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The trouble in Tokyo has ended, where new struggles and old villains are quick to emerge. A distant wanderer will come out of the shadows, yet his very past may destroy everything the Teen Titans hold dear. "Change is inevitable. Change is constant." -Benjamin Disraeli-


Part I


Chapter One - A New Friend

After the extraordinary vacation to Japan, the overused team of superheroes eased their eyes on a familiar site; they were home, back in Jump City California after chasing down the mysterious ninja attacker known only as Saico-Tech. They all were rather relieved to notice that Titans Tower was still intact and refurbished, the broken glass and twitsed metal that was so visible when they had left for their mission had been repaired, and Robin made a mental note to thank the city officials upon his return.

The mighty aircraft hovered over the top of the structure that was once a beacon to the fierce alien invaders who were seeking the Tamaranean Princess, while the water sparkled as though millions of delicate tiny diamonds were spread out over the sea. Slowly, the hanger doors opened below them and the formidable ship decended into the depths of the tower.

The day was almost over yet the sun was still far up in the sky, as its warm beams soothed their faces from a long journey over the Pacific Ocean. They stretched their backs and limbs while Cyborg could be heard cracking his joints between his neck and fingers.

"Man, it sure feels good to be home." Beast Boy said while crossing both of his arms, and looking out at the majestic city from a nearby window.

"How does the saying go, that there is no place like home, is this correct?" Starfire asked gleefully as she clasped her hands by her side, and the rest of the team finished stepping out of the ship.

"You could say that, but I still find myself aching to read those comics from that mega cool store in Japan." The changeling replied, and a small frown spread over his face that all but erased his happiness. "Why we came home so early is something I won't fully understand."

"I for one am deeply greatful to be back; what with my face being on every single stick of gum in the entire country, now to find another thing that drives a thorn in my brain."

Raven spoke as she brushed a hand threw her violet hair, only to become deeply nervous after setting herself up for a quick remark from a certain green prankster. Beast Boy could not halt himself from the feverish giggling, because he easily found a new way to annoy her, as everyone had predicted the moment she spoke.

"Great … I can't believe I walked right into that one." Raven deadpanned.

While the others were standing by the sides of the T-Ship, Cyborg opened the hatch from the back end and besides their luggage springing out; they were quickly avalanched by an enormous flow of the many packages of gum!

Raven picked up one of the sticks and found herself smiling on the front, with a thumbs up. This only made her shiver with discomfort even more.

"Ugh." Raven brushed three sticks off of her shoulder lightly before speaking further. "After this long that I've known him, why should this antic even be a surprise to me?"

"Why on earth did I let'cha talk me into bringing this much gum back to Titans Tower!" Cyborg asked with an athoritative voice, as he burrowed his way out of the bottom of the mound, heatedly glaring towards Beast Boy.

"Never underestimate the power of a good stick of gum." The team mechanic was noticed to be waving his arms in a great tissy now, where the heroic jester laughed to enjoy his crafty ploy. "Why bring a few packs home, when we could be set for life?"

After throwing some sticks into the air and at one another, a wide grin beamed from ear tip to pointy ear on the changeling. Raven turned away from the others tossing the candy back and forth, where she simply used her powers to raise her hood, and the common expression of a frown took form.

"I am not sure how this much substance is considered 'normal' for your species." Starfire remarked as she picked up a piece and examined it closely. "As a Tamaranean I have more than one stomach and eat larger portions because I must, the quantity that you have secured makes no logical sense to me for your standards of chewing."

"That's because he didn't plan to use it for its original purpose." Raven said in her raspy monotone, while her eyes burned in the direction of Beast Boy.

"Then why bring back such a large quantity, of this delectably chewable substance?"

Cyborg stood up now and answered her question.

"Because he just wanted to use it as a gag, nothing more Star."

"Oh, I see then." The stunning red head sighed. "There is still so much to learn about these pranks."

After an irregular silence lingered in the group, a low mumbling could be heard underneath the baggage packed upon a bizzar lump in the center mass of the candy. After a quick realization that Robin was not in the picture with everyone else, the fierce princess raced over and began to dig her way through the mound. Upon finding the Boy Wonder, she hugged him tightly causing his face to blush a bright red, and soon he pushes her away while setting his cape into the right spot before speaking.

"I don't know who thought that stuffing the baggage compartment with thousands of packages of Japanese candy would be a funny idea?" A brief lull held out as he glanced quickly to each of their faces. "Having been consumed by a massive wave of gum, now that's got to be a first for us."

The cheerful laughter soon faded, and they all seized their belongings heading for the elevator while Cyborg checked to make sure that the T-Ship was prepped for another day. Once the lift came to the top hallway where their rooms resided, the remaining four heroes took their leave to their own secluded quarters for the duration of the evening.

Upon throwing his backpack at the foot of the bed, Robin began to feel the complete drain caused from any extended trip. He was too worn out and sore all over his body, his lower back and joints were stiff from being in the driving seat for far too long, where he had allowed the gearhead to step in for a few hours and pilot the vessel. It was too much of an effort to even clean out his wardrobe, to try and attempt setting his room back in order would become a pain and instead of staying in his privet abode, to stare at his spreading mess and news clippings upon the walls; he decided to zone out in the Common Room.

As the team leader walked down the hall and disappeared from his friends; a sudden hiss in front of another door echoes about the long corridor. Starfire was greeted the instant her feet stepped within, by none other than her slug pet Silki. Remembering that the Titans East watched over the tower and took care of her pet, it allowed her to be at ease while in Tokyo.

Sounds of the heroine's total jubilation phased into another room; right next to hers, and Beast Boy drew a smug smile as he came into his bedroom in knowing what was going on around him. Like Robin had done earlier, the changeling also tossed his pack to the closet yet as he left the doorway to reach his bottom bunk and dig into his comicbooks, a low rumbling from the place his bag was leaning against forced him to stop. Without further warning, the buckling doors burst outwards and showered him with all of his Doom Patrol clothing that needed to be washed. A terrible shriek escaped his lungs by the sudden welcoming of his sloppy living quarters, where he shook his head causing a pant leg to conceal half of his face, where he blows off the material using the wind from his lips.

During the ruckus just around the bend, Raven listened intently to the various noises seeping out from the entire building. She could hear the sudden joy when the white slug jumped into the arms of his loving nurturer, the soft electrical buzz from the great plazma screen in the Common Room made her turn her eyes further down the hallway. After hearing a yell coming directly from Beast Boy's room, a quaint smirk shined upon her face, realizing that Beast Boy's continuing struggle with the closet monster was raging on, and it appeared that the closet was winning.

"Serves him right, after that little prank he pulled back in the hanger."

Her red knapsack was slung over her left shoulder in a casual manner, she was holding the strap firmly with her hand and she waved her right to open the door. The black aura was glowing off of it, and soon the door slid open so she could now see the comfortable bed with sheets still tucked in. The white pillows were fluffed up agaisnt the headboard, and the aroma smelled like the cooling season of autumn. While looking from inside the doorway, she closed it by her mind and releases a soothing breath as she felt to be at home again.

The many candles in the room flickered on as though it was done by a light switch through her mere presence, and she gently placed her contents onto the table near her bedside. Off to the other side of the room, the many novels were stacked in a neat and tidy order, her wooden dresser still had the customary sculpture with the two masks, one laughing and the other sad. This artistic piece was something she picked up while inside a mystisism shop in Prauge, during her traveling months before meeting her friends. Across from this foreign object, the mirror to her mind lay resting upon a red cloth that was alongside the perfumes and viles. They gave a hint of lavender and of pine freshness, where these exotic liquids were not only intended to make her smell tempting, but also for special incantations. Next to these were her scissors and a lone brush for setting her hair straight, while a sewing kit resisided next to that with its contents all closed up and neatly placed away.

After removing the change of clothes, mostly black leotards and an extra dark blue cloak from her pack; she folded them with any other laudry needed to be cleaned by the washer and dryer in the basement. With this task completed, she quickly found herself sitting ontop of her bed, crossing her legs in a lotus position and closing her eyes, the dark bird began to recite the same mantra the monks had taught her so long ago.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos … Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos … Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos …" Slow and steady the words come out, as her rasping voice calmed her nerves; and the nausea from the journey soon settled.

Hovering above the covers while still reciting the chant, out of the corner of her eye she looked to the window that faced the city and she takes in the beauty of the skyline. The sun was setting and the great metal structures in the distance, their illumination brightened up the entire night. After a nine minute meditation, she heard a hushed call at the window sill; standing on her own two feet agan she walked over and opened the slide, only to be greeted by a friendly feline. It started to purr and began rubbing against her smooth legs, and she smiles at him in knowing that he has come for his supper.

"I'm glad to see you too Stripe." Raven said while bending down and she stroked his silky black fur, placing her fingers over his back as his cat eyes became fixated to hers. "Now then, let's see what we have for dinner tonight."

After the friendly hello, Raven moved over to a cabinet and pulled out some moist cat mix, after two months from the first time he came to her window sill, she always bought a small package of cat food to keep nearby. She then takes two bowls, filling one with the fresh food and after setting it down; she leaves her chambers to the main bathroom across the hall and uses the sink to fill the other with water.

Stripe follows her the entire way and continues to rub against and in-between her legs; and she strokes his head to answer the loving affection. Once returning to her dark bedroom, she places the bowl tenderly next to the other where the cat switches his total attention without a second thought, to the free meal. She lets a soft smile rise over her lips and recalls the discussion with Bumble Bee, to take care of the strange black cat with a single white stripe over his left eye. Six thirty is when he normaly arrived meowing, and she was happy to see that he had missed her.

As the cat quietly munched on his food, the demoness walked to the bookshelf and retrieves a piece of literature that seemed quiet suitable for the night. The title, Broken Hearts and Shattared Dreams is inprinted in red lettering on the top, and she soon opens the brown musty cover, allowing the crisp pages to crinckle between her fingertips as her eyes are slowly glued onto every word. In a matter of seconds she has already settled down again in the lotus position, and while reading the passages in her mind Raven conjures up the story as though she is watching a film.

Being satisfied with his feast, Stripe jumps up next to her and interupts her reading, begging to be stroked once more. The Empath once again returns a similar kindness with one hand, while her focus is intent on the main character.

The hours zoom by, and the cat is fast asleep coiled next to her knees. While she reads well into the night, a cool gust from the open window flutters about the gothic drapes arched over them; in response she gets up and closes the sliding window. Raven can't help but stare out into the bustling city one more time, the lights and the quick movement of people on the go entrance her thinking, she has a feeling that things are back to normal and she can rest easy, hoping above everything that no crimes are commited and she can get a goodnight's rest in her own bed.

