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Recap: Sookie went to see the Oracle and learned of her new powers. They started developing very quickly, and because Victor tried to kidnap her, Eric and Niall decided it would be best for Sookie to stay with Eric. While Sookie and Eric were driving, a car comes out of nowhere and Sookie 'hears' one passenger say they are to get the girl. She knows they are talking about her, and relays the information to Eric. He speeds up enough to pull over and get his sword out of the trunk. When the would-be captors pull over and jump out of the car, Eric begins fighting them.

Sookie, being the person she is, jumps out of the car and announces herself so they can leave Eric alone. However, in the next second, Pam arrives with Amelia. Pam begins to help Eric dispatch the captors, while Amelia runs with Sookie to Pam's vehicle. They jump in, but the other Were jumps on top of the vehicle, and begins to tear away at the roof. Sookie screams and a bright light erupts, disintegrating the Were. Sookie passes out, while Amelia is screaming at the top of her lungs. No one can hear her, however, because she is encased some sort of protective bubble. The other captors are dead except for one, which is now a prisoner. Eric rushes to Sookie's aid, flies her home and has Pam call Dr. Ludwig.

He orders Pam to meet them at his mansion. The doctor checks Sookie out, but tells Eric she is spent from the power she just released. She is to sleep it off, but bars them from sex for a while. After a few hours, Sookie wakes and talks to Amelia about a few things bothering her. Amelia gives her friendly, but maybe not so sound advice and leaves. The next day, Sookie gets her new guards Niall sent over. She also receives a tutor, Preston, who she just happened to sleep with when she and Eric were not a couple.

Sookie and Eric began to talk about the tutor, and Eric makes a joke about the situation, but he was very close to the truth. Sookie tries to explain her one night stand with Preston, and that it didn't happen when they were together, but Eric pulls a 'Sookie' and leaves the house in anger. While Sookie sleeps, she dreams she caught him having sex with Yvette – or was it a dream?

Chapter 21

"The Truth Hurts – Part I"

When I woke up the next morning, my head hurt from crying myself to sleep. Eric was dead for the day, and laying there like a beautiful Norse God. I must have really worn myself out, because I didn't even hear him come in; I usually felt him when he lay in the bed. I reached over and smoothed a lock of his hair behind his ear as I snuggled up next him. I stayed there as long as possible – that is until my bladder screamed for relief.

I pulled away from him begrudgingly, and went to the bathroom for my daily routine. After I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I was ready to start my day. I remembered I was supposed to contact Preston this morning about our tutoring session. I would have liked him to come by, but it was just too risky. After Eric and I talked about this debacle, and got it straightened out, then maybe Preston could return. I checked the time on my cell, and decided to call him since it was already after 9am.

Preston answered on the first ring, and I figured he'd been waiting on me to give him the okay to return for our lesson.

"Hey, Preston. I just wanted to tell you that we need to stop the training, for now. I need to straighten things out with Eric. I'll let you know if anything changes, okay? You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not, Sookie. I will wait for an answer from you tomorrow. However, please read the book of Flayish I gave you, and please don't forget to practice your magic. You should practice your teleportation, projection, controlling your color bands, and also your Brisingr. If you feel more comfortable with me helping you with your Brisingr, you may wait for the next time we practice."

"Okay, I'll make sure I practice everything, even the Brisingr. I just hope I don't blow anyone up." That would be terrible.

"You won't hurt anyone Sookie, but I do understand how you feel. However, I have faith in you; you will do fine. Call me when you have an answer, Chosen One. Thank you for calling."

"Thank you, Preston. I'll talk to you later." I'm glad someone had faith in. Sheesh!

After we ended the call, I didn't have much of an appetite. I knew I needed something in my stomach, so I nibbled on a few pieces of Melba toast, and washed it down with a cup of coffee. After my 'meal', I decided to put on some clothes, and drag my butt towards the elevator. I told Preston I would practice, and that's just what I intended to do. When the elevator opened to the foyer, both Blackhawk brothers were standing just to the side of it in deep conversation.

"Good morning, guys! How's it going?" Even though I was not in the best of moods, I refused to make anyone suffer with me.

"Oh, it's going, Sookie. How are you this morning?" Ethan asked. "Mr. Northman seemed pissed when he left last night. Did he come back in a better mood?"

I must have turned beet red, because he blushed too, and ended the subject with a head nod. Jonathan interrupted our awkward moment, which I could have hugged him for.

"Hey, Sookie." Jonathan began, "Is your tutor coming this morning? It's almost ten."

I tried very hard not to blush again, but I think I failed. Jonathan looked curious, so I decided to skirt around the subject.

