Chapter Eighteen

"Ok. Here is Sai's robe when she wakes up." Pein laid her new Akatsuki robe over the chair in the corner. "Hinta, here is your robe and ring. Your ring will go on your left middle finger just like Kakuzu's. You two will share during summoning. Ok with you two?"

"Yes," Kakuzu and Hinta said calmly.

"Ok. Hidan, I'm giving Sai a ring anyways. It's the same as yours if you two agree to use it."

"Ok," Hidan said. Pein tossed the ring to Hidan. Hidan grabbed the ring mid-air and put it on the table next to the bed. "Now can everyone get out of our room so I can go to sleep too." Everyone left Hidan and Sai's room. Hidan looked at the floor and at Sai and him-self. "I'll clean my room tomorrow. Sai and I can get showers tomorrow." Hidan took his cloak off and crawled into bed next to Sai. He put his arm around her waist and kissed her forehead so sweetly.

Meanwhile in Kakuzu's room. Hinta and Kakuzu were standing in the middle of the room kissing. They both stopped and walked together to the bathroom and got a shower together. They dried off and went to bed.

The night pasted by so fast as the Akatsuki slept in their beds. Everyone of them happy with the one they love laying next to them. With all of the members happy in love with the organization growing there was a not so loving connection.