing. The computer in front of her
flickered as she simply bored holes into the screen with her eyes as
best she could. She lazily tapped one of the keys and sighed.

The Bebop was still a week away from anything interesting, and she had
nothing to do but wait. Spike and Jet were probably grunting like
animals, and Edward...well she was doing much the same thing she was.
The young girl was over in the corner in a sort of daze.

She glanced over at the girl and rolled her eyes as a tiny string of
drool fell from the girl's mouth as she stared into her goggles and

"This is pathetic," she muttered to herself as she noticed the dog
staring at her.
It whined and perked its ears up, lifting its head to look at her.

"What the heck are you staring at?" she grumbled irritably.

The dog yipped and jumped out of the chair, scurrying away to
somewhere safer.

"I just wish I had something to do," she muttered as she turned back
to the computer screen.

With a small sigh, she opened an old folder that she had read many
times over the course of her voyages. Images flickered on the screen,
manga images that she'd seen a hundred times before. "I've read all
this before, I need something new. Maybe I should pick up another disk
when we finally get wherever it is we're going," she sighed and closed
out the file, opening a new one.

A word processor. She furrowed her brow and glanced over at Ed for a
moment. "I'd never live it down if the others found out about this."
She decided that she would delete the files after she had finished
writing. It was just to pass the time anyway.

She started typing.


Jusenkyo, once again fate played its role. Ranma Saotome felt the icy
chill of the spring cover his body as he fell in. The shock numbing
his body for a moment and leaving him senseless.

A familiar sound, one that another like him had heard once before. The
sound was bigger this time, like four astral coconuts slamming into
one another. The echo sending ripples across the fabric of space and
The coconuts all rubbed their heads in irritation and were immediately
confused by their situation.
Time stood still for a single instant. The tiny bits of souls taken
from those writing, formed into more complete beings in a half
second's time; each trying to exact the changes needed to start the
story they desired.
Unfortunately, the stories they desired were all completely different,
and something shorted out once again.

This time, it really was some sort of grand design.

Ranma climbed out of the water as the guide's voice registered inside
his head; no, her head. "Oh sir! You fall in Spring of Drowned Girl!"

The redheaded pigtailed girl blinked and looked down at her new
breasts. Anger rose, then was quickly released as she found a target
for her rage.

The panda that was looking at her dumbly from just outside the

"Old man! Prepare to die!"

The chase was on.



Ranma slammed to a stop, his father continuing onward in front of him.

"Where am I? I'll destroy you for this human! How dare you..." snarled
an angry male voice.

"Whoa," muttered another male.

"Um, excuse me," said a quiet female voice nervously.

"What the hell? Where am I?" said another voice, this time, an angry

"Who's there? Come out!" said Ranma a she whipped around and put up
her fists to be ready for anything.

"Um, I don't think that's going to be possible," said the quiet female

"When I get my claws on the foolish sorcerer who would dare do this to
I, I will tear him apart slowly, so he will feel an eternity of agony
before I allow him to die!"

Ranma blinked, unable to do much else. "Huh?" Her hand moved up to her
forehead and she clutched at her temples for a moment. "This is
definitely not good," said her own voice. However, she was certain she
hadn't said a word.

"Oh shit," agreed herself in a more masculine tone.

Ranma screamed and fell to her knees, only to find her own fist
hooking across her jaw.
"Human! How dare you bring me to my knees! I'll destroy you!" snarled
the angry voice.

Ranma's mind broke, and she passed out cold.


A few moments later, she found herself walking again. Actually, she
woke up walking. "GAH!" She stopped cold and there was silence. "Oh
god. I've gone insane!"

"Don't worry! We'll find a way to fix this!" said the young female
voice firmly.

"We'd better," agreed the woman.

"What the heck is goin on?" muttered the confused sounding male.

"It appears we have been stuck, inside the mind of a human," snarled
the vicious voice. It had calmed considerably though. "No doubt, some
foolish sorcerers spell. We'll find a way to break it, and then I'll
kill you all for inconveniencing me."

Ranma blinked, she'd heard that voice before somewhere. She couldn't
place it though and sighed. "What's going on?"

"We're stuck in your head," said the woman.

"Who are you people?" muttered Ranma forcefully.

"My name is Amelia Wil De Seyruun," said the youngest of the girls

Everyone else was silent at this announcement.

"That's impossible!" said the woman in shock.

"Hey, poor kid. Must have cruel parents to name you after someone like
that," commented the male.