"No, he won't be coming today, but I need some practice. Y'all want to help?"

"No offense, Sookie," Jonathan began, "but I don't want to get transported to any rainforest. I can't pop back like you can."

I was a little disappointed, but I could understand his reason for declining to help me. "Well, do you want to watch? Ethan hasn't seen me use my powers yet."

"I'd be honored to, Sookie." Ethan answered, "I really want to see what you can do! We can talk later about how you can use them for your protection. It's good to learn to take care of yourself, but always remember all of your guards are here for you. Why else would Mr. Northman pay us the big bucks?"

I giggled at his response, then realized what he said. "Big bucks? Just how big is big?"

He flushed pink, then told me he wasn't supposed to tell me per Eric. I thought about dipping into his mind, but my Gran used to say, 'When you go looking for trouble, you'll always find it'. Eric and me had our own personal troubles now. There was no need for me to add fuel to the fire, and upset myself about how much Eric was paying my guards. I had to first find a way to talk to him.

"Okay, guys. Let's go."

They followed me outside, and each took a seat at the patio table. I continued out to the plush, green grass and started to stretch my physical muscles. Then, I sat 'Indian style' and flexed my mental muscles; soon after I was ready for my workout.

I decided to start with the easiest thing, my projection, and work my way up to the Brisingr. The Brisingr used up a lot of energy, so I had to pace myself.

I looked at Ethan, and decided to have a little fun with him. He wanted to see what I could do, right? So, I thought a ball of laughter, about the size of a basketball, and mentally threw it at Ethan.

His reaction started as a smile, then crescendoed to chuckles, and finally all out laughter. He was crying, and literally fell out of his chair. Jonathan and I laughed along with him, but only Jonathan knew what was going on. He joined in on the fun when he asked his brother what was so funny, and Ethan replied through his fits of laughter, that he didn't know.

I walked back over to them, and while Ethan was rolling over from his 'fit', I wondered if I could call back what I projected. I decided to try it; it couldn't hurt. I didn't really know if I could do it, but I pictured the ball I threw at Ethan and called it back. Instantly, he stopped laughing. When he realized he was free of whatever possessed him, he got off the ground and sat back in his chair. He looked at us with shame, while he wiped his face free of tears.

"Ethan, did you think something was funny? Would you like to share it with us?"

"No, ma'am. I don't know what came over me. One minute I was fine, the next...I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I'm so sorry. I know I ruined you concentration."

"Actually, I'm the one who made you laugh," I said innocently.

Ethan's eyes widened with amazement, as he tried to speak with coherent words.

"Wh...what? But...but how? She couldn't have done that? Could she Jon?"

He turned to his little brother, asking the question with disbelief written all across his face.

"Well big bro," Jonathan started, "I'd have to say that'd be a big 10-4."

Ethan turned back to me, and had the goofiest smile on his face. I couldn't do anything but laugh at him.

"How the hell did you do it? I've never felt anything like that before!"

"Well...it's called projection, and I didn't know I could do it until I was pissed off the other day, and shattered a vase in the foyer."

"Man, that was cool! It'll make a great defensive tactic. We'll have to discuss it later. Now go on and finish your training."

I nodded with a smile on my face, and walked back into the grass to continue practicing. I worked on my teleporting, and scared the bejesus out of Jon when I popped behind him and yelled 'boo'. Ethan and I had a grand time laughing at little brother, but he didn't think it was very funny.

After I finished working with my other powers, I decided to work with my Brisingr. I asked Jonathan to bring me something I could blow up, and he came back with a pillow. I narrowed my eyes at him, because I thought he was trying to be funny. "Well thanks for the vote of confidence, Hawk. I know I'm not an master with my powers and all, but a pillow?"

"Sookie," he began, "I only brought it to you because I didn't want anything exploding which could hurt us. When you blow this up, it'll cause us no harm."

"Oh, right. Good thinking."

I grabbed the pillow from him, and took it far out into the yard. Then I withdrew into my head, and called on the white light that disintegrated the Were a week ago. It became a small white dot, just big enough to fit on the tip of a finger, then it grew into the size of a marble. As soon as it reached the size of a golf ball, I projected it to the pillow. There was pop sound like a balloon exploding and, presto-chango the pillow was nothing but scraps of cloth and feathers.

I glanced over at my guards, and they were sitting with their mouths agape. They were in total awe, and couldn't form a sensible sentence.

"Sookie...it's...oh, my...wow, just wow!" Ethan said.

"Well, thank you for those thoughtful words. Anything else you'd like to share, Jon?"

