Insertion: Reflux

Part 6

Girls night out!


Ranma Saotome sat in front of an old Chinese woman with a cup of tea in front of him. She was doing much the same with a cheerful smile on her face. He was wearing his green Hawaiian shirt and had a pair of shades over his eyes. He looked completely out of place in the traditional looking room.

"What's this about? Why did I wake up here?"

"Well, we couldn't just leave you lying around in such a place," said the woman cheerfully. "You have a name boy?"

"Gai," he replied as he narrowed his eyes at her.

She couldn't see his eyes and nodded. "I see. I suppose we all have our secrets. Gai is it?"

"That's right. I'm not sure I want you to know my real name yet."

"I suppose that is understandable, considering who you visited before this meeting. I am Ling Wo. You may call me Ling if you wish." She seemed to accept it and shrugged. "As to why here? I would have been very cross with Shu Ho if she had just left you lying there. You are a demon hunter?"

"That's right," he said simply. He was ignoring the tea and focusing on her carefully. He didn't look particularly threatened though. She could tell that by how relaxed he was. He didn't see her as a threat at all.

"I am an elder, in an order of men like you."

"I am not a man," replied the boy calmly.

"What are you then?" she asked him as she arched her eyebrow.

"I'm not sure. I know I ain't human no more." The boy's face fell slightly at his own words.

"I think you are more human than you think, boy," replied the old woman as she sipped at her tea. "I can aid you."

"I don't need help," he replied calmly.

"No one can face such things without help, boy," warned the woman as she suddenly placed her cup down.

"I can," replied the boy arrogantly. "I have the power to become stronger than they are."

"I know the sound of such a tongue. I speak to the demon inside you do I not? Shu ho told me of what you said to her. Do you really think you can control him alone?"

"Who said I was alone?" was the simple reply.

"I do not understand," said the old woman as her face contorted slightly.

"You don't need to." He stood up and glanced over his shoulder at her. "I can handle this myself."

"You are a fool to believe you can contain such an ancient power on your own boy. I do not think this help you speak of will be much aid. He is regaining his power, I can see that clearly enough. Whatever you did to him is wearing off, and soon you'll be faced with the full force of his power. Do you think you can stand against it?"

The boy was standing in the doorway looking back at her. "You live here?"


"I'll think about it. I've got some business to take care of. I'd like to get paid for what I did for them."

The woman let out a heavy sigh as she nodded her head wearily. "I will be here."

"We've got something to talk about later," said Ranma calmly. "You don't have any say in this discussion either."

The old woman nearly dropped her tea as she watched him walk out the door. "What?" Her eyes narrowed as she stared down at the table and carefully placed her cup down. "I see. An interesting query."


Outside the home, Ranma found himself in the middle of a quiet suburban neighborhood. He noticed the city in the near distance and glanced around.

"Hey, we can buy a car if we want now," said Gai.

"I like that idea," agreed Amelia.

"We don't have to behave until we get back to Japan," said Faye cheerfully. "We don't need to waste money that way right now anyway. We don't know how long we'll be here."

"She is correct. It would be a waste considering the ease we can perform such a task. Thanks to my magic of course. I doubt we'll have much need of such a thing. We won't be traveling on roads much."

"Well, I think we should go back to Ranma's home as soon as we can. I also think we should come back and see that old lady tomorrow. She might be able to help us find the true path of justice!" Amelia seemed quite heroic when she said this.

"Well, I wouldn't quite put it that way, but I agree...sort of," replied Faye.

Sesshoumaru snorted arrogantly. "I shouldn't bother replying to such a pathetic gesture. She is not bluffing about my power. I am growing stronger. Soon, nothing will stop me, not even you pathetic wretches."

"Well, something else on our to do list before we can go anywhere," grumbled Faye.

"If nothing else, we should be able to find out more about other hunters," chirped Amelia.

"Well, we got Sai to keep us busy, so I'm pretty much set wherever we're at," said Gai cheerfully.

"Speaking of which, where is she?" asked Ranma out loud. He turned around and almost bumped into her.

"Where are we going master?" she asked him.

"Back to see those Triad dorks and see if they still want to kill me."

"So. You had other motive behind your actions?"

"Another old chick?" muttered the boy irritably as an old woman balanced on a staff appeared in front of him. "Great. What do you want?"

"I am Cologne. I am the elder of the Amazon nation. We have agreed to stop hunting you, now that you have proven yourself a hunter of demons. However, this protection only applies to those who are of the order. Our agreement was with them."

"You got some guts walkin up to me talkin that way," muttered the boy irritably.

"You're a hundred years too young to challenge me."

"Don't be so sure of that old woman. I have the experience of Sesshoumaru to aid me. He wouldn't mind killing you much at all. In fact, he's telling me just how much you need to be destroyed right now. Kind of annoying really."

"Sesshoumaru?" inquired the old woman as her eyes narrowed.

"Just a demon. Much older than you could ever hope to be. At any rate, you can't threaten me. I have enough strength to wipe out your entire race if I wanted too. I've been nice enough not to kill them so far, but I'm getting tired of dealing with it."

Cologne did not move. She simply stared at him calmly as her frown deepened. "Choose your words carefully boy. I see a dark seed growing within you."

"Well, sometimes I gotta let him get a few words in. It ain't really fair otherwise." The boy shrugged at her.

"You are an enigma boy, but a dangerous one. We will be watching you closely."

"You do that." He glanced over his shoulder and saw Sai hiding behind a nearby trashcan watching everything closely. "Come on."

"Yes, Master," she muttered as she quickly scurried past the shocked old woman.

"A demon servant?"

"Picked her up on a job a while back," replied the boy cheerfully as he continued walking away. "Neat huh?"

"Wasn't that long ago," grumbled Gai.

"She doesn't need to know that," replied Sesshoumaru calmly.

"I'm glad we told her off. The nerve of that bitch! She tried to kill us!" snapped Faye.

"We might have made her angry again!" cried Amelia. "We should have been nicer!"

"I didn't appreciate her tryin ta kill me!" snapped Ranma. "Jeez that ticks me off!"

Cologne watched him walk down the street and away from her. "He is not stable. If he does not follow the order, we must destroy him."


Ranma walked into the restaurant and frowned. There were a few other tables, but the two old men were sitting in the same place as always. The other patrons were quickly ushered out by men in suits who closed the door behind them as they went out. The boy watched all of this happen and turned towards the old men.

"You have done well," said Li Shao cheerfully.

"Yes, a very good job," agreed Mao Sheng.

"I'm free of that contract then?" asked the boy as he stared at Mao Sheng directly.

"I have not yet consulted with the Amazons. I am certain they will have no trouble dropping the matter."

"Good," said the boy calmly.

"I dunno Ranma. That old lady was pretty pissed at us," pointed out Gai.