She had enjoyed the time in Tokyo along with her comrades, and was deeply pleased to find a lost novel of the arcane while away, which at the present was still in her pack waiting to be opened. But nothing felt better to her, than sleeping in her own silk sheets; the comforting pillows of her quarters was the most plesant thought she could remember thinking, of those many cruel hours inside the cramped little cockpit. The accommodations made by Cyborg were nice, but she always felt dizzy having to be stuck in any tiny space and needed an area to breathe, to meditate, to stretch out and relax.

The grumbling of her belly, and the cat cleaning himself at the conclusion of his dinner; both of these observations made her understand that she had forgotten to make herself something to eat as well. Being caught up in the reading of such an interesting book, but the endless buffet from Japan was filling enough and she didn't have a groaning feeling that she was near starved. Despite her stomach being a tad noisy, she wasn't in dire pain.

I'll just make myself a nice breakfast in the morning. Raven thought to herself.

Seeing her new companion yawn, she herself expressed being tired, and in the same moment decided it was time to sleep. It would be a new day tomorrow, and her energy was running on emtpy. Placing a scrap of paper to act as a bookmark, she then takes off her dark blue robe where only the famous leotard covered a portion of her body. Pulling the covers over herself, her eyes slowly closed and the room darkens, as the candles about the furnishings quicky snuff out.

As the new day arrived, the sunlight grew brighter and came inwards from the slight cracks of the wide curtains, and Raven's alarm startd off at nine in the morning.

BEEP… BEEP… BEEP… BEEP! The appliance blared loudly, and the occupant of this bedroom understood that it was unfortunately time to get up, and out of her blissful hibernation from the night.

After hurling the device off of the nightstand through her telepathic powers to quell the terrible sound reapeating endlessly, she stretched each of her arms and rubbed her half-shut eyelids; the cat was meowing to be let back outside and she draped her blue cloak about herself while keeping the hood pulled back. The Empath slid the window open where the feline pounced up onto the silo, and scurried away from view.

After leaving her room with the book she was reading last night tucked under her arm, Starfire who can be noticed with a long smile on her face greets her sister teammate with much enthusiasm.

"It's a new day friend Raven; it feels good does it not?"

"Starfire, the clock shook me up this morning in a most unkind manner. Just give me a few minutes and then I'll be in the mood for talking." The dark bird raspily answered her companion, as they continued walking down the hallway.

The alien princess tilts her head in curious wonder as she stood by herself, then the girl hurried on her way.

Upon entering the Common Room, Robin was already sitting down and reading the local paper by the kitchen, Cyborg was seen next wearing his chef's hat, busy flipping pancakes and cracking eggs at the stove. After taking in a quick glimps of the two boys, Raven and Starfire started to walk further down the stairs alongside one another, only for the princess to dart in flight closer to her beau ahead of the dark bird's slow pace.

"Is my herbal tea ready yet?"

Raven asked while looking to Robin, and then she notices a cup in front of him steaming and can smell the sweet aroma of his morning coffee. Right after she asks this, she realizes the pointless question.

"Sure is." Robin says back as he takes another sip, his eyes still bent on reading a column.

"Good, I can use a cup."

After their kind words, she walks over to a nearby cupboard and grabs a white mug, then finds her kettle next to the Boy Wonder's pot. After mixing her drink using a spoon, the Empath takes a deep whiff of the thin rising smoke off of the top. A warm tingling sensation runs threw her entire body, down her shoulders and lower back soothing her unlike her alarm clock, where she is awoken gently.

As she heads to the long couch to sit down and relax, Cyborg turns with a spatula in hand; he bends over the counter and speaks to the gang.

"So what will it be guys; blueberry, chocolate chip, regular, double or tripple stacks with extra toppings of bacon, the works?"

"Just give me the regular fill Cy Guy." Robin answers with his eyes still behind the mask intently focused on reading about crime since they were away from the growing city.

"Make mine a tripple fill of all major choices dear friend. Oh, and please do add the topping of the white foamy substance that is known well, what you may call the whipping of the cream."

Shortly after Starfire speaks Robin doesn't even murmur a sound, and a big grin glows across her face as she sits even closer to the team captain, where he hands her the comics going through the same routine like most days. Raven takes notice as she moves her eyes off from the pages in her invigorating story to the odd duo, and makes a mental note that something is certainly going on between them. Although the two announced that they had feelings for eachother in Tokyo, Robin seemed to be a little distant with the beautiful goddess since they left, and their relationship as just being friends was obvious that there was more going on between them.

"Alright, so that's one regular and one mocho mix for you two." Cyborg's deep voice boomed across the kitchen, where he then looked to the lonesome bookworm as the cooking hat was tilted to a side. "So what are you having this morning Rae?"

She paused once more and after a brief moment to look up from her reading she answers; "I'll take a single pancake, with two eggs on the side." She looked back down and continues, "Go easy on it though, I do have a figure to keep an eye on."

"Okay, so that takes care of you guys. Now what about greenbean?"

The hypnotic sound of sizziling batter being cooked in the frying pan was heard behind him, and the aroma left a thin trail all the way to Beast Boy's room.

"Knowing that he's a vegan, I'd take it that he'll just eat a pancake or a waffle, without the side of meat or eggs."

"Yeah … but I wanted to get him back for that little stunt I let him pull. It took me nearly two hours to clean up that candy, not to mention his cockpit was a complete pigsty because just like his room, he always has to make a mess out of everything!" Cyborg grumbled to himself while he glanced to the demoness, and went back to his work.

After a dull silence, the central doors to the hallway opened and Beast Boy walks in. He gives a loud yawn while stretching his arms over his head, and he scratches his hair while standing ontop of the small balcony.

"Well are you gonna just stand there daydreaming like an ancient Greek philosopher, or are you gonna take a seat?"

Cyborg asked with his back turned, knowing without having to look that the green skinned prankster just waltzed in.

"Well yeah dude, I forgot how nice it was to be back home. The tower, she missed me." Beast Boy replied as he tapped the solid wall to his left.

"I somehow had a strange feeling when your closet attacked you last night." Raven interrupted with a sudden smirk, causing his eyes to light up with bewhilderment.

"Wait, how did you-"

"I hate to bust your monster theory here grass stain, but the closet didn't attack you. You're simply a pig and your lack of organization, HUGE may I add caused the clothes to pile on. So, what will you be having for a starting meal today?" Cyborg asked as another ovular disk was seen flipping into the pan.

Beast Boy was stunned, not only did Raven give him a whitty burn but Cyborg was cooking breakfast for him which confounded him even more, after all of the pranks he unloaded onto the tall hero.

"Hello, earth to Beast Boy?" The mighty mechanic leaned much closer and put a hand over his mouth to sound like a radio transmission. "Um Huston, we may be experiencing some minor technical difficulties, as we just lost contact with space prankster Beast Boy."

The others looked at the Titan just standing in front of the doorway, not saying a word.

"What are the choices?" He replied after moving closer to the kitchen.

"Pancakes, eggs and French toast, you want some?"

As he places a hand under his chin, his eyes wander and he thinks over his options.

It's a trick; you got him and all the others last night, now he is gonna burn you back. Beast Boy's subconscious tells him.

"I think I'll just have some cerial."

"Ahh, being catious today are we little man?" Cyborg jeers as he looks into the eyes of the changeling. "Just so you know; if I wanted to get you back you'd already be tagged."

Everyone heard Beast Boy gulp in discomfort.

"So you mean, you're not angry at me for the little gag from last night anymore?" Beast Boy asked as he gives a small chuckle, hoping to be off the hook.

The gearhead waved his trusting spatula as he kept his back to their faces; his focus was still bent over the stove top.

"Just because I said I wanted to you get you back, that doesn't mean I still won't."

Beast Boy pulled away from the counter in greater fear; he was now deeply uncertain that he was safe to say anything at all.

"Go easy on him Cyborg; I think he gets the message." Raven said aloud.

"Wow … um thanks."

"Don't thank me just yet; Cyborg's not the only one with an urge to get even." Raven deadpanned, still focused on the pages of her novel.


The heroic goofball slumped his posture in the chair a great deal, now sensing that his crafty teamate on the sofa with her eyes fixated on her story was plotting ill deeds against him. As she took a tiny sip of the herbal tea, she gave him a unerving glance by cocking her right eyebrow, and the renouned jokester could only cower due to many regrets for his actions.

The breakfast ended, and after they placed their dishes and silverware into the sink, piled upon other glassware still needed to be cleaned, they then gathered by the jumbo screen. Using the remote, Robin clicked a red button causing a massive outline map of the metroplois to come into view.

"It seems like everything is all well and at ease in Jump City." Cyborg said.

After removing his chef's hat he plops down next to Starfire. Raven closes her book and also focuses her attention to the big screen, and listened alongside the others to their usual briefing of the day; it was another routine that she had memorized quiet well.

"Things checked out pretty mellow while we were on leave." Robin spoke as he used the keyboard to zoom around main areas of interest.

"What about the docks, surely some activity of mistchief was going on down there." Starfire quietly entered the discussion.

Typing could be heard to bounce about the group from the central keyboard, and he clicks another button causing the screen to zoom out very rapidly, and then rezooms to show a large outline of the port facility.

"Nope, no crime; it looks almost too quite."

"No break-ins, no theft, no problems that the local police haven't been able to tackle; it's almost as though the crooks we deal with on a regular basis have decided to leave the city for good." Cyborg spoke as he rubbed his chin. "It's almost too good to be true; I dunno what to make of this one Rob."

The Boy Wonder answered with his eyes heavily fixated upon the television; "Odd, you'd think since our departure that the crime would have increased. I guess that the Titans East showed the criminals a good time in our absence."


"Um, I have an idea."

Everyone turned to the Tamaranean Princess, where Raven was baffled that the comedian hadn't spoken a single word yet.

"Since there is no crime today may I propose that we, as friend and ally Bumblebee once told me, do the hanging of out?"

"Now that's an idea; that sounds like a super AWESOME idea Star!" Beast Boy exlaimed, fully jumping out of his seat; "I still feel kinda drowzy from the long trip. We owe ourselves at least one more day to loaf around."

Robin turned and under the black eye mask, his right eyebrow rose slightly higher than the other.

"Just because there isn't any crime on the scanners, it doesn't mean that someone somewhere, isn't planning something!"

"Gouph, Bor-ing!" Beast Boy enunciated slowly and drastically;"Why waste our time trying to look for crime, when we should be outside, and can enjoy an extra free day off?"

