|x{ H a l l o w | H o n e y }x|


"Greetings," Kagome chimed after Inuyasha finally decided to break from his lazy-spring-break-mode to make the swift series of knocks on his front door cease.

"Hey," he replied with a cocked brow as he watched her drop her duffle bag in his entrance to slide off her shoes, "what's with the luggage?"

"Your parents are on a cruise this week, right?" She inquired as she waltzed away and into the living room to flop down on the couch he had been so comfortable on just a while ago only to change the channel from the cop drama he had been watching for more than an hour to channel after channel.

"I was watching that," he growled as he snatched the remote from her to change it back, luckily, it was still on commercials. "Yeah, so? They'll be back this weekend, it's like a second honeymoon or something like that," he shivered at the idea of what his parents were doing alone in their room. He had to shake his head to clear the horrid images.

"Then I'm going to stay here with you until they get back, it'll be fun," she assured but without the singing, joy a girlfriend would usually attach to the idea but in her usual, dull, tone.

"You," he paused as he sat down on the couch beside her, "wanna stay here… all week? Just the two of us?"

"In less your brother is coming to visit," she glanced over to watch him cringe at the mention of his half-brother who lived with his mother—his father's first wife—on the other side of Tokyo, "that's what I thought."

"But… but won't your parents wonder where you are?"

"They think I'm spending the week with my aunt in Kyoto, I told her I would rather spend spring break with a few friends in Osaka but that my mom wouldn't agree, so she's covering for me," she explained, "you keep asking all these questions, do you not want me to be here, Inuyasha?"

"You could ask," he grunted, "instead of just 'declaring'."

"I love you," she pouted, it was a trick she picked up months back when she wanted him just to 'practice', and just like then it worked perfectly. The words were better than the pretty 'please' she used to say with those frowning luscious lips.

"Yeah," he murmured as he crossed her arms and sat back in the couch, "sure, stay, whatever."

"Good, this'll be fun," for a second he was certain he heard an actual gleam in her voice as she popped off the couch to go raid his pantries and it was enough to wiggle a smile out of him. A week alone with his girlfriend, what better way was there to spend spring break?


It was… really nice to have her around, sure, we were pretty much always together as it was but this was different. It felt natural, homey, like what our future could be like. We weren't studying for tests, gripping in the hallways between classes, or going to Star Cross, we were spending quality time together. She cleaned for me—she was anal about that stuff, my mom loved that about her—and she cooked me, she was really good at that. We stayed up late watching movies together, cuddling—at a lack of a better word—and talking about nothing in particular, a lot of time we made out. We didn't really have sex for the first few days and I didn't care, we were together, that was what was important to me.

Of course, we eventually did it; it was great, as always, and a lot different. We were in my bed, not in some loosely love-hotel. It felt weird; it was the first time after we began to say 'I love you'. I don't know, I don't want to be a pussy sappy little bitch or anything, but it was different, and I liked it better.

Kagome reacted unusually; she actually… seemed to be alive.


Both were bare under the his red sheets when dawn began to creep through his blinds, groggily, it woke him up enough to notice that he wasn't alone in his bed but that there was a warm, soft, person right next to her. It took a moment for him to wake up enough to remember what was going on, with a grin he propped himself up one arm and looked down at the girl that slept on her stomach, her head turned towards him, sleeping sweetly, her back clear and the sheets pooled around her waist, her ebony waves in a disarray around her.

"What are you smiling about?" She murmured as she readjusted the pillow under her head, not bothering at all to open her eyes.

"I don't know," he replied while he let his fingertips to glide down her silk like skin. "It's different, I guess, to wake up and have you here."

"I've been here for a four nights now," she retorted.

"Yeah but…" usually, when they had sex they had to get changed, maybe shower, then go home to their own beds to sleep. It was the first time that they had sex and woke up next to each other, with their legs still tangled. It warmed him up, he liked it, and he wanted it to continue.

"I'm having fun this week," she mumbled, reaching one of her hands out to grasp his and pull it to her lips, also, it forced him to lie back down next to her. He eagerly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to rest on his chest. The scent of her shampoo was still strong even after their sweaty night.