The old man flipped open his phone and took a call as Li Shao started to eat. The boy noticed Mao Sheng glance at him as he turned away towards the door. "Yes. I understand. I just wanted to speak with you about the matter."

"Sai. Can you hear what that call is about?"

"It's that old woman," said the demoness warily. Her master had never spoken to her with his mind before. "She's not hunting the master anymore, but those guys still can."

"Sai. Come here." The boy stopped in the middle of the room and looked up at the darkened corner near the ceiling.

Both men froze as two bat like wings melted out of the shadows. The little demoness was still in her smaller form as she floated too the ground and looked up at her master in confusion. "Say hello Sai."

She waved at them both and bowed. "Um, nice to meet you?" She was looking up at him in confusion as she bowed to them. "You wanted Sai for something?"

"What is this? What is that thing?" snarled Li Shao angrily.

"This is Sai. Sai is a demon. She's my personal slave, picked her up on a job a while back." He grinned at them both and patted her head.

Mao Sheng was glaring at her. "Why?" He slowly turned to look at his phone, but quickly looked back up at them.

"She can hear quite well," replied the boy as he narrowed his eyes at the man. "Sai. Show these guys what you really look like."

The demoness nodded and stood up straight.

Ranma looked just as surprised at the transformation that occurred. Rather than taking on a demonic form, Sai actually began to look more human. She changed into her older form, and her dark hair flowed down her back as if driven by some invisible wind. She was wearing a red dress and had a jeweled sword in her hand; she was also wearing a small gold circlet over her forehead. She looked incredibly wild as she glared forward at the two men in front of her.

"What is this?" whispered Sesshoumaru in confusion.

"Um...this is what you really look like?" asked the boy dumbly. He scratched his head and stared at her.

Sai simply nodded. "Yes. Should she turn back now? Sai is not familiar with this form."

"Sure," said the boy as he stared at her with his hand scratching the side of his head.

She turned back into the young demon.

"What is the meaning of this?" snarled Li Shao.

"Sai, just grab him." The boy pointed at Mao Sheng.

The man raised his arms and started to yell in protest. Her claws muffled his voice as she lifted him up by his face and stood in their meal. She looked horrifically demonic. Her legs were now clawed and fur covered. Two giant black wings flapped behind her, knocking Li Shao to the floor, where he remained cowering. Two foot-long horns rose out of her skull as she stared at him with the two cat-like slits of her golden eyes.

"Anyway. You see..." He glanced back at the door in annoyance as the men outside began shooting it. None of the bullets were penetrating.

"Don't worry master, Sai has sealed the room. They cannot enter."

Li Shao went as white as a ghost.

"Sai can get into places without being seen. You see; if another bullet is fired at me by one of your men, I'll send the pieces of him to you, and then I'll send her to bring the pieces of you to me. Understood?"

The demoness's tail whipped about violently behind her. Chunks of the table fell on Li Shao as she knocked holes into the surface with it. "Sai would gladly serve her master now."

"I'll give him a chance first," replied the boy calmly. "Come on." He walked towards the back door and left both of the men in the same position.

Sai leered at Mao Sheng for a moment before tossing him across the room. "Sai hopes you ignore the master's warning. Sai is allowed to enjoy killing." She vanished through the door after him.

Both men sat on the floor gasping for breath as they tried desperately to collect their wits.

"Still feel like trying to kill him?" asked Li Shao bitterly.

"Not really," was the gasped reply.

"Good, because if you decide too, I'm not helping you."


Ranma kicked down the door knocking several men in suits to the ground in the alley behind the restaurant. He calmly strolled out and dusted off his shirt as they fumbled around on the ground in front of him.

"Guess we should go see that old chick now?"

"No. It's our turn," said Faye flatly.

The men swarmed up to him, but were quickly dispatched with a few swipes of his staff. He strolled out into the street unmolested and put it back on his back. Sai hopped up beside him with a cheerful smile on her face. "Now what Master?"

"Now we go get laid," he said simply as he started walking down the street. "Wanna come?"

"Sai must follow the master."

"We ain't puttin nothin in our mouth," grumbled Gai. "Let Sai do it."

Faye sounded irritated. "Fine. I guess you guys didn't try that either..."

"Why would we put anything in our mouth?" asked Ranma and Amelia.

"It confuses me as well," said Sesshoumaru.

"Just forget about it." Faye muttered angrily.

"What the heck would we put in our mouths anyway?" said Ranma.

"Well, if you really want to know. I'll tell you," said Faye sweetly. "Girls really like it too! I promise!"

"Really?" muttered the boy dumbly.

"Uh-huh," said Faye silkily.

"Ranma. Trade off, remember, trade off," said Gai firmly.

"Will someone please tell me what the heck you're talkin about?!" cried the frustrated boy.

"Ranma, remember what Sai did to us in the bathroom that one time?" asked Gai patiently.

"No way!" cried the boy in horror.

"All right! All right! I get the goddamn point! If you boys behave yourselves, I will too. Screw up just once, and all bets are off."

"I can live with that," said Gai.

"I'm not so sure about this myself," muttered Amelia. She seemed slightly relieved by the deal.

"I wouldn't worry about it, they'll come around. I'm sure of it."

"Where the heck are we goin anyway?" asked Ranma.

"Perhaps another Soul Well?" commented Sesshoumaru.

"Jerks," growled Faye. She paused as the sidewalk neared a small fountain. She dipped their head into the pool and whipped it back out. She sighed to herself and seemed to relax. "Ah, much better. Come on Amelia. First, we need to do some shopping."

"Sounds good," chirped the young girls.

"Ranma. Prepare yourself," said Gai nervously.

"Shopping? For what?" said the boy dumbly.

"What's wrong with this?" he asked as he looked down at himself.

"We're dressed like a man," grumbled Faye. "We need girls clothes, and something to keep some cold water in." She turned into a large clothing store and gasped. Sitting right in front of her was a makeup counter. Small plastic bottles for hair care were sitting right on top of one of the glass counters. The rest of the store was filled with expensive clothing. "Yes!" She quickly nabbed one and smiled at the woman behind the register.

The woman didn't look happy to see her. "Can I help you?"

"I need some clothes," she said cheerfully as she grinned at the woman. "I had to buy this crap at the hotel gift shop."

The woman's frown faded somewhat. "I see. What were you looking for exactly?"

"A whole wardrobe."

"You can't do this to us!" screamed Gai.

"What's wrong?" asked Ranma.

"We're going to be here for hours!" cried the distraught man. "Oh no!"

"Can it. Ranma, don't listen to him. You'll be perfectly fine." Faye growled at Gai. She looked down at the card in her hand and frowned.

"How were you planning on paying?" asked the woman.

"You take a check?" asked Faye.

"It has to be approved."

The redhead glanced back over her shoulder and frowned at Sai. "Behave yourself."

