Babysitter's Club Reunion

By Tammy Kaiser


"Karen Arianna Taylor get your little bottom down here on the double. We're late enough as it is!" I called upstairs to my daughter.

My name is Kristy Taylor. I am the president and founder of Babysitter's Club Incorporated which now boasts 2,000 clubs nationwide and has become the most successful babysitting agency in the country. I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband Bart and our four children, Karen, Bartholomew, Charlie, and Alexa. Karen is our oldest. She's nine. Bart and I had her when we were both just 17. I call her my mini me. She is just as bubbly and outgoing as her namesake, my sister Karen, was at her age. 13 months later we had Bartholomew Watson or Bart Jr. He's seven and a half and looks exactly like his uncle David Michael. About a week before I turned 21 we had Charlie Ian. He's five. He is actually the only one of our boys that looks like Bart. Finally about three months ago Alexa MaryAnne was born. She has been a wonderful baby.

"Moooooommmm," Karen whined as she came down the stairs. "Bart hid my pink High School Musical sneakers. I can't find them anywhere."

"Bart, did you take your sister's shoes?" I asked my son.

"What a baby." Bart replied as he walked over to the hall closest and brought out Karen's brand new sneakers that I had bought her the day before. We were getting ready to leave for the airport for a trip to Stoneybrook, Connecticut to visit family and friends. For four years when I was a teenager I was the president of the original Babysitter's Club. We finally disbanded when we were 17. Let me tell you it's not easy to conduct a meeting when you are seven months pregnant. Now the members of the original Babysitter's Club were reuniting for the first time in six years.

Bart maneuvered our blue mini van down the drive way and on to our street.

"Mommy," said Bart. "Are we going to get to see Auntie MaryAnne and Uncle Logan?"

My longtime friend MaryAnne Bruno and her husband Logan still lived in Stoneybrook. I had made them Bart's godparents. Karen and David Michael had been Karen's and my brother Charlie and his wife, Marissa had been Charlie's. We were going to have Alexa baptized when we were in Stoneybrook. I had asked my brother Sam and his wife Stacey to be her god parents. Stacey also happens to be a good friend of mine and the treasurer of the original club.

"Yes hon, And Auntie Karen and Auntie Emily and your Uncles, and Grandma and Grandpa."

An hour later I had Karen Bart and Charlie settled into three seats behind Bart and I and a flight attendant was helping me strap Alexa's car seat into the seat between mine and Bart's. The plane was due to take off in ten minutes. We would fly into New York and than take a train to Stoneybrook where we would be met by mom, Watson, Karen, Andrew and Emily. I couldn't wait to see my family.