"So am I… next time this year we'll probably be studying for college entry exams," he shivered at the thought, he wouldn't but he knew Kagome would force him.

"True," she sighed, "it's unfortunate. We'll most likely—more than likely, actually—go to different colleges. That's the way life is, though, no need to worry about it."

"What are you talking about?" He asked with a cocked brow as he watched her shuffle around so she was lying on her back, her front bare to him, he couldn't help but let his eyes wander.

"We are going to break up, obviously, at the end of high school."

"What?" he muttered, "seriously? You are already planning that?"

"Well, it's only logical," she assured with a pout as she patted his cheek, "what? This is a high school romance, and the real world, we aren't going to get married or something. We are just having fun now. Even if we did end up going to same college, or just decided to stay together even if we go to different ones, we'll still grow up and apart all at once. This isn't something permanent. This is play."

A pang pulsed through his entity as he looked all over her cute yet stoic façade, her 'logic' made sense, and there was no convincing her otherwise… so he'd just have to use the rest of the year and all of the next to show her the error of her ways.

"What do you want to do today?"

"I donno," he muttered, "you wanna go to the mall or something?"

"You just say that because I'm a girl," she sighed, making back to nuzzle her nose against his chest as her fingers began to trace his abs.

"Pretty much," he grinned.

"Maybe the movies? There is this new zombie movie out, it's an American film, called The Crazies, I really want to see it."

"You and freakin' zombie movies, there's something wrong with you up here," he sighed while tapping on her head, "fine, I'll go with you."

"Aren't you gallant?" She teased with a poke, "you'll like it."

"I hate foreign films."

"Just because you have to read the subtitles," she giggled.


"That was OK… I think it was stupid," he muttered as they walked out of the theater and into the inner lobby, his arm draped around shoulders neck and his free hand lazily stuffed in his pocket.

"That's because you stopped reading the subtitles halfway through, Inuyasha!" She groaned s she nudged him with her elbow, "I really liked it. Besides, if you were a better student then you would have been able to understand the movie without the subtitles."

"Like you," he mocked as she wiggled out of his grip.

"Yes, like me," she retorted with a shake of her head, "I need to go to the restroom, wait here for me."

"I gotta go, let's just meet at the front door," he requested while he walked to the men's room on the opposite side of the girls.

"Inuyasha?" caught his attention as soon as he exited the bathroom; he knew the voice and thus knew to look down for the source, Souta, Kagome's little brother, "hey!"

"Hey there, kiddo," he replied with his usual cocky smile, he knew the middle schooler looked up to him as a role model of sorts even though his sister constantly advised against it.

"Are you going to a movie or did you just see one?" Souta inquired swiftly as he walked along with Inuyasha through the crowd.

"I just got done seeing that American flick, The Crazies," he replied.

"That zombie movie? Was it good? I want to see it but mom won't let me."

"Eh," he shrugged his shoulders as he stopped in the midst of the lobby, he knew better than to lead Souta to Kagome when she was supposed to be in Kyoto with her aunt—yet, Osaka with friends, but in reality she never left Tokyo to stay with her boyfriend, he felt so proud of the fact that she was willing to go through all those lies just to spend an unabridged week with him.

Souta just nodded like that was the coolest thing anyone could say, "I'm here with my uncle, he's taking me to see some stupid animated movie," he tried his utmost to play it off as if it was his uncle's way of lamely trying to connect with the youth that obviously didn't want to hang out with an adult—but, it was a poor attempt.

"Oh, your uncle is in town, huh?"

"Yeah, too bad Kagome went to visit our aunt in Kyoto, we never get to see uncle." Inuyasha didn't have to ask which, it was really easy to figure it out since they only had one of each. Her mother had a younger sister who strived to be the 'cool' aunt and why it was so easy, probably, for Kagome to get her to go along with her farce, and their father had one brother who was just a year younger than him. It was as simple as that.

"Too bad," he sighed, "well, I gotta go."

"I have to go to the movie," he nodded, "see ya'."