The demoness sighed and started putting clothes back onto the racks as stealthily as she had taken them. None of the security cameras had spotted her. She walked up next to her and looked at the shallow woman standing behind the counter. She looked more annoyed than anything else. The master should have been trying to tempt her into evil, or consuming her soul. Why does the master wish to purchase such things?

"It'll help me get laid," was the simple reply.

The sales woman laughed nervously. "Um, yes."


Ranma was looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a skimpy light colored miniskirt with a small white jacket over a black and white tube top. A small black and white purse hung from her wrist as she shifted herself around a bit more and looked herself up and down.

Gai was relatively calm by this point. "You know. We're so hot, this isn't so bad."

"See. All that whining for nothing," said Faye cheerfully. "Ooh. We're gonna have to pick this one up too!"

"This is creepy," grumbled Ranma. He was kind of glad that there was someone else around to handle the girl body. However, that didn't make the clothes any more comfortable. "Why the heck do chicks wear this stupid crap? It's damn uncomfortable!"

"I dunno about this," muttered Amelia. "I think it shows too much skin."

"That's the point. We want to attract a man remember? A good one too."

"I'd do us," said Gai.

"Sick!" cried Ranma.

"Pig," muttered Amelia.

"What?" cried the man defensively. "We're hot! Look at us!"

"He does have a point," said Faye cheerfully. She paused. A well-dressed man was sitting in a chair just outside the dressing rooms hiding a grin on his face. He was dressed in an expensive looking gray suit and had slicked back hair. He was European and was watching them closely.

"That guy is starting to creep me out," muttered Faye irritably.

"What's he gonna do? Look at us to death? It's not like some dork like that can hurt us," grumbled Ranma. "Can we go now? We've been here three hours now." A large stack of outfits, shoes and assorted other clothing items was resting on a nearby chair opposite the man.

She looked up at the clock. "You're right. It has been a while. That guy has been sitting there almost the whole time." She turned to face him and frowned. "Can I help you?"

"No, but maybe I can help you," he replied with a thick French accent as he stood up. "I think I've been looking for you." He looked to be in his late twenties, and had a very relaxed and friendly air about him. He spoke like he wanted something from them, aside from the obvious.

"You've been staring at me all day. You think some pick up line is going to work?" Faye didn't like this man much. It was quite clear in how she was acting towards him.

"I'll get rid of him," muttered Ranma irritably.

"You stay out of this," snapped Faye. "I can handle this myself. I've got Amelia to help me anyway."

The boy sighed and decided to ignore things unless he got too fresh. He didn't like him much either. "I think you misunderstood me I want you to make a whole lot of money, working for me." He flipped her a card skillfully from his sleeve.

She smirked at him and made it vanish into her own hand, without the aid of a sleeve.

The man blinked at this and laughed politely. "I see. Most impressive, I can assure you that this is quite on the up and up. Why do you think I wasn't asked to leave during all this time?"

"Maybe they didn't notice you yet?" asked the redhead as she narrowed her eyes at him and grinned wolfishly.

"I'm afraid there isn't much in this store that doesn't go unnoticed. I am Ralph Muugen. The clothes you are wearing are from my collection. You have a few more, admirable, selections. I do wonder about this one though." He lifted up something that was made from black vinyl for a moment and smirked. "I would be very interested in making you a super star. I do not think it would be very difficult."

"What the heck is this asshole talking about?" grumbled Ranma angrily. "Are we going to deck him or not?"

"No! You idiot! He's offering to pay us to take our picture!" snapped Faye. "Wow! This is like a little girl's dream!"

"A model? Wow!" agreed Amelia. "Even as a princess I'd imagine things like that sometimes!"

"Who doesn't?!" agreed Faye.

"Me," said Ranma flatly.

"Yo!" agreed Gai.

"I would not dream of something so foolish," muttered Sesshoumaru. "Besides. We don't have time for such things."

"Foolishness that might let us live in luxury for the rest of our lives?!" cried Faye angrily. "Even if it is an off chance, I'm not about to pass this up! Look, if it doesn't work out we'll back out of it. I just wanna try it!"

"You seem to be thinking very hard," said the man as he grinned at her. He put his hand on her shoulder and turned away. "You have my number. Give me a call in a day or so to let me know. I cannot wait forever, but I assure you I can make your wildest fantasies come alive."

"Sounds familiar," muttered Sai.

"I sense nothing from him," replied the demon inside them. "Do not take that to mean we can trust him."

"Man. We're gonna have a big meeting about this stuff later," said Amelia. "I think we have enough though."

"Wait! What about you?" said Faye as she stared down at the demoness. "Hmm. That won't do at all..."

The little demon blinked. She was still half-asleep, and had never been so bored in her entire existence. "Are we going now Master?"

"No. Now we're shopping for you! Come on! I'm tired of this place now." The redhead turned towards the counter with an armload. She stepped out into the street with an armload of boxes.

"This is the third store we've been too!" snapped Ranma.

"Sai is very pleased you have devised a worthy punishment for her master," said the Demoness as she stared up at the redhead. "She does not like shopping. It is quite boring. How many years shall we continue for?"

"Quit whining! You get to do the fun part now!" said Faye as she hefted the boxes into the creature's arms. Sai carried the load quite easily and shuffled off after her master as she moved on to the next big expensive looking store on the street.

"It's not a very good punishment if Sai is allowed to do fun parts," muttered the Demon under her breath. She was easily carrying and balancing the huge stack of boxes just behind her master. She navigated through the crowd with relative ease as well, steering around obstacles and people without being able to see them.

"Honestly. You'd think we were visiting dentist offices," grumbled Faye.

"I'm having fun!" said Amelia cheerfully.

Sai merely gave a heavy sigh as she was pulled into the next store. When the sales people saw the stack of boxes and bags from other stores, they were always happy to greet them. She blinked in surprise as Faye pulled her out from under the stack by jerking her arm. They all hit the floor in a uniform pile where the demoness had been standing.

"Hi. My friend here needs some new clothes." Faye pushed the confused demoness towards the sales people.

Sai looked back at her and stared. "What should Sai do?"

Everyone was looking at the redhead. "This is going to be more work than I'd thought."


"Sai is not certain about this master." She had an armload of clothes and staggered around after her master.

"Ooh, this looks good!" The redhead pulled something particularly revealing out of the rack. "What do you think?"

The demoness blinked. "Sai thinks it looks too comfortable."

"Well, that's an unexpected answer."

Sai sulked visibly. "Sai is starting to think the master doesn't hate her as much as he should."

"Boy, you do catch on quick don't you?"

"Not really no. Sai is horrible at thinking. In fact, she has no idea what you're talking about."

"This thing has issues," said Gai.

"Great. I got a pet demon with issues," grumbled Ranma.

"I know, let's go buy her some leather stuff. She'll feel better then," chimed Faye.

"I'm not so sure that will work," said Amelia. "I think she thinks we're a demon for some reason still."

