The Dark Angel

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Chapter 22


While Harry was working on their world Tom was still in his coma. Nobody could seem to figure out what was wrong with him and nobody heard the words Albus used when he sent the spell. So the spell was still unknown.

Every night Harry would lie down next to Tom. He was hoping to reach him through their dreams they use to share. Each moring he would wake up realizing he couldn't. This had been going on for the past ten years.

Hermione had married both twins. She was pregnant with their second child. Their first one was about fourteen years old.

Hermione was over visiting Harry with a bit of good news. Hermione thinks that she found the spell that kept Tom a sleep.

"As you know I've never stopped looking up and reaching the different spells that might have kept the dark lord asleep. Well I think I might have found the spell and way to break. I just don't think you're like how to break it." Hermione said as she watches her friend.

"Why? How do I break the spell?" Harry asked starting to worry about it.

"Well see you can't. You have to found someone to threaten the bond. Make Tom think that it is then the spell will be broken." Hermione said with a sigh. She knew that Harry would never want that to happen.

"What? Why? Besides Tom knows that I wouldn't cheat on him." Harry said with his eyes wide at the way the spell had to be broken.

"It's the only way." Hermione said with a sigh.

Blake just smiled at this. He was leaning against the wall just outside the library hearing everything that his mother and Hermione were talking about. He knew just the person that could help and make his mother happy. The only draw back to his plan was that it might wake up Tom. Well maybe the spell wouldn't break and Tom would stay asleep. Blake could only hope.

Blake walked away from the library as he couldn't help but smirk. He had a letter to write and could only hope the spell wouldn't break.

Lucius watched as his grandson walked passed him deep in thought. He just raised an eyebrow at him because normally Blake would at lest stop and talk to him. He just shrugged it off before move on his way.

Lucius then came to the library and could hear what his son and Hermione were talking about. He stopped at the door way for a moment before stepping inside.

"It's true Harry." He said with a smirk when he saw the two young adult jumped. Neither one knew he was there. This only caused Hermione to glare at the old angel.

"Sorry didn't mean to scare you." He said to her before turning back to his son. "As I said you could have another mate. You have change since your sixteenth birthday. So it only makes since that you might have another mate."

"But I don't want another mate." Harry said with a sigh. "I'm happy with Tom."

Lucius just sighed himself. "Yes I know you are and will always be happy with Tom. You won't lose him Harry. You can never leave him but that doesn't mean you can only have one."

"But I haven't dreamed of anyone else." Harry said with a small pout. Yes he knew that he was acting childish but he just didn't understand why they were pushing for him to have another mate.

"That because your not letting yourself to find him." Hermione said to her friend. "You only trying to get to Tom that any other mates you might have are being block off. Look it wouldn't hurt to try and see if you do. So tonight when you go to sleep don't try to find Tom and let magic just happen. If you find no one then we'll keep looking for another way to wake up your mate."

Harry just gave a sigh but nodded to this. They had a point. It wouldn't hurt to see if he did or not.

While the adults were downstairs talking Blake was upstairs in his room as he finished up his letter. He looked over when his fireplace came to life to see his two cousins coming out of it.

Blake was allowed to have his fireplace connected to the floo network but only to three other fireplaces. Malfoy Manor, Zabini Manor and the joke shop that the twins and Hermione owned.

"Hay." Blake said as he finished up his letter before calling for an elf. He told him to have this sent off and tell the owl to wait for a reply. Once he was gone he turned two his cousins.

He's cousins were Ava and Malachi or Mal for short. They were twins but not identical twins. Ava looked like their father, dark skin with dark eyes. Her mind was just as sharp as his and normally was quiet and watched everybody. Just like their father she normally she saw things that others might have missed. She was born five minutes before her brother.

Mal was more like their mother. He was differently a Malfoy. Blond hair, steely gray eyes, pale skin but didn't look sickly. He got his brains from Draco. Granted Draco wasn't dumb by any means and knew how to use what he knew for his own gain. Mal was like that. Hell Mal was another copy of Draco.

The three teens were fifteen and would be starting their sixth year at Hogwarts. It was summer right now. The start of it. Now while the twins had most of their homework done Blake hadn't even started his. Just like his mother he would push it off for as long as he could. Something that Ava and Ivy got onto him for a lot. Mal would just sit back and watch the fight with a smirk. The girls would get their way in the end and Blake would be force to start way before he wanted to.

Ivy Weasley was the daughter of Fred, George and Hermione Weasley. She was very must like her dad and papa. She loved to pull jokes on anyone and loved to help her dad and papa come up with new stuff for their store. Hermione calms that she going grey before her time because of the three of them.

"So who were you writing to?" Ava asked as she had flopped down on Blake's bed. "And don't say no one." She said when he started to open his mouth.

"Someone." He then said with a smirk at her.

"Well we know that, Mr. Smartass." she said with a glare at him.

"Ya come on Blake spill." Mal said from were he was sitting in one of the chairs in Blake's room. "We've never kept secrets from each other."

"I know guys but this time I have to. I don't want word to get back to my mother over this one. Not yet anyways." Blake said sounding guilty from not telling them. "I'll let you know when the time is right. Ok?"

"Fine but we want to know as soon as the time is right." Ava said giving Blake a look that said he would be in pain if he didn't.

It was that night. Harry sat on the bed looking at his sleeping love as he let out a sigh. He ran his fingers throw Tom's hair before Harry lean in and gave his love a soft kiss. "Wake up soon." Harry whispered before he stood up and walked out of their room.

Normally Harry would lay down next to him in hopes that in the morning Tom would be awake. So far he hadn't. But tonight Harry didn't feel right laying there next to him if he did end up dreaming of another.

