New fiction and love between Justin and Max for all of those who loved it last time. There is NO connection to Crime and Punishment, so go in with a fresh mind with a new start to our two favorite boys. Well, maybe not favorite, but we do love this pair, right?

What? You want a preview? Okay then.

Justin had to keep telling himself that he had just won the wizard's tournament. He was the new family wizard. He was still trying to catch his breath when he first took notice to Alex and Max's blank, exhausted, and defeated looks. Little subways in his head were sending trains of thought in many different directions. They all threatened to collide. But all of them were promising him that it was going to be okay that he was the family wizard. All his hard work, studying, and preparation had just paid off.

Alex was the first to step up to Justin. She pulled her expression back into a snotty, don't-care attitude that she carried so well. "Well, you cheated." He head bobbed around as she crossed her arms, dropping her wand to the ground. It dissolved into the grass. "You already knew what to expect." She turned on her heal and was stomping off in a hurry.

If anyone should be upset or accusing about cheating, it should have been Max. He hadn't previously been a part of the mock-tournament that Justin and Alex had been a few years before. The seventeen-year-old boy's chin was quivering up and down. Max was the real reason Justin was afraid to win.

"Congratulations, Justin." Max sniffed. He put his arms softly and slowly around his older brother's waist. His face buried into Justin's shoulder. "What am I going to do, Justin? I'm nothing without my magic."

Justin rested his hand on Max's shoulder and gave it a little squeeze. He seriously looked into Max's eyes. "You are much more than magic. You can do anything you want now that you aren't bound to magic."

Max let out a swift breath of air. "You've got to be kidding me. Bound to magic." Max shrugged Justin's hand off his shoulder.

Just when Justin thought he couldn't feel worse about winning, which he was trying his hardest not to do, here was Max basically begging him to give up his magic. Truth was, though, Justin felt like he was nothing without magic either.

"Stay with me for awhile. We'll figure something out for you."

Max sat down on the couch. His face was completely blank. It wasn't like the normal blank where wheels were spinning in his head, it was a blank blank. Justin couldn't read it. "You don't want me," Max slowly let out.

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