"She's got reason to believe that. She should not be able to bond with anything but a demon," said Sesshoumaru. "I grow weary of this activity. It serves no purpose, and does not aid any of our efforts in any way. We should leave now. We have more than enough."

"You're not welcome on this side of the fence buddy. You're stuck over with the boys. Ranma is the one who lets you run your mouth, not me."

"Both of you do a lot of talking," muttered Ranma irritably. "At least Fluffy is quiet sometimes."

"My name..."

" Sesshoumaru. Yeah, I know. I don't care, you're the one in my head, I'll call you what I want."

The demon growled angrily.

"Don't go thinkin I ain't watchin ya. I may let ya out more than I should, but you start actin funny and we're gonna gang up on ya."

"Master? Can Sai poke her eyes out with the needle she found in her shirt?"



"Can we please lose the stupid shoes? I'd rather go barefoot!" snapped Ranma angrily.

"No," replied Faye as she handed the clerk at yet another large store a check.

"We ain't waterproof ya know. We can't go wearin this crap all the time."

"Ranma, how often does hot water fall from the sky?" asked Faye with a dramatic sigh.

"Hey. I ain't about to let this become the preferred wardrobe either. You need neutral stuff so we don't change into a dress." Gai didn't like the way the conversation was going. "We aren't spending all our time as a girl ya know."

The woman rolled their eyes. "Fine. We'll pick some things up for just running around in." She turned into the first store door she passed by and paused for a moment.

It was a military surplus store, no weapons, but just about anything you could want for being outside. "Oops," muttered Faye as she started to turn back.

"Hey. This place is great. I need a new backpack," said Ranma as he noticed the camping bags hanging along one wall. "I've had this one for years."

"They have active support clothing for women? What kind of magic would be in such clothes?" Sesshoumaru stared at a particular package that had caught his eye for a long moment as they stopped moving towards the bags.

"Doofus. This is to hold your boobs down when you exercise," said Faye. "It's just really flexible fabric."

"We need these," said Amelia as she made them grab a few packages.

"What else?" grumbled Faye.

"Hey. Some of this stuff wouldn't be too bad either," said Ranma as he noted some of the clothes around the room.

"Yeah. We'll look good in it either way!" said Gai cheerfully.

"Camouflage? No! This isn't going to work." Faye was adamantly against it.

"We will spend a lot of time in the wilds in our travels. These clothes could aid us." Sesshoumaru seemed interested in what was around him as well. "Humans created these? Fascinating."

Amelia seemed confused. "Um, how is this going to help us? I'm not a big fan of green."

"It's so people can't see ya. If you're in the trees or bushes it makes you really hard to spot," explained Ranma. "Fluffy said stuff will be lookin for us. Maybe we can spot em first if we wear stuff like this when we travel."

"Yep. That's pretty much it," agreed Gai.

"Oh all right, fine," growled Faye irritably.

"What about Sai?" asked Amelia.

"She doesn't need them remember?" replied Sesshoumaru. "We do not need to worry about her. I admit, I am unfamiliar with what sort of creation she is exactly. It will be most interesting to find out."

"Yeah, whatever," grumbled Gai. They had their arms loaded with supplies and gear they had pulled off the shelves during the conversation on their way to the register. All of them had been doing this.

She hefted it onto the counter and smiled at the dumbfounded salesclerk. "Um, will that be all?" He was a rather handsome lad of about eighteen.

"Maybe," said Faye as she leaned over the counter. She noticed a cup of hot tea in his hands and backed away immediately. "I think this will do for now."

The boy's manager appeared immediately with a huge grin on his face. He was an older balding man with a few teeth missing. "How can I help you?" The young man stumbled back, spilling his tea onto the counter. The redhead gasped as her hand didn't move away in time.

Nothing happened.

"That was close!" gasped Amelia nervously.

"Guess it wasn't enough," agreed Faye with a relieved tone.

"Guess again," said Sesshoumaru as he pulled his hand off the counter and flexed his hand to break some of the ice off of their fingers. "I cannot protect us from more than a trivial amount. Such spells take too much time to cast."

"Thanks," muttered Ranma.

"Just remember these little things when I ask you for something boy," said the demon coldly.

"Don't forget what he is though," growled Faye.

"Be glad we're here to help you. You trust him too much Ranma," added Amelia. "He's a demon, listening to him won't do us any good."

Gai decided it was best to remain silent. He didn't want to admit it, but Sesshoumaru was a scary guy.

"He's stuck the same as us," replied the boy. "I don't trust him, but it ain't right to let you guys do all this stuff and leave him with nuthin, even if he is a demon."

"Are you insane?" snapped Faye.

"I ain't sayin I'm gonna let him kill nobody or nuthin," grumbled the boy sourly.

"By the time you realize he has it'll be too late!"

"Ranma is right," said Amelia weakly.

"What?" said the woman's voice in disbelief.

"He's stuck the same as us. I don't think we should trust him either, but we can't just pretend he isn't there either. We shouldn't let him talk so much, but we shouldn't stop him either."

"He still can't use magic without me," said Ranma coolly. "If he kills anyone, I'll cut him off and he knows it."

"That won't last forever," growled the demon.

"You sure?" asked Gai. "Other than a few truces and agreements, we haven't had much change in our little world. I don't feel overpowered by evil. I think I'm still the same heroic guy I always was."

"He won't try anything until he's sure he'll win," replied Faye.

The manager and sales clerk were both looking rather nervous. The woman had not moved for several moments after she lifted her hand from the counter. She seemed to notice them again all at once. "I believe I already had all the help I needed." She turned her eyes towards the young man and smiled. "Could you ring me up?" Fortunately for her the tea had only gotten on a few plastic bags. She leaned over the counter pushing her breast forward in his direction as she played with the digital screen on top of the register with her fingernail.

The oldest of the pair shuffled away with a heavy sigh.

The boy was having trouble working the machine and kept glancing up at her nervously.

She merely smiled at him and his eyes quickly fell away.

"..." said Ranma.

"Wow. This is downright creepy," said Gai. He was peeking at the boy's chest muscles under his button up work shirt. He was Chinese, and well muscled. He also had a handsome face and dreamy, if a little dazed, eyes.

"I was hoping for something a bit older." Faye seemed to be thinking about it as the boy fumbled about nervously. He was still ringing things up.

"..." said Ranma.

"This pleases you?" asked Fluffy. "A rather scrawny specimen."

"Should we be looking at this?" Amelia seemed quite embarrassed by where she was looking. "I feel strange."

"Yeah, kinda like when they made us climb the rope in gym class," agreed Gai.

"..." said Ranma.

"Ugh, how uncultured can you be?" muttered Faye irritably. "I think he'll do. It'll be better for Amelia that way."

"Um...I'm still not so sure about this..."

"..." said Ranma.

The boy's body was very fit. Her eyes were wandering up and down his side as he shifted nervously about. He was bagging up her things, and having a hard time opening the bags.

