I do not own any of the Wizards of Waverly Place Characters. I only own my own thoughts. This is a violent work that involves unnatural sex and gay incest. Please do not read if you are not of the age to.

Crime and Punishment

Chapter One:

The Crime

Max wasn't even close to saying that he was anywhere near a good detective. However, he had seen something of interest in Justin's room a few days prior and it seemed like a good time to go in and look. His mom and dad were both down working in the sub shop. Alex and Harper were off scheming over who-knows-what. And Justin was down in the living room with a study group of geeks. The-girl-of-the-week that Justin was interested in was a part of that group, so Max knew that he was in the clear of sneaking into Justin's room.

Before going upstairs, Max grabbed his backpack and a glass of water that he wasn't actually intending on drinking. Scanning over the living room, Max saw that Justin was leaning over his girl's book and pointing at something with a timid smile on his face.

The smile was almost enough to make Max back out. Whenever Max was upset, that smile had always been the one thing that comforted him.

On the other hand, the object Max had thought he had seen was something that Max wanted to investigate. If he could just manage to obtain it, then he could have one up on Justin and Alex when it came time the challenge to keep his powers. Max knew he needed to keep his powers most.

So, Max crept up the stairs, attempting to keep any possible attention off of him. Before turning the corner, he peeked one more time to make sure that Justin was busy.

First thing first. Max went to his room and dropped his backpack down on the floor and the cup of water on his dresser.

Next, he scampered across the hallway to Justin's room. His heart did flips as he put his hand on the doorknob. Lightly, attempting silence, he turned it. For some reason, he tried hard not to let it make any sound. It felt silly to him, yet crucial.

Opening the door just a sliver so he could get through, Max slid into the room.

Inside, the room was much darker than the hallway. There was a blanket thrown over the window. Some kind of bright green potion, boiling in the corner, gave off just enough light.

Now, if only Max could just figure out where Justin would hide the object. A master wand.

Knowing that Justin was much smarter than he, Max instantly started ruling out places where he would hide something.

Not under the bed.

Not in the closet.

Couldn't possibly be inside the radio.

Justin was too smart for all those places.

Where could it be?

Max scratched his head. The dresser caught his attention.

Once, when they were younger, Justin accidentally showed Max where his money stash was when he went to give him a dollar to buy a candy bar at the mart down the road.

Yes! That had to be where Justin hid his master wand.

Max skidded open the top drawer of Justin's dresser. It scrapped terribly loud. Max clinched his teeth. He had never felt so terrified in his life. If he got caught, he knew he could face a life of treachery. He could even end up being treated as poorly as Justin treated Alex. That would kill him from the inside out.

His cheeks flushed up as he started to rifle though Justin's underwear. The top layer was an amazing amount of tighty whities. How could a person love them that much? And how did he keep them so white? Max began to wonder. Clearly mom wasn't doing Justin's laundry any longer.

That became even more evident as he scrapped the top layer off.

What the? Max thought.

Underneath the briefs there was an array of other kinds of underwear. Max lifted up a Speedo and examined it for a second. It had their school logo on it. Max didn't recall Justin ever joining the swim team.

Another article instantly grabbed Max's interest. He lifted it up after he placed the Speedo back. It had a front but only two straps in the back. Was that what they called a jockstrap?

Has Justin been raiding the locker room or what?

That wasn't the end of the shock. There were bikinis, thongs, and some leather thing that Max couldn't figure out. Wow. His brother was a freak.

Max's hands shook as he continued to dig down. He was beginning to feel quite dirty going through Justin's personal belongings as such. Not to mention the shock on his system at what was within those personal things. He shuttered as his hand grasped what he was searching for. The long, stick-like object was in his hands. He pulled his hand back and the jockstrap caught onto it.

Seeing the object up closer, Max instantly knew it wasn't a wand at all. It was shaped like a penis instead. And it was bright orange.

What the freak is wrong with Justin?

Thinking of Justin, he walked right into the room. Max held his breath.

Maybe he won't notice me.

"What the Great Gatsby are you doing in here, you little twerp?" Justin asked. There was a malice in his voice that made Max quiver.

Without thinking, Max turned slowly toward Justin. Dildo in hand. Jockstrap still on the end of it.

Justin's angry face quickly turned into a shocked expression, then went back to angry.

"You've gone too far, this time!" Justin grabbed his real wand off of his bed and pointed it at Max. "Silenceo. Icetonus."

Max was stuck. He couldn't move. Couldn't talk. He was stuck there.

Justin ripped a book from his shelf and walked out the door, slamming it behind him.