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Valentine's Day ended up being a special Earth date for Jazz and I for many reasons. It was exactly two years after our first date we had bonded. And each Valentine's day thereafter we celebrated in typical fashion, interfacing through the night until we fell into an exhausted and blissful recharge in each other's arms. Not that we needed an excuse to interface but we always went out of our way to make our anniversary day special.

Bonding was the best thing for us, for the Autobots.

I was a good influence on Jazz and actually got him to turn in his reports on time, a feat Optimus never thought possible. And Jazz was there to make sure I refueled regularly to run at optimum levels. Of course, Jazz would say it was more for personal reasons rather than keeping me in top form for Optimus' need for attack plans and defense strategies.

Plus, Jazz was a welcomed distraction (those personal reasons) that broke up my day. And he always seemed to intuitively know when I needed a break. A massage with those crafty magnetic pulses that made my doorwings quiver. A pep talk when it seemed things were not going our way out on the battlefield. Or my personal favorite, a processor blowing overloads to relax me and take my mind of troubling thoughts.

I can tell you this, Jazz was much louder than Elita when releasing a cry ecstasy during our heated passion. I considered it payback for all the times I've had to endure hearing Optimus and Elita through the shared office wall. And I thoroughly enjoy hearing my mate call my name whenever he overloads.

Yes, life for Jazz and I was overall pleasant and enjoyable as the years passed. We did get into some intense arguments, mainly over work related issues. I'd never let Jazz go on a sabotage mission unless I was happy that the chance of success was of a particular percentage. A percentage that was elevated once he became my bondmate. Of course he'd be equally livid when I was going on a mission that he wasn't comfortable with.

However, no matter how stubborn or pissed off we got at each other, before the mission we were always together wishing the other luck, for a safe return, and expressing how much we loved one another.

That safe return almost didn't happen for me when the war progressed to the point where the Autobots were poised to launch an attack on the Decepticons and take back Cybertron. It was the one time Jazz and I didn't have time to say our goodbyes or I love yous to each other.

It was also the darkest time for the Autobots.

Optimus Prime died along with so many others, me included.

However, just when it seemed the Autobots were on the verge of total defeat a new leader arose. Rodimus Prime led the Autobots to victory. It was because of him that Optimus was brought back, that the Matrix was able to revive some of the fallen heroes.

I was one of the lucky few the Matrix chose to return life to.

I still recall the moment vividly as I came online. Jazz was the first thing I saw above me, tears falling from his optics, his visor was retracted and I gasped as I always did whenever I saw the rich cobalt glow of his optics. We simply held onto each other as tight as we could during that moment. Then I reacted in typical Jazz fashion. Luckily we were in a private room of the medical bay. I vaguely recall Optimus ordering Ratchet, First Aid and the med techs out of the room.

And here we are some one hundred years later on Valentine's Day, on Cybertron. Few Cybertronians celebrate it. Mainly those who'd lived on Earth during a short time before returning to Cybertron once the war was finally over. Jazz and I will always celebrate it as it was our bonding anniversary date.

But this Valentine's Day was to be the start of something new, something special for Jazz and I. The start of the next chapter of our lives. Only at the moment, I didn't realize it yet.

"I'm back!" Jazz shouted, rushing in. "Are ya ok? Ya need anything'? A massage? Energon? A bath?"

"Jazz, I'm perfectly fine," I smiled looking up from my book file. "You were only gone a short while."

"Half a day is not a short while, babe!"

"In case you've forgotten I am a fully mature mech and can manage to take care of myself for short or even long periods of time."

"Things are different now," he continued fretting.

I rolled my optics and then grabbed his hand pulling him onto my lap.

"I'm fine," I reiterated. "We've been through this before."

"I know. But I can't help worryin' about ya…about…ya know…"

Jazz let out a heavy sigh, reaching to stroke my chest affectionately.

"Our sparkling is fine. Ratchet said the gestation period is almost complete and that sometime next week I'll deliver one healthy, sparkling femme."

"I rememba. I was there," he whispered.

"It's not like that last time," I said, pulling him against my chest and holding him close.

Our first sparkling, quite the accident and surprise of a lifetime, didn't make it a quarter of the way through the gestation period. I happened to be the carrier that time and felt the loss so acutely that I collapsed in the middle of session with the High Council and cried myself into stasis.

