"Where's our new lab assistant supposed to be?"

Hodgins' call from across the Jeffersonian Lab attracted the entire team's attention.

"That could mean either you're lonely and want some company over there, or you found something really gross and want someone to do it for you" Cam said, looking up from a bone.

Hodgins laughed slightly from his desk. "Would it shock you if it was both?"

"No" the team replied, and turned back to their work.

Hodgins had been exiled to the lower tier of the lab because he he had been working with maggots in horse manure, trying to figure out if there was any flesh in there from the team's new victim.

"I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me" Hodgins sang from his desk.

"Yeah, whatever. When you go take a shower, you can come back" Angela said, doodling on her sketchpad.

Hodgins made a puppy face.

"No, I'm resisting" Angela said, fully aware of what her boyfriend was doing.

"Back to my original question, where is our lab assistant?"

Cam sighed. "She's at security"

Hodgins sighed, then stood up suddenly and banged on the table, making everyone jump.

"Do you have to do that every three minutes?" Angela asked.

"I found something" Hodgins said, walking over to the entrance to the center lab.

"Okay" Cam said when he didn't tell her.

Hodgins just stared.

"Spill" Cam said.

Hodgins just stared, then a small smile pricked the corners of his mouth.

"You're not going to tell unless I let you back up here"

Hodgins nodded, an innocent smile on his face.

"All right"

Hodgins swiped his ID faster than Cam could comprehend, then shoved a picture under her nose.

"Ugh, your hands smell awful" She said, gagging and turning away.

"It's just a little manure, calm down"

Angela rolled her eyes.

"I found something really weird" Hodgins continued, following Cam as she walked away.

"Go take a shower, then tell me"

Hodgins sighed, then started to traipse off to the locker rooms.

"The maggots aren't from the body we found!" he called, then ran off.

Cam's head jerked up.

"Well, that's maddeningly unhelpful"

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