He waited until Souta turned the corner towards whichever theater held his film before he started off to the front and out the door but there was no Kagome in sight, he furrowed his brow and scoffed about girls and their vanity as he crossed his arms and leaned against a post to wait for her. A stream of people flowed out, followed by another, and another—yet there was no Kagome?

Worry wasn't exactly what struck him as he reentered the theater; after all, what was there to worry about? What could have happened to her? They were in Tokyo, in a popular teen hang out place, it was fairly safe, ah—he knew what it was. He probably ran into her brother or uncle, he almost smiled at the trouble she'd have explaining herself out of that one. Her uncle, as much as Inuyasha could remember about the guy that was rarely ever around, was a stickler about rules and proper etiquette, and though he had no children of his own, he would probably jump at the chance to scold Kagome and her bad decisions.

Yet, when he finally found his girlfriend she was crouched down on the ground, staring into nothing, her arms loosely wrapped around herself. No one stopped to ask her what was wrong but plenty of people gave her a strange look as they passed by and whispered, "Kagome," he whispered as he crouched in front of her, "what's wrong?"

There was no reply; she just kept staring at the floor as if it was the most awe-inspiring thing in the whole wide world.

"Kagome?" He coaxed again as he waved his hand in front of her face, "hey, stop it, you are freaking me out,"she was just screwing with him, right? Trying to act like the weirdos in that lame movie they just saw, right?

Nothing, again.

"Kagome," he growled as he grasped her shoulders and shook her, finally, that snapped her back to reality and her eyes up to him. "What's wrong?"

"What?" She muttered back before she glanced around, as if she was only then relieving where they were before she stood up. "Let's go."

"Kagome, what's—?"

"Let's go," she demanded as she turned on her heels and began off towards the front. He followed her out, pestering her all the way, but she apparently tuned him out fully since it took him grasping her hand when they were finally out on the sidewalk and turning her to him, "stop."

"Kagome, what was that all about? I was waiting out here for an hour for you and when I finally find you, you are in some comatose state?" He cocked a brow at her, trying his best to make eye contact with her but with each attempt she dodged it.

"I'm going home," she muttered as she pried herself free.

"Did you run into your uncle or someone? Did he lecture you?" Honestly, he never thought it would matter to her if he did, but then again, she really never got in trouble since she was such the little 'angel'.

"I ran into my uncle…" she murmured.

"That sucks," he sighed, "so are you in trouble?"


"That's not really helpful."

"Whatever," was all she said in return.

"Kagome," Inuyasha grunted, grasping her wrists once more and pulling her to him, "stop, what's wrong?"

Her hazels were sharply narrowed upon him and mouth agape as if she was about to sass something back but she just froze like that for a bit before sighing and shaking her head, "let's go somewhere… alone."

"You are being weirder than normal."

"Please?" She muttered, her cute pout was absent as she looked away but for the first time he was sure her frown was utterly sincere.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Did your dad take his car with him to the airport?"

"Taxi… why?"

"Do you have a set of keys to it?"

"Kagome… I'm not sure I like the sounds of this," he muttered but she had that look in her eyes that hard-haze over, there was no arguing with her. Either she went home, or they went somewhere in his father's car. So, there really was no choice.


The ride was silent, she refused to say a word no matter how much he tried to coax a response, she just said one thing when they got into his father's ever so expensive black Audi, "Goshinboku", the name of the tree they carved their symbols into when they were children, the tree their parents took them to when they were little on picnics, the tree that Kikyou and Inuyasha would have mock-weddings under, the tree that marked an innocent time in their lives.

After twenty minutes of pestering he gave up, so he just leaned back and pushed the pedal down more to speed through the countryside.

"I want to tell you something," she started once they arrived, her hands loosely locked behind her back as she walked up to the old, tall memoir of their past, "I don't want to tell you… but I don't want to keep it caged away any longer. I can't. I have to tell someone… so it might as well be you."

"Alright," he muttered with reluctance, "what is it?"

"I will not tell you in less you swear to me that you will not tell a soul, if you do, I will never see you again," she stated swiftly as she glanced from the carves in the bark to him, "I will most likely hate you, too. OK?"

