Title: Papercut
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: TsengxRufus
Rating: hurt/comfort….alright, humour and slight bondage :D
Warnings: Naughty Turks….

Dedicated to: Unheatlyobsession for her birthday! The wish was Rufus/Tseng and bandages

It had taken five rolls of bandages before the bloodflow stopped. It was wound around slender wrists and ankles, snaked up strong thighs and biceps, wrapped firmly but gently over flat belly and chest. Against Costa del Sol – tanned skin, it was a striking contrast.

Rufus rose an eyebrow in query.

"Is this really necessary, Tseng?" he asked.

"Quite so, sir. You were hurt, and thus it's my responsibility to limit the extent of the damage." Tseng leaned over him, meticulously arranging the bandages across his chest.

"….and the bandages are tied to the bedposts, because…?" He shivered a bit as strong hands slid over his body.

"So you won't accidently try to move and thereby open your wound again, sir." Tseng nuzzled his neck.

"Mmmm…that makes sense, I guess. But why, and I'm sure you have some perfectly logical and inviolable answer to this, why am I naked, again?" He tugged the bandages gently, but they didn't give; he really was tied to the bed. It was immensely thrilling.

"Wouldn't want to get bloodstains on your immaculate white suit, sir." Tseng kissed him.

"Right, right…." Rufus wriggled a bit to get a bit more contact, but there were no denying that Tseng was, in every aspect in control of the situation. "Well, I can barely blame you for doing your job, I guess."

"Right you are, sir…" Tseng was kissing along his neck now, sending goosebumps of delight along Rufus' spine.

"But, just to save time and all, the next time I get a papercut, maybe you could just give me a bandaid?"

"Perhaps, sir. Unless, of course, you insist I kiss it better first…."