Sam's backpack rips open in the hallway. His shoulders sag and he looks so heavy with weariness even twelve year old Kate wants to cry. She drops to her knees in the middle of the rows of lockers, and their hands brush as she scoops his notebooks and pens back into the ancient fabric. Sam takes her to the movies as a thank you, but the next day his father forces their car to another town.

On the run, Kate stops for a second at a gas station to switch clothes. Splashing freezing water on her face, she is still blinded by droplets as she exits the tiny bathroom, and catches her new suede jacket on the door handle. A large hand curls over hers, and extracts the material from its twist around the cheap metal. They both smile, and then recognition spills into their eyes. "Need a lift?" Sam asks, and Kate can only nod.

Kate wraps her arms around her stomach, already beautifully larger after four months. Sam lays his hands on hers, and feels the baby kick, and he actually giggles with delight. Kate can't stop laughing, until he lays his perfect mouth on hers.