Title: Relativity
Rating: PG
Doctor Who/Criminal Minds
The Doctor, Spencer Reid, team - gen
Genre: Humor
It's bigger on the inside. Drabblish.


He ushered them inside with an exasperated, 'Come on, come on!' Most people elected to run at the sight of giant robots bearing down upon them, but for some asinine reason, these people had decided to try and fight. Ridiculous, really – they were law enforcement officers, yes, but that didn't give them a magical "giant robot" shield.

Their faces were shocked. Unsurprising, really. It was the same look that always accompanied a companion's first step inside the TARDIS. He waited for those inevitable words. It's bigger on the inside. He'd heard those words so many times before.


He waited. The youngest of them looked around in wonder, as though utterly perplexed.

'It's transdimensional engineering.' His voice was excited – giddy, almost. Whatever witty retort the Doctor had planned was caught in his throat. The young man continued, oblivious to the reaction. 'I've never seen it put into practice before – all laws of physics say it should be impossible, but this…this is fantastic.'

The dark haired one – the team leader, the Doctor knew – looked at the young man with confusion. 'Reid, would you care to explain?'

'It's transdimensional engineering,' he said again, with no less joy. 'It's mostly theoretical, but it's based on the idea of perspective – an object that's further away looks smaller, and thus, the inside of an object can be larger, because the outside is actually further away, or in another dimension, as the case may be.'

He blushed at the looks his teammates were giving him. 'I was going to do my thesis on it for my Physics Ph. D, but apparently they frown upon "pseudoscience" in academic materials.'

'It's not pseudoscience,' the Doctor said, frowning. He was still somewhat thrown by the knowledge that this "Spencer Reid" possessed. 'Say, you don't happen to own a pocket watch, do you?'

Spencer Reid pulled the silver chain from his breast pocket, and the Doctor beckoned for it. 'May I see it?' He popped it open, anticipating, or perhaps dreading a burst of white light. Nothing.

'Hmm,' he frowned. 'Human. Interesting. Never mind.' He tossed the pocket watch back to the young man, who caught it awkwardly.

'Come on, then,' he said, unable to wipe the smile from his face. 'We really must stop this giant robot.'