"Um, no?"

"Hmm, it seems you have the same vast vocabulary as your brother – but thank you."

"Welcome!" they said in unison.

"Well, I guess I'd better be getting inside. I need to take a shower."

"Yes, ma'am. We have to make a few rounds, also."

They followed me inside the manor, and watched me until I stepped into the elevator.

"Call us if you need anything," Jon said.

"I will," I replied, then closed the elevator doors. I walked down the hallway, and into the bedroom. Of course, Eric was still dead for the day, but at least he was home. Suddenly, the nightmare I had resurfaced, and it stabbed me to the core. I hoped it was a dream, because if Eric was unfaithful to me, without letting me explain – well...I don't how I could get over it.

I went in the bathroom, showered, and came out feeling like a new woman. I brushed my teeth for five minutes, then brushed my hair for one hundred strokes. Afterward, I slipped on a silk, ankle length, black and red gown, and went to the bed.

As soon as I sat down, my cell began to vibrate. I picked it up to look at the caller ID. It was Niall. Well, I thought, only a day late – how thoughtful. I pressed the green button and answered.

"Hello, great grandfather. Thanks for finally calling," I said sarcastically, I wasn't in a very good mood.

"Kayata, remoras acki. Please speak in Flayish, my dear."

Since I had been studying the book Preston gave me, I decided to help myself, and hone my skills with practicing the native language of the Fairies. I conversed with him a bit in Flayish, and I actually surprised myself at how well I was doing; Niall even complimented me.

I asked him if he could come over, so he could answer a few questions for me. He agreed and told me he'd meet me in 5 minutes at the front door to the mansion. I agreed and quickly covered my gown with the matching robe.

I practiced a little more by 'popping' myself to the elevator, then I pressed in the code and the doors opened. As soon as one door closed, the other immediately opened. When I stepped completely out of the elevator, and the doors closed behind me, the next thing I heard were snarls and women yelling.I knew then Niall must have arrived.

"Hawk, what's wrong?" I could handle myself a little if there was trouble. If I had to, I would pop back to the room.

"Go back Sookie, there is an unidentified male on the premises. Clovache said he just appeared out of nowhere!"

"It's okay, Hawk! Tell the Britligens it's okay. If he's an older gentleman, it's the visitor I was expecting. I was trying to tell you before he arrived. I guess I was a little too slow. He's okay, see him in please."

Hawk got on the radio, and told the other guards to stand down and let the visitor through. It was nice to see they were on their toes. Now I knew why they were getting paid the big bucks. I hadn't yet told Hawk of my heritage, and who Niall was, but I think he had an idea; especially after the way Niall greeted me. I didn't want to go digging around in his brain for the answer either. So the unanswered questions of 'how did he just appear', and 'how he got passed the front gates' were just going to have to wait.

"Blood of my blood!" Niall began, "It is so good to see you again! I have missed you." He reached for my hands, and pulled me in for a quick hug.

After he kissed me atop my head, we talked pleasantries for a few minutes. Soon after, he followed me to the study, and I closed the doors behind us. As soon as I turned back to face him, I got down to business, asking him the same questions I posed to Preston, two days ago.

"Niall, I have a few things I'm curious about, and I need them answered. Will you do that for me?"

"I will answer what I can, Sookie. What troubles you?"

"I'd like to know why I was picked to be the Chosen One. I've been injured, and almost killed more times than I care to count. These powers would have come in handy then. I'm only part fairy, and from what I gather, the Chosen One was supposed to a real supe, not some half breed like me."

He frowned a little, and asked me a question. "Great-grand daughter, do you remember any of the prophecy?"

"Well, yes." I repeated the entire prophecy line by line, and waited for his response. He was quiet for several minutes, as if he were thinking about what I said.

"My child, your destiny had been written eons before even my birth. Draton, my father, was the High Prince of Faery. He ruled all the Fae, including Daemons, Brownies, Sprites, Goblin and all in between. He was a fair and just ruler, and cared deeply for the beings in his Princedom. However, there were always forces of darkness looming about. I was only a few centuries old when I fought with my father in the first Fae War.

Before his death, the Oracle summoned my father and I to her Great Hall. She foretold of the Chosen One - a being so powerful, he or she could control and command ALL races. This Chosen One would rule with their mate, and uphold the balance of nature. These beings would be considered Gods or Goddesses in some cultures. The Chosen One would symbolize the light or truth, and the mate would represent darkness or chaos. She told of how the light would reshape the darkness, and alter it so completely, the darkness would become a new creature. In the process, the light would take on some of the characteristics of the dark, however, not enough to corrupt the goodness in the light."