Robin found himself being pressed into a loosing battle, the anticipation upon the group's faces revealed that they too were a tad weary, and just wanted one more day to settle back into their home. Realizing that he undoubtedly will be ousted in a vote, he tries to compromise with the others in a tactic that he knew could sway two of them.

"We could take another break, but the time off has weakend our skills. I say we do some training to referbish our combat abilities."

"That's true, I feel like I need to knock a few holes in an obstical course." Cyborg answered while standing back up and punching the air.

"You guys can go work out, fix up the T-Car and all of your watchamagadgets … but hello! How many days in a week do we fight bad guys?" Beast Boy questioned, his arms flailing to dramatically emphasis his point.

"It varies Beast Boy, why are you so interested in goofing off today?" Robin asked in return.

"Who said anything about goofing off? We should shoot some hoops; maybe play a remach of that volleyball game on the roof. We're kids for gosh sakes, don't you just want to not have to worry about saving the city, for one moment fly boy?"

Fly Boy, what has gotten into that thick skull of his? Robin thought to himself.

"Maybe B's right, we do work pretty hard all week. I don't see why we can't just take an extra day to chill." Cyborg chimed in to end the awkward debate.

In realizing he couldn't win this argument over his friends, Robin embraced the stance of the team comedian now being supported from the mechanic.

"Alright Beast Boy if it's a rematch you want, then you've got it."


"Yeah, but don't think for a second that I'm going to go easy on you like last time Grass Stain." Cyborg butted in.

"Hooray!" Starfire shouted gleefully, ready for another moment to have fun with her close family, although she believed that everyday with them was an adventure, Robin's idea of entertainment is more about practice and less about playing. "To the court we shall go and par-take this game, of bouncing the ball over the net."

"Um, I think what you mean to say is volleyball." Beast Boy corrects her. "But eyeah, that's the idea."

The five heroes take the elevator to the surface of the tower and when the lift finally opens; the sunlight shines brightly about them and the sky is a very clear blue afternoon. As the band splits into teams, Raven leaves to the far edge and sits down with her legs crossed.

"Hey Raven, do you wanna be on our team?" Beast Boy asked, while Robin and Cyborg stand patiently on the opposing side of the net with the white ball.

"I can't, if we're going to just relax for another day, than I might as well get my meditation in while it's still early."

"Dear friend, why can today not be different from any other for you?" Starfire pleaded as she stood next to her game teammate, the comedian. "Must you meditate without anybody always?"

As Raven closes her eyes, she turned her back and hovered over the ground.

"Just leave me be, that's all I require." The dark bird answers as she raised a hand;"I must meditate at least once every day, hitting a soft ball of air at the other side of a net, in the hopes that you score for points is both a waste of energy, and solves nothing but bragging rights. It's pointless."

"Forget it Starfire, it'll be just me and you." Beast Boy speaks in a gentle voice as he places a hand on the alien's shoulder."

"Very well." Starfire replied after stepping back.

"Come'on Robin, are you going to serve the ball or what?"

The request for a day to breathe easily was one thing, but to bestow the name fly boy from earlier on, this was completely different. It made him feel angry in front of the others, not to mention being outwitted as captian to the team by the youngest comrade made him grow rather vengeful.

"What are you waiting for, just serve the ball already!" Beast Boy shouted to antagonize his leader.

"Alright here it comes, heads up!"

Robin fires back, and then as they got ready a nostalgic hush befell everyone, where only Raven can be heard reciting her chant. The Boy Wonder tosses the ball high into the air and using a powerful punch, he bashes it well over the net and onto the opposing side.

"I got it, I got it!" The changeling hollers as he lunges in for the attack.

Beast Boy barely manages to swat a piece of it, he can feel the leather texture grazing his fingertips and Cyborg jumps up and brings it back onto the comedian's half. Starfire flys up and pummels it back to the earth to counter this threat, and Robin does the same as both partners switch to aid their team. The ball goes back and forth for five minutes and the look of enjoyment and fatigue is heard from everyone's heavy breathing, while Robin consentrates on winning the game. As Robin finds the ball heading right for him, he jumps and while spinning around he delivers a high roundhouse kick, and the fated volleyball zooms in on Starfire with a great energy behind it.

"Starfire, watch out!"

The Boy Wonder yells as his face grows crimson of embarrassment, he had tried to control the direction to hit in front of her. Instead, the sheer force he applied made him loose control and the round object is beamed her off her head.

She gives out a screech, it wasn't painful just surprising to be hit in the way that she was, and she drops to the ground while rubbing her forehead.

"Starfire are you alright?" Robin asks as he hurries to her side.

"Yes, I think so. I am unharmed yet wonder why did you hit me Robin?"

Beast Boy and Cyborg stand by eachother and look at the couple as they both stand.

"I didn't try to hit you; I just lost control of the ball. I didn't know I could be so rough."

Beast Boy forces a massive smile to grow over his lips, and he speaks in a canny tone of voice as he notices the leader zoning out in her dreamy emerald eyes.

"So then, I take it that was a foul then. Right?"

"Just shut up Beast Boy." The leader responds.

"Fine, fine, feeling a bit touchy today aren't we?"

"Arghhh!" Robin grunted back.

"Just leave him alone B." Cyborg said, then he hunches over the changeling before continuing. "There's a time and a place for everything little man, you don't have to be so annoying."

"You could say that again." Raven quietly spoke.

Starfire looked up in bewilderment.

"Perhaps we should play a different sport, may I sugest one of a lesser conflict and one of more enjoyment? May I suggest the partaking of the glorious Zorbgot Feast of my home world; or a wugnut dance-off that is accustomed to my people?"

As the group pauses to think about how to even respond, a great and deafening explosion carries outwards from deep within the city. The volleyball remains on the ground and the shadow arches to the feet of Robin, his mouth hangs open as the dark smoke was noticed trailing higher into the white clouds from the blast.

"Well gang, it looks like playtime is over." Robin said as the Empath stood up to rejoin them.

"But what about the game?" Beast Boy whines as he looks to Cyborg, begging to rule in his favor over the ill-fated play that caused Robin to score.

"Not now little man. It would appear that someone decided to make a move after all." The gearhead spoke as he punched his right fist into the palm of his left hand. "I think someone wanted to let us know they were still in this town, where we should show the world that we're back."

"Apparently so, let's go and see what we can do." Robin speaks after walking to the edge to get a better view; his cape blowing in the wind. "Titans, move out!"

Starfire picked up Robin by his shoulders and carried him deep into the heart of Jump City, Raven used her dark powers to form into the shadow of a mythical bird and absorbs Cyborg, where they teleport to the streets of downtown; and Beast Boy is left standing on the court, with his mouth agape and his shoulders slumped down.

"You still owe me a rematch tin head!" The changeling shouts while he watches the team disperse into action.

"Come'on elfy, there's trouble and we've got to answer the call." Cyborg replied before fully vanishing into the darkness.

The last one at Titan's Tower rolls his eyes, and releases a sigh.

"Why do badguys always have to ruin my days off?"

Beast Boy transformed into a pterodactyle, and followed closely after Starfire in persuit. The brave Teen Titans were back, and they felt more than ready for a brawl with the unknown except for the changeling; as his mumbling was heard the entire way to the confusion and burning rubble.

Robin looked down to notice that the smoke was rising faster and getting thicker; it was easily determined to have been caused by a high grade explosive device having gone off. When they arrived on the scene a massive crater was in the road, where Dr. Light was found in the very middle of the hole, absorbing the powerlines where some of the transformers had blown out.

"Dr. Light, you just don't know when to call it quits; do you?" Robin talks to the villain the moment Starfire releases him, where he landed on his feet gracefully as his partner hovers by his side.

As the quirkey villain turns to greet the renouned heroes, his eyes glow with excitement in watching the others arrive as well, and Beast Boy turns back into his normal form.

"The Teen Titans; well I must say it is good to finally see you again. How long has it been since our get-togethers, a month, a year? It's been too long for any of us to remember fully."

"Geese, already home and this is who we face off with?" Beast Boy groans as he slaps his forehead lightly. "No offence but I think we've got this one in the bag."

"Don't coun't your chickens before they've hatched." Raven deadpanned nearby.

"Come on, he's like the runt of the litter of badguys we go up against. You know how it goes, we attack him, and then he attacks us or run away, and then we persue the guy and get him. It's that simple."

"Um, you do know that I am standing right here." The criminal replies with a frown.

"Yeah, yeah; we know." Cyborg enters the bizarre bickering.

"Parden my intrusion friends; but why are we talking and not carrying out the battle as we typically do?"

Everyone turned to Starfire, as the Empath rolls her eyes and crosses her arms before speaking with a sarcastic demeanor.

"I need a vacation."

"We just came from one!" Robin stared at her concealed face after speaking.

"That little event in Tokyo isn't what I would call a picturesque or laid back moment of time." Raven rebuttled as she kept her focus on the crook. "Fighting a thirty story green lizard, the ink creatures along with the Tokyo Police, and then to face off with Brushogun in the end. Eyah, not my idea of a relaxing destination in any light."

"Wow dude, she like totally summed up our trip." Upon saying this, Beast Boy stroked his arm.

"I guess so." Cyborg cooly responded.

Robin was silent.

"I suppose some things haven't changed all that much, did you miss me?" Dr. Light asked while standing only a few steps apart.

"We only missed seeing you in your cell, and trust me this time you're gonna stay there!" Cyborg then points his cannon arm at the villain.

"Ohhh really, I wouldn't be all too sure of that."

Both sides glare at the other, the five heroes against the single always predictable foe. Everyone was on edge, and the lasting quiet is soon drained out by the leader of the team of supers.

"Titans, Go!" Robin shouted the famous battlecry as he takes out his bo-staff, and charges at the enemy alongside his bold allies.

Dr. Light is known to be a coward but something was different this time, he was standing his ground. As Beast Boy morphed into a siberian tiger following the captain, he prepairs to pounce with his claws extended far; Starfire in the meantime began to unleash a terrible fury upon him with the green exploding bolts, and Cyborg fires his magnificent cannon sending the blue blast straight for the chest of their very annoying target.

The evil scientist ducked and dodged each of the numerous attacks thrust upon him, using his own small handheld cannons from his backpack to shoot bolts of bright energy into Robin, who swirls his staff to deflect the toxic beam. The changeling in his fierce tiger form locates a weak point, where he lunges in for the ending blow however; it was to be expected and Dr. Light tumbled out of the way in the last second, and in the process the young hero knocks an already busted telephone-pole onto himself as he shakes his head from the missed opportunity.