She smiled at him as he finished and handed her a receipt.

"W-will that be all?" muttered the boy as he glanced over at his boss. The man was sitting in the office glaring at the two of them irritably.

"That depends. What time do you get off? I need someone who knows the area around here. I promise it'll be fun."

"Oh god," said the boy as he stared at her for a long moment. "Uh? What?"

"I'm asking you out? What's the matter? Attached?"



"Um, I'm awake right?"

"Does it matter?"

"Good point. I get off at six."

"Good. I'll see you then."

"..." said Ranma.

The redhead turned away from the counter with a confident smirk on her face. "Come on Sai."

The large pile of boxes standing by the door turned around revealing another cute girl. She was wearing an expensive looking black dress and high heels. She was giving him the strangest look as she followed the woman out.

"Master? Are you going to consume his soul this evening?"

"What? No!" said the redhead as she whipped her head around. "We're going to have sex with him."

"We?" said the demoness in confusion.

"That's right. You're going to help the boys cope."

"What?" said the little demon as she kept up beside her master easily.

"Are you sure you're all right with that?" asked the redhead.

"Of course not! Sai's arms are very sore, and her feet will blister nicely. Will the master use razor blades to help her infect them?"


"Oh." The cute demon thought about it for a while. "What about a spanking? Sai has several spiked paddles she can be beaten with if the master wishes?"

"Quit saying things like that in public!" snapped the redhead angrily as several pedestrians' heads swiveled around to stare at the pair. "Look. Maybe you do need a spanking, but we'll talk about it later all right?"

"Ranma, you're going to have to handle this," said Faye irritably. "Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was?"

"..." said Ranma.

"Hold on there a minute. Maybe the kid could use a hand with it." Gai seemed quite happy with the implied solution. "Wait a minute? What paddles?"

"Her behavior perplexes even me," agreed Sesshoumaru.

Sai frowned behind the cover of her boxes. She was going to have to get punished sooner or later. She didn't understand why her master hadn't started to beat her. He only seemed interested in defiling her body with his evil seed. "Sai is to help corrupt that innocent later?"

"We'll, I'd like to think he'll enjoy it," replied the redhead flatly.

"Why?" asked Ranma's pet in confusion.

"It'll be more fun for me that way," replied Faye calmly.

"Oh." It was clear that she had no idea what her master was talking about.


Ranma sighed with relief as she dumped what was in her arms onto the bed at the hotel. "We can't stay here forever ya know. We gotta carry all this crap around with us, all of it can't go with us."

"I know, we'll be here for a little longer though," said Faye. "We still need to talk to that old woman. We'll do that tomorrow sometime. We might have to stick around for a little while."

"That will be problematic. I would not expect a peaceful stay," replied Sesshoumaru. "I cannot stop you of course, but I do feel I should warn you for my own sake. There are things hunting us as we speak. Sooner or later, we will be found."

They made themselves busy hanging up their newly acquired clothes in the closet.

Sai was standing and watching this. "What should Sai do?"

"Put your clothes away," replied the redhead without looking back. "Use that little dresser over there."

The demoness simply nodded and followed her instructions. Boxes quickly filled the floor of the room along with discarded bags.

The redhead piled them neatly by the trash and dusted off her hands. "Well, that takes care of that."

"So now what?" grumbled Ranma. He was obviously in a bad mood.

"Stop being such a stick in the mud. You'll have fun, whether you'll admit it or not is another story," teased Faye.

"I'm not exactly looking forward to this either." Gai decided to put his two cents into the equation.

"I am rather curious," replied the demon.

"I don't think we should do this to them. It isn't right," muttered Amelia.

"It's too late to back down now. We had a deal," said Faye coldly. "I think he'll surprise you."

"..." said Ranma.

"Oh, would you snap out of it?!" grumbled Faye.

"I dunno. I kinda see his side of this better than you two." Gai seemed very nervous. "Maybe we should talk about this again..."

"No," replied Faye flatly. "I'm not spending the rest of my life without a man. I don't particularly care what you two have to say about it all right? This is bad enough as it is."

"So?" muttered Ranma lamely. "I ain't gonna stop ya." Their whole body tensed up and the redhead clenched her fists.

"Right. Just remember, I've already done this for you."

The muscles relaxed slightly, but Ranma wasn't happy and he didn't care who knew about it. "You do this on yer own."

"I'm already taking care of it, all you have to do is nothing. Don't try and get in my way."

The redhead's frown deepened and she growled.

Sai's head popped into their field of vision. She was covered in small burns and appeared to be smoking. She was peering curiously into their face. "The master looks very evil today. Perhaps punishing Sai will help him feel better?"

"What the hell happened to you?" asked Ranma as she stared at the little demon.

"Sai was putting her finger into the electrical outlet. She deserves it."

"Stop that! You're gonna burn the whole place down!"

"That would kill hundreds. The master should be very pleased with that."

"No! Bad demon! No killing anyone unless I say so!"

"Yes master," grumbled Sai with a heavy sigh as she sulked away.


"What do you make of it?" asked the balding manager of the military surplus store.

His salesclerk was standing in front of his desk leaning against the back of one of the chairs. He looked a lot calmer and more serious. "I dunno. Could just be a hot date."

"She bought a lot of outdoor supplies," pointed out the manager. "Nothing really suspicious, but...there's something about her."

"Her bust-line. Jeez old man, did you see that?" said the boy as he stared at his boss for a long moment.

"Yes. I'd noticed that. I'd rather you let me deal with her myself. She's obviously a pro. Martial arts, she had weapons hidden on her also. This isn't something to be taken lightly, someone like that just walking into our office. We have no record of her. The photos taken here were the first ones we know of."

"Yeah. I'm sure," replied the boy calmly. "Mom'd love to hear about the young hot thing that walked into our store, and just how hard you stared down her shirt."

"Women like that like to hide things in places like that."

"Yer nuts," said the boy as he stretched his back and resumed his position. "Too bad we don't see more women like that around here. Who knows, she might actually be interested in hunting?"

"Yes, but what?" asked the old man. "I should be the one doing this. You're not..."

"I'm the one with the date," replied the boy as he grinned at him.

"I know. That's why you're not going. You don't stand a chance against someone like that. If my suspicious are true..."

"If they're not, I'll regret this for the rest of my life. You said it yourself; she doesn't have a record. I'm going, whether you like it or not." The boy narrowed his eyes at his father and stood up tall.

"Heh. Find out what you can, but remember..."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm not employed like you are."

"That's right. You're not even supposed to know about this operation. Hiding it became too difficult, but you are still not allowed to know what goes on behind this door. This is not something to toy with boy. Just knowing who I am is one thing as you are my son. Finding out more...that changes things. I do not wish to lose my son. You are not going."

"Stop me," replied the boy as he smirked at him. "After all, it's just a date."

"No. It is too dangerous," snapped the old man angrily.

