Lost and Found

Chapter Seven

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Kouga dropped his latest kill in the den with a sigh of satisfaction and shook the powdered snow from his pelts. The winter snows had finally come in and with it, most of the game had gone into hibernation. Kouga had gotten lucky when one of his men spotted the confused and freezing deer.

Around him, the wolves walked closer to sniff at the downed deer but stopped when they hear Kouga's soft warning growl.

"Kagome gets first serve, and you know it."

The wolves whined but lowered their bellies to the ground, their ears back in a show of submission. Nodding in satisfaction, Kouga looked around the den and gave a shallow sniff, not seeing or smelling Kagome and the fox kit anywhere nearby. Frowning, he followed her staling scent out one of the back entrances and felt concern begin to gnaw at his good mood.

Knowing that humans had poor fur coverage, and couldn't grow their own pelts, Kouga was worried Kagome had been foolish enough to go out into the snow. When he heard the distinctive sound of her light laughter on the wind, he smiled despite himself. Following the sound, he found her crouching behind a large mound of snow, her 'jak-it' bundled around her shoulders, her feet covered in what he assumed was artificial fur. Her hands were covered by cloth, as was her neck. Her cheeks were flushed from the freezing winds, but the lightest smile he'd seen her wear yet was evident on her face. Her eyes peered over the mound and in her hand was a bundle of snow pressed into a ball.

His brow furrowed and he approached her from behind, attempting to see what she was looking at with such nervous excitement. Across the field, constructed from the snow as well, was a messy, childishly made wall.

"Kagome, what are you doing? You're going to freeze out here."

Kagome jumped with a gasp, and whipped her head around to look up at him. Even in the sub-zero temptures, he wore nothing but his metal chest plate and a few thicker pelts around his forearms and the closest thing to shoes she had seen the wolves wear yet. His eyes were curious, but she could tell she was trying his patience with her silence.

She looked once more over her forte and, seeing the coast was clear, reached up to grab his arm with her free hand.

"Shh. You're going to blow my cover."

She pulled him down to crouch next to her, her eyes never leaving the forte across the field.

"What exactly are we hiding from?" he asked, looking over the snow but seeing no threat. "Do you need me to kill it?"

Kagome uttered a shocked laugh. "No! Me and Shippo are have a snow fight."

Kouga's eyes narrowed and a small rumble of discontentment filled his chest. "Was the kit disrespecting you?"

She spared him another look and saw the serious expression on his handsome features. She turned to him fully and gave him a small smile.

"No, silly. Didn't you ever play in the snow as a ki-…cub?"

He scoffed. "No, of course not. Winter isn't the time to be outside. Winter is the time for long hunting trips and providing for the pregnant wolves to make sure the pups come safely. It's just plain suicide to play in the snow."

Kagome shook her head and was about to open her mouth to explain to him how much fun it could be, when a shrill yell of victory erupted from the other side of the wall of snow and a red blur shot up. Kagome shrieked as a ball of sloppily packed snow landed against the side of her face. Jumping to her feet, she fired her snow ball back at him and nailed him in the back of his head as he ran for safety. He stumbled and tripped, rolling a few feet before shooting to his feet once again and sprinting to his home base.

"No fair, Kagome! You got me when my back was turned!" He cried from the safety of his wall of snow.

Laughing, Kagome didn't bother ducking back down. "All's fair in love and war, Shippo."

Kouga relaxed the muscles that had tensed at the sound of Kagome's shriek. If he hadn't held himself back when he'd smelt the kit, he probably would have hurt the fox. It never ceased to amaze him just how much he instinctively protected Kagome from any kind of danger, even that of her own kit.

Kagome was just about to turn back to Kouga when she felt the distinct feel of ice sliding down her jacket and down her sweater. Gasping, she turned to see a smirking Kouga, with another snow ball in his left hand and his eyebrow raised.

She poked her bottom lip out in a pout. "Kouga! I thought you were on my side!"

His smirk only grew wider as he took a step toward her. "All's fair in love and war, Kagome."

Though she hated having her own words thrown back at her, she rejoiced at the sight of him relaxed for the first time in days. Since she and him had discussed what had happened, he had been tense around her. She wasn't sure if he was angry about that fact that Kagome couldn't return his feels quite yet or if he was planning Inuyasha's ultimate demise.

Knowing Kouga, probably a little of both.

She took a step back as Kouga advanced, a very predatory gleam in his bright blue eyes. She felt a thrill down her spine at the sight of his feature becoming more and more confident and mischevious.

Maybe I can finally get him to relax fully.

With an impish grin, Kagome was gone in a swirl of raven locks. Kouga blinked slightly, before his face broke out in a very predatory smirk and he sprinted off after her.

He curbed his speed so he stayed just a few yards behind her, dodging each tree and rock to keep her in his sights. The sight of her flowing hair and shaply legs constricting as she ran sent a rush of pure arousal through his stomach.

Kagome didn't bother looking behind her, she could hear his normally silent steps as they kept pace a few yards behind her. She knew he was going easy on her and only letting her stay ahead to prolong the race. But the feeling of him chasing her, and knowing she would eventually get caught and be at his mercy made her heart race even faster and a chill of excitement light her blood.

A laugh bubbled out of her throat as she vaulted over another dead tree that had succumbed to the weight of the snow and heard him keeping pace behind her. Spreading her feet wide, Kagome attempted to change directions sharply to her left, but her boots were not made for running and her feet were thrown out from under her. Her breath rushed out of her lungs as her back hit the snow. Her eyes stared up at the sky in surprise and second before nothing but Kouga's rugged features filled her vision. His breath was a little ragged and his eyes were dark with desire and concern.

The way his features were almost animalistic reminded Kagome of the first day she arrived to the den and she shivered in anticipation.

Kouga smelt her excitement and couldn't control a small growl of arousal from escaping his lips. Leaning his head down, he buried his nose in the junction between her shoulder and neck, nosing her unraveled scarf out of his way to reach the warm flesh. She gasped at the feel of his cold nose and couldn't stop her hands from reaching up to grab his shoulders. She meant to push him away slightly, but her hands refused to listen and simply stayed on him.

He sighed and absorbed the scent of her and the wilderness on her skin. He could never get tired of the smell of her. She smelled of sunshine even on the darkest nights. He tried to regain control of his raging instincts, them screaming at him to take her now, while she was willing and underneath him. But he knew that she would never forgive him.

His eyes slid closed as he felt her wrap her arms around his shoulders and pull his body fully against her own. Her cold lips found their way against his throat and he had to stifle a groan.

"You're warm," she whispered against his skin and felt his laugh all the way to her toes.

"You're cold."

"Warm me up?"

They both pulled back at her words and looked at each other in surprise. Kagome hadn't meant to say it, but as the thought went through her head, she couldn't stop her mouth from uttering the words.

He saw the surprise in her eyes and the dawning panic. He sighed and gave her a gentle smile.

"Will a fire be good enough to warm you up?" he asked instead of commenting on her double meaning.

She gave a relieved breath and told herself she didn't feel a small twinge of disappointment. "Yeah. That sounds heavenly."

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