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Luke Castellan had severed his ties with Camp Half-Blood a year ago.

But he was back.

Would anyone believe him if he said the voice of reason, deep in him, spoke to him and told him to believe in Percy, to trust the god Hermes and to accept that he just could not work the way he does. Would they?

They did.

And that was all that mattered.

"Luke?" The blonde turned around and saw Annabeth staring up at him. She sounded tentative, as if she was still cautious of the fact that he could spring out right now and wring her neck. He smiled at her, wiping the back of his hand on his mouth.

He knew exactly why a salty taste lingered on his lips.

"Hey, Annabeth," he raised a hand and grinned at her – it may have come out too sly because Annabeth shrunk again from his gaze, though her grey eyes were hard, determined. As if she had something important to tell him.

"I wanted to tell you that I'm glad you're back. Even if this gratification is a little late. But I wanted you to know that...What happened last summer, it doesn't matter now, because you've changed." This time, Annabeth smiled at him.

"I still appreciate it, Annabeth." Luke gave her a small hug that ended too soon. He had pulled away – it wasn't like he didn't find her attractive, no, it was something else. He just knew she couldn't meet his needs, couldn't satisfy him.

"Percy thinks the same thing. He still hasn't gone around and told you, because he's been stubborn, but he is happy to have you back." And good, as if nothing had ever changed.

Luke's grin turned into a half-hearted smile and his eyes glinted, sparking some mischief.

Of course Percy had told him he appreciated his prescence back at Camp.

"Don't worry about it, Annabeth. Percy can make amends during sword training."

"Grover thought Percy's bee too hard on you, has he?"

A shake of the head.

"At least the god's weren't too hard on you...They believe your story, that you were...You know."

He just smiled at her, bemused now. The gods, not harsh? Who was she kidding? She wasn't the one they had punished for months on end, it was he who had endured torture, and it was he who had to look Hermes in the eyes, every single time the sunset, and apologize for what he had done. And mean it. It wasn't easy, but he made it out as if he was serious.

"Well...I'll be going then."

"Thanks again, Annabeth. I appreciate your trust."

And once more, he would find a way to break that trust.

Looking up at the sky, he could just make out gray storm clouds. He smirked and then went back to polishing his bronze sword.

Luke's a man with intelligence.

And with intelligence comes plans.


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