"Gaahhh!"Beast Boy cries while looking up, then his animal reflexes make him morph into a mouse and scurry away from the would-be-ending destruction.

"Ah-hahahaha!" The slick criminal laughs in obvious pleasure. "Clearly you thought that you could fool me with a swift strike, but now it is you who are the ones to be confused by the power of my awesome rays; behold!"

Using the center disk on his uniform, he coordinates a massive beam to aim at a nearby window and it reflects its power on various store fronts below, casting a white shroud to temporarily blind his opponents.

During this time of confusion, Dr. Light turns to Cyborg and using both of his small handheld cannons at once, he forces a single blue sonic wave directed at him, to backfire and knock the big kid into a brick wall. As the smoke clears Beast Boy races over and helps his best friend up, while these two get back onto their feet and to dust themselves off, Starfire corners the fleeing villain into an alley and her eyes glow a deep emerald color.

"Please surrender, I only wish to-"

As Starfire was speaking; the villain pulled out his golden whip and knocks her to the ground.

"Sorry my dear, but no can do. You see I've got to make off at the speed of light. I hope the startling whiplash isn't too much."

Opening her eyes slowly, Starfire felt to be trapped beneath a grate of thick steel! The alien warrior lay unconscious and not moving, yet during a lull in the battle the Boy Wonder hurries over panting heavily by a corner, and jumps out with his right leg extended.

"Head's up!"

The team leader drop-kicked him square in the face, and the villain went flying across the alley in complete pain.

"Looks like its lights out for you." Robin chuckled

After hearing Dr. Light crash into the trash-cans Robin unleashes a strange but terrifying battle shout as he continues the assault, and his metal bo-staff is his next choice of weapon. The swirling motion is much too erratic to block entirely, and the hero strikes high and then low, while always changing the pattern of attack.

Dr. Light becomes natious after being kicked in the face; and his head hits a dumpster while falling to the earth, hard. Everything slows down and then speeds up after every blow to his body, where he becomes even dizzier and weaker. Meanwhile, Starfire comes to and blasts her way out of the fallen grate, and Beast Boy with Cyborg are right back at Robin's side.

"Why oh why don't you ever just stay down, like all of the other good little children?"

"Look who's talking." Beast Boy sneered as the criminal swiped away a thin trail of blood from his nose.

"Yo, we're not little kids, we're the Teen Titans!" Cyborg shouted while pumping his fist. "I know you don't want to see me when I'm angry."

"I think you should call it quits right now, before you realize just how much of a hurting we're about to bring upon you." Beast Boy continued with his rant.

"Is that supposed to be a threat?" The lawbreaker smiled.

"Alright, don't say I didn't try to warn ya. But you're about to get your butt whooped. Five against one, I like those odds." After the team's mechanic speaks, Beast Boy clenches his fists and another heated staredown is quickly underway.

The nasty smirk on Dr. Light's face grows wider, and he prepairs for another onslaught but after a short moment of heart-pounding silence he notices the look of terror on the teenager's faces across from him.

"All of this pointless drabble bores me; there is nothing more powerful than light itself. Behold, I am a true master of this godlike power, where even the shadows are cast out by my mighty strength!"

As the suit was nearly ready to unleash another blinding shot, Raven's magestic shadow creature begins to envelope the wall behind her and her teammates arch rival. He turns around to see the thing which they are all staring at, and the look of happiness is wracked with immense fear.

Black tentacles pour out of the sides of the brick wall, the air itself becomes cold as the first snowfall and everything becomes eerily quiet.

"Wanna bet?" Raven's voice echoes as she emerges through the brick wall. Her hood is pulled down, and only her white eyes and enraged demonic deadpan are noticed.

"Oh no, n-not you again demon!" Dr. Light stuttered while stepping away in horrible dread.

"The last time we fought you were left never to be the same. I found your deepest terrors and realized that you are afraid of the shadows, afraid of the monster that lies beneath your bed. With a simple wave of my hand you'll be enveloped in dark energy and there will be no light, no hope except the cold and vile monseter from your childhood."

Dr. Light sorts his options through carefully; he could try to break out against the other four but would waste up all of his battery power in doing so. Another option was that he could make a run for a nearby ladder and race to the roof but they would corner him in quick time, and oh how he hates hights. A third option though he despised it so much was he'd face off against the Empath and pray he'd leave victorious; however every time he fought against her he lost and suffered severe trauma months afterwords. As he turned his head back and forth looking for an alternate escape route, a flash of cards took hold of the demoness in mid-air, and threw her at the Titans!


Raven cried out as she sees the magician wearing his black top hat and neatly pressed tuxedo.

"You know this guy?"

Dr. Light asked while turning towards the Titans, who were standing together and observing the slender illusionist arriving from the street.

"I'm not the only one dear child."

The magician replied and within seconds Mad Mod jumped in, the crazy British school teacher somehow found a younger form of his body.

"You've got to be kidding me." Beast Boy says as he looks at all three foes. "First we face Dr. Light, and then Mumbo knocks Raven away; now Mad Mod comes out to play! Who's next, the Hive?"

"Well, well, well." Mad Mod begins in his thick dialect. "It looks like we'll just have to teach these youngersters a whole lot about some manners, won't we now my cheeky chums."

"Mad Mod, how did you gain your younger body back?" Robin demanded as he stood in front of his team. "It was vanquished a long time ago, like your crystal staff."

"That was one of the quaint few that I had, but you are correct. As you can clearly see it's all in the cane, it's all in this little stone at the top. For you see, it reversed the aging process after the first one was lost, so I made sure to carry a spare and here we are."

A sly smirk rose on half of this villain's face, while the stone began glowing a vibrant crimson color and glintered away from his eyes behind the round glasses.

"It doesn't matter; we'll still take you down. Five against three, I don't have a problem with those odds." Cyborg said as he pumped his arm.

"Well I don't know who you two fellows are, but I guess we could team up agaisnt the Titans."

Dr. Light finished speaking as the other two walked near his sides; he was greatly relieved to find another solution to his uneasy quandary. Mad Mod was carrying a musty brown satchel bag of money with a famous green dollar sign on the front, and must have come from another heist just up the street; while Mumbo Jumbo was holding a sack with sparkling jewelry and necklaces of ovular diamonds dangling out.

It was clear that these three never intended to bump into their own crimes, but they all hit the same buisness district on the exact same day, around the same moment in time. Upon hearing the multiple explosions and pounding ruckus due to the battle happening earlier, the other two came to see what the fuss was about, only to brush against the saviors of Jump City.

"Again, our numbers are far greater than yours. It is over, capitulate now and there will be no need to go through a crushing defeat against us."

Starfire pleaded as she looked upon the three lousy villains, a green bolt of energy was glowing in her right hand; she was ready to throw it.

"Sorry my duckies, but it would appear that you're the ones outmatched!"

Mad Mod replies with a chuckle and twenty robots begin walking forwards, their colossus steel hulls clank and crash against the pavement making them all sound foreboding and threatening. The many bots are his, and despite them being so massive and cumbersome it is a draw-back that allows them to only step at a crawls pace; the machines are bulky and have forklift claws for arms and half of them have a blue electrical current passing through the gap in the mighty clamps. Their only purpose was to obey their master's every command and to stall the Titans as the criminals could escape.

"I told you we should have done that training when we got back!" Robin shouted at Beast Boy as he glanced over his left shoulder.

"Ummm, can we like talk about this when we're not about to be squashed like bugs?"

"Have fun my pestering gents but like I always say; if you gotta go then why not with a laugh?" Mad Mod then unleashed a bursting cackle of abusive grandure.

"I really, really hate his corny puns." Raven rasped as she hovered with Starfire.

"It somehow reminds me of a certain someone else that we know." Cyborg answered as he looked to Beast Boy. "No offense."

Raven half-grins in knowing that she wasn't the only one who found Beast Boy's comedic routine both repetitive and off-cue.

"Dude, my jokes may be lame but not that lame." He pauses to build up confidence in his own handywork. "Well they're not any lamer than that, or something."

Raven shook her head in disagreement.

"Whatever." Cyborg fired back and the Titans stayed shoulder to shoulder in their ever shrinking fighting circle.

"Now look here my famed adversaries, as much that I would love to stay here in this musty street corner and chat for another hour or two, I really must be on my way." Dr. Light responds while powering down his suit.

"Don't we all?" The mysterious illusionist chimed in next. "

"You won't get away with this!" Cyborg replied with a burning drive to capture the evildoers hanging in his voice.

Robin held his tounge for long enough, and with having felt enough of the pointless drabble he shouts much louder than the first time; as everyone embraces the lingering lull not knowing when his most anticipated line would arrive.

"Titans, Go!"

The changeling morphs into his green gorilla form, and bashes the robots to mere bolt and wires as sparks go flying about the group. His great fists are like sledge hammers for this veracious African mamal, and the impressive steel frames of the droids are like matchbox toys to his unbeatable strength. Starfire and Cyborg begin using their abilities to shoot at the trickster-like-magician and his newfound ally Dr Light, while Raven doesn't hesitate by picking up nearby objects and hurling them towards the bulky bots, as Mad Mod ducks away from the onslaught of tossed debris.

The triad of criminals hurry out of the enclosed alleyway, where Robin leads the desperate fight for his teammates to break the tight encerclement as they all duel with someone. Using his bo-staff to form a gap in the strange wall of robots, he alone gets too far ahead of the others and persues after the red haired foreigner. The Boy Wonder stays hot on his trail in an effort to break his cane to re-reverse the villains aging process, as the smoke and loud noises echo behind him.

The heroic Titans do well as the noises of chaos and shouting erupt, yet during the battle Mumbo evades a green falling blast from the sky, to dart up an emergancy fire exit and onto the roof. In noticing this, Raven sees her one and only chance to keep up and immediately darts after the menacing scoundrel like her fearless leader had done.

The Empath takes heavier and heavier breaths; they are slow and ungraceful as she continues her tiresome chase up the long ladder, and she can barely make out the villain in black looking down at her for a few seconds, to tip his hat and then seep out of her sightline once more. In realizing her efforts to move on her adversarie's level was in vein and a terrible waste of energy, she clenches her fists in rage.

"This ends now!" Her voicebox shakes as she felt every ounce of adrenaline pumping through her limbs. The thumping rhythym within her eardrums didn't halt, and her entire focus was on cutting her enemy off.

The demoness allowed her fierce grasp to loosen around the cold metal rungs, and she floats after her prey. While gaining both speed and distance on her opponent, the craftey villain turns and waves his wand, going on the attack this time and was fully prepaired to evade being cornered.