"OK, OK," he soothed with a wave of his hands as he walked over to her but when he tried to just take one of her hands she stepped away. "Jeez, Kagome, whatever it is, I won't tell anyone. It'll just be between the two of us."

"Even if it's illegal? Even if it's something you should tell my mom or the police? Even if that's all true, you won't? You'll never tell another soul? You love me enough to keep it a secret, no matter what?"

Oh, she knew how to word things, how to manipulate everything, she was pro and could be a grand con artist if she desired. Love, of course he loved her, of course enough, of course! "Keh, me talking to the cops? Come on, Kagome, you know me better than that," and he knew her, too. She had to be over reacting, she could never do something illegal—well, immoral, and definitely naughty but illegal? Maybe, maybe, he could see her stealing something but just petty things—make-up, clothes, whatever.

"So you swear?" She inquired, "if you tell anyone, I'll take that as an 'I don't love you'."

"Kagome," he grunted, "I will not too anyone anything, ever, OK?"

"Promise me."

"I promise I will not tell anyone whatever it is you have to say," he grumbled, "now will you tell me what it is already?"

She paused for a moment before pressing her lips together, she had to look away from him once more before she could confess, "I am the reason Kikyou and my dad are dead."

"Kagome," he groaned as he shoved his hands in his pockets, "it's not—!"

"Shut up," she countered coarsely, "I'm serious. They'd be alive right now if I just kept my mouth shut like I should have… if I never told Kikyou… I made her promise not to tell anyone but she did, because she was a good girl and protective… I hoped she wouldn't, but she told our father and he told his brother. He was coming to pick me up from a friend's to confront me about what happened, and make sure that what Kikyou told him was true. It was. If I didn't tell Kikyou she wouldn't be dead," she muttered with a shake of her head, "so that's why you can't tell anyone, because you might die, too. I couldn't take that. I already have two deaths on my conscious, I can't take yours too."

"Kagome," he murmured, "what is it…?"

"First things first, you and Kouga are the only two people I've ever had sex with," she vowed, "so when I say… that my uncle… he did not-so-uncle-like-things when I was a child don't overreact—"

"What?!" She wasn't dumb, she expected his fury, she expected him to look so shocked yet appalled at the same time, "what!? What did he do!? Are you serious?!"

"No, I'm joking, 'cause this is funny stuff," she mocked with a roll of her eyes as she folded her arms, "so, anyway, I told Kikyou that and she told our dad and my uncle found out… and you know, he owns all those used car places but he started out as a mechanic. So, ever since I haven't told a soul."

"Wait," he snapped as he grasped her shoulders and yanked her to look at him, to his surprised there was more of an empty void in her hazels then before, "are you saying you think your uncle murdered Kikyou and your dad?"

"No, I'm saying I know. There's a big difference. He told me so. That's why I came to stay with you this week, 'cause I didn't want to see him. I still really don't like him… ever since he did that, though, he just hasn't come around a lot. I've only had to put up with him about once a year. It's bearable, but…"

His golden gaze glanced all over her frozen façade, "Kagome… Kagome we have to tell someone. This big, he killed—"

"And? So? Will him going to jail bring them back? No. I really shouldn't have told you," she muttered to herself, for once there was a hint of regret, maybe even sorrow? "Maybe he'll hurt you, too."

"Keh," he scoffed, "fuck that, I'm killin' this guy. What did he do to you?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"We're going to your house, come on," he demanded as he snatched her hands and tugged her back to the car, "we're—!"

"You said!" She protested as she dug her heels into the ground and pulled away, "you promised that you wouldn't tell anyone! You promised, Inuyasha!"

"This isn't something we should keep to ourselves, Kagome!" He shouted back, "he killed Kikyou! He hurt you! Damn it, Kagome, you are moron for not telling anyone!"

"He hurt Kikyou!" She repeated in a hiss, "that's what really matters, right? If you tell anyone, Inuyasha, I'll never talk to you again, I'll never see you, I'll hate you!"

