Author Note(s): So, I was drawing random romy doodles in English today and started to write Cyclops journal entries on the matter. Here's what I've got so far (and extra because I ran out of time in class).

I don't own X-Men: Evolution.

Entry 1: Today we had a fight with the Acolytes. Gambit was distracted by Rogue. Strange.

Entry 2: Came across Rogue at school. With Gambit. I chased him away. Rogue's annoyed.

Entry 3: For this mission, I asked Rogue to distract Gambit. He was suspicious but fell for it. I think Rogue enjoyed it too much.

Entry 4: Okay, something strange is going on. I saw Rogue and Gambit hugging. Rogue does not hug. What is going on?!

Entry 5: Saw them again today. Rogue was mad and Gambit looked amused. One kiss of the hand and Rogue was fine. What?

Entry 6: I'm in shock. I stumbled across them...They...KISSING! How did Rogue touch him?! He looked tired when he pulled back and he saw me. And the nerve of that guy! He says to me "Bonjour, Ole' One Eye."

Entry 7: Rogue went to prom. Oh. Her date. Gambit! She's making a mistake with this guy. He's a thief and an Acolyte! He'll hurt her eventually.

Entry 8: Gambit did something I never expected. He risked his life for Rogue. Would have died if we hadn't gotten there in time. Rogue's staying by him until he regains consciousness.

Entry 9: Gambit's up and doing his usual antics. Although, Rogue is extremely relieved and berated him for acting how he did. I didn't hear most of the conversation. It seemed too personal to eavesdrop on.

Entry 10: Gambit's a kind of okay guy. He's funny and kind of...Easy to get along with. I never would have expected it with his arrogance...

Entry 11: Forget entry 10. He went back to the Acolytes.

Entry 12: I ran into Gambit today. He was waiting for Rogue. We got into a fight about him being an Acolyte and not good enough for Rogue. Rogue's very angry at me.

Entry 13: Had a fight with the Acolytes. Gambit wasn't there.

Entry 14: Still no sign of Gambit and Rogue's acting like she knows something I don't know...

Entry 15: I hate my life. I was walking to see the professor and Gambit steps out of the office. He smirks that stupid grin of his as soon as he sees me. Rogue follows after him, smiling like a cat who got the canary. And what does Gambit say to me?! "Looks like we're teammates now, mon ami." And with that, he and Rogue walk down the hall, hand-in-hand. I. Hate. My. Life. Maybe Gambit has something to drink...

Author Note(s) (cont): lol, part of me wanted to do one from Pyro's point of view. Should I just do these fifteen events from different characters perspectives?