"What the-" Raven's voice is broken off quickly when she watches the assault but her body freezes and she doesn't get out of the way in time.

"Mumbo Jumbo!" He says with a cock-sure grin and a flick of his wrist, thus casting a bubble trapping the sorceress.

The transparent object morphs into a cage as its victim hurdles to the earth inside, changing its structure to form into a hard clear shell. Raven's hood drops back when she sits up, revealing her hairstyle.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" She chants aloud, hoping to break free from the spell as a black aura leaves her fingertips but dissipates with no effect on her unusual prision.

Time and again she tries, but it is a hopeless effort and she slowly ceases the escape attempts.

"My powers …" Raven brought her trembling hands to her face. "They-they don't work!"

It was apparent now that she required assistance instead of going by herself in the objective, but the others were on the streets far below her. She was entirely by herself and the expression of anger was quickly replaced by failure and dread with what she could do.

"Hang on up there!" Cyborg's hands were locked with one of the droids, where his feet were being pushed back from the total weight against him. The sweat was pouring down his brow; his teeth were clenched as he kept up the fight. "I'm just about done with this guy; give me a few more minuets!"

The team mechanic caught a brief glimps of the heroine's perdiciment as he struggled on the streets. As he huffed for much needed oxygen to keep his energy levels restored, he quickly looked at Starfire behind him who had just punching a deep void into the central chest of one of the robots.

"Starfire!" Cyborg squinted his eyes as the harsh duel pressed onwards. "Go help Raven up top, she needs us."

She remained hovering in the air and in a daze looked at the fight consuming central downtown, puzzled at what was happening to the rest of her companions.

Star!" Cyborg cried out, jolting her back to the real world in an instant.

"I shall do what I can to assist her, but what about you?"

"I can handle these guys myself, just go! Quick, help the others before it's too late!"

"Very well."

The stunning goddess turned and began her hastily assent up towards her sister teammate's position, swearving past oncomming electrical discharges by Mad Mod's army of destructive drones. Within inches of reaching the roof of the building, Cyborg had managed to break off the right arm of his enemy, and smashed his free hand against the drones head. While they tumbled to the ground, the gearhead ontop of his prey, busting open the inner circuts and conduits that made the droid work yet the left arm rose up and fired one final blast at an open target; Starfire.

The bright bolt of electricity zapped the princess with a great and terrible force, causing her to tumble out of the sky and back to the pavement! Raven gasped as she watched her drop back down, while Cyborg's eyes bulged in terror in knowing what was happening.

"NO!" He cried in watching her free fall.

Cyborg was devastated when she at last slammed into the ground, with a trembling thud.

"You'll pay for that bad mistake scrap head!"

The red sensors for its eyes were fading into total blackness, and upon enduring a profound beating by the heroic co-captain of the team, the colossus robot was soundly defeated. Getting upon his feet, he then raced to his friend in a feverish attempt to do something as countless more of Mad Mod's drones got into his way. However, they were proving to be no match against his total fury, and despite the last opponent putting a strain on his muscles he only found faster and easier was to vanquish them.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy had become surrounded and cut off in a different corner. He had no idea where everyone had gone; the battle was raging everywhere and the sounds of shouting and glass breaking echoed on all sides of the city. As the gorilla with gigantic arm strength to squash the robots, to a kangaroo with impressive kicking power, morphing into a lion to shread the machines with his claws and teeth and then into an elephant to plod right over his foes, the changeling had morphed back into his scrawny teenage self. He was almost out of breath and found himself backed against yet another brick wall, where the droids appeared to be endless.

His arms were slumped down, and he was panting with his total effort to remain standing. Scattered all about him, were the leftovers of half the number of robots from their introduction, yet still they came and had worn him down a tremendous deal.

"You guys just can't take a hint, can you?" Beast Boy said as he wheezed for air.

"But you can my little green friend; look here young one and you will soon find the answer to all of your riddles." The British voice replied through one of the droids by a comlink.

"Wait, did you just talk?" Beast Boy questioned in confusion while stepping rearwards, his eyes were glued to the central bot.

During this error of judgment, one of the droids lowered its front pannel and out popped a hypnotic spherical black and white ring, causing the boy's focus to be sucked into the void. The hero's body sank low to the earth, and he was unable to budge as his mouth began to drool.

Robin had chased after his target, never looking back as he was fueld on the simple rush to bring justice back into Jump City; Raven was imprisoned on a nearby rooftop both alone and reaching the same horrible conclusion that she couldn't break free. Cyborg was the last one fighting and had now arrived by Starfire, who was brushing herself off as she groaned from the punishing crash.

"That was quiet a nasty spill." He began as he padded her back. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I am in the good of my health friend Cyborg. Thank you."

They smiled at eachother, only to cease their small reunion as six of the deadly machines were standing directly in front of them.

"It looks like we're going to have to cut this short. It's two against six now." The clever gearhead and alien warrior dropped back into their fighting postures.

"But they will prove to be of a primitive match against our combined skills I think."

The terrible robots stepped even closer, their forklift arms were at the ready while their ground shattering footsteps marched in a single unison. This group appeared to be the last of them, where they were even numbers on both sides of the remaining heroes.

"Come-on Starfire; lets show these tin cans what we're made of. Take em down!"

The technological expert fired his blue sonic cannon, while Starfire joined in the struggle with her green explosive superpowers. In the distance, The Amazing Mumbo and Dr. Light met up with eachother to observe the tedious onslaught. Due to this unexpected pause by the two evildoers, the heroic pair finished the last of the robots where they were looking directly at the villains, without their bodyguards to slow them down any longer.

"Now that we've got that settled, we've got to take those guys down now."

"But what of our friends, both Beast Boy and Raven? Surely we cannot abandon them now." Starfire was focused to the curled up prankster, and her concern for his saftey took over her thoughts.

The muscular teenager clenched his fingers as she said this. He knew in his heart that it was a tough decision to make some day; the criminals had turned their backs and were hurrying further out from sight. Cyborg had to go after them, he needed a sense of guidance but his own voice was leading him right now; not Robin's.

"Go and do what you can, I'll keep them busy."

Cyborg quickly went into a hot persuit, his heart was burning within his chest but he had to keep on their heels or they would have escaped in a flash.

"How do I help him?" Starfire asked as she took off on her own.

His footsteps were getting quieter and softer as he drew further away, yet suddenly they came to a stop. While she patiently awaited his response, Cyborg's proud tone made her feel calm even though he was now out of sight."Make him laugh I guess."

"I do not think the jokes from my home planet will be of use." She paused while holding Beast Boy in her arms. "But I must try."

She stared into his face for a long time, trying to think of a way to break the trance but was totally stumped.

"Oh this is hopeless; I fear that this time things have taken a turn for the worse. As on Tamaran, his poor mind must have been flambusled."

Without any warning, a smug smile was found to rise across his face. The expression quickly transformed into a huge grin and Beast Boy started to laugh uncontrollably as the hypnotic spell finally wore out, and Starfire joined in with a pleasant giggle herself.

"Good one!" Beast Boy opened his eyes and rubbed his forehead, while laying in the lap of his sister teammate. "Wait a second, did I get hypnotized?"

"I am sorry to be the one to tell you this friend, but yes." Starfire answers in a brooding tone.

"Arghhh! I can't believe I fell for that trick again!"

Having given a brief look of sympathy, the princess gazed to Raven's dilemma and her cheerful moment of joy with the dazed comrade rapidly switched into a disgruntled frown.

"There is more I'm afraid." She replied with her head sunken by distress.

Beast Boy rose to his feet and felt something was deeply awry in the unfamiliare, and defeated tone.


Starfire turned her attention to the roof, and the changeling followed this motion with his own eyes.

"Raven is trapped up there, yet Robin is too far ahead of the group, and Cyborg is now in persuit of the Dr. Light and Amazing Mumbo."

Beast Boy did a quick double take with his head.

"We've got to do something then, come'on!" He began racing for the ladder, then halted to confirm a new plan. "If Cyborg is taking on those guys, he'll need some help for sure. Go to him, I'll get Raven out of that mess."

"But what about you, surely I can be of further assistance to friend Raven's troubles as well."

He glanced to the road, then back at her face before beginning his soon to be ascension.

"It'll be fine, trust me."

"Very well."

Starfire took to the sky and was on her way, while Beast Boy turned into a peregrine falcon and darted alongside the building's wall. The entire flight his heart was thumping faster and harder, every ounce of muscle strength in his body was kicking in to full throttle mode where his only thoughts were to not waste further time. His focus was fixated on aiding the Empath, and once he arrived to her location he changed back into his human self. A short moment of standing in shock passed, and then he placed his hand agaisnt the glass where she did the same from the inside.

"Hang on Raven; I'm going to get you out. Just hang on!"

"What took you so long?" Raven sarcastically chided back. "Did you take the scenic route?"

Although her voice was calm and she was sitting with her legs crossed, only once before did her eyes seem to slightly tremble in front of him. The rest of her slender and curvy body was relaxed but the captivating amethyst eyes were setting a different mood entirely. She was afraid, and the last point in her life that she became just as heartbroken but held onto her fierce composure, was during Trigon's attempt to force his dominion onto the world.

"Geese, receiving gratitude from you is like squeezing water out of a solid brick."


He rolled his eyes and pointed to his chest with pride.

"Well I'm here now, aren't I?" Beast Boy retorted to keep the situation under control. "The others are all gone."

"Great, of all the things that had to happen today, getting saved by the team idiot is the highlight of it."

"You know, you don't have to be so rude to me." The changeling scratched the base of his neck. "I'll get you out of there, I promise. I'm quite clever at many things, working my way out of a hairy situation is just a walk in the park."

"I'll bet it is." The demoness showed him a half-smile.


"It's nothing, just that I know you're well suited for the task and everything; that I don't give you enough credit when it's due but you do prove yourself."

Beast Boy was baffled. At first the quiet and lone Goth was mocking him and now she was complimenting him, and he felt to have been hypnotized longer than he should have.

"Uh, sure Raven its no sweat."

"Yeah." She softly whispered while brushing a single strand of hair away from her face.

The changeling could sense her shifting emotions; from the normal Empath he was belittled from during a weekly basis, to the caring friend he rarely got to witness except on special occasions. All he could think on was the task at hand, he would have many hours to focus on this later but right now he needed to assist his fellow titan.

With enough time having gone by, Beast Boy transformed into many animals to release his comrade. At first he was a Canadian grizzly bear and started to claw and smash down against the clear box to learn if it would budge, but nothing happened. He transformed again as the powerful gorilla, unleashing his huge arms against the sides and still the box would not break. He shapshifted into many creatures, even as an octopus and then the T-Rex, but nothing works. No matter how hard he slammed his weight down, the magical cage would not break and the sides of the prision started to shrink.

