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Since you all INSISTED that there should be at least a bit more, you know, an epilogue or something, well, here it is. Btw, since the last chapter was all Annabeth, this is all PERCY! Yaaaay!


Percy's POV:


Oh, god. How many times is that now? Fourty? Fifty?

Ever since coming back to New York, which was, say, three days ago, every addresses me with either;

A yell.

A scream.

A shout.

A cry.

A bellow.

…you get the picture.

In my opinion, it should stop. I mean, do I want to be treated like I've committed some kind of felony?

No. I do not.

Seriously. Everyone should have expected this. I mean, it's always been me and Annabeth. Always. Marriage just kind of made it…official.

I turned right now, to see which new adult was yelling at me. It wasn't someone I had expected to see so soon.


Ah, crap.

I should have gone to her first, I know, I know. But I thought that, in fear of being blasted to smitherins, I should go to the gods. Especially since one of them was a father of mine; one I'd previously flipped off.

Yeah, so, I had been here at Olympus for the last three days. As awful as it sounds, I'd kind of forgotten about Mom. Well, not really…but…

Okay. Fine. So, I was avoiding her.

The reason was that my mother knew me and loved me so much. Like, neck-in-neck-with-Annabeth much. And facing her after doing something…well, something I should but hadn't gotten permission for…well, it wasn't really comfortable.

"Hi, mom," I said, gulping, turning slowly.


"I'm sorry." That was my reflex reaction to my name lately. I think its been hardwired into my brain. Probably by Annabeth, who, right now, I was actually wishing was here.

My mom stared at me for a bit. This had been what I was avoiding, this…knowingness. My mom didn't need me to say anything. She knew how I felt. I mean, I could feel it all over my face.

"Don't be," she said slowly, "But, please, explain."

I finally met her eyes. They were completely unreadable. I think both my parents have some kind of insane super power that lets them do that.

I gulped again. "I, um, got married. In Vegas. To Annabeth."

She tilted her head now. "I know."

Gods. Must she be so intense?

"W-what do you want to know then?" I asked, my eyes darting around, my thoughts begging Annabeth to just…appear. She was so much better at explaining.

My mom's expression finally caved. She sighed and looked at me with tired eyes, but, they had a bit of a sparkle in them, like she was at least a bit happy.

Well. That makes one person.

"I know, Percy. I don't think it was right to be…well, right now, but I understand. You love her. It's given. And…well, I won't make a fuss because I know you're growing up," she said, her eyes becoming a bit sad towards the end. "It's just…you're not my boy anymore. You're Annabeth's man."

I felt a small wave of sadness wash over me. It was true…but I wanted to be my momma's boy again. I had always been attached to her, unbelievably attached. I wished that I could be two people: my mom's and Annabeth's.

But…well, marriage, it made the choice for me. I felt guilty for been so…sporadic about it. It was supposed to be an event for everyone to accept the new me. It was supposed to be the one event where I could be two people; just before I would have to break off the part of me that was my mom's…my dad's…until I would devote myself to the blond-haired girl that I wished was beside me right now.

I gulped. Oh, man. I knew there was a reason I had avoided Mom. It had been to keep a realization away.

The realization that with our wedding we'd been a bit…selfish.

I guess I'm going have to do what I've kept at the back of my head for a while now.

I sighed now. I meet my mother's eyes. Awkward as ever, I stumbled forward and gave her a hug. She hugged me back gently. I buried my face in her neck for a moment, smelling her hair. It was comforting, like childhood. I loved her. And I would do this for her.

I'd made my decision.

I left, then, because my Mom, who I think might be psychic, seemed to understand. She waved me off. And then, I left to find Annabeth.

As I walked across Olympus to the backroom's where Annabeth's little office-y station was, I thought about how the gods had reacted when we'd told them. The memory flashed in my head.

(two days ago, mid-day)

I held Annabeth's warm hand as we climbed into the elevator.

"Oh, shit," I said, my eyes widening, "They're gonna kill us. We're gonna be blown to smithereens. Oh, gods, Annabeth, I'm sorry. I'll be killed 'fore I'll get to prove that I'm an awesome husband."

