Understanding – part III.
By Sasha.

Warnings: Language, adult themes, SMUT. Rated M+

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters, settings, etc. from the PLUM series are the property of Janet Evanovich. No copyright infringement is intended. I am not making any profit; all credit goes to the aforementioned author.

For Cara and Teena's challenge.

My eyes were fixated on his face – I loved watching him as he indulged in pleasure. Releasing him from my mouth, my hands let go until only three of my fingers trailed faintly up and down. Ceasing all attention to his cock, I placed my hands on his shoulders and let my hair tickle his chest before my lips locked on his.

In a flash, I found myself on my back once again, Ric's hard body pressing along every inch of mine.

"My turn." I gulped as soon as the words left his mouth.


He captured my lips in a breathtaking kiss before slowly unzipping my jeans. His hands slid under the fabric at each of my hips before he moved the denim it down past my butt. His low guttural groan let me know he'd just discovered my next treat.

"Christ, Babe," He murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of my bare mound before he roughly pushed my pants to my ankles. "I don't know how many more of these surprises I'm going to be able to handle."

The giggle that escaped my lips turned into a low moan as one of his fingers ran down my slick folds. I gasped and arched against him as he repeated the process. His deep throaty chuckled made me tingle from head to toe. He removed the finger, much to my disappointment, but brought it to his lips before wrapping his mouth around it and sucking slowly. I whimpered and tried to tug him back to me. He completely ignored me, and instead leaned down and kissed a trail from my neck to my belly button. I shuddered and cried out as he pulled away again, this time kneeling by my feet. Trying to sit up and pull him back to me, I found one of his hands on my stomach, pushing me down into the makeshift bed as his other hand removed my boots, socks and jeans. Then he was crawling up my body, making a trail with his lips as he moved. I was frantically writhing under his touch.

"Ric, please" I panted as he kissed around my nipples, not touching me anywhere else. Damn the man was infuriating.

"Please what, Babe?" I was distracted by his lips and didn't notice where his hands were until one finger pushed steadily into my slick core. I cried out in satisfaction.

"God, Ric!" I murmured over and over as his finger moved in and out of me slowly, teasingly, his lips still kissing my skin. Another finger joined the first, both curling inside me, rubbing my g-spot. Pleasure was shooting through my body in sharp bursts, a low tingling in my belly signalling I was so close to doomsday. I felt his thumb rubbing circles on and around my clit a few seconds before he bit down gently on my neck and I was spinning into oblivion.

"Wake up, Steph." I heard his husky voice and opened my eyes. I was cradled naked against his chest, panting heavily. One of his hands was softly stroking my side, the fingers of his other hand was rubbing up and down my cheek.

"Huh? What just happened?" I queried, confused. I could still feel the aftershocks of my mind blowing orgasm rippling through me. Damn, the man really was a sex God; it wasn't often that I passed out during sex.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly, kissing my forehead, eyelids and then lips sweetly.

"Mmmmm hmmm. Never been better, wonderful husband of mine." I smiled at him and started kissing and nipping his jaw as I cupped him in both my hands. He groaned and I soon found myself in the familiar position of being pinned beneath him.

"Soon, Babe," Ric declared. "But not yet." I groaned unhappily. I wanted this man buried deep inside me and I wanted it now! "Patience, lover." I shivered at his tone, hoping whatever he had planned would suffice for the time being. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, anything this man did to my body would more than likely suffice!

He moved down my body until he was lying between my thighs. His shoulders pushed my legs further apart as he shamelessly stared at my bare pussy. I bit my lip as he dipped his head and inhaled deeply. Oh. My. God.

"Mmmmm, you smell like home, Babe." I whimpered, until a low cry was torn from my throat as his tongue darted along my slit.

His mouth was magical, wonderful in its torture of my most intimate area; the sensations seemed amplified tonight, my bare sex tingling, much more sensitive than usual. Maybe I'd have to try this again sometime... He groaned against my sex, the vibration sending me over the edge again and I screamed his name.

When I finally came down he was crawling back up my body, his mouth descending on mine.

"You're so beautiful when you cum." Ric murmured, kissing me again.

I watched as he slowly pushed into me, felt his body stretching and filling mine like no other man ever had. It was always the way; every time felt like our first to me, maybe even better. The excitement was always there, the passion and the love; the sexual tension and chemistry between us never seemed to fade and I hoped it never would.

The pleasure he was creating in my body was mind numbing. He shifted his hips a little and suddenly was brushing against my sweet spot with every unhurried thrust. I quickly approached my peak, my body tightening around his when he abruptly stilled for a moment, kissing my closed eyelids, nose and mouth tenderly before rocking against me. Arching into him as my body begged for release, he continued to just slowly rock his hips against mine while whispering sweet words of love and affection. Many minutes passed, maybe even an hour before I finally broke down and begged.

"More, more, please," I cried, bucking, trying to get him to go faster. He didn't indulge me, rather whispered that now was not the time for a quick climax. Groaning, I relaxed into his rhythm wrapping my ankles loosely around him, feeling how we fit perfectly together, rather than thinking about my release. His hands gripped my butt as he carefully sat up, keeping me in his lap as he kneeled.

