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Two Agents and a poor Genius

Dr. Jacob Hood sat in the passenger seat because his handler, Special Agent Rachel Young, once again refused to let him drive. There was another person in the backseat of the car, Agent Felix Lee.

After they had talked a bit about their last free weekend, Felix chuckled.
"You know Doc. I've done some research on some physicists."

"Oh, really, Felix?" Hood asked and turned around to look at the young Agent.

"Yeah, " he said proudly. He then asked, "Agent Young, do you know the first name of Fahrenheit?"

It took a moment before she answered: "Uhm… 9/11?"

Hood shook his head but Felix burst out laughing: "Oh yes! And the first Name of Volta, you know, Volt must be Thousand!"

"No, it's Allesandro." Hood corrected him, but the agents weren't listening.

"Sure, like Ampere's name is Milli." Rachel said.

"It's Andre!" Hood tried to argue.

"Yo, and we have Kelvin, you know the temperature scale!"

"I only know Calvin Klein," Rachel said. She had a hard time not laughing when she glanced at Jacob. He was stunned and it seemed like he was praying that it was all joke.

"But I know Morgen…", Rachel added

"Who? Freeman?"

"Well how about Curie?"

"Curie? Oh yummy, I like curie.", Felix said.

"Not Curry! Marie Curie!", Jacob tried to say.

"Watt.", Felix said.

"I said Marie Cu…." Hood tried but was cut of again.

"Watt the…" Rachel asked.

"Oh you mean James Watt." Hood realised.

"I do?"

"I really hope you do! Why are you doing this to me?"

"Oh… oh…." Felix could do nothing but laugh: "Dalton!"

"Isn't that a character from Lucky Luke?" Rachel asked.

"Stop doing this to me!" Jacob yelled suddenly.

Rachel pulled the car to the side of the road, she was afraid she would cause an accident. Both agents were in tears from laughing so hard.

"I…. I am sorry Hood." Rachel said while trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah, sorry Robin." Felix laugh.

The End

Fahrenheit, Daniel – thermodynamics
Volta, Allesandro – first battery
Ampere, Andre - potential difference
Lord Kelvin – absolut temperature scale
Morgen - square measure
Curie, Marie – radioactive Element
Watt, James - improvement of steam-engine
Dalton, John – nuclear construction
Robin Hood - oh come on