She suppressed a smile. "Percy. They're not going to kill us."

"Well, then, they'll kill me. They'll just let you work on Olympus."

She tried harder to keep from laughing. It wasn't funny. I was actually panicking.

"Percy," she was near my face now, reaching up and lightly trailing her fingers over my lips, then my cheek. I let out a long breath, calming down a bit. "We'll be fine."

I nodded, gulping. We'd reached our floor.

We stepped out and saw the gods in front of us. Every single one of them, standing in front of the pair of us, in human form. They were still menacing as ever, though.

I gulped harder. They'd ambushed us. We were surround.

I told Annabeth we were gonna die. I'd TOLD her.

"Erm, hello," Annabeth breathed. Ha, so NOW she was nervous?

"PERCY JACKSON!" (see, I told you! Everyone just yells my name like some kind of messed up battle call) Athena yelled. "HOW DARE YOU-"

"Mother," Annabeth said softly, but intensely.

Athena's mouth shut. I straightened up a bit, from my cringing position.

"Percy and I are married. I'd like you to give us your blessing," Annabeth said, very calmly.

Athena's eyes flashed and then burned with a silent rage. "Never."

Was it me or did I sense that Athena's voice was a bit broken in the last syllable?

Athena's eyes darted at me, as if daring me to repeat my thoughts. She could hear me. And I was right.

Athena's eyes radiated anger more. She took a slight step closer to me. I shut my thoughts up.

I looked down around at everyone, meeting each gaze for a moment. Zeus looked like he was wondering why he was here. I heard him snort. Huh. I was right about one person.

Artemis and Apollo looked bored and shrugged when I looked them. They didn't really care. Artemis and Apollo both cracked a smile at that. Right again, I guess.

I looked at Aphrodite and Hestia next. Aphrodite was ignoring me; I guess she was still kind of hurt over the whole party thing. She met my eyes when I thought that. I said, directed straight at Aphrodite; I'm sorry.

She gave me a small smile, one that might suggest that in the far, far future she'd forgive me. She smiled a bit more, her eyes gaining the heart-felt twinkle that had convinced me that the Goddess of Love wasn't so bad.

Hestia just gave me a small smile. It was enough to tell me that she approved. Hera just rolled her eyes at me. I guess she approved since she was the goddess of marriage and all and the fact that we'd even achieved it was enough.

I saved my father for last. I had felt his eyes on me the entire time. I took a deep breath and met his eyes; identical to mine.

He was just staring at me, one eyebrow cocked. I breathed again. "Hi Dad," I said.

He didn't say anything back. Man, I was dreading this.

"I'm, um, sorry I flipped you off before." Zeus snorted again and even my dad's lips twitched.

"You're forgiven for that."

I gulped. For that. Oh, well, golly. Thanks, Dad.

"I'd like to ask for your blessing, too."

Poseidon didn't look at me. Instead he met the eyes of Athena. They looked at each other, then back at me, both of them at once. I felt ambushed all over again.

"All I've got to say, Percy, is that you should do it right," he said, his eyes turning ominous, "Or you shouldn't do it at all."

(end of flashback)

I turned the corner, heading further into Olympus, still looking for Annabeth.

My dad had implanted a thought into my head, one that I was acting on now, and had left it there. He knew it. His funny smile when he looked at me; his tilted head; they all told me that, hey, he knows.

I clenched my jaw. He had been right. And he'd probably told my mom, who had thought the same thing. And then they sent my subconscious mind a message; Tell Percy to do it or we won't give him our blessing.

As a matter of fact, they hadn't even given us answers for our blessings.

And, ironically, I crashed into Athena just as I thought this.

"Oh, gods," I breathed, jumping away. "I'm so sorry."

She brushed off her clothes. "No harm done," she said in that platonic tone of hers.

I gulped. It was time to ask Athena for her blessing for Plan B. She shot me a questioning look; sensing my thoughts. She cocked an eyebrow as she said; "What is it you need this blessing for?"