Fear begins to creep inside of his mind as he observes this new problem unfolding, a fear that he would not be able to save her, fear that she will die and he might never have the chance to tell her how much he cares. As he exhausts himself out as a mountain wolf bitting and gnashing at the edges, leaving his teeth marks into the sides, Raven gives a very crestfallen gaze as though she is willing to accept her soon to be seald fate.

"Beast Boy." Raven's monotone forces him to look upon her. "Its alright, you needn't be afraid anymore."

The scrawny teenager eases his heavy panting, while his pointy ears drop back like a dog would act out when lonely or filled with sorrow. He could not believe what he was hearing, and he was not ready to endure this.

She's trapped you idiot, you've got to save her! Says a dark voice within himself.

"I won't leave you Raven. I can't, I'm working on getting you free!" He says ignoring what he alone heard.

"You needn't be afriad anymore. There is something you should know … something that I have to tell you." Raven replied with the lethal walls pressing closer towards her shoulders.

"It can wait."

He started punching the clear container without mercy or composure, only to leave scuff marks from his fists, where he then paused to learn if there was any affect from the strikes. Once again, there wasn't any and it was yet another failed attempt causing the diminishing hope to wean a great deal. They were running out of time.

How can you let her do this Garfield … she saved you countless times, you must save her!

His eyes were shut as he listened to this dark voice.

"Whatever you've got to tell me, you can say it back at the Tower. I'll get you free, I promise." He responded after a brief hesitaton against himself.

Raven simply locked her gaze onto his, and as she pressed her palm agaisnt the clear substance, he did the same as though they were touching.

Embrace me Garfield, set me free. I am the key to saving her. Accept who you are and let me out! The voice told him, forcing the hero to cringe over the debate.

"I can't, I won't let you do this!"

Raven pulled her hands back; she could verify that something was bothering him as he himself backed away and clenched his skull.

"Beast Boy, what is it?"

Give into me, we are one child. Without me she can never be free and you will never forgive yourself for this resounding failure.

"Get out of my head!"

You fear me because you do not fully understnd what I am, what you are on the inside. I am more than you will ever know; the need of every animal's prime instinct. You care for her and I can smell it, do not turn me down so quickly, I can save her for you.

His eyes were back upon the enchantresses face, yet he was forced to turn away. He did care for her and understood this voice was bringing reason, but by allowing his darkside to become revealed it would only cause him to lose control of himself. The monster within was getting stronger, he could not allow the rage to take over his body and mind but he was deeply furious with being the smallest member of the team; thus his anger was growing. The green shapeshifter knew who the voice was, the creature that revealed itself and transformed him into the werewolf after the chemical accident.

"I can't let you do this, there must be another way!" He cries out after grabbing his temple with one hand, and reaches for Raven with the other.

There is no other way, you yourself know this. Even as your strongest forms that you can change into there is only one that overrules them all, only one who has the pure force to rip those insignifigant hinges off that crate. It is me … the Beast within you Garfield so embrace me now! The animal inside of him howled for war, allowing a tear to roll down his face and his willpower against it was crumbling.

Raven could see the teardrop, her dear friend was struggling with an unknown strife and if she wasn't trapped inside the shrinking cage, she would aid him. Even as the walls closed in around her, even as the factor of death was getting nearer she thought of the team comedian.

Beast Boy thought of his only two options left; he could refuse to embrace what he detested about himself but deep down he believed his muscular strength without boiling anger made him puny. The other choice was easy enough yet harder to ignore, where he would allow the dark power inside to run his every instinct and emotion. With this path, only the creature would exist and Garfield's might to remain calm would become obsolete.

"If I do this …" He whispered to himself while looking to the floor. "Then how can I be certain of anything anymore?"

You won't, but it's a chance you're left to make. The choice is yours; you know how to find me when the moment comes but this is up to you alone.

The deep voice became silent, and Beast Boy had to make his decision. Raven once told him that letting the Beast out when required made him a man, and he felt obligated to do so now; even with the constant understanding that he lost a bit of his humanity everytime he became this monster.

His emotions were running wild and out of the fear, anger, lust and painful memories; they all boiled across his brain. The shapeshifter's muscles started to grow at an expotential rate, and his clothing was heard by Raven's ears to be ripping to pieces. The thing he had locked inside made his hair grow thicker, and his body transformed untill the teenager's facial features and physique were totally concealed by a terrifying wolf.

The animal was coming into its true form slowly before Raven's very eyes, its ears were growing long and further back, the werewolf tail curled outwards as his mouth and snout extended. Beast Boy's gloves dissolved as the claws potruded forth from what were once his hands, where all that remained of his former self were the tattard pants, which looked more like black shorts on the huge creature.

Raven could only witness the scary alteration; she wanted to look away but was drawn to her teammate somewhere beneath the thick fur as his mass increased. Beast Boy was cured of a strange illness; Cyborg had given him an antidote to clear away the remnants of the toxic substance in his system from the incident with Adonis, but this she felt was very different. He once told her that it was always lurking inside of him, and she worried as the team mechanic had explained then, that it could be a permanent change as this was an unstable force.

His white eyes turned to the sorceress, and as he approached her she coiled in further dread. Putting her hands against the walls, she tried to touch his face.

"Beast Boy, I know you're in there." She spoke with the animal that was once the simple fool. "Somewhere, burried deep down, but you are in there. I can sense it."

The Beast took a sniff with his nose above her, and as he brought his arms down onto the walls she listened to it beginning to weaken. Raven covered her head as the vibrations were felt hitting her body, as the former Beast Boy incredibly smashed his way in causing the enclosing process to end. He continued to pummel and claw his way through the barrier untill giant cracks spread everywhere, and soon the container shattered!

Thousands of tiny fragments began to trickle around the Empath, like snow falling in the winter months, and Raven was left in the center kneeling down and shielding her face from the bone-shattering noise. Before opening her eyes, the heavy breathing from her savior was just above her, and she could feel the moisture as it pummeled her smooth neck like a wave of heat from a hair dryer. She slowly gazed up not knowing what to expect, trying to find words to thank him but became utterly speechless as she looked into his cold eyes.

Placing her palm against his right shoulder, the dark bird ran her fingers amidts the shaggy coat; her dark blue cloak swiveled about her legs from the breeze and she honed into his rhythm of breathing, as her own quick gasps were calmed. As they stood a few inches away from one another, the Beast pulled her hand down and stepped back.

The Empath walked closer to him in an effort to embrace him.

"Beast Boy, I'm alright." She grinned to make him feel at peace. "It's okay to be fearful of your own anger; I should know that better than anyone else."

The Empath tried to reach out for him as they now stood apart.

"It's okay, take my hand." Raven's voice seemed to beguile him, where he took her gesture of kindness as a sign of newfound trust. "You don't have to be afraid anymore, just take my hand."

Stepping back a few paces more, his sharp gaze was gone and he howled a mighty wolf cry, as his body slowly transformed back into that of the young hero. The green fur receded into his skin, along with the sharp claws and tail, as his face returned to normal. After the creature was concealed again, the boy felt the ground rock below his feet, only for his legs to give way and he collapsed.

Waisting no time, Raven hurried over to understand what had allowed the sudden change, and put his head into her lap for comfort.

"Beast Boy!" She called while looking down at him.

He slowly stirred from the sound of his name, and he inhaled deeply before speaking.

"Hmmm … wha-what happened?" The changeling asked.

"You saved me, I don't know how to fully explain it but … you succeeded in getting me out of that deathtrap with brute strength."

Beast Boy was confused.

"What do you mean? The last thing I can remember was racing to you as you were trapped, inside that cube thingy Mumbo encased you in. I guess I must have blanked out."

Beast Boy slowly got back to his feet with her help, and while scratching the back of his neck he observed his clothing was in complete tatters.

"What the heck happened to my clothes?" He grabbed the Empath's shoulders and stared into her eyes, his voice was trembling." Raven please say something, anything!"

She remained quiet, not saying a word due to the fact that a growing fear was clouding her judgment. It was the ambiguity on how to explain what had just happened to them both, that was the most difficult part. With none of the other Teen Titan's around to have witnessed the occurance and with the changeling still groggy, Raven understood that she was the only person to have watched the Beast make a return.


Her thoughts froze her into a blank stare, yet upon hearing her name once more she could only repeat what was going on inside her brain.

"You … saved me."

Beast Boy freed his grip and shook his head from the total incredulity.

"There is something that you're not telling me. Please just tell me, I'm sure I can handle it."

"I-I don't know how to explain it completely, so much happened at once. You blanked out but when you changed, I turned away and you broke the box. I couldn't see for a few minutes and when I opened my eyes, you were laying right here, the clothes being torn is from the thing you changed into. That's the story, I swear it."

Beast Boy gave a suspicious frown and raised his right eyebrow; it wasn't the answer he was hoping to hear at all. He had his own theories on what had transpired, but he was drawing a solid blank page in a book of his recent memories. Raven had told him half of the truth but not everything, where she was willing to explain that she touched the monster he was conflicted against at a time of lesser frustration. In a place where he would be willing to let her into his mind, to see what was really going on.

It would have to be him to make the next move, she couldn't forcibly demand it. As his friend it would be wrong and only when he would be willing to grow closer to her, then would she be able to tell him about the entire issue, yet for now neither of them were ready.

"Okay Raven I belive you."

A massive wave of relief befell her, she was expecting to be pressed into further probing about the incident, but she now felt her cover story was strong enough because it was half accurate, and not a full blown lie. She would tell him about the werewolf's return; she reminded herself that as his friend she must, but now wasn't the time nore the place. It would have to be back at the tower, give it a day or two and she would tell him, give it a week and she would be more open to him but not now.

While the two mused over the topic, they both felt the same bombshell suddenly hitting them as they realized that the others were in the midst of battling the criminals they went to stop.

"What about Robin, of Starfire and Cyborg; they are still in need of our help!"

"You're right, they do need us but we should first catch our breaths." said Raven.

"Hang on, you want to just sit here while our friends take on those badguys by themselves, that's nuts and you know it."

"No, I'm not nuts. It actually makes sense if you think about it."


The dark bird rolled her eyes from the displeasure he was now making for her, and then replied in her typical deadpan.

"In case you have already forgotten, you just spent a great deal of energy on rescuing me. I don't think I should leave you by yourself after you came to my aid when the others went on. That says quiet a bit about your character."