I was completely inconsolable even by my sparkmate who was with me as we were both high ranking members of the Council. Jazz said he'd never forget it for the rest of his days. He never felt as utterly helpless as he held me in his arms while our sparkling's life force faded.

My love though devastated over the loss as much as me, waited and bided his time before asking me if we could try for another sparkling. Any sooner and I would have told him no. Any later and I would have been begging him for one. My beloved Jazz always had impeccable timing.

It took a few tries for one of us to get sparked up. I'll never forget the look of disappointment on Jazz's face when we discovered he wasn't the one carrying. The memory still makes me laugh. However, his attitude about wanting to carry changed once I hit the midway point of the pregnancy and the mood swings hit like a thunderous electrical storm rampaging across Cybertron.

To my bondmate's credit, Jazz took it in stride and weathered the storm when others, including Ratchet and Optimus, would take off running the other direction when I was in a particularly foul mood. Luckily that period was long over and the only suffering was…


"Ow," I grimaced feeling a foot or fist thump hard against my spark chamber.

"She bein' lively today?" he smiled, massaging my chest plate.

"Actually, that's the first movement from her all day," I frowned. "She's been unusually quiet since last night."

"Want me to comm. Ratchet?"

"I did earlier. He says its common and to just enjoy it while I can so I've been attempting to read. Between the hot flashes and upset tank I've been having a hard time concentrating."

"An' now I'm home to pampa ya," he grinned brightly. "Let me get cleaned up first an' then I'm all yurs. I'll even make ya some of yur favorite energon treats."

My tank instantly churned at the mention of fuel.

"Please, don't mention fuel!"

"Oh, right. Sorry. Be back in a few to massage yur achin' back struts," he purred, kissing my forehead.

I smiled warmly watching him leave the room. A massage sounded like a really good idea. My back struts were feeling achier than usual today. Even my chest felt tight.

My tank grumbled and just like that I suddenly had this overpowering need for an energon treat.

It was the first time all day I felt like refueling. I didn't tell Jazz I purged my morning energon after he left and hadn't refueled since. The poor mech worried almost obsessively about me far too much as it was.

Decision made, I got up and headed over to where the energon and treats were kept. Jazz would need to refuel too anyways as I know he tends to forget when he's overly excited or worried.

While grabbing the energon treats I felt a sudden but very brief burning sensation in my chest that spread to my back. It didn't hurt but it was alarming and unnerving as I had a flashback of the last I felt such a sensation.

On impulse I cried out to Jazz but he didn't hear my call. Trembling, I took the nearest seat before my wobbly legs gave way. My spark started racing with fear when I felt second wave of heat through my chest. This time, terrified, I reached with desperation through our bond to get Jazz's attention.

Two astroseconds later, he burst into the room towel in hand still mostly covered with cleanser, looking frantic.

"What is it?"

"Some…something's wrong…it's like before…when I…"

My vocal processor failed and I burst into tears. I couldn't go through that pain again. Especially not after coming this far, not after feeling my daughter's life force so strongly within my spark as time progressed.

"Shh babe…I'm calling Ratchet. Try ta be calm."

"I can't…I can't go through this again."

"Ya won't," he replied calmly, holding me close. "I promise ya."

"It's my fault," I choked out, clinging to him.

"Ain't nothin' yur fault. Relax. I've got Ratchet on ma comlink. He wants ya to describe the pain ya felt."

"A burning sensation. A really intense heat here and in my back. I felt the same thing when I lost the sparkling. Only this time it was quick and lasted a moment or two."

"He wants to know how many times it happened."


"Anything else?"

"I'm famished!" I answered, grabbing an energon goody.

I sat anxiously, nibbling on an energon treat, waiting for Jazz to respond. My processor raced trying to figure out what I did wrong to harm my sparkling.

"Prowler…babe…" Jazz started and I watched as this huge, dopey grin formed on his faceplates. "From what ya described, Ratchet tells me yuv nothin' to fear. Ya just entered the initial stages of labor."

"You mean…"

"Our sparklin' is goin' to be born today!"


Jazz nodded.

I laughed nervously rubbing my chest, "So that's why I haven't felt her all day?"

