Small Talk and Secrets

Renesmee woke up seven hours into the flight. The man next to her was getting up.

"Sorry if I woke you. Just going to the bathroom."

"Oh no, you didn't wake me."

The man did not reply. He simply left. Renesmee instantly threw his card into the creeper pile. He was a character alright. She wasn't even sure if she bought his business man disguise. Something was strange about him. Renesmee silently shunned herself for wasting time thinking about some complete stranger. Then realizing she had more than enough time to waste, she closed her eyes and leaned forward onto the seat in front of her.


"Huh?" Renesmee picked up her head and looked to the direction of the voice. "Jacob? Where have you been!"

"Next to you, silly."

"No, you haven't. Some strange business man with an oversized suit was sitting here. If you have been giggling with some other girl this entire timeā€¦ Oh!"

"I'm glad to see you to. You can blame the suit on Sam. He still finds a way to be bigger than me."

"What? You were that man the whole time? You let me suffer for seven hours?"

"That's one way to put it. I didn't suffer though. You are so beautiful when you sleep. It was also the calmest you have been in days."

"Oh shut-up don't you know that talking isn't the only thing you can do with your lips?"

She turned to face Jacob. He leaned toward her smiling. This kiss was shorter but still equally as passionate as the others.

"You should be glad I didn't make you suffer the rest of the flight."

"You wouldn't!"

"I couldn't."

"Hmmm." Renesmee leaned into Jacob's shoulder and breathed in his musky scent. "Just wait until we get to Italy. My stress level will sky rocket again."

"I believe it. Until then I will just have to keep you calm and collected."

Renesmee smiled not knowing what to say. Jacob was so smooth. He always knew what to say. While she of course just sat here smiling looking like an idiot.

For a while Nessie and Jacob sat in silence. Both thinking that they sounded like idiots from the others point of view.

"What does it look like when someone is avoiding Alice's gift?"

"There is no way to avoid it. If they do know about it, then they keep their mind on something else. Alice sees whatever they are thinking about."

"Do you or anyone in your family have an idea as to why Alice can't see what the Volturi are thinking?"

"No. Unless they found a way of thinking about absolutely nothing. None of us understand it at all. Mom meditates instead of sleeping, but even then she is still thinking about her breathing."

"Bella meditates?"

"Yeah is there something wrong with that?"

"No, just, if you knew her before, I would never believe it if someone told me she meditated."

"Oh. Well she does and she gets pretty out of it. If I didn't know an better, I would think her to be sleeping." Renesmee trailed off so Jacob did not answer.

Renesmee didn't know much about her mothers relationship with Jacob. She only knew that when they were little they made mud pies together. Of course, Bella had told her the obvious. Like when she moved to Forks, she met him again. They built bikes together and became really great friends. That was the extent of Renesmees knowledge of her mother and Jacob.

"Are you okay?" Renesmee snapped out of it.


"Are you okay?" Jacob repeated.

"Oh, yeah. Why would you ask?"

"You were making some strange faces over there. You seem frustrated."

Renesmee sighed.

"When am I not?"

"Good point."

A flight attendant stopped beside there seat holding out two menus. She had blonde hair thrown up into a bun and a very strong Texas accent.

"Hi, we are offering menus now. Would you like one?"

"Sure." Renesmee took two menus from the woman who revealed a bright smile than moved on to the next seat.

"Are you hungry?" Jacob asked her.

"Not exactly, just bored. The real question is, am I going to have to leave to let you eat. You are such a pig sometimes." Renesmee grinned.

"I promise to be a perfect gentlemen." Her grin vanished. "What?"

"Every time my father said that to Charlie, bad things happened."

Jacob did not answer right away. He had always been compared to Edward by Bella. He didn't need Nessie doing it too.

"Bad things aren't going to happen." Renesmee lifted an eyebrow. "Okay, more bad things aren't going to happen."

"I have a hard time believing that."

"I'll have a hard time trying to make you. Hey, how did things go with Nicole?"

"She is amazing. Just as I went to tell her what happened. She told me what happened. I went along with her story. Apparently I am scared of my own emotion."

"If you were scared of emotion, you would have moved out a long time ago."

Renesmee laughed at that. It wasn't a real laugh though. The truth was, she thought Nicole was right. She may not be afraid of all of her emotions, but she was definitely afraid of loving Jake. Sometimes she felt that despite how much she loved him, she pushed him away. She didn't mean to. She wouldn't even realized she had until looking back on the situation. Renesmee felt juvenile and hated herself for it.

Jacob looked at Renesmee. She couldn't seem to realize she was on an airplane. She insisted on riding her own train of thought. Until then, Jacob hadn't noticed how often Nessie dazed out. She obviously had a lot on her mind and too much stress in her life.

Jacob let her be and tuned out everything around him. In half an hour another movie would start. He would wake Nessie then.

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