Chapter One

One day in a spring field on the outside of the Sand Village two people meet ( yes I know it's all sand outside the Sand Village, but for now there is a field ). The red of the blood in her hair catches his eye. The light makes the wet blood in her long silver and brown hair glisten and her eyes raise from the body on the ground to meet his. Her eyes so different from any ones, but so similar to eyes that of someone he has known. Her eyes were violet in the center and green on the outer part. She wore a white dress that was now dripping in blood. Her skin was pale in the light and the blood shined on her face. His own violet eyes shined in the sight of her. He jumped when he heard his partner walked up behind him.

"Is there a problem Hidan," Kakuzu asked.

"No, it's just I saw her and stopped to look," Hidan said.

"Would you like to meet her?"

"Yeah, but there is no way. Wait get back here."

Kakuzu had started to walk to the girl. Hidan hurried behind his partner. The girl looked up and smiled at Kakuzu.

"Hello 'Kuzu! Long time no see," the girl smiled.

"Yes, it has been a long time," Kakuzu smiled under his mask.

"Why are you wearing that damn mask? It looks ugly. Oh, who is he?"

"This is my partner, Hidan."

"It's nice to meet you Hidan."

"It…it's…ni…nice…t…to…me…meet…yo…you…t…too," Hidan shakily said.

"My name is Sai," the girl said.

"Sai, we need to get moving," Kakuzu said.

"Ok. Oh yeah, here 'Kuzu."

"What's this?"

"That guys wallet. It's fat so yeah."