"Yup, doc says she's savin' her energy for the delivery. Now ya have two options, we head to Ratchet's medical facility now or ya can stay here at home until yur labor as progressed to the next stage."

"I'd feel more comfortable at the medical facility," I replied meekly, still unable to entirely let go of my fears.

"I understand, love," he breathed, kissing my cheek. "Let me get rinsed off then we'll head over."

Jazz lead me over to the couch, bringing the treats with me, where I could rest comfortably until he was done cleaning up. It was then, while sitting alone gently massaging my chest as another rippling burning sensation dissipated when the realization hit me like a ton of titanium plates.

My sparkling was going to be born! I was finally going to get to see her, to hold her in my arms!

The joy that swelled up within me was…it was indescribable. All my fears seemed to disappear and serene calmness and excitement fell upon me. I didn't know one could be calm and excited at the same time! And under normal circumstances I'm sure I would have blown a logic circuit and crashed.

I reached out over my bond with the little femme nestled against my sparkchamber and felt she too was calm and excited. And I knew then and there. I was prepared to do whatever I had to do to bring this sparkling into the world today and I couldn't wait to do it.

Of course, at the same time the gravity of the situation settled on me, it also hit my sparkmate. Jazz came running out of the shower room, still drying himself and looking nervous as pit! That calmness he had earlier…was gone. That smile he had earlier…was gone as well.

I couldn't help it. I laughed at him.

"I can't rememba, did Ratchet call a transport for us?" he asked, running around our domicile, looking for something.

"Would you like me to call one?"

"Pit no! Yur havin' a sparklin'! Ya need to focus on that!"

"Indeed, I'm quite focused. But I can multi-task," I commented getting this incredulous look form my sparkmate. I refrained from laughing and decided to be helpful instead. "What are you looking for?"

"I made this music file for ya. Ya know, to help relax ya during the early stages of labor. But I can't rememba where I left it."

"Check your subspace pockets."

I regretted the suggestion instantly. Anything and everything was suddenly coming out of his subspace pockets. Things that would make some mech's paint peel!

"Ah ha!" he cheered triumphantly holding the music file up for me to see.

Before I could respond that familiar burning sensation hit once again, a bit stronger this time and I hissed at the pain, grabbing my chest. At the same time our transport must have arrived as someone rang the door chime.

In fitting Jazz fashion…he overreacted.

I watched in amusement as my mate tripped and stumbled his way across the room to answer the door. It was a very, very rare occurrence to ever see Jazz so nervous although later his memory would recall these moments as excitement not nerves. For now I found him absolutely adorable and utterly hilarious.

He actually ran out to the transport with the satchel filled with a few items I'd prepared for our sparkling only to forget about me for a minute. Then he came rushing back in looking even more flustered and guilty, apologizing profusely the entire time he escorted me to the transport.

Then once we reached the medical facility and I was admitted, given a private room, and had a quick exam by Ratchet, Jazz finally settled down. He was still nervous but his excitement was starting to return as I could see that dopey grin again. That grinned never left his faceplates as he affectionately attended to any needs I had.

"The temperature ok?"

"Its fine," I sighed, gazing up him lovingly. "Have I told you how much I love you?"

"I can feel it…right here…every astrosecond of everyday," he smiled, clutching my hand and holding it against his chest, over his spark, with one hand while caressing my face with the other. "Did I ever tell ya how radiant an' handsome ya look as a carrier?"

I smiled. Then the tender moment was ruined. I groaned and hissed, moving from my right side to lay on my left. My chest felt much hotter than before and it was becoming more difficult to stay relaxed.

"Do ya need some more energon nibbles?" Jazz asked, chewing one down rapidly. "Ratchet says ya need to keep yur energy up."

"I'm ok. Just having a hard time getting comfortable," I said, shifting positions once again, trying to lie on my front side. "Massage my back, between the wingjoints?"

"Sure thing babe."

"Primus, that feels good," I moaned, feeling the magnetic pulses caressing my aching back struts.

The good feeling didn't last long.

A sharp intense pain ripped through my chest. It faded as quickly as it struck, leaving me panting and my spark racing. The urge to get up and move was over powering.

"Whoa, whoa! Prowl babe, lay back down!" Jazz exclaimed, clamoring over the bed to chase me down.

"I need to get out of here," I grimaced suddenly feeling too confined.