"Sweet baby Jesus," I said with my hand over my mouth. I couldn't believe what my great-grandfather was telling me.

"She also told us heretics would try to interject their hatred, and blaspheme against the pair, but the power from the Chosen One and their mate would be absolute. The believers under their rule would come to their aid, and slay any opposed. I questioned her about who these people were, and how I would recognize them? My father, in turn, asked her when we should expect this God and Goddess to arrive, and what would our roles would be in this historic event."

"What did she tell you?"

"She smiled at my father, and told him his clan was the origin for the Chosen One. The event was written in the stars, from as far back as our kind could remember. She could not tell us how long it would take you to arrive, Sookie. She could not even tell us if the Chosen One was a male or female; the only thing we knew, was that you were expected and it would be in one of our lifetimes. However, she did say when the time had arrived, she would guide my father and I."

I shed a few tears, as Niall looked at me with adoration. He grabbed my hand, and I instantly felt his fairy magic warming me to my heart. It was very relaxing.

"So, I am now here to guide you. I have to protect you my child. With the Norseman by your side, I have a great ally in my charge. We have battled together before, and I respect him. He may be vampire, but he does honor a code. A moral code I believe in. As far as the manifestation of your powers...I believe your bonded's ancient blood helped them evolve so quickly. You were not drinking from him routinely before your ordeal with the Things, as you call them, were you?"

I thought about it, and realized Niall was right. Eric gave me massive amounts of his blood to help me heal from the attack. Ever since then, he had insisted I drink from him almost every day. Even though it seemed much longer, it had only been a few weeks since I started drinking from Eric on a regular basis. "No, I hadn't been." I finally answered. "I only began drinking from him regularly, after the incident with the Things."

Niall nodded his head and continued, "This was why you were not able to use your power to protect yourself. Sookie, you should not have started developing your powers until after you turned 29 in human years. This is called the 'Age of Announcement', in our people. We are considered adults at this age, however in Faery, at your age 29, we are actually 200 years old."

"WHAT? So, you mean if I lived in Faery I'd be like, 194 years old?" I listened to him explaining about my family history with vigor, but that little diddy threw me for a loop - color me vain. He chuckled, and told me I was correct. Then he got back to the topic at hand.

"Because you were so young when your powers manifested, things have moved much quicker than the Oracle expected. This was why I took you to her. She needed to touch you to see your path and now, it has come full circle. However, I do not agree with your aspect of being a half breed. You are a Brigant, and you are destined to rule the supernaturals with fairness and might! This is your destiny, Sookie. Do you not understand?"

I hesitantly nodded my head.

"You are the light, and the vampire is the darkness. You have changed him. Can you not see it? He is still a mighty warrior with a code of morality, but he is also something anew. You have sparked something within him; something so powerful he is not the same being he once was. I doubt if he realizes how much he has changed. I have never known the Norseman to care for little more than himself or his child, until you came into his life."

Wow! That gave me a lot to think about. Had I changed Eric? I'd like to think it would be for the better if I had. I nodded my head to my Great grand-father in acceptance. "Thank you for sharing your story with me. I understand a little better now."

He nodded his head, "You are welcome, Great-grand daughter. Are there any more questions you had for me?"

Boy, he shouldn't have asked that question! "Yes, as a matter of there are. I'd like to know why you sent Preston to my home last Christmas, as a present to me? You stepped across a line, and I don't know if I'll ever forgive you for it. You may have been trying to do something good for me, but I am not that type of person. I'd also like to know, what the HELL possessed you to send Preston, of all people to tutor me? You knew what happened between us!"

Niall tensed his shoulders, and winced at my verbal assault.

"Did you know, or even care how I felt about the situation? Do you have any idea what position this puts me in? Eric and I are...well, I don't know what Eric and I are right now, but it's not good. I have tried to explain this situation to him, and he got the wrong impression and now...and now, I don't know how much longer we'll be together!" The tears were streaming down my face, and the only thing I could do was put my head in my hands and sob.

Niall, held me for a few minutes, while patting me on my back. "My dear, I am so sorry. I did not mean to cause you such grief. This was not my intention. In Faery, most of our kind have many more than one lover. It did not occur to me this would cause you sadness. I only wanted to help you. I knew you were lonely, and I knew how much you valued helping others. So I had the Weres and Preston give you exactly what I thought you would want. Was I wrong with this assumption? I ask your forgiveness in my...miscalculation."

