Summary: Higurashi Kagome's an emotional devoid girl that wants to become an expert at certain 'techniques' for her considerably older and married boyfriend. That's where her best friend Taisho Inuyasha comes in handy for 'practice'. The problem is he likes her. Lemons.

Warning: Generally, I just wrote this for the lemony-goodness of it. Also, Inuyasha has a rather foul mouth. You've been forewarned~


|x{ H a l l o w | H o n e y }x|


You see that smile? The one that can light up the skis, the one she wears each and every moment in social settings? Or hear that laugh, the joy filled giggle that breaks out all through the day? That's my friend Higurashi Kagome's trademark, the charm that she emanates is why most everyone in our high school likes her, not just that but she's humble and like honey to the bees—which is, essentially, every boy. Regrettably… I'm included in that rotten chunk that doesn't faze her. Would you like to know a little secret?

One that I only know?

It is all a lie.

When I walk her home from Shikon Academy the front drops and the real Higurashi Kagome comes out, the one that only I know, the one I like, that beaming, bubbly, bimbo isn't her, she just plays the part well and prefers to fit in socially than be an outcast, like me. It's alright, I don't care. I feel special knowing that she'll show her true self to me and no one else.

That was... at least what I thought, until he came along, that stupid fucking bastard.


"What?" The awe-struck, golden eyed boy muttered as the fry he raised to his lips fell from his hands, the most dumbfounded of looks plastered upon his young façade as he stared at the raven haired charmer who sat across the crappy little table from him.

"I have a boyfriend," the dull damsel repeated while she pulled her paper cup over to take another sip out of her straw, a hideously annoying slurping sound followed suit. The stun on her schoolmate didn't disturb her in the least as she rested her cheek upon her open palm.

"What?" he gawked again, suddenly his usually ravishing appetite died, not even his favorite fast-food burger seemed appealing, "why would you start dating all of sudden? You've always dissed the notion, saying how the dish wasn't something you'd enjoy. You always turn down the boys that ask you out, we always laugh about it later," well, he laughed, she just shrugged, "what the hell's different this time? Who is it?"

"Why is this such a big deal?" She hummed, swirling around her empty cup to hear the clicking of ice cubes.

"'Cause it is!"

"Fine," she sighed as she set the cup down to rest her chin in both her hands and look at him straight in the eyes, "he accepts the real me, I showed him this side and he didn't run away, that's why it's different, that's why I like him and want to make him happy. All the boys that profess their love for me aren't confessing their love for me but the phony I pretend to be all day long. This guy likes me, he makes me feel special."


Do you have any idea what type of bullshit that is? I've liked her forever, well, not forever-forever but a really, really long time. A super fucking long time, but I never thought she was in to guys, not that I thought she was in to girls or anything, but she just seemed utterly indifferent towards everything, including love, so I never bothered. Being by her side was good enough, which I was, always. I've seen the real her and have I ever ran for the high hills 'cause she's like a little sociopath? No.

Her boyfriend should be me if that's all it takes, why didn't she see that? I'm not bad looking, my personality might not be the best but she's put up with it, and I'd be loyal, completely, to her. So what the fuck? How did this happen? How'd she end up with someone else? God damn it, if I only knew… I would have made a move.

Maybe… no, I'm coward, I probably wouldn't have. But I'll be damned if I'm OK with her and some dick she won't even tell me the name of. And I thought that that encounter was bad, I had a worse one with her after a few weeks...


"What are you doing?" he inquired weakly as she pushed him into the closet that housed all the sports equipment.

"I need your help with something," she explained as she pushed him up against the wall, not bothering to turn the lights on as she kicked the door shut and knelt down before him. He couldn't help but look over her showy gym uniform a few times.

"We should be in… gym… out-outside with the rest," he stuttered as her hands moved up his legs to his shorts, "hey—"

"I don't feel like going to gym today, do you?" She tilted her head to the side and glimpsed up to him, the cutest nothing on her face that muted the usually loud mouthed hanyou utterly, "will you please help me with something, Inuyasha? You are the only one I can think of that could, pretty please?"

"What?" He cleared his throat to get rid of the jitters that shook his tone.

"So, my boyfriend wants me to give him a blowjob but I've never done it before, can I practice on you? I get the gist of it but I don't want to be awful. Will you just let me—?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He nearly squealed, "you can't be serious! No!"

"Why?" She whined with an ever so rare pout, "please? I don't want to be bad for Kouga—"

"Kouga?" he grunted, "is that his name?"

"Yep," she chimed as she let her fingers glide up the seams of his red shorts, "please, help me, Inuyasha?"

"Isn't this cheating, giving someone who isn't your boyfriend a blowjob?"

