The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: alone

Penname: SorceressCirce

Pairing: Marcus

Rating: T

The voices of my brothers wash over me, a babble of opinions and strategies, arguments and laughter. Aro asks for my input.

I answer.

My stone hands are clasped in my lap, fingers loosely woven in that way that reminds me of her. Her small, so delicate, so necessary for mine to hold. My sanguine eyes follow the mockery of veins beneath my skin, filled with cold, viscous venom instead of the warmth her love brought.

It is time to feed, to drain fragile humans herded like sheep through the narrow hallways of my tomb.

I am surrounded.

A/N: So I was challenged by AHizelm awhile back to do the Twilight 25 this round, but only do drabbles. Yeah, yeah, we all know I'm wordy. So here's my first attempt :) Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Marcus.

My concept for the Twi25 is that I will explore twenty-five different canon characters, one for each prompt. Making the list was a little bit of a challenge, but I'm really looking forward to it!

To all my "Just One of the Guys" readers…I am working on the chapter, I swear. I am about 12k words in, but it has been a difficult one for me for numerous reasons. Real life, the Haiti relief project, the FML contest…several things have created stops and starts, but my hope is to update by the end of this weekend. I hope it is worth the wait, and I really appreciate all of you who are still reading. Thanks!