Here is my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's story. This will be Carly's version, therefore it will all be in her POV. This is one of seven planned stories about each of the Dark Signers, so after this story is finished you can expect more from me. This story, and the other Dark Signers stories as well, will include parts from the anime as well as my own made up parts for everything in between. I apologize if my writing of the anime isn't all that great, but I tried to make it a bit original while still sticking to most of the events of the anime. Now, enjoy the story and if you have any constructive criticism I would love to hear it!

Almost forgot the disclaimer! Oops! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.



I heard the glass I was pinned against shatter, and suddenly I was falling...I screamed, but I knew no one would hear me. They wouldn't know what had happened. They wouldn't know I just duelled Sayer, the head of the Arcadia Movement, and lost. They wouldn't know I was sent plummeting through the window by his last attack. They wouldn't know I was about to die.

How could this have happened?! If only I hadn't been so intent on getting that story, I wouldn't be falling to my death!

I would have cried if I hadn't been so scared. Memories began flashing before my eyes, from my early childhood when I dreamed of becoming a reporter to the present when I struggled to keep my job. The last of my memories showed my time with Jack only yesterday. There was a lot more of him that I would have expected.

Misty's words suddenly rang out in my ears. "Your eyes...They're showing me the path you will take. It is a path that will disappear into a darkness, Carly...But, when you choose to take this path, you will know yourself better than you ever have before!"

A darkness...was this what she was talking about? But how can I learn more about myself if I no longer exist?!

My body began shaking slightly as the truth finally sank in. I was going to die. I was never going to write another report again, never see Jack again, and never feel life flow through my body again.

I don't want to die! I'm not ready! But I knew that only I was to blame for all of this happening to me. I had brought my own death upon myself.

The ground got closer and closer, and it felt like my heart would stop before I reached the ground. I shut my eyes, bracing myself for the worst...

Then stopped. I was no longer falling. I knew I must have hit the ground, but I felt no pain whatsoever. I tried to move, but found that I was stuck, surrounded by purple mist on all sides. What's going on? Why can't I move?

A duel card suddenly fell onto my chest. Before I could wonder what it was doing here, more of them fell on top of me. They started to glow and release smoke, and the images on the cards rusted. My body began glowing, and I could feel a weird change starting to happen to me...