She shook her head and shrugged, "no, it's OK. You are my only friend, I don't know who else I could ask," she muttered, her big brown eyes begging him, "then again, I suppose Houjo would—"

"No!" If anyone irked him more than the boyfriend he never met, it was the stupid kid in her homeroom that constantly tried to court her, in the lamest ways, too.

"Then you'll help me?"

With a nod he gave in, she told him to warn her when he was about to 'cum' and in mere moments she freed him from the restraints of his shorts to encompass him fully with her warm, wet, mouth, he couldn't help but let out a mild groan as he leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes after they had already rolled back. Never before had he felt such a sensation take hold of him, such a throbbing pleasure pulse through him as she bobbed up and down his shaft, he moaned shamelessly as he grasped her hand, tangling his fingers in her ebony strands to guide her gestures, to show her what felt best. Everything did, it was like a spark to set his blood on fire as it rushed through his veins.

Bliss shot through him when she start to suck, creating a vacuum around his throbbing need, "do that again," he barely managed to say.

She did, again, and again, and again.

He just couldn't take it as his breath became erratic, "I… I… going to cum."

With perfect timing, she pulled away to miss the spurt from filling her mouth, an 'eh' still came when she closed her eyes to whip away what still managed to get on her pretty face. "So…?"

"I," he panted as he slid down the wall, not bothering to open his eyes, "liked that."



Do you know how awesome that was? It was weird, weird, weird, but really great at the same time? After all, friends don't do that type of thing, at least, I don't think they do, she's pretty much the only friend who's a girl, but from what I generally understand that type of thing does not happen. Then again, Higurashi Kagome isn't your normal girl, she's odd. Do you know what's crazier? She came to me later to tell me her bastard of a boyfriend thought the experience was 'OK' but he had better.

What an ass, right? I would have never said that to her, I've never had better—not that I've ever had that done before; either… all the same, I wouldn't have told her that. Not that I should really complain, we missed a few more gym classes so she could 'practice' more and, gods, she got good.

Really, really good… if you think that's bad, just wait until you find out what happened next.


"What are we doing here?" Inuyasha questioned with wariness as he let Kagome drag him along by the hand to lead him through the streets closer and closer to a certain area that all at their school talked constantly about, but they couldn't be going there, could they…?

"I want to go there with you," she stated simply as she pointed to the last building on the block, "please?"

"Why?" He murmured, cocking a brow at the way she pouted her lips at him, somewhere along the way she learned that just doing that was enough to get him give in and say 'yes' to just about anything, even this. Still, he wasn't too clear on how she conned him into one of the ludicrous rooms in the little love hotel. "Kagome… I don't like—"

"Inuyasha, I'm a virgin," she said as she swirled around to look at him, cupping her hands behind her back all the while, "I don't want my first time with Kouga to be uncomfortable or bad for him, so I need to practice. Will you help?"

No, his jaw surely dropped at that, did she really just say that? No, right? She was odd, really odd, but she knew not to ask him that, didn't she? But the longer he stood there the longer she did, too, staring a hole through him, swaying back and forth in her adorable sundress, "w… what are you asking me, Kagome?"

"Obviously," she coaxed, "have sex with me."

His head constantly shook back and forth as he stepped away, "no, no, that's definitely cheating. We can't." Not that he really cared, he'd love to pry her and her soon-to-be-lover apart, but he just couldn't fathom having sex with her, he wanted, dearly, but he wanted to when they were together, not as practice, not as some game to her…

"No it's not, don't worry," she assured with the closest thing to a real smile he'd seen on her lips in… ages as she stepped forward to grasp his shirt, "please, help me, Inuyasha?"

Help me, she knew how to phrase it, how could he not help her? He wanted to protect her, to always be by her side, so, yeah, he'd help her, a certain region of his was begging for him to say 'yes' anyway.

"We can skip this part," she suggested, "just go for it."

Skip foreplay? She just wanted to 'go for it'? They had both showered and undressed to end up on the bed meant for no other act, that their friends frequented—well, hers—to do just what they were about to without letting their parents know. 'We're going to the movies' tended to mean, to fellow teens, 'we're going to that love hotel just down the streets for the theater'.

Now that he hovered over her nude, awe-inspiring figure, she didn't want to do anything but get to the nitty gritty? It kind of hurt to have her turn her cheek to him when he first tried to kiss her, they'd never done that before—funny, right? She'd given him a few blowjobs but never kissed him? "No, we can't do that. I can't get it up on command."

"Then I can—" she started as she began to try and scurry down but he grasped her shoulders to keep her still.

"No," he protested, winning a curious glance from her, "you are going to have do foreplay with your boyfriend, too, right? You need to practice—"

"We've done that stuff, I'm good enough at it, don't worry about it."