The angry voice snorted in disgust, but said nothing. It was easy to
tell he's surprised.

"You've heard of me? Well, I guess I am a princess..."

"Who are you really?" snapped the woman. "Quit joking around! This is

"Enough of this! I, Sesshomaru, will not allow such..."

If everyone could have stared at him, they would have. As it was, they
simply remained silent. The voice paused when he realized this and
stopped his speech. "So, you know me as well it seems. Good, then you
know my power! I'll..."

"I bet this is Spike's idea of a joke!" snorted the woman. "I'll get
him for this."

"Sesshomaru?" muttered Amelia with a slight wavering to her voice.

"Yes! It is...what?"

Ranma couldn't help it. He burst into laughter.

"Be silent! Or I'll..."

"You'll what? Tear your own throat out?" snorted the woman.

Sesshomaru growled at this angrily. "I just might."

"Well, if we're doing this, I might as well play along until we figure
this out," said the woman with a small sigh. "My name is Faye

"And I, am Gai Daigoji!" announced the last voice proudly. "Soon, I'll
be the star of my own Sentai adventure! Well, as soon as I get my
security clearance anyway. So, I can't stay long...I've got too..."

"I'm sensing a pattern here," snorted Faye irritably. "This has got to
be some kind of joke."

"How is it I know all your names?" snarled Sesshomaru. "You should be
honored that I know of you, to not be completely beneath my notice

"Will somebody shut him up?" said Ranma irritably as she simply sat in
the dirt and stared at the tree line around them.

"What? You dare!"

"What's your name kid?" asked Faye.

"Ranma Saotome," replied the redhead as she hung her head and simply
looked at the dirt. "I think I've just gone crazy."

Silence reigned once again.

Finally, she found herself being pulled to her feet by her own body
once again.

"What are you doing?" said Sesshomaru irritably. He had calmed down
once again, and was trying to work out the spell that had done this to

"Going back to Jusenkyo, maybe we can get some help," said Amelia.

"Bah! I have no need of help! I'll destroy this spell, and its worker,
easily." snorted Sesshomaru.


The guide began to sweat as he stared at his captor fearfully. "I no
can help sir!" He was hanging upside-down on a tree branch near his
home. His entire body was wrapped in a thick rope.

"Choose your words carefully, Human," snarled the redhead.

"Sir! Please! I am just humble guide to Jusenkyo! I not know magic
that make cursed pools! It very tragic story!" whimpered the man

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" asked Amelia in a sort of
horrified tone as she watched helplessly. "I mean, he's

"We're only scaring him right now, don't worry. Besides, Fluffy is
doing a good job. Maybe we can get him to give us some information
about what happened to us," said Faye.

"Still, it seems so wrong! We should at least give him the chance

"No way! I've got an appointment to keep! I'm gonna get my very own
Gekkiganger next week!" cried Gai.

"Shut up Yamada," snorted Faye.

"My name is...!" started Gai indignantly.

"Yamada Yojiro," replied Faye calmly.

"It isn't right! We should cut him down!" said Amelia.

"No way! Not until he fixes this!" snapped Ranma.

"You won't interfere!" snarled Sesshomaru. "...and desist in calling
me Fluffy!"

"Sure thing, Fluffykins," said Faye fearlessly.

"I shall be sure to deal with you later," snarled the demon angrily.
He turned his attention back to the guide.

The man whimpered as the rather intimidating young girl narrowed her
eyes at him and put her nose up to his face. "If you won't help, I
don't have any use for you."

"Wait! Curse of Jusenkyo have cure!" cried the man suddenly.

"Oh?" asked the girl.

"Yes, hot water return to normal, but only until next time hit by cold
water!" cried the Guide.

"Very well," said the girl as she turned away and walked towards his
home. The man was left hanging there.

"Sir, you cut me down now? Yes?"

"Be glad you're still alive, human," snorted the redhead as she closed
the door behind herself.


"I'm a man again!" cried Ranma in triumph.

"What? He lied to us!" snarled Fluffy.

"I don't think he did," said Amelia.

"Explain," said Sesshomaru with a dangerous cool to his voice.

"I mean, from what I've read, the springs of Jusenkyo don't do things
like this to people. It just changes their body."
The demon went silent and thought about it for a moment. Finally, he
sighed. "So, it is someone else at work. Very well, we shall leave and
search this fool down."

"Hey, what about Pop?" said Ranma as he halted them suddenly.