The boy glared at his father angrily. "I'm going."

"Damn it boy!" snarled the old man.

"Relax, it's just a date. I'll play dumb. Even if she is what you think, she won't think I'm useful. It's not that much of a stretch for me not to know, remember?" The boy walked out of the room leaving his father holding his face in his hands.

The man sighed heavily and sat back in his chair to laugh to himself. "Such a stupid boy. Does he really think I don't know?" His son was older than he looked. The boy hadn't aged much after about sixteen. Right after he vanished for about a week while he was away once. He shuffled a few papers on his desk and looked at the door. "Kidnapping indeed." Two criminals the government couldn't get charges to stick on had picked up the tab on it and were 'captured'.


Two old women sat in the living room of a small home in the suburbs of Hong Kong. They sipped at two steaming cups of tea and conversed casually.

Cologne sat across from her old friend. Shu ho, the woman's student was in another room sleeping. It was a relatively lazy day.

"It has been an interesting year."

"That it has." Cologne narrowed her eyes at the woman.

"I suspect you wish to speak of that boy?" Ling smirked as her companion sighed heavily.

"I do not know what to make of him. I know he is too dangerous to leave unchecked."

"I suspect he is something we have not seen before. The demon within him is tamer than any I have seen before. He speaks nothing of our struggle, nor does he insult our gods. It is strange in one possessed. I am not a kind face to such a creature. I do not think that boy is trying very hard to hold him back."

"I see. Interesting, but still uncertain. The demon obviously wants something, and it thinks it can get it with that boy."

"Possibly, it may have accepted the fact that it is trapped with them as well. Cologne, I told you long ago of things I could see that you could not."

"Yes. I remember."

"This boy, he is something our kind has been awaiting for a long time. I can feel it deep within my old bones."

"False hope can be dangerous, he is powerful, but for good or ill we do not know."

"Nothing borne of darkness could do what I have seen him do."

"I have seen similar things, but he is unstable, and wavers between light and darkness. He is strong, there is little doubt of that."

"Stronger than you think," replied Ling. "Only yesterday, I thought I would have to abandon Hong Kong to an eon of darkness. The contract was strong, and we could not break it. Not one of our number was strong enough to face the evil that consumed that place in the south. I do not have to worry about that any longer."

"I know of what he did. The Triads forced him to do it. In return, they would consider lifting the contract on his head." She smiled at Ling coldly.

"He will have little trouble dealing with that," replied the other old woman calmly. "I've seen him for myself now." She sipped at her tea and put it back down calmly. "I do wonder how he managed to acquire such a contract in the first place."

"If he joins you, I shall have it removed personally. I'm in the area anyway, and it does some good to scare the goons occasionally. Keeps them in line. Just showing up in person is enough these days." She chuckled to herself and smiled warmly.

Ling shook her head. "There is more."

"Eh?" Cologne looked surprised.

"Tell me, do you know what a soul well is?" Ling sipped at her tea and put it back down on the table.

"You have spoken of them before."

"That boy, found and destroyed at least one that I know of. We have never even found one before. We think some of the disappearances in our past may have something to do with it. They are well hidden, and servants of the light are blind to them, and powerless once they enter such a place."


"My hope is not false. That boy is much more than he seems. I think his power is much greater than he lets on. Those weapons of his are not minor magical artifacts either. They are powerful, too powerful for you and your tribe to face without heavy loss."

The old woman nodded. "This is more serious than I had thought then."

"Indeed. I will be seeing him sometime tomorrow I suspect. I will tell you what I can when I find out more about him."

"I am relieved to hear what you have to say about him. However, he is too powerful to just wander freely about. If you cannot convince him to join, he must be destroyed, whatever the cost may be."

"I will do what I can. You know I will not stop you if you choose to fight him. I cannot aid you unless he has proven himself a threat. You know what I'm speaking of." Ling narrowed her eyes at Cologne.

"I do not think that will take much time if my worries prove true."

"I pray you are wrong."

"As do I. Still, it is better to err on the side of caution."


"That guy's a martial artist. He's gotta be." Ranma frowned as they looked at themselves in the mirror. He was wearing a skimpy red form fitting dress that really pushed her bust up and out. The charcoal gray and dark blue outfit he'd worn home was lying on the floor and several other outfits were scattered messily on the bed.

Sai was wearing something similar, but in black leather. She was standing beside the bed with curling irons in her hair and green goo on her face. She seemed content to simply wait for her master to explain what was going on to her again. The concept of getting 'laid' usually involved stealing someone's soul as far as she could remember. She'd been doing it for thousands of years now.

"Why do you say that?" said Faye lazily.

"I can see it in how he moves around. I guess he was actin kinda stupid, but I know em when I see em. Bet he could tell with us too."

"You know, we never did get that guy's name," said Gai lazily.

"Well, I suppose we'll have something to talk about. It's better this way, he'll be thinking about us all day. Wondering what our name is, hoping we look as good as we did earlier."

"Stop saying us! This is you all right!?" snapped Ranma.

"I was talking about Amelia," replied the woman with a girlish sigh.

Ranma grumbled irritably but backed off. "How much longer is this gonna take?"

"Don't worry, we'll be done in an hour or so," said Faye.

"Wow. I look easy," said Amelia in wonder.

"Good. Tonight that's the plan."

"Sai, you can take the curlers out now," said the redhead over her shoulder.

The demon gripped one of them really firmly and started to pull.

"Unroll them Sai, I don't want you to mess up your hair."


"Anyway, I hope you're right. He should be really flexible then."

"Um, are we sure about this Miss Faye?"

"Ugh. How many times do I have to tell you? It's just Faye. I hate when people call me 'Miss'."

"Sorry. I'm just a bit nervous that's all."

"Don't worry your head one bit. Once we get started, you'll be just fine."

"I won't," grumbled Ranma.

"Stop complaining! We've been through this."

"Don't forget, we've got to see that old woman tomorrow," said Gai.

"Yeah, yeah," said Faye. "We don't have to worry about that until then. You're not ruining this for me."

"We can't stay here forever, we should move on soon. See this woman if you wish, but within a week we should move to the west again for a time. We can return for the trip home then."

"What about that guy at the store?" said Amelia.

"What about him?" grumbled Gai.

"Well, I guess we can do it, if we only have a week anyway. We might be able to work something out," said Faye. "To be perfectly honest, I'd like to try it myself."

"I ain't no stupid model!" snapped Ranma.

"Fine. Me and Amelia will do it ourselves then."

"I'd like that. We may never get a chance like this again!" The girl sounded like she really did want too.

"Great. How much of this girly crap do I gotta put up with?" snapped Ranma angrily.

"Since you're stuck with us, quite a bit," replied Faye.

"I can only take so much," grumbled the boy.

"I agree. You girls aren't taking over, this is still his body," agreed Gai.

"Yeah. How convenient for your side," said Faye. "All right. Look, I'll admit today was a bit different than what you're used too..."