"Oh, I see we've progressed to the next stage," Ratchet grinned as he blocked my escape.

"Frag you!" I grumbled.

"I care for you too, Prowl," he chuckled. "Now, let's get back in your room so I can examine you, shall we?"

I didn't budged and glared are the CMO, arching my wings up. A posture I normally used when in battle challenging an opponent.

"Relax love, let's do what Ratchet says," Jazz spoke softly, gently taking hold of my hand. "For our sparkling?"

I relented only because of the way my love said 'our sparkling.' It was spoken with so much love and affection. How could I refuse?

"Ok, lay down on the berth," Ratchet ordered.

"No," I firmly replied but then softened my tone. "I can't get comfortable."

"That's fine. Sit or stand then. However, no more energon goodies."

"That's just cruel, Ratch," Jazz protested, massaging my back and helping me to sit on the edge of the berth. Although I think Jazz was enjoying the treats more than I was the past hour.

"However, it's necessary at this point," the medic smiled, placing a small device on my chest. It was magnetic and clicked into place. Then he pulled out a medical datapad from subspace, pressing a few buttons activating the device on my chest. "Another few moments and this will tell me all I need to know about how your labor is progressing. You'll even get to hear your sparkling's spark rate."

Jazz and I shared a look then leaned into one another contently. It'd been a long time since we both heard her spark rate. Jazz often listened to it by pressing his audio receptor against my chest. Although he said it was muffled and hard to here because of my own internal systems.

"As I predicted, you're in the second stage of labor. All your energy levels are in the green. The sparkling is doing splendidly. The contractions you feel will be more intense and start to happen more often during this stage. But you can still move around. Go for short walks. Jazz do not let him walk alone. If you feel drained, sit down immediately and I'll come to you. I'll be closely monitoring you from now on until the third stage of labor."

I glanced down, poking at the device on my chest. Ratchet smacked my hand away.

"Yes, through that. So don't touch it. Now, here…have a listen," he smiled, turning the datapad around.

The display showed two energy signatures and vital signs. Only Jazz and I were focused on our daughter's, watching the pulse wave of her spark rapidly flowing across the screen. Then Ratchet pressed a command and we heard her spark.

Words could not describe how I felt at that moment. The emotions that welled up in me were so raw, so powerful that tears welled up in my optics. When I felt the love, adoration, and gratitude from Jazz over our bond my tears slowly rolled down my face.

"Such sweet music," Jazz murmured, pressing his hand flat against my chest.

"Most definitely one very strong spark pulse," Ratchet commented, moving to the monitor on the wall. After a few commands the monitor synchronized with the datapad. "I'll be able to keep my optics on both of you while performing other duties. Ok?"

I nodded, still mesmerized by the sound of my daughter's spark.

"Remember to refuel Jazz. You're going to need it," were Ratchet's parting words.

And as I sat there with Jazz's arms wrapped around me watching our daughter's pulse rate on the monitor, another fear of mine resurfaced. One that often plagued me before and during this pregnancy.

"Jazz, am I capable of being a good parent?"

"Sure ya are," he replied, kissing the side of my helm. "Ya were Prime's second in command for centuries. Most of that time was like sparklin' sittin'."

"Punishing mechs by sending them to the brig does not constitute experience for sparkling sitting or being a parent. What if she doesn't like me? I'm not exactly parental material."

"Prowl, yur gonna do fine," he insisted, moving to face me. "Our sparklin' already loves ya. We've both felt that. Plus, ya've been a wonderful carrier always payin' attention to the little things."

"I pay attention to everything."

"That's ma point, babe," Jazz smiled tenderly, caressing my face.

"Primus, I don't deserve you," I exhaled softly, resting my head on his shoulder, tears threatening to form once again.

"Of course ya do coz I wouldn't love another as much as I love ya."

I broke down crying, trembling in his arms. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. I swear being a carrier means losing all control emotionally and even physically sometimes. My body does what it wants to when it wants to.

"Excuse me, but you have some visitors in the waiting room. Ratchet said it might be a good idea if Prowl went for a short walk."

"Thanks First Aid," Jazz replied, his hand still massaging my back below my wing joints. Once alone again, he pulled back, wiping my tears away. "Come on love. A walk will do us both some good."