"What about him?" snorted Sesshomaru.

"Yeah? Why should we wait for that fat bastard?" snarled Faye.

"At last! Genma Saotome can be brought to Justice!" exclaimed Amelia.

"Huh?" said Ranma dumbly. "What the heck are you talking about?"

"It's...nothing," said Faye. "In any case, he's right. We've got to
find a way out of this mess."

"We don't even know where to start though," pointed out Amelia.

"I grow tired of this!" snarled Sesshomaru as he tried to force them
to walk again. The others countered his efforts, and he found himself
unable to move.

"I've got a feeling, that we're stuck like this for a while," said

"You have no idea," said an unfamiliar voice.

The group turned around and found themselves staring at a man with a
smirk on his face. He was leaning against the doorway and watching
them calmly.

"Who are you?" snorted Faye.

"L-sama," responded the man.

"Wha?" said Amelia in shock.

Sesshomaru went completely rigid. "It can't be..."

"Oh come now Sesshomaru, you exist, why shouldn't I?" said the man
with a small chuckle.

"You'd better explain what's going on! You did this didn't you?"
snapped Ranma.

"Stand down," said Sesshomaru firmly, he was watching the figure
cautiously. Absolute terror and awe seemed to fill every part of his

"You all got exactly what you wished for," said L-sama calmly. He
waved his hand, and Ranma passed out again.
The others were still awake though. "I thought I'd be nice and explain
what happened to you, since no one else will."

"What's going on? Who is this Gai?" asked Faye.

"If what he claims is true, then he is L-sama, the Lord of Chaos,"
said Sesshomaru as he tensed his body. "No Demon, no matter how
strong, would dare make a claim to that name if it was not true."

"He's a demon?" asked Faye.

"More like a god," said L-sama with a small shrug. "In any case, none
of you are going home."

"What?" cried Gai in shock. "No, I've got..."

"And you're going to take that test. You four are nothing but part of
the original soul. It happens whenever someone writes a story like the
ones you had started. Quite simple really, you shouldn't be aware at
all. A little piece of you goes into the story, to create the reality
you desire in your mind. However, the four of you all started the same
story, at the same time. So, you shorted each other out so to speak,
and became aware. The real you, is in another universe, completely
unaware of what's happening."

"So, we're stuck like this?" asked Amelia in shock.

"Yes. You can't tell Ranma what I've told you either," said L-sama
with a small chuckle. "You'll remember though."

"Why shouldn't we?" asked Faye irritably.

"You can try, but you won't be able too," said Sesshomaru with an
unusual calm about him.

" Gekkiganger?" whimpered Gai pathetically.

"Enjoy your new life," said L-sama.

"Great," grumbled Faye.

"Wow," agreed Amelia.

"I cannot endure this humiliation! To live as a human? I'd rather be

"Oh and Sesshomaru?" said L-sama.

The young boy's head snapped up to look at L- sama.

"I like you, but Inu Yasha wins," said the man as he chuckled and
All that was left, was the young boy standing there with his mouth
hanging open.

"Um, maybe we should find this kid's dad?" asked Gai as he finally
broke the silence.

"..." said Fluffy.

"What are you kidding? We need to be as far away from that jerk as we
can get!" snapped Faye.

"..." said Fluffy.

"I can't bear the thought of taking a son away from his family, but
Miss Faye is right!" agreed Amelia strongly.

"..." said Fluffy.

"That man isn't fit to be a parent," said Faye as she glared at the
door for a moment.

"..." said Fluffy.

"It wouldn't be just to subject Mr. Ranma to such a horrible man! I
can't allow it!" agreed Amelia.

"..." said Fluffy.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Gai.

"..." said Fluffy.

"Come on, we're getting out of here. Is there a spaceport around
here?" asked Faye.

"..." said Fluffy.

"They don't have space travel in this time, remember?" grumbled Gai.
"No robots, not even little ones." He sounded like he was about to cry
again. "My life is over."

"..." said Fluffy.

Ranma groaned and opened his eyes. "What happened? Where the heck are
we?" He blinked when he noticed them opening the door. "Hey, where are
we goin?"

"..." said Fluffy.

"Away from here," said Faye.

"..." said Fluffy.

"What fer? Where's Pop, we can't just leave him here," said Ranma as
he glanced around.

"..." said Fluffy.

"Why not?" asked Faye.

"..." said Fluffy.

And so it went...the beginning of something new.