Summary - This is an AU I thought of regarding Dark Angel. The virus is gone, Max and Logan are married with a child and have moved to Hartford, Connecticut. Logan is now CEO of Cale Industries, and the first order of business was recalling the "hunter chip" in all the hoverdrones and destroying them. He is now an honest multi-millionaire that doesn't profit off the death of others, and he and Max still fight government corruption together as "Eyes Only". Max finally has the normal life she always wanted. Or does she?

Rating should start out G or PG, but as the story continues, there will be eventual smut, so whole story rating will be NC17. If you're under 18, do not read this fic. If you are over 18 and bothered by smut, I would recommend you not read this fic. This will eventually become a Max/Alec pairing fic and there will be a character death. Most will learn that I am a die hard Max/Alec pairing fan. :)

Again, I own nothing regarding DA. I make no profit from the fics I write, it is only for the joy the writing that I do this. Feedback is welcome, good or bad.

Max was struggling to insert the door key into her front door while juggling numerous paper sacks from the supermarket. She had run some errands and was back from her weekly grocery shopping, her arms full, but plenty of ingredients for Logan's famous fetticine alfredo

The movement of her hand against the doorknob almost caused her to fall inside in a heap. It was then that she realized.... the door was already open.

They NEVER just leave the door open

Pushing it open further with her toe, her Manticore "spidey-sense" was kicking in.

Something was wrong. As a matter of fact, something was VERY wrong. It was way too quiet in a house that usually echoes with her three year old son's laughter, or the bustle of Original Cindy running after the toddler. She set her bags on the porch and stayed crouched down, checking quickly with her enhanced vision the entry way, the stairway leading to the second floor and the living room that was to the left of the door. Everything was too quiet. She could swear she even heard crickets chirping

"OC? Logan?" Max called out, watching very carefully for any sign of life. Max hired Original Cindy as a nanny for her three year old son, Keegan, before moving to away from Seattle. OC had happily handed her notice to Normal and headed out to Connecticut with Max

There were obvious signs of a struggle, which worried Max more. She pulled out her cell phone and called Logan first as she carefully made her way inside, checking every room as she went

And she heard a cell phone ringing somewhere within housem which indicated to her that either Logan was home, or he left his cell phone. Following the sound to the sunroom/playroom in the back of the house, she dropped her cell phone and ran to the man that has been her husband for the past three years

"Logan!!" she cried out in a panic, crouching next to him and checking for a pulse. What she feared most was confirmed

Logan Cale was dead

Making herself stay focused like Manticore taught her to do, she found Original Cindy in the kitchen. Her pulse was faint, which relieved Max. She's still alive!

"Keegan!" Max yelled for her son, rapidly going room to room, trying to find the toddler, fear clutching her throat. "Keegan!! Sweetheart! Answer Mommy! Where are you??"

She searched the whole house, but no blond-headed three year old boy who was usually underfoot and chattering when she was home

Max finally called the police, and then while waiting on them to show up, she went into Logan's office and deleted all files on Logan's computer regarding "Eyes Only" because the police will more than likely confiscate Logan's hard-drive

Then she pulled up the security camera feed, making a copy for herself and she found how that one hour ago, Logan came home as a surprise and was playing with Keegan in the play room, giving OC a break. OC was in the kitchen fixing lunch for herself and three men stampeded into the house with guns drawn. Logan and OC tried their best to protect Keegan.... and from what Max could tell, Keegan was their prime objective.

And then she saw when OC hit one of men with a fireplace poker.... and the guy didn't even flinch


There were too many Familiars in important government roles. She would have to find her son on her own, or with the help of those she trusted completely

Which meant once the police came and conducted their investigation, she had a phone call to make.

She really needed X5-494's help.

Within 24 hours, Alec was on a plane heading for Connecticut

On a Cale Industries private jet no less

These are really nice digs, Alec thought as he sipped his scotch and looking around at the plush interior within the jet

He can see why Max left Seattle. This was a lifestyle one could easily get used to!

Alec had his laptop open and tapped a few keys, viewing the video footage Max sent him, and Alec had to agree with Max. This was obvious work of the Familiars.

Alec now worked as a private investigator in Seattle. It brought in much better money than working at Jam Pony and this job allowed him to use the skills he had trained for all of his life

One thing he couldn't understand while watching the video footage. What purpose would the Familiars have in kidnapping Max's child? That's what Alec wanted to know. Was it revenge? Was it some other dark, religious reason that they had?

Alec didn't know, but for Max's sake as well as Keegan's, he was going to help Max find out

Max had to be going through a terrible time. Her husband is dead, the funeral is tomorrow, OC is in the hospital in a coma, and Keegan is missing. Alec knew the only way Max was holding it together was to draw on her life in Manticore. Put on an unemotional mask and keep moving through the pain.

Alec always had a soft spot for his former "breeding partner", and he knew the moment she asked for his help, he'd do all he could to find her child for her