"Are you nuts? I've got a date in two hours with a guy! A guy!" cried Ranma.

"And you'll have fun, if you'll just relax and remember that it's not you, it's us girls. What the hell are you so afraid of anyway?"

"I'm a guy! I shouldn't be doing stuff like this! It ain't right and it feels weird!"

"Yeah, especially bras. How the hell do you put up with those things?" Gai was quite relieved Faye opted against wearing one. "I ain't too happy about the date thing either remember?"

Faye sighed and made them hang their head. "Look. I'll put this into simple words for you. Just because the girl's side is having a bit of fun, it doesn't make you gay. You get to keep Sai, and have all the fun you want, as long as we get our end of it too. Don't forget neither one of us is gay either."

"I'd like to point out, that I didn't like what you did with that thing much either," added Amelia. "I'm not totally for this, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life just sleeping with a demon."

"No. I have plans to involve other women," interjected Gai.

"Fine. We get to have guys then. It's the only way to be fair about this."

"Life ain't fair," grumbled Ranma with a small humorless laugh. "Maybe I'll feel better about this in the morning."

"If you don't think about it so hard, you will," advised Faye.

"How do these animal fats and oils make us more attractive?" asked Sesshoumaru as they opened up a make up case and sat down in front of the mirror.

"You know how to use these right Sai?"

The demoness looked down at the makeup kit and nodded. "Sai used to run a whore house."

"Oh. Good," said the redhead cheerfully as she started applying it.


1/2 hour later...

"My face feels heavy," grumbled Ranma. "Ugh, this is so weird. Hey, what the heck is this gonna look like if we turn into a guy again?"

"I'm sure it won't be that bad," said Faye cheerfully.

"Uh uh. No." Gai stood up and strolled towards the bathroom. He immediately turned on the sink and grabbed a wash cloth from the counter.

"AAAAH! What the hell are you doing?" cried Faye angrily as he started scrubbing their face off.

"I am not turning into a guy with make up on. You can wear a little lipstick, but I'm drawing the line on this one. We need to be able to wipe anything you put on off easily."

"What?" cried Faye.

"I'm with him. We don't need that crap!"

They glanced back at Sai again. She was long finished with applying her makeup. Having eons of time to perfect her skills had made it a rather short affair.

"Fine! I'm keeping the skin care stuff though!" Faye seemed pretty mad at them all. She sighed heavily and hung her head. "This isn't working."

"Huh?" said Ranma. "Man. I'm tired of talkin about this stupid date. Can we just go now?"

"Didn't we put on a black dress?" asked Amelia. They looked into the mirror and stared for a long time.

"Those were black and white when we bought them!" Faye stared down at the outfit they had been wearing when they had returned. "What the hell is this?"

"That? You pitiful fools are just now noticing it?" Sesshoumaru sounded quite smug when he spoke up.

"This is something you're doing?" muttered Faye.

"Not really no," replied the demon coolly.

"What the hell is it then?" asked Ranma.

"The demon blood we infused ourselves with contained within it a rare gift. Hellfire is powerful dark magic. It burns within us always, we had to learn to hold it inside us, but it still has effect on anything that remains so close to us for such an extended period. Anything we wear becomes a valuable magical artifact. Clothes exposed to hellfire become impossible to burn after a short time. The change is the magic taking hold, it is nothing to concern ourselves with."

"Oh." Gai seemed impressed.

"Great," grumbled Faye. "How the hell am I supposed to pick out an outfit if I don't know what color it will be in an hour?!" She paused. "It...looks better this way actually. Hmmm."

They had their hair done up in a bun on the back of their head and looked themselves up and down for a moment. "Come on Sai."

"Ranma, this sucks!" said Gai in horror.

"Tell me about it," agreed the boy.

"No! We're a total babe! There's no way we can't get laid tonight!"

"That's the spirit! Come on Sai!"

"Sai will consume the spirit for you master!" Her wings poked out of her back and she looked around with a wicked leer.

"No. Never mind, we're going to have sex with that hot young sales clerk."


Thus, the pair left the room and went on their way.


"What can you tell me?" asked the clerk as he smirked into his extremely complicated looking wristwatch. He had a small earpiece held in place with his fingers.

The image of an older Chinese woman appeared on a small screen. "Nothing."

"Huh?" The boy stared at the screen dumbly.

"I'm afraid I have no information based on the data you have supplied. You need to find out who she is, who she's working for, and why she just walked into the office."


"When do you meet with her?"

"About an hour."

"I do not know how dangerous this assignment is, please use the utmost caution when dealing with her. We have no idea who she is."

"She's definitely Japanese."

"Yes, we know," replied the woman calmly. "Given the report you submitted I'd say she's very dangerous."

"I can handle it," replied the boy.

"I certainly hope you can."


"Dressed and waiting already?" Ranma smirked as she leaned against a street sign and looked her date up and down.

He was dressed in a black leather jacket and a pair of jeans. "Yeah," he muttered as she scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Girl like you doesn't show up at a place like this very often."

"I suppose not," she said as she walked up and took his arm. "Where are we going?"

The boy seemed surprised at her action for a moment and started walking with her down the sidewalk. "Um, I know a nice place not too far from here."

"Good," she replied cheerfully.

"You still haven't told me your name."

"I didn't catch yours yet either," she replied simply.

They walked along together for a while in silence.

"Well?" he asked after a while.

"Faye, Faye Valentine."

"Strange name for a Japanese girl."

"I'm a strange mix."

"American?" he asked.

"No," she replied with a small chuckle. "I live in Japan. I'm on a training trip."

"Ah, Martial arts?" he said with an understanding nod.

"You didn't notice? I did."

"Course I did!" replied her date.

"Are you going to tell me your name or not?"

"My name is Hsu."

"Just Hsu?"

"Everyone calls me that," he replied simply. "Only my parents call me by my full name, and I like to keep it that way."

"Come on Sai," said the redhead over her shoulder.

"Yes Mistress," said the demoness. She bounced up next to her and peered at the boy walking with them.

"Um, who is that and where did she come from?"

"Hsu, this is Sai. She works for me, a sort of personal servant. Say hello Sai."

"Hi," said the cute girl in a deadpan tone. She looked at him blankly and turned her head towards 'Faye' again.

"Um, right," said Hsu nervously.

His date cheerfully pulled him forward. "Is she coming with us?"

"Of course she is," said the redhead cheerfully.


"I've found him." A dark shadow stared at the pair as they walked by from a nearby alley. It was a tall and lanky figure hidden in darkness. Despite his slim build he was very muscular. "What should I do?"

"Eliminate him," replied a thickly accented voice from the other side of the small radio in his hand.

"As you wish," replied the man with his own heavy eastern European accent. He lit a cigarette to reveal a thin jaw and short cut bleach blonde hair. "Eliminate him. Feh. Not as easy as it sounds, that slippery bastard."

