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All's Quiet

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb," Kitty read aloud from Twilight. She and Jean sat on the front lawn in the shade of an overhanging tree. Since Kitty's three attempted suicides to get back to Kurt, she had to have someone with her at all times.

"That's my favorite chapter," Jean commented, leaning back on her elbows in the grass. Kitty nodded. She didn't say much. Having a babysitter all the time, especially when it was Scott or Logan, was really awkward.

"It's hot." Kitty said, glancing at the white-hot sun overhead through the leaves.

"You want to go inside?" Jean asked, starting to get up. Kitty shook her head. Jean settled back down.

A sudden breeze blew Kitty's hair in wild curls around her face. She looked up from Twilight, snapping the book shut. Jean's hair was completely still. In fact, Jean was completely still. She wasn't even blinking, just frozen. Kitty waved her hand in front of Jean's face, but nothing happened. The leaves overhead rattled in the almost gale-force winds, and Kitty's hair whipped her cheeks, but there were no clouds indicative of a storm blowing in.

Kitty walked out from under the tree, glancing at the sun again. Her eyes picked up small movements, tiny particles of dust. They were all flying towards one spot. Directly in front of the sun. More and more ash flew overhead until there was a swirling black mass over the sun. In a brilliant flash of blinding light, the sun shot through, and Kitty flinched from the brightness. Shielding her eyes, crouched near the grass, Kitty heard light footsteps padding towards her. She squinted at the feet.

"KURTI!" Kitty screamed in joy, leaping up and bounding over to him. Kurt wrapped her in a bone-crushing hug and spun her around. The wind whipped their hair around, but Kitty had already stolen Kurt's lips into a passionate kiss, never to be broken, even as the wind died to a breeze and Jean leaped up with a cry of shock.

"Ohmygodkurt!" Jean yelled, her voice cracking two octaves higher. A quick telepathic message sent everyone scrambling outside, where they saw a beaming couple of Kurt and Kitty locked in a tight hug, with Jean crying tears of joy on the side. The second Kitty let go, Jean and Rogue jumped on him, hugging him until he choked. Everyone else swarmed him and hugged him, asking him, "How the hell?"

"Kurt. It is a miracle to have you back. How . . . ?" the Professor asked, sitting in his chair back a little ways from the small crowd.

"To make a very long story very short, God gave me a second chance at life," Kurt grinned. Scott, ever the atheist, shook his head in disbelief. Kurt turned to him. "You doubt my religion? You look at zis!"

Kurt grasped the tip of his tail and showed the triangular barb to Scott. The eye of God was branded clearly into the fur and skin. Scott half stepped back.

"Man, that's some pretty funky stuff, then." Scott grinned and slapped Kurt on the back.

"It's really good to be home!" Kurt said. Everyone laughed as they started to move inside.


After Kurt had shared his recount of Dreamland and the Celestial battle – which the Dreamland force won – he slipped away with Kitty to a little-used hallway.

"I thought I'd never see you again," Kitty murmured into his neck.

"Same here," Kurt replied softly, wiping away a tear sliding down Kitty's cheek with his tail.

"I missed you so much," Kitty sobbed. Kurt quieted her with a finger to her lips.

"No need to talk." He murmured, capturing her salty lips in a sweet, gentle kiss. Kitty closed her eyes in euphoria, finally alive and breathing with her soul mate, in pure alone time. She hooked her arms around his neck, and he put his hands on her hips, his touch sending zings of electricity through her body.

Kitty broke the kiss, and Kurt started to kiss the line of her jaw, down her neck to her collarbone, where she shivered.

"Are—" Kitty started.

"Ze horses are fine, zey healed," Kurt said with a smile. Kitty frowned at him and pouted when he stopped his ministrations.

"That's not what I was going to ask," Kitty said in a low voice, but still pointedly.

"Are you free tonight?" Kitty asked, a sly tone to her voice.

"I'll alvays be free for you, Kätzchen. Just no nudity – PG13 until you're at least eighteen." Kurt whispered into her ear, smiling at her pout of disappointment. He picked her up and carried her down the hall, Kitty's squeal of happiness and surprise making Kurt chuckle.

Kurt bent his head to whisper softly before stealing Kitty's lips in another kiss.

"All's qviet on ze home front."




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