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"I sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way
And the radio just keeps on playing all these
Songs about rain..."

-Songs About Rain, Gary Allan

It amazes me that the one constant in my life was a form of precipitation. Not just me, really, but everyone that I knew. Rain was a hefty and consistent participant in my life. It accompanied me and my thoughts most of the time, and it wasn't letting me down today.

I had my first kiss, my first cigarette, my first break up, and my first make up in the rain. Rain had saved Alice and Jasper from leaving each other forever. Rain was the cause of the puddle that Bella fell into and Edward helped her up from introducing them for the first time. Rain had been a major participant in bringing us together, and unfortunately, in tearing us apart.

So here I sat at my counter top, monotonously swirling creamer into my coffee that was practically ice cold already. Glancing at the time on the mircrowave, I realized that I had been sitting here deliberating for three full hours.

This routine of me sitting on a bar stool, playing with a spoon hoping for a sense of realization to come over me had been going on for almost a week. No one could pull me out of my trance. Not even the all mighty Alice, who was too wrapped up in color swatches and floral arrangements to march over here and give me the slap across the face that I needed.

After calling Bella in near hysterics, she, Vera, and Alice had come over armed with chocolate, sad movies and ice cream, hoping that I would succumb and tell them everything from the start, and make a decision about Emmett's proposition, but I just couldn't. It was a big question that required a one word answer, and I didn't think I had the strength to answer it.

The three of them sat with me that entire night until the men in their lives called and coaxed them back home leaving me in my living room surrounded by food and dvds. I let the menu of "The Notebook" run through 137 times before I mustered up the strength to get off of the couch and switch it over to the regular television set.


Alice had come over with a freshly baked tray of lasagna courtesy of Esme, and a six pack of beers courtesy of my ever so thoughtful twin brother. She'd sat with me in silence, rubbing soothing circles into my palm, like my brother did for her, and normally this would have been the comfort that I needed, but all I could see was the developing person inside of her, that was an icy reminder of the decision I had to be making soon.


Bella invited herself in, and started editing manuscripts on my couch because typically this would piss me off, and get me to start a rant about how I put aside work from my busy job to spend time with my friends, but at that moment, I didn't have the heart. She ordered Chinese food for me, and left me money for the delivery man, kissed my forehead, and left without another word.


Vera found me in bed. I was dressed in one of my father's old t-shirts that advertised some brand of beer I'd never even heard of, and sweatpants which cuffs had been cut off. She fed me soup like a five year old, tucked me back into bed, and lay with me until I fell asleep.


Jasper found me at my usual spot. The kitchen counter. He was the one who suggested a nice cup of coffee as a pick me up, but clearly what I started wasn't what he had meant. As a subtle reminder, he left a Starbucks gift card on my night table.


Edward came to see me. Yes, Edward. He almost had me convinced that I was ready to make my decision until Bella called his cell phone wondering when he'd be home. When that goofy, love-sick smile appeared on his face, I had to use every bone in my body from keeping myself from throwing something like a plate at him. I hated to see anyone happy in a relationship when I had so much to figure out with mine.


Today. Today I sat in my spot alone, and I knew that if there weren't going to be any more visitors, that had meant that my maximum time for wallowing had reached its quota.

Truly, I couldn't even explain the problem. What Emmett and I was just so perfect, and maybe that's why I had trouble accepting it. There had always been a conflict or a struggle with the guys that I was dating, but with him? Nothing. The only thing that ended poorly was the loss of our baby. But this was a natural thing. Nobody could have prevented it, and he handled it with such grace and hospitality. He was perfect.

So why couldn't I say yes? Why the hell couldn't I give in and admit that he'd been right? That we were meant for each other and had been all along? He was right. Alice was right. Jasper was right. We just worked together.

If I knew that we were good together, then why wasn't that enough? If only there was something that said, "Rosalie, you're making the right decision. Say yes, it'll be okay." But even if someone had said that, it wouldn't change anything, because they couldn't just know that everything would work out. What insight did they have on the situation? None.

He had gone about all of the correct steps. He remembered how I'd given him the description of the proposal I had always wanted. He just knew that the only way I would be able to know that he still wanted me forever would be to propose. It was like he could read the guidelines I'd created for a man, oh so long ago. Of course the requirements had changed as I got older. I mean, no one plans to get raped by a fellow classmate in high school, changing their level of trust in the opposite sex forever. Was it too hard to ask for a sign to tell me if I was going to make the right decision?

And then I heard it. The sound of rain pattering against the roof. I knew what choice I had to make, and I had to tell him as soon as I could, before it was too late.

You know the deal :D