"Goddamn it, Kagome! You are being stupid! This is a big deal, you can't not tell someone about this! What did he do!? Molest you? Hit you? Rape—"

"I told you that it's only you and Kouga! Don't tell anyone that!"

"Then what did he do?! Huh? That's so bad he had to kill two people to keep it a secret?"

Her brows only furrowed further for that as she bit her lips together and snorted, "I'm taking the bus at the bottom of the hill. I don't want to be around you anymore. Seriously, Inuyasha, if you tell anyone—"

"I'm not letting you go anywhere," Inuyasha asserted as he snatched her wrist to pull her back to him, "we're at least going home with me!"

"No!" She tugged back in a frenzy, "you are so stupid! You are so naïve! What do you think I'm going to do? What do you think we're going to do? Huh? Live happily ever after together forever?"

"What are you talking about?" he snickered back with a narrowed gaze.

"Just let go!" She demanded, "let me go, let me go!"

"Stop putting up such a fuss," he growled back but in the end, she knew what to do. It was overkill, in his opinion, but the best way to get a guy to let go—and, ouch, she didn't hold back when she kicked him where the sun doesn't shine.


I can't believe she did that. That's the last thing a girlfriend should do, hell, that's the last thing anyone should do. Do you know how much that hurts? She didn't hold back either, damn it all to hell and back. It took a while for me to get up after that but she was already gone, when I sped down the curvy road the bus had just left. What miserable luck.

What the hell was I supposed to do? I promised not to tell anyone—not the police, not her mom—but what she told me was big fucking news and if it was true then… I couldn't not tell someone. I don't want her to hate me, I don't want her to think I don't love her, but… but her uncle hurt her, killed Kikyou, so what the fuck am I supposed to do?

I swear, I almost crashed my dad's Audi five times in my rage on the way back to Tokyo. At least I figured out a plan of action. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone, that doesn't mean I wouldn't do anything. So I stormed up to her house and found her uncle, the dirty bastard. He was alone, no Souta, no mom, no grandpa; they were all getting dinner or something. He greeted me cordially, as always, and I returned it with a punch to the jaw.

It felt good.

He cursed as he whipped the blood away, I didn't say anything—I swore to Kagome I wouldn't—but he could tell from the glare that I knew, he cursed something about Kagome under his breath as he tried to get up so I kicked him in the gut. Eventually, though, he did get up, and he didn't play fair, not at all, he picked up the broom he had been using to sweep up—acting like a 'good' relative, I suppose—and broke it over my head. I kicked him while he was down, so I guess it was fair when he did it but over and over and over again?

I don't remember anything after that.


"Idiot," he heard in a hiss when he finally pried his eyes open but he didn't move a muscle, he could tell that would hurt, so he just groaned and shut his eyes once more, "idiot, idiot, idiot."

"Shut up already," he snorted, "I get it… What happened?"

"You started a fight, you moron," Kagome scolded as she rose from her seat to lean over and examine her bruised, battered, boyfriend, "gods, I knew I shouldn't have told you."

"You know what?" He snickered, he tried to sit up but winced and lost his snarling expression, "you should have told me sooner."

"Idiot," she muttered again, "when my mom called me and told me you were in the hospital because you tried to assault my uncle I wasn't shocked somehow. I should have known you'd do something like that… idiot."

"Stop calling me that," he demanded in a bark, "I kept my promise, I didn't say anything."

She rolled her eyes with a shake of her head and a small sigh before her eyes wandered to the bleak window, "my uncle says he won't press chargers if you behave from now on. My grandpa's particularly appalled by your behavior now. He's not telling me to break up with you but he wants me to consider it…"

"He wouldn't if you told him—"

"I'm not going to do that," she stated stiffly.

"Why? Why? Kagome, you are the one being an idiot. If you told the police he couldn't kill all the police. If—"

"Inuyasha, let's be realistic, shall we?" She requested with a glance back to him, "what he did is… done, OK? There's a statue of limitation attached to it, it happened nine years ago, I can't bring charges on him. He knows that, so even if we do go to the police there is nothing they can do—"

"And the statute of limitation for murder is twenty-five years, that's still illegal. Didn't he tell you he did it?"