"It wasn't like that." Beast Boy said. "It was difficult to make anything possible if we all went to help you, but we all tried." He paused while looking at his bare feet. "I was just the one to get ahead of them first, so they went on I guess."

"Bottom line though, we all have come across something like that before, on making a difficult choice." She said. "They'll be fine."

Beast Boy turned back to face her.

Did I just hear her correctly; she said that she wanted to stay here, with me?

His mind began to reel in strange thoughts, and after listening to his brain he didn't realize that his face had begun working against him, and he unleashed a big grin in her direction where she gave a discruntled look in return.

"Um Beast Boy, are you okay?" Raven asked.

"Huh, oh yeah I'm just a little tired is all."

"Trust me; they'll be fine."

The Empath moved her attention towards the distant rooftops and could scarcely make out the figures of Starfire and Cyborg, as they clashed against Dr. Light and the glibly wannabe wizard. Then her teammate's depressed tone made her turn to look back at him.

"I'm not so sure it's them that I'm worried about, I'm worried about us. I have to know what happened, what I did where my mind is still drawing a blank." His eyes met with hers as he finished speaking. "Maybe when we get back to the tower you could, ya know … look around and see what's going on up there."

She paused for a few seconds to think it over.

Is this the invite that I needed to hear, to know more about the Beast?

Raven slowly exhaled a portion of her breath that she was holding deep within her lungs, and as she turned away the sun half reflected off from his face, as though there was greater darkness than light within the boy. The young enchantress began to wonder if something terrible was brewing inside of her teammate, and the theory spun across her mind without stopping.

"If you don't have any issues against it, then I will."

While Raven and Beast Boy stood alongside eachother waiting for the right moment to join back into the action, Robin was continuing his pursuit of the bothersome Mad Mod. The red haired fiend knocked over trash cans to slow down his relentless follower, yet Robin was quick on his feet and he was more than able to pole vault and twist to avoid the obstacles being thrown at him. Looking down at the deadly chase of cat and mouse, a mysterious cloaked person quietly watched the unfolding scene from the shadows, as the two continued running down another long allyway and out to the main street.

As the Boy Wonder's prey darted behind a blue car to evade an attempt for his capture, the hero made his way in front of the parked vehical he was hiding behind. The unknown shadow from the fire escape could be heard 'whooshing' across the rungs, and Robin turned to see that nobody was behind him, but his senses were telling him that he was being carefully studied.

"Show yourself!" Robin barked as he switched his attention back to the villain.

There remained a lasting pause and Robin was able to hear his heart racing, he was tired but after a few deep breaths, he managed to soothe the fire in his lungs and reboot his energy through his steady focus. As he walked around the nearby buildings, looking in the glass windows to see if his opponent was hunkered down, out of the silence a tremendous blast came from the rooftops directly behind him.


Robin cried as he witnessed the girl he cared so deeply about, was knocked right over the edge after a bolt of golden energy from Dr. Light hit her.

The Boy Wonder dashed back to assist his fellow teammate, only for a second explosion to shake the building again. While the thick smoke rose up to the sky; a familure yelp of agony bounced out followed closely by the team mechanic. The group's leader looked up to observe the half robotic comrade tumble down as the alien princess had done seconds before, and he landed violently onto the roof of a garbage truck.

"Man, I'm getting too old for this." Cyborg spoke as he rubbed his sore back.

Robin was helping Starfire back to her feet, with her arms placed around his neck and he smiled in realizing that like always, she would be fine. She had the strength of Hercules; so getting into the conflicts with villains that she typically did, to a normal human being a person could die from such wounds when inflicted, but she was a superhero.

"Thank you, I am unharmed and am greatful for your concern." She spoke with a loving smile causing him to blush.

Cyborg sarcastacly chuckled upon noticing the cute couple, only to see them quickly separate from their tender embrace.

"So you check to see if she's alright; but when I fall thirty feet onto the hood of a truck you asume that I can handle it." He shook his head after loosening the stiffness in his neck. "I don't know what me hurts more, the fact that I fell or who he ran to in the first place?"

"Don't worry about it tin man, we've got your back." Beast Boy's voice came from the street behind Robin, as Raven crossed her arms.

Cyborg was glad to see the little prankster, and as he grinned his jaw dropped along with Robin's and Starfire's in noticing their teammate wearing his tattard black pants and belt, where his green skin color could be found all over his body.

"Whoa B, what the heck happened to your clothes?"Robin questioned.

Before the changeling could utter a single word, the Empath chimed in as she stepped forwards.

"Let's just say that one of his transformations; couldn't hold in the tight uniform."

Beast Boy cocked his gaze into a baffled expression towards the demoness.

"Was that supposed to be a joke?" He asked.

"Do I look like the kind of person to make a whitty coment after you just saved my hide?"

Everyone shrugged their shoulders, where Beast Boy thought up a quick response yet right before he had a chance to unleash it; both Dr. Light and Mumbo slid down the fire escape and formed their atttack stances.

"Well, so much for that little moment to catch our breaths." Beast Boy sighed.

"What? You were the one who just wanted to get back here." Raven facepalmed.

These two refused to acknowledge one another, while the rest of their allies stood close by.

"Can't you guys just surrender already?" Beast Boy moaned.

"Did I just hear what I thought?" Dr. Light said. "Allow me to illuminate the situation for you, so far you have been the ones to take a crushing blow, one right after the other."

"He's right." said the Amazing Mumbo.

"I told you not to get me mad dude! Now you're pushing it." Cyborg ecstatically replied.

"We still have the numerical superiority." Starfire said with her silk long hair blowing across her shoulders. "Now there are two of you. I am ready to unleash the kicking of the butt."

The lawbreakers turned to face eachother, and quickly understood the new situation with their backs to a cold brick wall.

"I truly don't have anymore time for this." The lonely illusionist with his wand spoke, ready to cast a spell.

"Neither do I!" A deep voice echoed from the roof of the building, just behind the two parties.

What none of Teen Titans or the two criminals could see up close, was that this illusive stranger's left eye was gleeming with vengful hatred, and his right revealed two scars while the color was a solid white. These two defining marks were formed years ago in a brawl of some kind, with one of them being smaller and closer to his right eyebrow, and alongside it was the second, only it was longer and deeper than the first.

"Who said that?" The third villain demands while stepping out of his hiding place.

The red cloaked figure chuckles as he dashes back into the shadows, forcing those below him to turn and observe their surroundings.

"That is simple." The unknown voice continued in a raspy monotone, constantly evading their sightline. "I am the pure burning rage of fire; I am your deepest fear and darkest nightmare."

"Show yourself, whoever you are!" Dr. Light shouts.

"I have a name."

"Really, and what would that be?"

A haunting lull remains for a few seconds, which felt like hours to everyone awaiting an answer. The distant figure smirked as he finally determined a way to make his much anticipated entrance, and while standing up fully Robin could just observe his slender silhouette before anyone else could locate him.

"GET OVER HERE!" The attacker unleashed his battlecry where a shadow chain-link spear pierced into the shoulder of Dr. Light, dragging the sobbing fool into the darkness screaming.

"You asked me my name." The assailant from the rooftop ledge speaks as he hoists his crying trophy for the whole world to witness his very captivating handywork.

"Oh no, not this. Anything but this, please." Dr. Light pleads in horror as he dangles off the edge, like a dying leaf in autumn about to drop to its end.

The hooded male brings his prey's face up to his own so they lock eyes with eachother, and after tying the criminal to a flagpole by his feet he tilts his head to soak in the victory.

"My name is Falcon."

Robin along with his teammate's jaws almost hit the ground at the same moment as they watched this, in seeing the ninja-like observer from the shadows now standing in broad daylight. He was donning a similar shroud like Raven with the hood as it formed into a birds face as his skin tone was gray, where the color of his cloak was a crimson dye and underneath he wore a dark red shirt with black lining on the trim. His long pants were of the same tint while his belt clasp carried a red slash from the upper left to lower right in an oblique slant, and for footwear he wore black converse sneekers. On the middle of his chest a stricking letter 'F' was in the center, standing out for his distinguished alias.

"Dudes, did you guys just see that?"

Beast Boy probed out loud to make sure that his eyes had not played a trick on him, and Raven couldn't seem to take her own gaze off of the young man.

"I couldn't have been the only one to-"

"We know." Cyborg butted in to stop the running questions. "We all saw it."

"You may have thought that was terribly clever." The tuxedo'ed want-to-be-wizard said with his attention reglued to the heroes. "But we'll see who can last longer against Mumbo's will.

Before anything else unexpected can transpire, the Boy Wonder seized the opportunity and charged into the criminal with his bo-staff spinning. A flash of playing cards spiraled forth from Mumbo's right sleeve and the forced knocked the team captain backwards as though he was heading into a brick wall.

Falcon deduced that Dr. Light has been incapasitated and swoops down to partake into the raging conflict, where his outer attire flaps behind him due to his bold decent. Cyborg and Starfire followed in their commander's footsteps, yet they were brushed aside from strange animal balloons and silly-string that becomes ammunition for the battle; however Beast Boy lunges in as a cheetah too quickly to be recountered, forcing the magician to duck as his wand is bashed away from the claws, and Raven unleashed a kick to his dome a split second later sending the top-hat flying into the distance.

Lesser than four minutes of the Titans assualt proves too much for the Amazing Mumbo, who was now rendered helpless without his main tools. The heroes worked together and the underprivileged sleight-of-hand conjurer having lost his dashing hat and wand; capitulates upon getting slammed in the gut from one of Cyborg's fists.

"I told ya not to get me mad, didn't I say that?" The team technician said triumphantly.

The Amazing Mumbo can only see stars dancing about his head, the nasty hit into his belly ended his will to fight any further, as it was the knockout blow.

"Whoa." The changeling scratched the base of his neck. "Not to be the guy to spoil the victory or anything, but I can't even imagine how bad that must have hurt."

In observing his newfound allies were taken out, Mad Mod's final option came to him. He never even wanted to partake in the brawl to begin with and he was back at his first option from the start, of taking off with his precious loot. While Cyborg and Beast Boy bantered back and forth, Robin put his bo-staff back into the belt compartment, to catch a glimps of the final crook making a daring escape.

"He isn't going anywhere." Falcon called out as he saw what was happening.

The Teen Titans were struck numb by this, as the newcomer was getting closer to the heels of the outlandish villain in a chase of his own. Soon, the cloaked vigilante had gained enough ground to make his final strike and in a flash he threw a baseball size orb of glowing fire towards the cane, where the heat forced Mad Mod's hand to drop the staff! The sparkling crystal upon the hilt smashed into the pavement, thus breaking his energy and youth.