Few times before had he ever felt such a terrible twinge in his chest as he stared down at her, yeah, he knew she did 'stuff' with her boyfriend, yeah, he knew he was just the toy she trained with before going to him, but hearing her say that wounded more than he thought it could.


"You," he murmured, "you, um, you need to get wet, too, ya' know? It won't work if you aren't."

"Oh," she hummed, "that's true, isn't it?"

That time, when he bent down to press his lips with hers she didn't fidget away, she allowed their tongues to tangle, their legs to brush against the others, he moved his assault down to her neck, her hands moved up his back. It was the first time he ever saw all of her, and she him, it was the first time he felt such a splendid sensation flow through him, to rush all his blood downward.

His head spun when her instincts kicked in and her hips moved along with his tender thrusts. Gods, he'd never felt so good before and though he wished he hoped he was, he couldn't tell if she felt the same. She didn't moan like he did, either way, they pressed together tightly; their chests were pressed to the others, her legs wrapped around him, their arms mingled. He could feel a throbbing, perpetual need in him as he picked up speed to pound into her harder and harder and harder. That finally got a true moan from her, their motions fumbled about until they finally found a way to be in sync, that only lasted a short while before he felt her tighten around him, that was as much as he could take. He gave into the ecstasy that had been taunting him.

At least he could relish in the fact that he was the first to penetrate her. The first to thrust into her, the first to make her see an explosion of golden stars when he felt the amazing release—at least, he hoped so. She was the first and only to make him moan savagely for seconds.


I don't know, I liked it, a lot, I wanted more, I wanted to do it again but she said it was best if we didn't. There was no sprinkle of blood, she didn't seem too uncomfortable but she squirmed when I first punctured her and neither of us got the hang of it for a while. 'See, Inuyasha, that's why I wanted to do this', she told me, so she could do it over and over again with her fucking boyfriend. I can't bear to think about that.

Do you know how crushed I was when I found out only a few days after our encounter that she did it with him? Worse yet, she didn't stop using me, she'd come to me to practice a new trick she'd learned about. I'm a weakling, even if I pretend I'm not, all she had to do was pout and say 'please' and I'd give in and go to the same lousy love hotel with her—did I mention, I was always the one paying to go there, too?

I wanted it, I wanted her.

I always let her crawl back to me, no, she's never crawling, she prances up to me and says bluntly what she wants and I always give in. Always. Who was using who in our odd relationship? She didn't act any different towards me when we were hanging out not having sex; it was like it was really nothing to her, like we just went to the movies or something. I really, honestly, don't get her.

Yet, was I just as bad for always screwing her? Shouldn't I have tried to talk it out with her more, to figure out why she was such a little minx of a sociopath?

You know, I never really thought about it. She'd always been like that, since we were kids, I just figured that's how she was.


"What the hell?" he hissed as he sat up, pulling the sheets over his exposed groin, "are you shitting me?"

"What vulgar language," she muttered back, resting her chin upon her knees, "you really should widen your vocabulary—"

"Shut up," he demanded, "you just told me that your boyfriend is married!" He knew, he wasn't stupid, that the guy was older than them, she told him he wasn't a high school student, and he was a sex fiend apparently, so he just guessed the guy was in college. Now he was old enough to be married? Fucking married?

"Yeah, so?"

Seriously? How the hell could she just sit there so calmly, "that's… that's awful! Kagome! You need to break up with that guy! You idiot! You are the other woman, he's just using you!"

"So?" She coaxed.

"What?" he sped over and over again, "you! you! God, Kagome, you are just a little whore fucking a married man. Congrats, I hope you feel oh-so-goddamn special!"

"Jeez, you are being a jerk," she mumbled, "I knew I shouldn't have told you."

"There is something seriously fucking wrong with you!" He shrieked as he stumbled out of the bed to find his boxers, "you are so messed up in the head I don't even know where to start!"

"Settle down," she ordered stiffly, pulling up the sheets to cover herself as she narrowed her hazels on him, "you are overacting—"

"No! You are under-acting! You always are!"

"You know what, Inuyasha? I don't want to see you anymore. Let's not be friends any longer."



She so messed up, seriously, you have no idea. There is a nut loose in her head, the wiring up there is all wrong; she's void of any emotions. I hate her. She's a stupid girl, I get it, shit happened in her childhood, shits happened to me, too, but do you see me acting like her? No. I have an attitude issue, sure, but at least I have emotions.

She doesn't. I don't want to see her anymore. I don't care. I really don't, so be it, I'll never see her again… fine. I'm fine with that, really, I am. Just watch. I'm going to be OK. It's not like we have any classes together, it's not like I really see her in the hallways, and I'll just leave without waiting for her at the gate.

I'll be OK. It'll be no big deal, I don't care.

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