The Dark Angel

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Chapter 1

How it begun

Lucius Malfoy stood at the top of the stairs as he watch his love and mate who was standing at the bottom of them. He watches as his love turn and walk to an auburn haired witch.

Lucius then watch as his mate walked out the door with the witch holding their son in her arms. The oldest of the twins. Twins he gave birth to and were very much like him. Twins that were now being forced apart.

As the door closed Lucius closed his eyes trying to hide the sadness and hurt he felt. Hurt and sad that his mate left him over a fight about the up coming war and who to follow.

"Draco needs you." came a female's voice. The voice of his dear friend, Narcissa Black. One of the few true friends Lucius had.

Lucius open his eyes as they became hard and cold before turning around. "I'll get my son and mate back." he said before walking past his friend and into Draco's room.

Narcissa watched as her best friend walked past her before looking back at the front door. She couldn't believe he would leave Lucius. That James did a complete 180 on him.

The fight was over who to support then who got the twins when they realize they were splitting up. In the end James took Harry because he looked like him and Lucius got Draco for the same reasons.

Narcissa then turned and walked back down the hall towards Draco's room. When she got there she watched as Lucius held Draco close and rock him back to sleep. No one could know what would happen shortly after the twins first birth day.

Narcissa and her husband Severus were sitting in the sitting room of Malfoy Manor with their friend Lucius. They were waiting for another friend to return with James and Harry. Their friend, Tom, had found out were the Potters were hiding thanks to Sirius Black.

As they sat there waiting Narcissa couldn't help but feel how this was unfair to the one she saw as a brother because of what he was. Lucius Malfoy was a pure breed angel. He did have pure white wings that would come out when his emotions were strong.

He also had the power to heal others, take lives, and at rare times, past judgement on humans. He was immortal as well. After all one could not kill an angel.

Because he was an angel then the twins were angels as well. But they were half breeds because their father was a pure-blood wizard. They would come into their angelic inheritance when they turn sixteen.

Then there was the mate issue. Like most magical creatures angels mate for life. They were draw to one person and that person only. They would never accept another as a mate.

In Lucius case it was James Potter. James was the one that left and taking Harry with him.

Wizards and witches could get divorces just like muggles. But unlike muggles were it was common it was very rare in the wizarding world.

Thinking of this Narcissa looked to the man sitting next to her. For many it would be a shock in her choice for a husband but Severus made her happy and she loved their home, Spinner's End. Even if they did spent a lot of time at Malfoy Manor.

Granted in the public's eye she was the wife of Lucius and mother to Draco. It was just a role she played; truth was she was godmother to Draco. Just like her husband was godfather to Draco.

She then looked back to the worried angel then down to the small boy playing on the floor with a few of his toys. Narcissa watched as young Draco played with stuff bear that wasn't his but his twin brother's.

She wasn't really surprised to see him playing with it. It was baby Draco's way of showing that he missed his twin and wanted him back. He had his own bear but would only play with that one. He would also sleep with it, holding it tightly in his small hands at night.

As she watched all those in the room, she hoped they got Harry and James back tonight. It would be a hope that would later be crush as Tom, James and Lily would lose their lives and Harry would be placed further out of their reach.

No one in that house would truly know what happen that night. Just learn what the rest of their world would know. Tom was killed when the Potter were killed. Harry would become the famous boy-who-lived for surviving the killing curse.

Nor could anyone know that night that they wouldn't see Harry again until the twins were twelve. When Lucius did he couldn't say anything without risking putting his son in more danger.

As for Draco he never forgot his twin. He grew up longing for his brother hating his real father for splitting their family up. That and causing his real mother (Lucius) to suffer with a broken heart.

Draco then hated that his big brother was shunning him at school. Yes he knew that Harry didn't know but every time Draco would try to tell him, Harry wouldn't listen. So after awhile he gave up trying. That's the real reason for the fights. At lest on Draco's part anyways.

The fights really boiled down to fights that any brothers would have. They acted like normal brothers but only one of them knew the truth.

It was now fifteen years later and the twins would be turning sixteen in a few moments. They would get their inheritance and the truth was about to come out.

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