Crossover for Harry Potter and Addams Family

Title: He's an Addams?!!!!

Genre: Adventure/Erotica/Romance

Summary: The Potters had two sons; a three year old Thomas, and a two year old Harry. The night Voldemort attacked, both the cursed one himself and Harry were hit by a killing curse. Voldemort died, Harry disappeared from England, and Thomas was named the boy-who-lived. Now, what would happen if Harry reappeared on the table in a house feared by all wizards, he was raised by a family feared by all wizards? Why, he would have to be an Addams, wouldn't he?

Warnings: bdsm, incest, fisting, beastiality, torture, erotica, (others I'll decide later)

Pairing: LV/HP, LM/HP, SS/HP. Maybe others


Harry Potter is not the boy who lived; He is the boy who was sacrificed. According to the ministry records, Harry Potter never lived past that fateful October evening. His older brother, Thomas, did though. Seeing as Thomas was born on July thirty-first as well as Harry, only two years before Harry, and he had a similar name to Voldemort's true name, He was taken to be the most likely boy-who-lived. That October night that Voldemort attacked the Potter household was a terrible one. James and Lilly Potter were asleep when Voldemort barged into their house. They had been given a sleeping draught by their friend, Peter Pettigrew.

He had mixed it in their tea earlier that night so as to make it easier to break in and kill the Potter children. Voldemort swept past the sleeping adults and up the stairs, going straight for the playroom that the boys were in. When he opened the door, He saw Harry in his baby bed and Thomas on the floor, on the other side of the room, playing with his magical wooden blocks.

Voldemort decided that since Harry was closer, he would kill him first. He raised his wand and prepared to shout the killing curse, but something in the young boy's eyes stayed the words from his mouth. The young boy of only a year was the cutest little thing he had ever seen. He had hair of the blackest pitch, that stood out from his head in ever which way. His eyes were big and almond shaped, the color being a captivating emerald color with little spots of red near the pupil. Voldemort shook as a chill swept through his body. He walked over the child he knew as Harry and picked him up, if he had his way, then the child and he would be together forever. Voldemort raised his wand and shouted the killing curse, aiming for the other Potter child, Thomas. His eyes widened in shock as the two-year old fell backwards and the curse bounced off the mirror behind him and rebounded into himself and Harry. Thomas's cries and Voldemort's and Harry's screams mixed; Thomas from fear, Voldemort from the pain of his body evaporating, and Harry from the pain of his magic ripping itself apart.

An hour later found Dumbledore and a handful of Aurors rushing inside the room. He noticed the robes that had once clung to Voldemort's skin laying on the floor. He then noticed Thomas' shrieks and the still body of Harry Potter lying in this crib. He sighed sadly, shaking his head at what could only be the corpse of the Potter's youngest son, and walked over the crying Thomas. His eyes twinkled as he noticed a cut on Thomas's head in the shape of a checkmark, it resembled a V almost. He picked the toddler up and held him over his head, declaring loudly, "THE BOY-WHO-LIVED!". As everyone began the cap and cheer, not a single person noticed the body of one Harry James Potter evaporate in a shower of sparkling magic.

The next day, everyone in the wizarding world new of Voldemort's supposed demise at the hands of Thomas James Potter and there were many parties and celebrations. No one cared that the body of Harry could not be found. No one cared that a baby was found the very day of their celebrations by a family considered the richest, most eccentric and scary of all wizarding family to exist. The baby was adopted into this family and lived happily for many years as a child could possibly live in a family such as his own. A family...of Addams.


I am writing this story because I love Harry Potter and Addams Family and I love them even more when they are crossovers. This is the first fan fiction that I have ever typed up and published online, so I'm really looking forward to any reviews. Constructive criticism only please. I really don't like reviews where people fuss about how they don't like the story because of the pairings or names or some such content. I also do not like flaming. Complaining because of spelling or how the story's content doesn't flow is one thing, but if someone complains because my story is a gay romance I am going to reply with some not so nice words. Also, I will be leaving the explicit content out of these chapters. To find the story that includes all information and explicit content please go to my account. My account is currently being temperamental, but I will have it fixed and working in no time flat…hopefully. Lol My username on that site should be reaperluci or ReaperLuci. From now on, author notes shall only be at the bottom of each chapter, unless extremely important. All warnings shall be placed at the beginning of each chapter. Now then, I hope you enjoyed my prologue. Please look forward to the next chapter coming soon. ^.^