I nodded as he took hold of my hand.

The walk did feel good. As did visiting our friends who literally filled the waiting room as there were so many of them. Most were former comrades in arms when we were in the Autobot Army. Jazz and I chose to never lose ties with any of those mechs or femmes.

They were all excited about the sparkling. Many of them volunteered for sparkling duty whenever Jazz and I needed 'alone' time. And gifts. Frag it to pit there were so many gifts for our little femme, and a few 'mature' gifts for Jazz and myself to use when 'alone'.

Over all they were a welcomed distraction from the pain and my fears.

"So what's her name?" Bumblebee asked.

"We haven't settled on one name in particular," I answered.

"Prowler here has a list of names compiled but won't share it with me," Jazz chimed in.

"You've made many contributions to the list, Jazz. Besides I wanted to see her first then decide," I smiled, shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

"Honestly, I don't care. She's going to be the most beautiful sparkling ever," Jazz beamed confidently, sticking his chest out with such pride.

"OW!" I cried out, gripping the arms of the chair tightly as a sharp almost stabbing pain ripped through my chest. It quickly passed only to return with brute force a moment later. This time it felt like something burst within. The pain subsided and I felt an odd warmth flowing between the gaps in my chest armor. "Frag…it feel like something's leaking in there."

"Yur core temperature is really hot now," Jazz exclaimed, pressing his hand against my chest.

I grinded and gritted my denta, clenching my fists. Another wave of pain, coursed through my entire body.

"I think she busted something," I panted and gasped. "Arrgg! Frag it!"

"Uh ho," my bondmate exclaimed.

Jazz pulled his hand away from my chest and I saw it was covering with a slightly pinkish colored translucent goo.

"Primus! The sparkling's coming now!" Bluestreak shouted excitedly.

Two things happened almost simultaneously during the next moment while I was having another contraction.

First everyone in the waiting room got over excited. They were all talking at once, giving me a processor ache on top of the armor splitting pain I was in!

Second, I watched as Jazz's optics widened just before they rolled upwards and turned dark. He fainted, falling to the floor with a loud clank.

Good thing about that…everyone shut up.

"There you are!" Ratchet announced, rushing to my side with a couple of his medical technicians.


"I know, you had to be difficult. You skipped a stage and went straight for the delivery stage! Where's Jazz? Oh, never mind. Get him up!"

"Just like the fragger to do this to me! I'm not delivering this sparkling by myself!" I yelled and then doubled over in pain.

"And you won't have to…"

"Don't patronize me!" I snapped.

"Oh brother, you're worse than some femmes."

"Frag you! OW!"

Now, I used to be the Autobot's second in command. I learned to develop a high threshold to pain. It was required for battle and even torture. But frag it to pit! This pain was like nothing I'd ever experience before! I'd rather have one of my doorwings torn off!

I whimpered. I moaned. I howled. I cursed up a storm. Each step towards the delivery room was excruciating.

"I can't make it," I panted heavily during a brief reprieve, leaning against the wall. "Jazz…where's Jazz?"

"Here love," he answered coming into view looking a bit woozy as he wobbled on his feet.

"I don't want our sparkling born in the hallway," I wept, then scream from another contraction.

"She won't be. I promise," he smiled once the pain subsided then he lifted me up, carrying me the rest of the way.

"Get him on the berth!" Ratchet ordered. "Jazz…"

"I ain't leavin' his side," Jazz growled, gently setting me down.

"I was only going to tell you to hold his hand but stay out of my way while we prep him for delivery," Ratchet smiled. "Prowl, I'm going to give you a very mild anesthetic. It will take the edge off the pain but won't eliminate it completely, ok?"

"Anything! Please," I grimaced, clenching my fist, drawing up my legs. "I take it back…Jazz you have the sparkling!"

"A little late for that, lover," he chuckled.

"Don't lover me, you fragger! This is your entire fault!"

"And I'm rather proud of that fact," he countered, his love for me, for our sparkling swelling within my own spark.

I burst into tears…again.

"I'm sorry," I gasped, relaxing a bit, feeling somewhat relieved.

"No apologies necessary, love," he smiled.

"Feel better?" Ratchet asked.

I nodded.

