Me: So, this is like a spur of the moment thing I started just because I love Supernatural so much. I was so excited when I found out they're going to have another season and it got me thinking that I could make this story a long term one. So here you go.

It has taken me two hours to get ready for my birthday party, and I didn't even want to go. It was being thrown by my cousin, at a club she rented out for the night. Today's my twenty-third birthday, and since I hadn't had a sweet sixteen party when I was younger, everyone in the family (and my friends) decided to go crazy over this one.

Everyone except for me.

Sure, through a party and I'll be the first person on the dance floor, but lately I haven't been in the mood.

A few days ago, I had a fight with my mother, about my wanting to take a break from medical school. I'd been working hard for years and I wanted to take a break, and actually figure out if I wanted to be a doctor. But obviously my mother disagreed, like I expected her to, I would think something was wrong if she wasn't.

My father, who always remained calm, just about went supernova on me, when he heard about how I rejected one of his colleagues' sons. The guy was twenty nine and we were alright for a while but after only a month of dating, he wanted me to marry him, and when I asked him why he said that our families coming together would benefit us financially.

I immediately threw the ring back in his face, un-classy I know, but nobody makes me sound like a charity case, I can take care of myself. Unfortunately, my father didn't see it this way, and he ordered me to apologize, but I refused, and two days later the ring I threw in his face, showed up in my mail, along with a note saying: I forgive you.

Instead of answering his calls that day I decided to wait until I saw him at my party to set him straight.

I made sure to put the ring and my phone in my dress pocket, and to readjust the headpiece shaped like a crown at the side of my head, before I went out the door and into my car.