The man smirked to himself as he turned away into the shadows around him. "The woman with him. I wonder who she is? Maybe I'll be able to get my hands on her, make him come to me. Should be fun."


Hsu was more confused than ever as he sat staring at his date across the table. The girl with her didn't actually look any younger than her 'Mistress'. He was praying very hard that she wasn't sent to kill him. "Oh god. I've never asked for much, but please make this one on the level!" The rational portion of his brain was winning out though. It was growing more and more unlikely.

"You like working at that place?" she asked him.

He was trying very hard not to focus on her chest, as she was pushing her cleavage as close to his face as the table would allow. "It's not bad. What about you? I don't know anything about you."

"Huh? Not much to tell I'm afraid."

"Well. What do you do for a living?" He felt somewhat out of place the way he was dressed. It was a nice place, but not quite up to dressy clothes. If anything, she was overdressed. It occurred to him that perhaps that was a poor choice of words. He was starting to feel warm and grabbed the water off the table.

"I hunt demons," she replied cheerfully. "I got an offer to do some modeling today. I'm thinking of taking advantage of it."

The boy sprayed the area in front of him with water. The redhead blinked as Sai found herself soaked. She smirked at the pathetic scene before her. He was trying to apologize to Sai while dabbing a napkin on her breast struggling through a fit of coughing.

The little demoness was sitting like nothing had happened at all. "If you wish to play with Sai's breasts, all you have to do is ask."

The boy froze and went completely red.

"Not yet," whispered the redhead as she kicked her servant lightly under the table.

Hsu sat back in his chair and looked down at the table. It was getting to the point where he didn't much care if she was sent to kill him or not. "Were you sent to kill me?" he blurted out.

"No. Should I have been?" asked Faye as confusion seemed to appear on her face for a long moment.

"Good," he replied as he slowly nodded his head. "It's nothing. Oh look. Our food is here."


Ranma sucked on his teeth as he leaned against the bar of the establishment they had decided to visit next. Pop music played in the background and the dance floor was full. She downed a shot and smirked as she stared at her reflection for a moment in the mirror behind the bar.

Sai was sitting quietly next to her and they had been there for almost an hour and a half. Hsu was currently in the bathroom.

"Sure is taking him a while," she commented as she glanced down at Sai.

"Human males only take this long if the defecate," replied Sai.

Her mistress gave a sour frown and shook her head.

"If we have to go through all of this, don't expect this to happen much in the future," grumbled Sesshoumaru.

"The payoff is worth it," replied Faye simply.

"Drink another one," grumbled Ranma.

"Will you quit complaining?" said the woman's voice irritably.

"I wouldn't mind another either," said Amelia nervously. It was very clear she was having a difficult time keeping her nerves in order. "This is kind of embarrassing."

"You're tellin me?" grumbled Ranma.

"No kiddin. I don't feel right," muttered Gai.

"At least you two have been quiet for the most part." Faye sighed.

They downed another shot and got a bit of a smirk on their face. "Gimme eight more of these."

The bartender shrugged and poured them out in front of her.


"Think with your brain and not your penis! Agent Ninety-one, I advise the utmost caution. If she is a new operative with one of our enemies..."

"I think she's just an eccentric person," said Hsu.

"I beg your pardon?" The small old man on the screen of his wristwatch blubbered as if the very notion was absurd.

"I'm at least sure she's not a threat to the security of our Nation. She's just weird, and a bit crazy. Too much money, and all that free time."

"I'll take your assessment into advisement. You are to continue your investigation. I want proof that she is what you think she is. Do not let her tits cloud your judgement. I realize you are young, but this is exactly the sort of thing that costs operatives their lives. Find out what you can, and report back again."

The boy smiled into the screen and saluted sharply. "Yes sir!"


Faye fell into his arms as soon as he stepped up next to her at the bar. "Oops, too much," she said with a drunken giggle. "Hey. I think I should head back to the hotel. Why don't you take me."

"Sai could..." The demoness stopped speaking as her Mistress dug her heel into her toes. Her eyes welled up with tears as she stared down at her foot. "At last! The master has punished Sai!"

Hsu was staring at her dumbly as he struggled to hold up the redhead in his arms. "Great."

"Don't worry. I'll get us a cab," said Faye as she staggered towards the door.

Hsu frowned as he noticed a group of leering men stroll suspiciously towards the door. There were three of them moving towards her. He started forward just as they reached her at the door. The leader held the door closed on her and moved to put his arm on her shoulder.

Faye narrowed her eyes at him. "What?"

"Lookin for a good time? Me and the boys can show a lady like you..."

The redhead promptly decked him. "Good lord. How cliché can you get? I'm not that drunk."

Seeing their leader laid out rather soundly, his friends scattered like roaches. He flew into the middle of the dance floor from the blow, almost fifteen feet.

Hsu smirked and put his hands into his pockets as she moved into the street and grabbed his arm as he exited. Sai followed behind them quietly and he glanced back at her.

"How long have you two known each other?" he asked.

"Sai has been the mistress's servant for almost a week now," replied the demoness.

The two girls didn't have much trouble stopping a cab. They piled into the back seat. Hsu found himself sitting between them. Sai was sitting off to the side, while Faye hung off his shoulder and leaned against him.

"Where too?" asked the driver.


An ear splitting scream echoed through the darkness. No one heard this sound save a select few. It was coming from the inside of Ranma's head. Both if the males were crying out in disgusted horror as Faye pushed their tongue down the Chinese boy's throat as far as she could. She had him pressed against the door of her room and fumbled for the doorknob with her free hand. He wasn't resisting.

Sai simply stood there and watched vacuously. After a moment she opened the knob her master couldn't seem to find on her own.

"I do hope there is more to this than simply..." started Sesshoumaru. It was just about this point that the boy's hand moved a bit lower after they hit the floor of the room. "Oh. I see." He didn't sound real impressed.

"..." said Amelia.

Sai walked in after them as they crawled the rest of the way into the room while wrapped up in each other. The little demoness closed the door behind her and shuffled around them towards the bedroom.

She watched them on the floor from the foot of the bed. She knew that sooner or later they would make their way to her.

As it was, they were tearing each other's clothes off while he held her up against the wall. Within a minute the both of them were naked. He carried her over to the bed and they fell onto the sheets. It was about this time that Hsu seemed to realize that the other girl was still there.

Faye smirked at her servant. "Come on Sai, I'm gonna need your help with this."

Hsu stared down at her in confusion for a moment. Her tone had changed a little, it seemed almost somber.

"As the Mistress commands," said a deeper and silky voice from the bedside.

Hsu looked on dumbly as an amazingly attractive Chinese woman crawled forward from where the girl had been sitting. She was wearing the same outfit as the girl as well. "What the..." Faye's mouth stopped all argument as she pressed her lips firmly into his as Sai slid up next to them.



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