Rachel sat with Dr. Brennan, Booth, and the agent from the Japanese magazine, sipping coffee when the Restaurant started shaking violently.

"What's happening?" She yelled over the noise of glass breaking.

"Earthquake!" Brennan yelled back.

Then, as soon as it came, it stopped.

"That was weird" Booth said, looking around the Cafe anxiously.

Then, all three of their cell phones rang, causing the Magazine Agent to look up suspiciously.

"They found a body in a burst water main across town" Brennan said, standing up.

"Well that's the call for duty" Booth said, striding across the cafe and opening the door for the two women.

Rachel's phone rang again as the walked out, the agent following them.

"Oh my god" She said, stopping suddenly.

"What?" Booth asked as he turned back.

"Sweets was down there. He just saw a boy die" She looked at him uncertainly.

"That's not good" Booth said, turning back to the car and getting in.

"Not good at all"

When they got down to the Sewer main an hour later, it was a wreck. The train was jackknifed against a cement post, and they were loading a body into a bag.

"Sweets" Rachel said, running over to his frozen form.

Just by looking at him, you could tell that the normally cool and composed shrink was upset, his face was flushed slightly, and his eyes were misted.

Rachel touched his arm and looked directly into his eyes.

"Are you okay?"

He shook his head, and she took that as a cue to help him sit down on a bench.

"H-he was there, talking to me. He had just found out that he was cancer-free after eight years. Then he was gone. just like that"

Rachel gently rubbed his back, unsure of what else to do.

"I'm so sorry Sweets, I know what you feel. I have to go examine the skeleton, then i'll give you ride home"

He shook his head.

"I'll get a ride with booth, you probably have to work"

Rachel was taken aback, but didn't argue.

She walked quickly over to where Brennan, Booth, and the Magazine Agent were.

"Victim's male, been dead approximately a week" Brennan said, looking carefully at the skeleton.

"Those look like rat bites" The agent said, writing furiously in her small pink journal.

"They could be"

"Like in you first book, where Ms. Reichs finds a victim eaten by rats"

Brennan furrowed her eyebrows at the young woman.

"The victim in my book was eaten by weasels. Different genus, but similar bite patterns"

The Agent scribbled furiously again.

"Get these remains back to the Jeffersonian for analysis" Brennan called over her should to the workers, ending the conversation.

"Are you alright Rachel?" Booth asked, looking over Brennan to her.

Rachel shrugged, frowning.

"I don't think Sweets is okay"

Booth leaned over to look at Sweets, who was still sitting on the bench, his face in his hands.

"I don't mean to be rude, but he did see a kid die, that would probably throw his orbit out of whack big time"

Brennan looked at him confusedly.

"And more so, he feels responsible, further flinging him into the stratosphere"

"Since when have you become a psycologist that uses incorrect metaphors?" Brennan said, straightening up.

"It's just a figure of speech, Bones"

"An incorrect one, seeing as a human does not orbit"

Booth put his hands on his hips, agitated.

"It's just a figure of speech, ok? I'm leaving"

Brennan followed him.

"And, due to the lack of oxygen, a human couldn't survive in the stratosphere, their lungs would implode"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Sweets, let's go"

Almost mechanically, Sweets followed him.

Rachel and the Agent brought up the rear, the Agent still scribbling down the details of Booth and Bones' argument.