"Not in so many words," she sighed once more, "he hinted towards it. But I believe he did it so I know it… look, let's just put this behind us and pretend I never said—"

"No," he retorted firmly, winning her attention fully, "no, I refuse. I don't know what he did to you but… I won't let him get away with it." Really, she was anything but specific when she was talked about it. Assault had a few years of statute of limitation attached along with molestation, nine years surpassed both of theirs. He wasn't sure the exact number for either but he could only hope that it was the first and not the second.

It would make sense, if he stopped to think about it, why she acted the way she did…

"I'm not going to hurt you," he muttered as he reached over to take one of her hands, "I don't ever want to, you know that, right?"

"Inuyasha… please stop, let's just put this behind us," but this time her pout wouldn't work. "I lied, OK? I lied, let's just pretend I never said anything."

"I don't believe that, you are right, aren't you? About the statute of limitation, so telling people now wouldn't prompt him to hurt anybody, why would he? He can't be convicted for that crime so there is no purpose to commit another to cover up for what he can't be put in prison for."

Her hazels moved about his face for a moment or two before she looked away, "I suppose… but I still don't want to talk about it."


"It's embarrassing."

"Embarrassing…?" He coaxed cautiously with a cocked brow, embarrassing? Embarrassing? He couldn't grasp that. She was shamed for something she obviously couldn't control? There was no doubt to him that that was certainly true, the way her eyes were lowered, the look upon her gloom face, "it's not your fault."

"I don't care. I can live with it, let's just pretend—"

"I won't."

"Then I'm threw with you," she threatened as she yanked her hand away from his, "I won't talk to you for the remainder of the school year, not see you at all during the summer, ignore you all next year, and go to a different college and never see you again. Never."

"As far as you are concerned that's pretty much how it's going to work anyway, right?" He scowled back, "we'll go off to college, we'll grow apart, we'll stop seeing each other."


"Then I'm not going to let him get away with this, at least our break up will mean something."

"Inuyasha!" She shouted in a fluster, "you better not do anything else! You'll be the one to end up in jail!"

"Don't care," he simply stated.

"You are so stupid, I don't know why I ever put up with you," she grumbled before she stormed out, slamming the door swiftly behind her.

He cursed under his breath about this and that until the door opened once more, luckily, he bit his tongue long enough to actually look at the door and see who was there—not Kagome, as he thought, but her mother. So his face went blank, his mouth agape, as the kind looking woman—as always—walked into the room, shutting the door gently behind her until she was by his bedside. "Inuyasha."

"Higurashi-san," he murmured back.

"I'm not sure why you did what you did… but I've known you since you were a child, you care about Kagome, I can't imagine you'd do something like this for no apparent reason… so, please, Inuyasha, why did you do this?"

It was so hard to not tell the big brown eyed, warm, woman the truth, it was so hard to keep his tongue still, so he had to press his lips and look away. He had to keep his promise to Kagome, right? Even though it went against her best interest, but, really, who was he to decided what was and wasn't good for her?

"Inuyasha," she soothed once more as she placed her hand upon his, "Kagome's been staying with you this week, hasn't she?"

He could reply to that, so he nodded.

"You can't tell me why you did what you did, can you?"

He shook his head.

"So can I guess?" That got his golden gaze to return to her, "my daughter… since her sister and father passed she hasn't been the same. She pretends to be happy and alright but I know she isn't, I try to address the problem, I've tried to send her to therapy but she hates it, and I don't want her to be miserable. So I was so pleased when you two started to go out, she changed, she was cheerful for the first time in almost a decade. Every time Onigumo comes to stay with us Kagome suddenly has somewhere else to go, every time he's around she reverts back to an even more quiet and… expressionless girl. I thought it was just because he looked like her father but then you… did this, and it's something more, isn't it?"

He wasn't saying anything, that's how he justified a nod. She just gave one back before she took a deep breath, "did he hurt her?"

He just looked away on that one, it was an answer enough.

"How could I not see that? How could I not have noticed?"