I didn't reply. I just pushed the thoughts to her. For a moment, her face was empty; she was reading my thoughts. Then, she smiled, just a tiny bit.

"You're not as stupid as I thought."

I had to snort at that. She really was Annabeth's mother.

"But, as for the blessing…"

I held my breath.

"…I think you'll need a gift as well."

I let out a long whoosh of air in relief. I gave Athena a big smile and said; "I promise to take care of her."

She was already walking away when she threatened, "Oh, you'd better."

I was too happy to feel scared. Now, I sprinted off, still looking for Annabeth. Where in Hades was she anyway? Do people just disappear like that?

I finally saw her, in the distance, reading some book as she sat at the bottom of a pure white Eros fountain. I ran over to her. She looked up; confused, happy and questioning.

"Hey," I said, breathless.

"Hi," she said; her brow furrowing. I felt my heart stutter when her eyes meet mine. She was so pretty.

"I…need…to..ask…you," I said, still trying to catch my breath. Her being so…good-looking didn't help with that.

Annabeth raised her eyebrows. "I figured."

I smiled a bit, still panting. "Okay. Here goes."

"Annabeth, I love you," I breathed, I stared into her grey eyes for a long time before saying the next part. "I love you and I want to make our live perfect."

She nodded, her eyes latched with mine. I grumbled, giving up the whole Romeo thing I was trying at.

"Okay. Let's just say this the Percy-way, okay?"

Her lips twitched. She nodded again. Hades, she was cute, too.

"Okay. Okay. I love you. And 'cause you're so smart, you know that our marriage won't be perfect, but I'll try my damn hardest to make it that way. And, Annabeth, I made a plan. I know," I meet her eyes, giving her a tiny smile. "That's usually your job."

She tiled her head, using her body to ask me; What's the plan?

I took a breath. Here goes nothing. Or everything. Or…oh, who cared?

I never let my eyes leave Annabeth's face as I said; "Annabeth, I married you in the most Annabeth-and-Percy-ish way known to man. And gods. But…I can't not marry you in every way. I can't be selfish and keep our marriage as something for us. Because…well, we've got the rest of our lives for that. And, also, because marriage is kind of like saying bye to old me, one that belonged to my mom, my dad, my family and friends and saying hello to new me; who belongs only and only to you."

Annabeth was frozen now. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing so I said my next few words in a shaky voice.

"I need you in every way. You body, your head, your heart…so, I think our…matrimony should be something like that. So, please, Annabeth Chase, divorce me," I watched her face mold into pure terror. I said the next line breathlessly. "And then, please, marry me all over again."

Annabeth just stared at me with her mouth ajar for a moment. Then her eyes watered a bit. She gulped visibly. She didn't say anything.

I was frozen now. I didn't know what to do, so I reached for her hand, pulled off her wedding ring and sank down on one knee. I stared at and said it again:

"Annabeth Chase, divorce me and then marry me again. Marry me in the cheesiest, most uncomfortable and fanciest way. Hades, marry me a few times. As long as it's with you, I'm happy."

I could see the tears burning in her eyes now. I could feel them in mine, I rubbed them away self-consciously. Annabeth suddenly reached out and pushed my hand away, wiping the tears away herself.

She knelt on both knees in front of me now. She was still trying to digest all of this (gods, I was) but she finally whispered, in a trembling voice but still, "Yes."

I felt a huge, exhilarated smile cover my face. I reached forward, cupping her face and kissed her deeply. And then I pulled back and I did it again.

And, as I kissed her, I realized the wedding(s) didn't matter. Only Annabeth did. I didn't care if I had to marry her a million times over again. In fact, that's be absolutely awesome...

...as long as it was with this adorable, funny, wise, amazing, spectacular, beautiful girl:


It's all over. *weeps*

No, but, seriously, it's done now. I'm not going to write about their wedding, because, well, I just think that there are too many fanfics already with those flashy, out-of-this-world wedding scenarios. I gave you one; one that was very Percy-and-Annabeth.

I'd like to thank you all again. You're amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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