"Nooooo!" The criminal gasped in misery at the situation, with his forehead growing wrinkled and his vibrent full head of red hair turning white. "This can't be happening, not to me!"

The triumphant stranger walked over, dragging his second trophy to the team leader's feet.

"Can someone please take this buffoon out of my sight." He spoke with a rasp in his voicebox.

"You will live to regret this day, my dear duckies. Mark my words, you will rue this day for I will get you, all of you!" The elderly broken-down enemy glared with a blistering passion towards his captors, yet they were ignoring his pointless threats.

Using handcuffs from another compartment on his belt, Robin slapped them onto the criminal's wrists and shook his head in silence.

"It looks like it's time for you to go back to jail, old man." Beast Boy nudged Cyborg's elbow after talking, where everyone released a loud sigh from the irritation.

As the heroes collected the other two lawbreakers and tied them together near the sidewalk, Cyborg used his comlink and informed the authorities to make a quick pick-up.

With his back turned, Robin slowly walked over and placed a hand onto the unknown person's shoulder, causing him to face them. Pulling his hood away he unveiled his entire profile. There were two scars across his right eye, his brown hair was spiked to a small degree and in the middle of his forehead, a chakra stone similar to the Empath's resided in the same spot; his skin color could easily be seen to also resemble that of Raven's.

Standing across from him, he was the same height as the Boy Wonder yet his muscles were slightly bigger and more visible than average.

"So, who are you exactly?" Robin asked while holding out his hand as a sign of respect.

"The name's Falcon." The stranger answered with a grin, and upon taking the renowed Jump City savior's grip he gave a firm handshake.

"It's nice to finally meet you." The Boy Wonder paused as they ended their greeting. "You know, I thought I felt somebody watching me."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that." The necromancer said with an apathetic glance, it was obvious he was thinking about something else. "I didn't mean to scare you guys back there; I saw my chance to catch them off guard and went with it. Thanks for distracting them for me though."

"Whoa now, hang on a second." Cyborg barged in unannounced. "That seems like a pretty big statement coming from some kid that I've never even heard of before."

Falcon laughed for a short while catching everyone off balance.

"You must be Cyborg, right?" The kid shook his hand. "Sorry if I took your steam away all too quickly big guy, but I thought you could use my help."

"I don't even know what to say about that."

"You know who we are?" Robin asked bringing a sudden stop to the awkwardness.

"Sure I do, heck most people would if they saw that kind of fighting on any street." Falcon turned back to look at the team captain. "You're Robin and the rest of you guys are the Teen Titans."

"You've heard of us?" Beast Boy chimed in as he hurried over, allowing the fresh face to observe the scraggly remnants of his Doom Patrol uniform.

"It's kind of hard to misplace that bit of information. I take it that you're Beast Boy."

"How could ya tell?"

"Well judging from the green skin, the animal morphing abilities and the fact that you talk constantly in the middle of any battle. I think that those qualities might have given you away, just a smidge."

"Oh." The changeling slumped his shoulders.

"But your reputation has preceded you. Putting the Brain in a freeze trap of his own making was simply genious."

Beast Boy's wide grin returned once more.

"That wasn't even the best part!"

"Oh, and why's that?" Falcon asked.

Everyone else looked at eachother with nausea, they knew what was about to come next.

"After I nabbed him into his own device, I was like hey guys, brain freeze. Get it?" Beast Boy started laughing.

"That's some pretty sly witticism."

"Wow, you really think so? I wonder why nobody else ever says that?" He turned to his friends while tilting his head.

"I would have said it was the ears that made the mark." Raven deadpanned. "Out of the remaining obvious facts, it's good enough though."

"Hey." Beast Boy complained while pointing to them. "The ladies dig the ears."

Raven shook her head without speaking another word.

"She sure knows when to lay it on you little man, even when she doesn't say anything at all." The massive technician smiled. "I liked the bit about his over obsessive need to talk though."

"Ditto." Raven said with a half smirk.


"Are they always like this?" Falcon asked in a soft tone that only Robin could hear.

"You have no idea."

"So, what brings you to our fine city stranger?" Beast Boy asked with Cyborg bent across his shoulder.

"I guess you could say; that I'm looking for someone." Falcon turned away to bite his tongue.

"Alright, so who are you looking for?"

The stranger walked back a few steps to keep the invisible barrier between himself and the heroes.

"Forgive him if he's a bit pushy with the, need-to-know-now stuff." Cyborg replied apologetically, sensing that the prankster somehow stepped out of line.

"Its fine." said he cloaked teenager. "Originally I'm from back east and I came here on buisness."

"You're from the East Coast?" Robin asked, trying to narrow down his questions to uncover who he really was.

"From Massachusetts to be exact, but I have done some traveling around and I guess you could say that Gotham was like a closer home in a certain sense. I've been on the move ever since I left."

Starfire's emerald eyes light up with much enthusiasm and Robin could see it, and he partially decoded her feelings about the matter.

"Do you have a place to sleep?" asked Cyborg.

The friendly unsung hero revealed a frazzled look, and he shrugged his shoulders before talking again.

"I sleep on the go." Pausing to think of something else that would put their thoughts at ease, he smiled a heartfelt glance. "I never thought that I would run into the Teen Titans though."

"So I take it that you're a fan?" Raven asked while stepping forwards.

Falcon stood dumbstruck, she was stunning and her black leotard was showing much of her pale legs and gave him little vibes of attraction, all throughout his body. This was the first time that he met any of them up close, outside of a television screen. As he looked into her eyes, his heart began to race and he was unclear as to whether the persuit was the total cause for it to beat so quickly.

"You could say that." He said.

The group was utterly quiet, while they turned from Falcon and back to Raven.

"You seem to have handled yourself pretty well back there." Robin spoke up.

"I guess so." Falcon replied. "I have some experience in fighting hand to hand."

"Really?" Beast Boy chimed in as he punched the air. "That's cool, maybe you could teach me some moves?"

The necromancer rubbed the base of his elbow while looking to the ground.

"I don't know. I just came to this place in search of someone, not to really make friends or nothing."

"I'm sure that whoever you are in search of, that we can be of your assistance." Starfire answered in front of the group.

"I doubt it, but thanks for the kind offer anyway."

Falcon began to part from them, yet he quickly found his path blocked from the gearhead and changeling.

"You said that you had no place to sleep?" Cyborg asked.

"That you sleep on the go?" Beast Boy said next.

"Yeah, but I don't think-"

"Nonesense, you need a place to spend the night, and we just so happen to have an extra room for you to crash in." Cyborg cut him short. "Don't feel bad about it, it'll be fine."

"Um, this doesn't really feel like a good idea."

"Why is that new friend?" Starfire asked.

Did she just call me … a friend?

"I don't feel like being a burdon on you, my own journey really has me looking for leads, and I never stay in any one place for too long."

The group of misfits at one time believed that they had nowhere else to turn, but then they met eachother and became a very close family. Titans Tower was their home, and with the new kid remaining at bay it caused the heroes to feel his discomfort and want to welcome him into their lives even more.

"For your assistance in the fighting, I think you've earned it." Cyborg spoke up.

"Yeah." Beast Boy said next with a grin. "We all felt the same way when we met for the first time, and look at us now."

Falcon chuckled while studying how they reacted during the brief pauses.

"Falcon." said Starfire; "You must be tired from all your travels, and we would be more than grateful to give you a room."

"Thank you, really you are all too kind but I never felt comfortable around other people before." Falcon sighed. "Its not that I wouldn't love to spend time with you guys, but I mainly didn't come to Jump City to make friends. You don't know anything about me, I'm just some stranger passing on through."

Cyborg and Beast Boy stepped aside to let him walk through with his head bowed down, yet Starfire walked behind him and caused him to stop dead in his tracks.

"You just came here searching for answers; I know that feeling because I too at one point felt the same way."

He turned around to look at her, not saying a word.

"Friends are a good thing, they have shown me that." She hugged him. "Perhaps we can show you as well."

The lone wolf was perplexed by this heartwarming gesture of open arms, and he just stood in his place with his hands up in the air, conflicted with what he should say or do next.

"It takes time to build trust with new faces, but maybe we can help eachother." Robin said as the Tamaranean Princess backed away.

"How do you figure?" He asked.

"You're looking for someone; we can help you with that."

"Plus the way you nabbed Dr. Light and Mad Mod proves you have some skill in a fight." said Beast Boy.

"Yeah, there is no waiting list to join our ranks." Cyborg chimed in.

"Again, I thank you for the opportunity but I don't think I would fit in with you guys."

"Uh hello, I'm green; he's half metal, she's an alien princess who eats mustard with almost anything, the other one is a half demon and Wonder Boy is quiet keen on his hair." The changeling said while pointing to each member.

"It's Boy Wonder!" Robin shouted.

"Yeah, yeah." Beast Boy giggled. "So what makes you think you won't fit in for a while?"

"Hmmm, you do make a good argument, and a bed to sleep in with a roof over my head would be nice." Falcon answered as he ruffled his hair. "I suppose my search can wait for a few more days."

Both Starfire and Beast Boy were thrilled in hearing the news. While the group let out a cheer of total joy, Raven stepped over to Robin and quietly spoke into his ear, with the group hugging and padding the stranger on the back.

"Do you really think that we can trust him?"

Robin turned to her before speaking back.

"I don't see why not. Why, what's bothering you?"

Raven frowned as she uncrossed her arms, and during her silence he spoke again.

"I have a similar feeling too, but that's in the past."

"We should be cautious, tread lightly for who knows what can happen. We don't know anything about the guy and already we're offering him a room, and a possible spot on the team. Can't you see why I don't like the situation, why it feels, awkward?"

"I know he's a new face, just give it a few days." Robin started to walk over with the others. "We can't always hold ourselves back from meeting new people Raven; this could be a good thing."

Soon the other four heroes were walking down the wide street and back to their home, as the police rounded up the unlucky villains to bring to the central prison. Raven was now standing by herself and thinking over what had happened, she recalled that things were going to be out of her hands at certain points, and that new things would bring about intricate changes. The only thing that was known was that she and her teammates were getting older; struggles weren't the same as they used to be and even the games they played were turning dull. Burried feelings of mistrust and doubt were crawling upon her spine, and for moment she didn't know what course of action to take.

"Hey, are you coming along?" Beast Boy's voice called out, causing the demoness to awaken from her frozen glance at the pavement.

"Yeah." She answered back while jogging to meet up. She felt that life was moving forwards again, and if she did not stay close to the others, then she could miss out on some great things.

{{End of Scene}}

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