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The soldier and the angel


Maria came into the camp, with a corpse in her arm. I immediately went to her,as I was to do when she come, taking into my arms the angel. She was small, maybe 5"2, thin, with long, beautiful magony hair and an angelic face. Maria then face me and give me her orders. Really, I was more her lapdog than her second. I know that I'm more powerful than her, but I didn't have any other place to go. But I feel like it's going to change, and if someone know about feeling, it's me.

"I want you to change her, she'll be really powerful. You're to oversee her training personally, Peter will replace you with the other newborns, is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Good, then go."

She turn on her feet and went to her personal tent, while I took a moment a moment longer to watch the serene face of the angel before the change. I could see that Maria had hit her on her tamp, a bruise was was strange because I was enraged that Maria had dared hurt an angel like her and I never felt such strong feeling. I'm more aloof than anything, because the feeling of the newborns always overpowers mine,and so I force myself to be really calm. From the corner of my left eye I could see Peter approaching me, appraising the girl in my arm. Girl because she was no more older than nineteen, perhaps twenty.

"Who is she? She is hot!"

When Peter made his comment, I feel oddly protective and possessive of the girl. But it was impossible because I was Major Jasper Whitlock, and I simply didn't feel protective or possessive of anyone. It was becoming stranger and stranger. Who was this girl who had so much power over me, a human- an asleep human at that- having power over one of the most powerful vampire of the South, it had never happened before. She had to be mine to have so much already as an human. It was strange also that I couldn't feel a lot of emotions coming from her. It was like she wasn't here, except I held her in my arm. Really strange.

"She is the new recrue, Maria wants me to change her and train her personally while you train the newborns."

"Man, you always got the best job. What I wouldn't give to 'train' her personally, mostly in the art of love"

I couldn't hold the growl, nor could I restrain myself from holding the girl more firmly against myself. I didn't know what was happening to me. Seriously who was this girl? It was the first time that I growled at Peter over a girl. We didn't have any problem, he wanted a girl it was fine with me and the same for me, we even had shared a girl or two in the past, but it was in the past now that he had found his mate. But they were quite open in their relationship. Why was I so enraged at the idea of him and my angel?

"Wow chill man. I understantd it's your girl. And you know I have Charlotte, so I won't do anything to her. But you should do something about the other because they're eyeing her, not me."

I raise my head and then saw all the male newborns looking at her like fresh meat, which in a sense she was, and not preoccupied by my conversation with Peter, I felt all the lust they were emanating for her. I couldn't hold the snarl either, clearly marking my territory. Even if I didn't know what was happening with me, I still wouldn't let the other near. She was mine, Maria stated, well she said she was mine to train, but still she was mine, and my instinct, which I had followed all my life and saved me more than once also told me that she was mine. So for all intent and purpose, I owned this girl even if she didn't know it yet. Moreover, it would be my venom flowing in her veins, another reason for her to be my mine. So to stake my territory I had to bite her, and that was what I was going to do immediately. Thus I went to my tent without telling another word to Peter letting him deal with the newborns, after all it was his new job, it was time for him to fly alone.

I put down the angel on my bed, admiring her one more time before coming on the bed. My knees were on each side of her hips,my hands caressing her magnificent curves. I bent down to smell her neck and my god did she smell good. Like freesia and the odor of the forest after the I was drunk on her scent alone, what would it be when I bite her?Or when I took her body? Because now there was no turning back, she would be completely and only mine. Body and soul mine. But I couldn't ask myself this sort of thing because I had a job to do, and if I didn't do it Maria would have my head and give her to someone else and I would be damned if I let someone else than me bite this angel. Finally convinced that I had to bite her, I kiss her once on her neck right where her artery was beating against her skin, before letting my sharp teeth cutting her fragile skin and tasting the ambrosia that was her blood. And I was right, nothing else would compare to this, it was the nearer I would get to heaven, all the blood I would drank after this slice of paradise would taste rotten because she had spoiled me. But I couldn't drink it all or she would die and I couldn't let that happen. I quickly pushed the maximum of venom I could in her veins before sealing the bite with my venom coated tongue. The only thing left was waiting for the change to take place.

I sat myself beside her; putting her head in my lap and subconciously began to play with her hair. The first day came and went without a sound from the angel. The second day was a repetition of the first, me playing with her hair sitting on my bed.

This rare moment of peace had me thinking about my reactions toward this angel. It reminded me of when Peter first told me about Charlotte. Peter had a gift, he knew things, he wasn't clairvoyant but he had a really developed instinct. He knew at first glance that Charlotte was the one for him. Later on, I asked him how he felt when he saw her, if she was really the one for him, the one that would curb his heart-breaker ways. He said that it was like never before, like it was the second half of his soul, that every male that was near her was a rival, that he couldn't stop touching her or watching her, his sight immediately attracted by her figure, that he would automatically move when she moved to follow her with his eyes even if he was talking with somebody else,it was instinctual. What if this angel was my mate? The one I waited for for more than one hundred years? The one that would re gives me hope even in my most somber moment when doing Maria's order had me feeling like the vilest of the monster on this earth. The other side of me, the primal side, the one that came with being a vampire told me, screamed at me that yea, she was my mate, and that I had to keep her here with me, that she belonged at my side for eternity.

But you could see some change on the third day. Her face was thinner, her legs were longer so that she took two inches, her hair were longer and the red streakes in it were more visible, her breast were bigger and she had now a very flat stomach, sightly curved inward. She truly looked like a goddess, and since I was going to train her she would be the Goddess of War to my God of war. We were fitting like two piece of an halve.

At twilight, she opened her gorgeous red eyes, taking in everything around her, confused as to where she was. Eventually her eyes fell on mine and she smiled.

"I could sense you near me when I was in hell."

Her voice was soothing, like the sound of a river. You could listen to it for hours, it would calm you better than I would.

"Of course you could Angel. I will be at your side for the rest of eternity. I'm Major Jasper Whitlock and I'm going to offer you the world."

"Nice to meet you Major, I'm Bella... well doctor Isabella Swan."

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