Harry made his way to one of the empty rooms their had in the manor. He laid down in the bed as he close his eyes. At first he couldn't get any sleep. He wasn't use to the bed and it felt empty without Tom next to him. But he did fall asleep.

He did like Hermione told him to. He didn't start looking for Tom but let his magic lead him to where it wanted him.

He could feel a pull and fallowed it until he came to door. This was different then when he dreamed of Tom. He stood there for a moment before he reach out and turn the knob.

When he walked in the room he could have laughed. It looked like the Slytherin common room. Done in green and sliver with a fireplace off to his right and couch and two chairs in front of it. He then noticed someone standing there in front of the fire.

When the person turned around Harry's eyes went wide. "You?" He said with shock in his voice at the person standing there. He couldn't believe it was him.

It was now three months later. School would be starting in a week. Blake, Ivy and his cousins had gone to Diagon Alley and got their school supplies. It had been a fun day for all three families.

On top of that Blake had been writing to and receiving owls from his mystery man. The only thing he would tell his cousin and their friend, Ivy, was that it was someone that would make his mother happy. The only draw back, as far as he saw it, was that it might wake Tom up.

Blake didn't care for his father. As far as he saw it, Tom was to blame for making his mother miserable. Yes he knew that it was spell that kept him asleep but the bastard could have moved out of the way or thrown up as shield. Done something different. Blake saw it as Tom's fault for the way his mother was always depressed even if he did try to hide it. So the man didn't deserve the title of father. It was a fight that him and his mother always have when Harry herd the way Blake talk about Tom.

Harry was having nightly dreams of his new mate. He had explained what was going and what the dreams meant. The two had talk about a lot of things. They talked about how no matter what Harry would not and could not leave Tom, that Harry loved the dark lord to much.

They had also talked about, if they were to ever mate, where they would live. They both had lives in their home counties and didn't want to leave them behind. For Harry he really couldn't. He had to stay to make sure the country was ran right. After all he was the dark angel and mate to the dark lord and they still had groups of rebels that had to be put down from time to time.

But as the nights went on and the more they talked the more Harry was finding that he was falling for his new mate. He still loved Tom deeply and always would but he was finding out that he had room in his heart for his new mate.

It was now the day before school was due to start when Blake was making sure that he had everything when his fireplace came to life. "Did you forget something Mal?" Blake asked not looking up from putting the last few things in his trunk. He just assumed it was his cousin, Mal.

"I'm not Mal." came a deep Bulgarian voice.

This caused Blake to spend around to see the man he was hoping to make his mother happy standing there. "Cutting it close aren't you. We leave for school in the morning." Blake says with a sigh. "Go, he should be in the master bedroom." Blake said as he told the man how to find the room.

Harry let out a sigh as he sat next to his love. He just about gave up hope of ever seeing those scarlet red eyes open up again. They had tried just about everything they couldn't think of. The only thing left was a challenge to the bond. The only person that might be able to do that didn't even live in the same country as they did and Harry didn't think he would come over. After all they had only been with each other in their dreams.

The dreams did make Harry feel guilty. He felt like he was cheating on Tom by dreaming of another. But yet at the same time it felt great to have someone to spent time with again that was awake and could respond back or help him with what ever the problems that he's having.

Harry just let out another sigh as he stood up and started to head for the door but stopped when he saw who was standing there. "V…Victor? What are you doing here?" He asked shocked to see the man standing there.

Viktor Krum was standing in the doorway of the master bedroom. He stood there with a smile on his face as he watched Harry.

"I came to calm you. We're mates are we not?" Viktor ask as he walked into the room.

Harry just stood there shocked to his spot before a smile broke out as he rushed over to him. Harry wrapped his arms around his neck as he lean up and kissed the ex-pro seeker.

Viktor pulled Harry closer as the kiss started to deepen. Viktor grinned against the kiss when he heard Harry let out a moan.

What the two didn't know was the spell had been broken. When Viktor said he was here to calm Harry as his mate that was enough to threaten the bond between Harry and Tom.

Tom slowly started to open his eyes for the first time in years. He stared up for a moment or two before he picked up on the sounds of someone moaning. This caused him to turn his head as his eyes then narrowed at what he saw. His Harry was kissing someone else.

Sitting up slowly Tom let out a growl at watching his angel kissing someone else. Someone new. "What's going on?" He growled out. His voice sounded rough from years of not being used.

Hearing the growl caused the two to pull apart as Harry spun around in Viktor's arms. "Tom?" Harry was shocked to see his love awake. He would have ran to him but stopped as the arms around his waist tighten.

"So you finally woke did you?' Viktor said as his eyes narrowed at the dark lord. "After so many years asleep you decide to wake up now. When Harry was finally able to move on you wake up."

Harry looked at Viktor with surprise in his eyes. He told him that this might happen so why was he acting so cold toward Tom. What Harry didn't know was that Viktor, like Tom, didn't want to share Harry with anyone. The two of them were very possessive of Harry.

Tom slowly stood up as he walked until he was just a few feet away from them. "What's going on Harry?" He demanded to know. "Why were you kissing him when your suppose to me my mate?"

Harry stood there between the two guys he loved equally yet differently. He was torn as to what he should do. He knew that Tom was hurt to see Harry in the arms of another man but Viktor was right. Harry was finally able to move on and start a new life with Viktor only to have Tom wake up.

"I…" Harry started to say as he looked to Tom. He knew that he had to tell him everything. Tell Tom what had happen since he was hit with the spell. He just hoped that Tom would stay with him. He hoped he could have both men but that would be left up to Tom. Harry would leave what happen next in Tom's hands.

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