Episode 37: Cromartie High School

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Airanruto45 aka The Classic Critic sat at his desk once more wondering if anyone forgot about him. "Hello I'm the Classic Critic; I remember it so you're not required to and before I head back to school next week I decided why not talk about an anime that revolves around a school or more specifically one where nothing is as it seems and just about anything can happen; case in point Cromartie High School." Airnaruto said as the theme song of the show played in the background.

Kamiyama: Warning the guys that appear in this anime are delinquents. Please do not under any circumstances imitate anything they do.

"Anyway, Cromartie High School is basically what one would get if they cross spliced Azumanga Daioh with a bunch of Adult Swim short shows like; Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalacolypse, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and so on." Airnaruto said explaining what kind of show it is. "The plot centers on Takashi Kamiyama, an above average student who has his whole life ahead of him and could go to any high school he wants." Airnaruto said before the screen cut back to him. "Now I'm sure you're gonna ask me; if that's so then why the hell did he choose Cromartie High the worst and most dangerous high school in the country?" Airnaruto asked in place of his audience as he showed pages from the manga explaining why Kamiyama chose to enroll at Cromartie. "Well he wanted to attend a high school with his best friend but since his friend was a moron they decided to enroll in a school so bad where the only requirement to enter is spelling your name right, unfortunately this even proves to be too much for his buddy and Kamiyama has to go it alone. Now why am I showing pages from the manga instead of clips from the anime the anime did this." Airnaruto said as he showed what the anime did.

Kamiyama: Man how did I end up here? If you want to find out just read the manga.

The camera cut back to Airnaruto with a raised eyebrow. "So basically this series is just yet another advertising tool for the manga?" He asked getting a nod from JC619.

"Anyway once there, the students think that Kamiyama is the toughest kid in the school since a rabbit would never willingly step into a den of lions so to speak." Airnaruto said, "Anyway Kamiyama's goal throughout the show is to change Cromartie high school for the better and it would be fine if it wasn't for the amount of insanity, the ridiculous cast of characters, and nonsense that goes on in the school. Speaking of the cast here they are." Airnaruto said as he ran down the list.

"First is Shinjiro Hayashida Kamiyama's first friend at the school known for his fake purple Mohawk. Hayashida is one delinquent that helps Kamiyama blend into the insane world of Cromartie but streetwise he's literally dumber than a gorilla." Airnaruto said as he held up a photo of said delinquent before switching to another photo of a blonde haired delinquent. "Next is Akira Maeda, a delinquent who claims he's always getting into fights and never loses unfortunately the rest of the cast ignores him because he doesn't have a nickname. He's often the only character with any common sense, and he constantly gets abducted by the delinquents of Bass high school, and is often the unwilling host of Cromartie's gatherings at his house, he also bares a strong resemblance to his mother which often scares people." Airnaruto said as he showed a photo of Maeda's mother to the audience who screamed and ran off. "What?" Airnaruto asked before looking at the photo himself; "OH GOD THAT'S SICK!" He screamed as he ran off.

Please Stand By

Several minutes later, everyone returned to the studio, "Sorry about that anyway now that we're done with the normal guys let's move on to the freaks." Airnaruto said as he held up a photo of a robot in a school uniform. "Shinichi Mechazawa is one of the most notorious delinquents at Cromartie while it's often implied that he's a robot no one except the three main characters seem to notice or even give a damn about it." Airnaruto said before moving on to a man who looked real familiar. "Next is Freddie, a man with a uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury lead singer of Queen although he never talks and it's often claimed that he's mute Freddie does have a good singing voice and it's the only time he ever speaks, according to Hayashida as long as he attended, Cromartie would be the Olympics for badasses and delinquents, he also rides to school on an extremely powerful, extremely large and possibly wild horse named Black Dragon." Airnaruto said before a scene from episode 1 of the show appeared; "and finally for the sake of being completely insane the campus also has a gorilla. No I'm not kidding you, he sometimes wears a watch, is a licensed sushi chef and is considered smarter than most of the cast which doesn't really surprise me." Airnaruto said as the gorilla just stared at him before moving on to the next batch of characters. "Next is Yutaka Takenuchi the leader of the first year students at Cromartie, known to be an incredible fighter and reliable person his only weakness is that he gets motion sick. Although he loves field trips he hates having to travel as he gets motion sick real easily and struggle with all his willpower not to vomit. Next is Takeshi Hokuto, the son of the head of a major Japanese conglomerate and the chairman of several schools in Japan because of this he was able to use his dad's influence to rule every school he went to until he came to Cromartie because he had no clue that it was public school and he shows up wearing the wrong uniform white instead of black. Despite his setbacks, he constantly schemes to take over Cromartie, Japan, heck even the world." Airnaruto said before the camera cut back to him clamping his mouth shut about the last part.


"Damn it I thought I got rid of that joke." Airnaruto said before moving on to the other points of the show. "Anyway I would continue talking about the characters but then we would be here all day." Airnaruto said before moving on to the next part of the review.

"Moving on to the technical aspects, while the series is well drawn, and detailed it looks a bit gritty and the animation is minimal to be honest but I think it helps with the whole inner voice dynamic the show uses frequently. The characters don't rely so much on development as they do on their interactions with one another and the chemistry between them in this regard is handled very well by the writing as the show makes constant references to pop culture and music mostly Queen references that are up the wazoo, rock bands, and athletes; in fact the four high schools in this series are named after non-Japanese baseball players that made it big in Japanese professional baseball; Randy Bass, Charlie Manuel, Oretes Destrade, and Warren Cromartie." Airnaruto explained as he showed each players trading card. "Now you're probably going to ask with an anime this ludicrous how does it end?" Airnaruto said for his audience before answering; "They took the first episode and rehashed it to parody the anime/manga series Mary watches over us, trust me you would want to barf at that episode." Airnaruto said as he showed clips from the episodes.

"Overall Cromartie High School is one of those anime that will constantly pop back in your head if you're looking for some insanity to unwind the stress during your day, I won't say it's for everyone as profanity is used quite a bit in the show but the pop culture references are clever, the characters are likably stupid, and it just makes you wish you attended Cromartie high school I give it 4 stars out of 5." Airnaruto said as he began to wrap up the review.

"Well that's it for now folks, until next time, I'm the Classic Critic; I remember it so you're not required to." Airnaruto said as he got up and left the desk.

Cromartie High School recap:


Hilarious nonsensical situations

Pop culture references that do not serve as a distraction

Nice use of inner voice

Queen references up the nuts

Great character interaction


Disturbing final episode

The fact that a gorilla is allowed on campus let alone behind the counter of a sushi bar

Not much in the way of character development

Plot that's all over the place

Final verdict: **** out of 5.