Title: God Save The Queen
Author: ruchiru
Rating: T
Pairing: Ruchiru/Cordie
Summary: A poem told from Cordie's eyes as Queen Gemsilica to her brother, the betrayer…

God Save The Queen

It hurts to smile,
But you'll never know
Because I'm spitted on by your words alone.
And if the time came around,
You'd fail to notice I'm gone now,
On this throne of lies I sit,
Sadly killing those who I see fit,
The blood and cries never end,
The queen inside is truly dead…

Your lies have smeared the happiness,
Chocking it of it's last breath,
Smothering it of love and hope,
Burying it to lie in rest,
I've died and been reborn again,
I hold the world in my hands,
Puppets talk like once old friends,
The world moves to my demands,

A lonely queen without a heart,
A sadden queen I am,
I tremble at my fatal loss,
I've murdered all I ever had…