Short one-shot about Brennan from Booth's point of view. Enjoy!

She is cold. She is literal. They think she is unfeeling. They think she is out of touch with reality. They think she spends so much time with death, she's forgotten how to live.

Men say she is hot. They see her auburn hair, her striking eyes, her slim waist and her long legs and say she's a vixen, a beauty, they think she's a tiger in bed. They say they wouldn't mind having her legs wrapped around them.

Women are jealous. They see the same things as their men, but to them, it's a threat. This is a woman who could enchant their husbands and lovers, take them away from them.

They want to be like her. Not the person, the job, the personality, but the figure, the charm she holds over men with her body.

Everybody wants her image, but nobody wants her. Her brain is too threatening. A woman with looks is dangerous, but a woman with looks and brains is lethal. And so they leave when intelligence surfaces.

And she learns to shut herself off, protect herself from the inevitable pain that would follow – to prevent is better than to cure.

And I'm left to free her.

Maybe this is a bit exaggerated, but I feel like it is true - not just for Brennan, but for many woman across the world. The 'woman as threat' part, anyway...

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