My sobs were mere hiccups now, so I tried to answer him. "Niall, I do like to help others, and I was lonely; but you can't just send me a person as a gift. Maybe a dog or cat, clothing or jewelry is nice too, but a person? I'd like to thank you, because I did enjoy the time I had with Preston, but you just can't do that to people. All this wouldn't have mattered if you hadn't sent him here to tutor me. It's like you're taunting me and Eric, as well as making me feel a little awkward."

"My dear girl, it was never my intention to disrespect you. I only felt you deserved the best; this was why I commanded Preston to come. He is the best instructor in Faery, and the most respected. I only wanted to make you happy; I am so sorry. If it will help, inform the Viking this was all my doing. I will even talk to him if need be, and I will help in any way I can."

"I appreciate the gesture, Niall, but I have to talk to him myself. Everything will be all right. I hope."

"It will, my child; it will. If you need me to send another tutor, I will be happy to. You only have to send word to my assistant. Now, I must go, and you must get back to your bonded. I love you, Sookie. Goodbye, my dear." He nodded to me and popped out.

I sat there for a few moments to get myself together, and then stood up to walk out of the study. When I opened the doors, Jon was standing across the hallway. "Hawk, you didn't have to stand guard. I told you I was okay earlier."

"Yes, I did Sookie. It's my job remember?"

"Well, duh? But I can handle myself better now. I was okay, but...I know Eric would have been ripped you a new one if anything had happened to me, so we're good. Now, I'm going to my room - again, so I'll see you later."

"Okay, Sookie. Se ya later."

I made my way back to the bedroom and took off my robe to lay down next to Eric. I must have been more tired than I thought, because I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

As I began to wake, I rolled over and put threw my arm over on Eric's side of the bed; he wasn't there. I sat straight up, and the only light in the room was the one coming from the bathroom. I felt around in the bond for him, but I couldn't feel him. That really worried me, so I grabbed my phone. I started looking for a text or something from him but all I got was a bunch of nothing. I sat there for a few seconds, and when the image of Eric and Yvette raced through my brain, I began to sob. Tears streamed from my eyes for several minutes as I felt the guilt crashing down on me for not telling Eric the truth about Preston, for the way I tried to manipulate him and having it blow up in my face, and for his possible infidelity.

Suddenly, I felt just a tinge of regret or sadness, in our bond. I couldn't decipher what it was exactly. I called out to him in my mind, but...nothing. So, I decided to try to do something about it. I threw the covers off my legs, when his voice echoed through the room.

"No, stay exactly where you are."

I looked towards the sound of his voice. Eric had taken a chair and moved into a dark corner of the room.

"Eric, I'm so glad you're back, I-"

"Sookie, I never would have thought you, of all people would have done this to me. How could you? I trusted you. You took my heart and-"

"Eric, please stop. It's not what you think."

"Really, Sookie? Pray tell, exactly what do I think?"

"That I was with someone else, and yes I was but..." I felt his anger surge through our bond. "it wasn't when we were together."

He sat as quiet as a church house mouse. I guessed he was waiting for me to continue, so that's exactly what I did. If he was going to walk out on me again, I was going to give him as much information as I could before he left.

"It was last Christmas, and I was so lonely. I worked half the day, spent some time with Sam and Tara, then I called Amelia and talked to her for a while. I still had most of the night left. I was hoping, praying, you would call but you never did. I called Fangtasia to wish you a Merry Christmas, but whoever the girl was that answered the phone said you were busy. I told her to tell you I had called, but you never called back; so, I thought you weren't fit to be bothered. I figured if you wanted to talk, you'd call me. I was getting ready for bed when I thought I heard someone outside of my house, so I went out to investigate, and..."

I told Eric the entire story, well - except a play by play, but he understood I had sex with a fairy. I still hadn't given him any names though, except for Niall. In fact, I even told him he could even speak to Niall, if he didn't believe me; but I knew he could feel my honesty in our bond.

I waited for him to say something...hell anything; instead he continued to sit in his stupid chair – unmoving. He showed no emotion, and I couldn't 'hear' him, so I continued. "Eric, I love you. I would never have cheated on you – ever! I was sick and tired of being alone, and I just...I just wanted to feel cared for; at least for a little while. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this before, but I thought it was irrelevant, because once again, we were not seeing each other then."

He stood up, and crossed the room in the blink of an eye. "My Sookie..." I felt the bond open back up, and knew immediately he was still a little pissed, but relieved to hear the truth. However, he looked a little confused.

"Sookie, what else are you not telling me?"

Stupid blood bond. "Eric, before I tell you this, I want you to know nothing has, or will happen. Okay?"


"Well, my tutor, Preston? He was that fairy."

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