"Higurashi-san, you shouldn't… I can't…"

"Do you think she'll tell me if I ask her about it?"

"I think you should try," even if that meant she'd never talk to him again in the process. Her mother wouldn't make a promise to her daughter, her mother would get things done, her mother would make everything better, he was sure of that.

"Thank you, Inuyasha," she smiled briefly, "I only wish you were the one with the broom."

"Me, too."


I was in the hospital for the remainder of spring break and when I got back to school Kagome kept her word, she didn't say a word to me, I didn't even see her. She was there, I checked with her classmates, but she was just avoiding me. It hurt, I'm not going to lie, but I knew that was how it would be.

It's not fair; I was only trying to help. Apparently, though, being Higurashi Kagome's boyfriend—even if for only a few months—suddenly made me a hot commodity. A lot of girls started to declare their affections for me but I didn't want anything to do with any of them. I just wanted one and she didn't want me anymore. Then I chanced upon an older lady one day, long raven hair, deep blue eyes, she was in her mid-twenties and a business woman of some kind—Kikoma Kaguya. It had been a solid month, school was out for the summer, and Kagome had vowed to ignore me all summer so why pawn over her?

I started to have a relation of sorts with her, it wasn't anything romantic or serious, just a 'we'll meet at such and such and have sex' type of thing. It was a good enough situation and I really liked Kaguya, she was different and interesting and very sexy. It was better than nothing, but it didn't make me feel any less attached to Kagome like I had hoped. I wanted her back… but she never answered my calls.

I hope at least that stupid fuck Onigumo got his in the end, then our relationship didn't go down in flames for no reason at all.


"Inuyasha, honey, will you get the door?" His mother shouted down from upstairs after there was a serious of thuds upon the front door.

"Yeah," he hollered back as he lazily got up from the couch and went to open the door to the girl that he hadn't seen since the last day of school—and only briefly, at that, she turned her cheek when he tried ot talk to him.

"Hello," she chimed as she slid past him and into the house, "how's it going?"

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he muttered back once he shut the door, "you've ignored me for ages and now you're here and pretend like we are friends?"

"When did we stop being friends?" She inquired as she sat down on the couch, snatching the remote and changing the channel from the cop show he had been watching.

"Stop that," he snarled after he took the remote back and went to the proper channel, "we ceased to be friends when you refused to talk to me."

"Is that so?" She pondered with a pout, "then let's be friends again, because I'm obviously talking to you."

"Kagome," he growled but couldn't get another curse out before he heard the footsteps of his mother.

"Kagome!" She awed, "honey, I'm so happy to see you! It's been a while! I was worried that you two were in a fight. Are you over it now? Great, great, stay for dinner; I'll make something absolutely delicious."

"Alright, thank you Toashi-san," she replied in her sweetest of tones.

"Kagome," he scowled the second he was sure his mother was out of hearing range, "you can't just waltz in here acting like nothing's happened. You've been shunning me for months—"

"Yes, yes, I know," she waved it off and took the remote back all in one motion, "I told you I would if you told anyone anything. Unlike you, I keep to my word."

"I didn't tell you mom anything, she figured it out on her own!"

"Whatever," she scoffed back, promptly changing the channel, "I've decided to forgive you."

"What? Should I bow down to you be and be grateful? You little presumptuous bitch—"

"Language, language," she taunted, "I find it difficult to stay away from you, I don't think I have the will power to keep to it any longer."

He shook his head and rolled his eyes as he sat down next to her on the couch, "I'm seeing someone, you're too late."

"Congratulations," she mumbled, "I'm not saying let's get back together, I'm just saying let's be friends again."

"Maybe," but with him when it came to her 'maybe' always meant 'yes'. Sure, he was pissed, sure he probably had a right, but he would forgive and forget if it meant keeping her close. They both knew that, but to save face he had to pretend that wasn't how it would end up.

"Who are you dating now?"

"Jealous?" He retorted with a smug smirk, he only got a cold glare in return, "you wouldn't know her."

"She doesn't go to our school?" She just watched as he shook his head, "what school then?"


