Anthor Note(s): This is so long overdo it isn't funny. I don't know why it took me forever to do. Toad's Entries, folks.

I don't own X-Men: Evolution

Entry 1: Man, I ain't getting anywhere with my Wandy-poo. Maybe I need a new approach. That Gambit dude seems to be a rule smooth dude, if you know what I mean, yo. Maybe I should take some notes on how he does it.

Entry 2: That stiff from the X-Men ruined my chance at note takin', yo. Gambit was bein' all smooth with Rogue at school, and one eye comes up and Gambit takes his leave. Not cool, man.

Entry 3: So, I heard that the X-Men and Acolytes got into a fight. Rumor has it that Rogue used her feminine wiles on Gambit. Too bad I wasn't there to check it out and see how he works it to get her to do that.

Entry 4: So, somehow the smooth man from the land of the swamps got his little lady to give him a hug. I decided to try some of the stuff I took notes on with Wanda. Yo, man, she hexed me out the window!

Entry 5: Okay, man, I need to study that Gambit guy a bit more. Today he seemed to be tickin' off Rogue. All he did was kiss her hand and she wasn't angry anymore! Dang man, why didn't I ever think of that?

Entry 6: So I'm just hoppin' along, mindin' my own beeswax when I see the two kissing! What the heck, man? She sucks the life out of you! How'd that work? I always hated it when she drained me, yo.

Entry 7: So, prom was tonight. I went and Gambit was there! He was bein' all smooth and all. Lots of girls wanted to steal him away but he stayed loyal to Rogue. Just like I would be with my Wandakins. She went to prom too, but she wasn't there with me...Actually, she ducked out soon after it started, leaving me all by my lonesome.

Entry 8: So y'know those huge battles with the big baddies that requires the Brotherhood, Acolytes, and X-Geeks? Well, there was one of those. And while defending my Wandy-Poo, I saw Gambit sacrifice himself to save Rogue. Everyone was shocked, man. No one saw it comin', yo.

Entry 9: The kiss on the hand thing doesn't work.

Entry 10: I try everything I've taken notes on. I'm gonna have to realize it only works with Gambit.

Entry 11: So, news comes to me that Gambit left the X-Geeks and returned to the Acolytes. Good, he's too cool for those lame-os, yo.

Entry 12: I'm hoppin' around the school and see the main X-Geek arguing with Gambit. Dude, I was waiting for a fight to happen. Sucked that it didn't.

Entry 13: Word on the streets is Gambit ain't with Acolytes anymore, yo. No one knows where he went.

Entry 14: I swear something strange is goin' on around here. Oh...And Wanda doesn't like any of Gambit's smooth moves I use still...I guess they only work for him.

Entry 15: What? Dude, you wouldn't believe what I just heard! Gambit, the cool Acolyte, just joined up with the X-Geeks! Man, he just lost any cool points! What was he thinkin', yo?

Next up is...Drum roll please...Wolverine.