I scream to you,

You turn around,

I finally see your eyes,

Its been long since I last saw you,

You smile at me,

I run to you,

You await me with open arms,

I fall into them,

I feel at bliss,

I look up to see your smile,

I then say to you,

I have missed you Sasori no-dana,

You looked down at me and said,

I have missed you too my little bomb,

I laid my ear to your heart,

I listen to your heart beat faster,

I pull away,

I looked at you with love,

You looked right back at me,

I placed my hand on the back of your head,

The other on your back,

I pull you in,

Placed your forehead on mine,

Looked you in the eye and said,

I love you my puppet,

Before you could say a thing,

I pulled you closer,

Lips to lips,

Body to body,

I felt the tears of sweetness run down my face,

You pulled away,You kissed my cheek,

You said to me,

Don't cry my love,

I'm here for you,

Forever and always,

I love you too my little C-4 bomb,

You pulled me back,

Lips to lips,

Body to body,

Heart to heart,

We fell in love I guess,

When did this happen,

Why did this happen,

How did this happen,

I really don't know,

I really don't care,

As long as I have you,

And you have me,

We could run in peace.