"Good, now I need you to lean back," he instructed, both him and Jazz helping with my doorwings. The Ratchet adjusted the reclined position of the bed. I wasn't sitting straight up but I wasn't flat on my back either. "There we go. Do you feel comfortable?"

"No," I whined.


"This is the best position for him to see the sparkling," Ratchet answered, while hooking me up to several medical devices since he removed the one from my chest. "This next part is the hardest for carriers. But we've gone over it countless times, remember?"

I shook my head. Honestly, I couldn't recall my own sparkday at the moment. My processor was getting bombarded by so many warning signals from my systems. Temperature too high. Spark rate too high. Pain levels well beyond maximum threshold.

"Jazz," I whimpered.

"Shh, babe," he cooed, caressing my chevron. "Yur goin' to have to open yur chest plates so our daughter could be born."

I closed my optics covers, shaking my head. I couldn't do that. She'd be unprotected!

"The sooner ya do love, the sooner ya get to hold her in yur arms," he whispered, kissing my audio receptor. "Ya want that, don't ya, Valentine?"

I nodded my head, nuzzling against his face.

"Oh yes. I want it more than anything," I murmured to him, opening my optic covers to see his own optics gazing affectionately upon me.

"Valentine?" Ratchet questioned quirking an optic ridge. "Oh Primus, it's your anniversary. Congratulations! It seems you'll have double the celebration today."

"Honestly, I don't feel like celebrating anything right now," I groaned, latching on hard to Jazz's hand.

"If you want, I can override and open your chest plating for you," Ratchet offered.

"No, I can do it," I grinded out, riding the wave of pain until if finally past. Each time left me more tired than the last. "When's it going to be over?"

"Soon," Ratchet chuckled. "Now try to relax. Jazz, sooth him over your bond as much as possible. I want you both to be prepared for this. When Prowl opens his chest plates do not freak out. There is going to be some fluid, much like what you see leaking here. It's perfectly normal. Did you read the material I sent you about birthing a sparkling?"

Jazz and I both nodded.

"Good. Now let's deliver a sparkling," he smiled. "On you now Prowl."

I focused inward, feeling the love from my bondmate, feeling the unusually quiet presence of my daughter, feeling the resistance of my transformation systems straining.

'Relax my handsome Valentine,' Jazz whispered over our bond.

With a growl, I fought against my fear, commanding my transformation systems to open my chest.

"IT HURTS!" I screamed, arching my back as the armor seems started to part.

"It's perfectly normal and will soon pass once you've opened up fully!" Ratchet exclaimed, his optics going back and forth from me to the monitor. "But you need to get them open now!"

With a guttural roar, my chest plating finally opened. The pain passed and I fell back onto the berth gasping to cool my overheated systems. The cool air in the room actually felt good on my internals as Ratchet praised me, his hands were instantly inside my chest working.

I gazed up at Jazz to see those beautiful optics of his welling up with tears. Only he wasn't looking at me but at something in my chest cavity. I looked down. Ratchet was cleaning away some of the excess fluid then his hands moved to reveal the soft, grey flexible, metallic sac the sparkling had been nurturing and developing in.

It was still firmly attached to my sparkchamber and would stay that way even after the sparklings berth for a short time, if all went according to plan. I could see, as Ratchet had told me about the many aches I'd feel during this pregnancy, that many of my components had adapted and moved to make room for the sac to grow as the sparkling within it matured.

But what was most captivating was how the sac expanded and retracted. It was vibrantly teeming with life! Then I noticed there was a small tear in the sac. Pink, translucent embryonic fluid seeped slowly with each contraction of the sac.

I could feel each contraction more intensely now. One after another it seemed. And just when it felt like there was no end in sight I got a break.

"I'm going to make a small incision to widen the tear…" Ratchet started to say but was interrupted when I screamed suddenly, jerking forward. Strong hands, whose I couldn't say, pulled me back down and held me there.

"Primus!" Jazz gasped, mouth a gaped, optics wide and filled with wonder.

I looked through my tears of pain to see the tear widen on its own. Something smooth and curved started pushing its way through.

"Is that….her head?" I grimaced.

"I do believe it is," Ratchet smiled as he and a tech worked to clean up some of the excess fluids that were now gushing out of the sac. "You're doing fine. Next contraction will be bigger."

It hit.

And it was bigger.