"Babe, I'm in no rush – just let me feel you; love you; appreciate our connection. I would stay buried inside you – twenty – four – seven if I could." He panted, rotating his hips gratifyingly.

"Ric!" I gasped, squeezing my legs tightly, that were now around his waist. Reaching around us and between his legs, I fondled his balls lightly before massaging that spot just before his anus, shattering his control.

"Babe!" He pounded up into me forcefully, possessively chanting, "Mine!"

Thank God, I don't know how much more of that slow burning intensity I could have taken.

His lips fused with mine, his tongue in my mouth stroking in time to his new fast rhythm. "Yes, yes!" I cried loudly against his lips. His hand soon moved to my breast and started massaging, tweaking the nipple, oh God, this felt good.

"You make me feel so good." I whispered against his ear. "You really have ruined me for all other men."His reply was a groan and his hand slid down to where we were joined and started slowly massaging my clit. He brought me to the edge then stopped touching me, slowing his strokes before beginning all over again. I groaned. He chuckled, drawing a moan out of both of us.

"I still have a little control, Babe. Can't give into you too easily." Ric spoke softly, teasing me with short, half thrusts.

Within minutes though, I could feel his balls tightening. His pace increased again and he started rubbing my clit faster and harder, unrelenting in his pressure. Unexpectedly, I felt my walls clenching around him, his balls tightening, him shuddering, then we both exploded together, crying out the others name, another scream escaping mine.

We collapsed together in the blankets, breathing heavily and sharing the occasional kiss.

"I'm not done with you yet, Babe." He mumbled after recovering a few minutes later.

"Oh?" I raised my eyebrows without opening my eyes.

"No." His fingers brushed across my forehead and down my cheek. "Roll onto your stomach, lover." Ric continued, his hands now urging my body to move.

My eyes blinked open and I gazed at him as he hovered above me.

"How can you still be hard after that?" I wondered, running my nails high along his thigh, staring at his half hard cock that was beginning to stiffen again.

"I haven't made love to you in three weeks. We've got some catching up to do. You know I have a high libido, Babe, not to mention strength, stamina, and an unfaultable diet and exercise routine. I'm as healthy as a twenty year old, if not healthier. I could go all day every day." His cat ate the canary grin made me want to fault him.

"I don't believe you." I pouted. It just didn't seem possible...

"How many times a night, every night, do we have sex? Five at the least and that's not counting what we do during the day. Babe, that's not exactly normal for a man of my age. I'm a, what is it you call me, a Sex God. This isn't my ego talking; this is a statement of fact. One that you enjoy usually. Now roll over Babe, and let me pleasure you." A smack on my butt had me rolling over with a few muttered complaints.

His hand trailed slowly down my back before he moved a pillow under my head and another under my hips.

"Ric," I warned, a little nervously. Even after being married for eight months, I still wasn't ready for butt stuff - I probably never would be. Bad experiences tend to have that effect.

"Easy, Babe." He murmured, pressing a kiss to one of my butt cheeks, before moving away. "Be back in a second."

I heard some soft, classic music start playing and relaxed into the bedding. My eyes were shut and I was drifting towards sleep by the time that Ric returned. He straddled my butt, kissed the back of my neck and poured a warm, scented liquid onto my back. Instantly, his hands went to work, kneading and massaging my muscles until I was a puddle of goo. I felt him move down my body, working on my legs and feet. Ric's magical hands cupped and kneaded my butt, turning me on more than I would like. I cried out into the pillow when his fingers slid between my legs and played in my wet heat until he asked me to turn over. Rubbing my legs together, I did as he asked. Moving over me, he set back to work skilfully rubbing my stomach. Ric caressed my breasts, fondling my nipples until I was positively squirming before he skipped where I needed him most, and finished my legs.

"Please, Ricardo!" I moaned as he kissed the juncture between my thighs and my torso.

"Please what, lover?" Ric chuckled, kissing my thigh and stroking his fingers along my side.

"Please make love to me; I need you inside of me!" I exclaimed desperately.

Abruptly I found him above me. He removed the pillow from under my hips and turned me onto my side, facing away from him. His body settled in behind me, one of his legs moving between both of mine. I felt his throbbing cock rub against my entrance. Ric's lips made their way from the back of my neck to my cheek, eventually finding my lips. He was propped up on his elbow, leaning over me slightly, watching my face as he guided his cock inside me.

This time, we rocked together in a sumptuous rhythm that had me seeing stars.

Our gentle pace lasted what felt like a lifetime, until our climaxes washed over us.

Slipping out of me, Ric turned over onto his back. I rolled over and curled up against his chest, throwing one of my legs across his and sliding my hand up his chest and around his neck to rest loosely at the base of his head. Sighing contentedly, I pressed a kiss to his skin and mumbled, "Love you." The sweat cooling on my body made me start shivering. In less than a few seconds, the silk sheet was draped over our bodies. I felt his lips press repeatedly to my head as I drifted between sleep and awareness.

"The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart. I'd be so lost without yours, Babe." His voice whispered through my mind as sleep finally took me.

I knew the next time I woke; I'd be showing him just how lost I'd be without him.

The end.

(Word count – excluding flashback – 2079 words).