"Of course, you would date a drop out," she grumbled, "what a nice future you two will have."

"She's not a drop out," he snapped back, "she already has her degree."

That got her mouth to go agape before her stunned gaze landed on him, "how old is she?"

"I don't know, but you aren't one to judge."

"Cougar," she jested with a nudge and a wink, "oh, Inuyasha, you pervert."

"I am not!"

"Do your parents know?"

"Did you parents know about Kouga?"

She frowned playfully at that, "you are mean… but speaking of him, he's been calling lately. Apparently him and his wife separated, apparently she found out about all his affairs, so he wants to get back together. I'm thinking about—"

"Don't do that, you moron!" He demanded as he took back the remote to hit her—lightly—upon te head with it.

"Hey," she sassed with a scowl upon her pretty façade, "you jerk. You're dating an older woman, why can't I date an older man?"

"Cause I say so!"

"Fine, if that's how it's going to be, then I say you can't date an older woman, it's only fair," she stated with quite the little glare.

"That's not—"

"Either you keep dating this older woman and I get back with Kouga or you break up with her and I won't."

Her growled deeply as he clenched the cushion of the couch instead of her throat, which was ever so tempting, "you little… fine! Whatever! You just can't be with that asshole!"

"You never met him," she reminded him but she knew better than to linger on such a topic so she swiftly switched it, "so, if you aren't dating the old hag—"

"She's not an old hag," he snarled, which she simply ignored.

"And I'm not dating Kouga, then we should."

"Why? So we can break up again at the end of the year and go on with our lives?" He grunted, furrowing his brows further together.

"Technically, we never broke up, so you are cheating—"

"That's not true!"

"It is too," she even wagged her finger at him, "we never officially broke up."

"You are impossible!" And everyone always thought that he was hard to deal with, "I refuse—"

"If," she chimed, "you study hard enough for the college entrance exams and get into a decent college I'll be more than happy to go to the same one as you. We can see where things take us from there."

He meant to put up another hissy fuss, and felt he had ever right to, but his mother called them to the kitchen for dinner so he just bit his tongue and got up with Kagome to go to the table. He was silent as he watched his mother and Kagome socialize, they always got along so well, and his mother made no effort at hiding her affections for the girl—she always added in little 'jokes' about how wonderful it would be for her to become her daughter-in-law, usually, though Kagome would avoid them and change the subject faultlessly but now she just laughed with a smile and said 'maybe, we'll see'.

… maybe she had changed her mind, then?

"Fine," he muttered grumpily as he sat on the countertop as Kagome did the dishes—much to his mother's protest. "We can get back together."

"Good, good," she replied and for the first time in a long while she flashed him a genuine smile, "I'm glad, really."

"Kagome… what happened to… you know…?"

"Well," she sighed as her eyes wondered back to the sink full of soapy water, "he lied to me. I was only seven, I was gullible, he honestly didn't kill my dad or sister, he just said that to scare me. Believe me, my mom made sure an investigation was opened up. I guess I'm relieved about that…"

"It was never your fault," Inuyasha assured; again, he won a weak but real smile.

"Yeah, I suppose… and the statute of limitations is up, but my grandpa has disowned him from the family, my mother won't let him around anymore, and we have a restraining order. I don't know what'll happen but… things are fine now. I'm sure they'll stay this way."

"If that bastard ever comes near you again, I'll kill him."

"Yeah, 'cause that worked so well last time," she muttered to herself.

"Why you little—"

"You are really cruel to your girlfriend," she interrupted with a pout, "you should be nicer."

"If my girlfriend wasn't such a little harpy maybe I would," he retorted and, to his surprise, she laughed at that. It was the first time in a while he had heard that, he couldn't help but smile.

After so long, gradually, the hallow spaces were filling up, thanks to him. She showed her gratitude by leaning up to him and he showed his lingering love by closing the gap between their lips. Her lips that were as sweet as honey, a sugary beacon that all the boy's noticed, but would always and forevermore be just his. And yes, he would forever be cocky about that little tidbit.

That was just how it was for them, and always would be.

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