I threw my head back, squeezing Jazz's hand as tight as I could. I swear I probably broke something in his hand. But he didn't complain one bit as his love and affection kept flowing over our bond, words of encouragement spewed rapidly from his vocal processor.

"That's it babe, you're doing great," he said, caressing my face. "See?"

I looked back into my chest anxiously and gasped, then giggled through happy tears.

Her entire head and shoulders were out now. Though she was thickly covered in embryonic fluids I could see her features clearly.

"She's a lot like you, babe," Jazz wept, kissing my cheek.

Indeed, she had a small chevron on her forehead. Ratchet wiped away some of the fluid to reveal that it was blue, the same blue as Jazz's strips. A blue chevron on a white head.

Another contraction slammed through my chest but I refused to look away. Groaning, grimacing through the pain and tears I watched as Ratchet's hands helped to guide my daughter into our world from her protective cocoon.

It was a sight I was never going to forget as she slowly emerged. Small arms were tucked tightly against her chest. Her hands and fingers that were so tiny and cute were balled into fists. Once fully extracted, little long legs dangled, pink embryonic fluid dripping from tiny peds.

My systems felt relieved and started to cool down finally. A med tech worked quickly to clean up my chest cavity. But my focus was on the sparkling gently laid across my lap for both Jazz and I to see. Ratchet worked diligently to clean her up, suctioning fluids from her mouth and intakes.

"Like you Jazz," I laughed, lightly brushing my finger tips against her small black hands and upper arms. Even her pelvic plating was all black. And she had racing stripes on her chest except hers were red. Then her legs were like mine, white with black calves. "Primus, she's beautiful."

"Ooops, didn't see those on the scan! She takes after her carrier in many ways it should have surprised me," Ratchet chuckled, lifting her up enough for us to see a set of white and black winglets unfold from her back and extend.

"When's she gonna cry?" Jazz asked concerned.

As if she heard, the tiny femme's face scrunched up, arms and legs flayed about, winglets trembled, and her mouth opened wide, crying to the world that she'd arrived.

"That's the most beautiful music I've ever heard," Jazz wept, leaning his head against mine.

"All done, Sir," the med tech announced.

"Thank you," Ratchet answered, carefully wrapping the sparkling in a thermal blanket. "You can close your chest up for now Prowl. All your systems are recovering nicely. I'll give you a thorough exam once you're rested for a while. And here…congratulations on a very healthy sparkling femme."

I was exhausted. I ached all over. But my chest plates had been closed before he finished telling me and my arms anxiously reached for the crying femme. Her cries instantly died down small whimpers once I had her close to my spark.

"Wow," I gasped when big deep cobalt optics locked onto me. "She's got your optics Jazz."

"But she's got your serious look," Jazz giggled, smiling from audio receptor to audio receptor.

The tiny femme warbled at him inquisitively when his finger rubbed under her chin.

"I can't believe she's real, that we created her," I humbly whispered, instinctively reaching out to her over our bond.

Her optics shifted their focus back on me. Then she let out the softest sigh and started purring.

"Ya feel that?!" Jazz asked excitedly.

I nodded, smiling through my tears feeling the unrestraint, unconditional love from her that she had for both me and Jazz.

"I love you too," I smiled, nuzzling my nose tenderly against hers.

"Got a name for the little darling?" Ratchet inquired quietly as if he didn't want to disturb the moment too much.

"Sonata," I answered, keeping my gaze fixed upon my daughter, my finger smoothing over her helm.

I instantly felt Jazz's love, affection, and approval of the name. It was one of many he'd mentioned to me. And it seemed fitting for our beautiful femme.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Sonata," Jazz whispered, kissing her blue chevron, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. The little femme's mouth opened wide and she yawned. Immediately after, her optic covers slowly closed and she fell into her first recharge. "Thank ya so much Prowler. She's the most perfect, best Valentine's gift a mech could ever want."

"Thank you…my Valentine," I replied, smiling into the loving kiss he bestowed upon me.


The name Sonata is a tribute to my mom and her love of music. She played the piano and taught me how to play. One of my favorite pieces to play has always been Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Music is emotion and that one piece has so much emotion in it. I've regretted that over the years I had gotten away from playing the piano. But since her passing I have started playing again. Thanks Mom! I love you, always!